Andit Okbay - 'Ti Gudeye ['ቲ ጉደየ] - New Eritrean Music Video 2018

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    'Ti Gudeye ['ቲ ጉደየ] By Andit Okbay
    New Eritrean Music Video 2018
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    1. workafhura lebu

      Good job beautiful song with beautiful voice I like the vedo clip it just beautiful song ❤❤❤❤❤❤✔✔✔

    2. X - اكس


    3. Ngong Gai

      Am from South Sudan, I love Ethiopian and Eritrean songs

    4. E Tek

      Andit and Temesghen Yared can be the next huge Eritrean singers if they keeps up the great work. Not just one hit wonders for a couple years. We are in need of poetically inclined artists that can sing with the perfect melodies as the past greats. Do Not only do wedding and love songs but revolutionary and patriotic songs as well.

    5. Benyam Banana

      Mn endeml alakim gn zm bye sisemaw des ylal be ken 10 gze new msemaw

    6. Tesfaldet Bocure

      Never get tired of this video. One of a kind music, stop counting how many times I watched it. Nice video clip. In addition to your voice and lyric, what I like the guy who play the kebro and his dancing is beyond words to express.

    7. usa london

      ደኪ ኢርይ ኣቦቦለይ ስኪ አልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልል

    8. Nobel Teklu

      num 1 music ever ....much love andat

    9. afro sis


    10. teklehaymanot youtube


    11. S A


    12. Temesgen Abera

      I wish if I would invite you BBQ. You guys so good. Greeting from DEKI TESSENEY

    13. Sara N

      Du bist der beste sänger (Mirt zefagn neh) Zefenka kulu efetwo😊

    14. bereket tefera

      My best song 2019

    15. Abraham Kiflu

      wowwwww so amusing song plus clip

    16. Grey NW

      that switch up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a>... grand

    17. Maria NOUR

      L❤️U 🇪🇷

    18. A

      Rhus Awdeamet ya jemea

    19. Meron Stefan

      ቋንቋው ባይገባኝም ደስ የሚል ሙዚቃ ነው

    20. Tygi wøøď


    21. Weweee Ghgg

      ከብደይ ትበልዐኒ ደርፊ

    22. Tesfaldet Tekleab, Centrum Vux elev

      Edemen tenan yhabka fetew hawena andit betami xbuk serh niccccccc one

    23. Alemayehu DD

      loved the song and The people of Eritrea , I am an Ethiopia with mixed ethnic groups - Amhara + Oromo+Gurage +Tigray and the Godmother of my sisters are from Eritrea, deported on those bad days

    24. aman abu

      I am from Ethiopia

    25. real man real man

      I'm an American white boy and i just wanna to say that this habeshan people are just the best people on the earth so beautiful and friendly kind and all I love you habeshan

    26. Wintana Alem

      Grattis för att du är gravid

    27. helen brown

      This song needs to be on Spotify

    28. Telil Yusuf


    29. የወሎ አማላይ የወሎ ቀበጥ እናቷን ናፍቂ

      ፈጣሪየ ከትግረኛወች ጋር ኑሮየንም ሞቴንም አድርግልኝ የማገባውን ትግሬ ያድርግልኝ ሥወዳችሁ ውድድድድድድድድድድድድድ

    30. Daniel Kiros

      Ateum Good Jobb 100%

    31. メAbodi

      طلع عندكم مزز 😂😂

    32. Darsa Mussa

      Tohkaahay yeey

    33. Bk T

      Andit , Fantastic clip. Thank you bro for your create artistic performance. God Bless

    34. Joseph Messiah

      So tired of this song😪😂.

    35. ፀዋር ኩን ልበይ

      ኣብ 1080 ሰሚዑ ዝፈለጣ ዶ ኣሎ 👍

    36. Abdalla Palill

      Idon't understand one word put i like hes song 😘 and the music

    37. Bruke DIRE

      Am from Ethiopia I don't understand what he saying but love everything about this song keep up the good job brother 👍☝️❤

    38. Sow Fatou


    39. Beles Tube

      I love this song and am listing it again and again still, I used it my wedding videography

    40. Nahom Tesfaldet

      ኣንዲት ዝፈቱ like ሃቡለይ ኣስከ

    41. solo yosiefu

      I like Eritrea music from Brazil, andit kormam kubaya ጦር

    42. Merciful Beyin

      my best vocalist and beloved bro, you are the great man, keep your successful job👍👍🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

    43. wedibashay

      Hawi fire 🔥 music 👍

    44. fintra26

      My king

    45. Thepnoe

      Kemzizi absank Andit Kemey dika asey

    46. hana tsega


    47. Haile Haile

      God bless Eritrean

    48. Lediya Mohammad

      ❤❤❤❤ ስወዳችሁ የእኔ ምርጦች😍😍😍

    49. Darsa Mussa

      Eritrean music Andit wedi hawey jigna ikha thank you so much for this great job.

    50. ጰጥሮስ ካሕሳይ ካብ ዚገን ጰጥሮስ ካሕሳይ ዚገን

      ዓንዲተይ ክበር ንበረለይ ኣንታ ንጹህ ከም ማይ ንግሆ

    51. المهلهل المخضرم


    52. Mohamed aden Noor

      Am from Kenya and I am very interested

    53. Lemlem Welddeab

      The best singer.

    54. Eden Tesfazion

      Btaemi nfue

    55. Marcy Jesus

      I don’t even know what he saying but I’m in love with it

    56. Hilu habshawit ልጅ



      First class singer and artists. Keep it up Andit. Please give me more like. He deserves.

    58. Beki Yonas

      Gegna we love you andii

    59. fani ye Erob [ኢሮብ ዓጋመ]

      ኣታ ዝወዲ ከፀልለኒ ዩ ደልዩ

    60. kidan elsa

      Anditey shkor dmxi 👍👍👍❤

    61. Theodros Tesfaye

      WOW ! WOW! WOW!!!!! You all are the best. I have no word for the Drummer he is awesome. Beautiful people and very culturally oriented. I LOVE IT.

    62. Anisi kalasa

      Finally I meet him in person 2020

    63. Chrstyan Tube

      You did good job i love this music 😍😍

    64. Emun man

      Atum resihat

    65. Estifanos Berhane

      ቁንጪ ወያነ ዲጂታል ወያነ ኮንካ ዋላ አብ ትግራይ ትንብረለን ማዓልቲ ውሕዳት ኢየን

      1. wedibashay

        Estifanos Berhane meskinay, yrdaaka


        Estifanos: Go to school to fulfil your humanness. I feel pity of your. Go to school to pull yourself out of the quagmire of backwardness.

      3. Millions B

        Estifanos Berhane you’re so disgusting

      4. Asad Asad mahjub

        Estifanos Berhane j

    66. Abigail YouTube

      From Ethiopia I love Eritrea music

    67. Dogiso Tibo

      love from eth-io-pi-a

    68. Tensea Berhe

      Andit the great keep up the great music. Death to the dictator.

    69. Francesca Sambuco

      አቤት ጽምፅ በጣም አድናቂህ ነኝ

    70. ሊሊ ሸኮር

      አነሰ በዚ ከበሮ ዝወቅ ወዲ እብድብድ ኢለ ከም ገለ አይነት ወዲ👍🇪🇹

      1. Aman Haile

        ትጋራዋየ፰ይይይየዬዬዬዬዬዬየ፮ ሓወይ

    71. محمد محمود

    72. mulugeta tesfay

      ጥዕምቲ ደርፊ ደቂ ኢረይ ኣነ ሓውኩም እየ ካብ ትግራይ እስከ like ግጭው ኣብሉኒ

      1. wedibashay

        Aman Haile tgraway yekoney

      2. Aman Haile

        he is ethiopian

    73. Muktar Idris

      i am from Ethiopia but a love you Ertiran music and pepole

    74. Laly Laly

      Waouw! Le mec de la percussion il assure !!😍😍😍

    75. Selam F.G Tv


    76. Sai Niranjan

      The girl is co cute

    77. temeharit haki

      I am proud of my country and people

    78. Musa John

      Kudos to the drummer. Incredible

    79. Musa John

      With love from Nigeria. I like the elegant dance steps. Nostalgic song.

    80. Linda R

      Eritrean =Excellent Rightios Innovate Terrific Refreshing Extravagant Awesome Natural