ANOMALY 7000 ALL BATTLES! (by Anomaly Foundation)



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    Music by: Kevin MacLeod


    1. Anomaly 7000


      1. Roblox Reacto! !!!!


      2. Roblox Reacto! !!!!

        Anomaly 4751 and i don’t think ur mean anymore and don’t br

      3. Roblox Reacto! !!!!

        Anomaly 4751 i said u called EMR Y dumb

      4. Roblox Reacto! !!!!

        Anomaly 4751 no i didn’t mean u called me dumb

      5. Anomaly 4751

        @Roblox Reacto! !!!! I called you bum not dumb. But still I’m not mean and think about it. One simple mean thing, I get triggered easily

    2. Legendary Herobrine


    3. Olivia Henderson


    4. mutant

      i cant belive anomaly 7000 beat anomaly 099

    5. wan mazlina

      wait its not scp 086 its scp 096 sory

    6. wan mazlina

      Omg scp 086 winner ._.

    7. rodan 2214

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> well rip

    8. Rodalbert Ablard


    9. lely chia

      Goodbye anomaly 7000🤗

    10. lely chia

      Why siren-head is so ugly

    11. lely chia

      Who is anomaly 099?

    12. lely chia

      I wanna see herobrine fight axialhunter

    13. Kenneth Nuckols

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a> me playing a game on my computer and my game crashes

    14. Juliet Cruz

      Anomaly 7000 sound like Godzilla

    15. Αντρεας Λαππας

      Anomaly 7000 is so noob

    16. Αντρεας Λαππας

      Anomaly 7000 is noob

    17. Αντρεας Λαππας

      Anomaly 7000 Is so noob beacause why telekinises wither skeleton

    18. Aiden James Tolentino

      Scp 096 and anomaly are twins. Both rage monsters🤣

    19. Laki general

      Anomaly 666😏

    20. great kaiden bennett

      your intro is asome

    21. Vlad Bînzari

      Scp 096 are the best

    22. Raptor 157

      Anomaly 7000 have atomic breath godzilla

    23. Jeffrey Cleveland

      Anomaly 7000 Vs anomaly 096

    24. Connor McAlister

      I want to see Anomaly 7000 fight Anomaly 666

    25. Megalodon5555 Oceanicprehistoricshark

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> oh well he is dead <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> BRO OVERKILL

    26. Jakub Janda

      Whats a 3 music?

    27. godz gaming roblox

      So he has Godzilla powers

    28. BwgBrother


    29. Gacha Kev Roblox


    30. Aarav Maharjan

      Anomaly 7000’s: *charge up energy ball* Siren head: well shit

    31. The Bindac

      Why do people make Siren head fight against anomalies plus Siren head isnt an anomaly

    32. Adriel Padasas

      Nice battle

    33. luke Ferrell


    34. Terrion Roberson

      Anomaly 7000 was like Godzilla when his big

    35. Fairuz Nordin


    36. Fairuz Nordin


    37. John Matthew Guese

      Anomaly 666 and anomaly 082 suck

    38. aliridha aqeel

      Siren head mutation

    39. Weasl ‘

      What’s up Axial

    40. Judith Muloz

      Comment 203

    41. Will Joseph Millar

      i like Anomaly 7000 He Has Superpowers and Became Anomaly Titan

    42. Martin Vaclavik

      Siren head rip 😭😭😭😭

    43. Paul Ezekiel Mangalindan

      Anomaly 7000 makes my titan

    44. Fan boy Arsenal

      wow I was very surprised, I really like your shout, it's ok, I miss your videos, this costs a lot, good regards

    45. lex yang

      Bruh Anomaly 7000 can make a godzilla sound

    46. Ridge The Gamer Minecraft 11

      Its tie Anomaly 099 still survive at the fight of Anomaly 7000 vs Anomaly 099

    47. Sunplayz

      Axial Do Anomaly 800 All battle

    48. siti rashiqah kampong


    49. Killer991 881


    50. Misery Mary

      Why does Anomaly 7000 have a Godzilla sound???

    51. SCP-173

      Axialhunter can you please make a SCP-173 vs Anomaly 7000?

    52. Ali Goktug Demirel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> this scream is godzilla's

    53. Double Dark

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> is. Haha

    54. Pottzz

      wow i never seen anomaly 099 was a glitch error

    55. Rhew

      Stop copying Godzilla

    56. Rhew

      Nooooo he roar like Godzilla

    57. Hung Nguyễn

      Anomaly is: godzilla :))))))))

    58. Tracey Faith

      Anomaly 7000 vs scp 096

    59. Zachary Hughes

      well its not suprising that anomaly 7000 lost to scp 096, because scp 096 just can't die! unless you take away scp 096's abilities which anomaly 666 did in his fight against scp 096.

    60. Sora Hess

      what do u think is the frendliest anomaly

    61. It’z_ Jack

      Why when anomaly 7000 scream, the sound is like a Godzilla scream or roar

    62. zaki zaki

      Anomaly 7000 vs anomaly 666

    63. Cleuza Ferreira Frachini

      J jjjjjjjjjjjjjj de

    64. MICHEL TV


    65. tile pro

      nobody : litterly nobody : siren head : well shit...

    66. Icaro

      Me: * break my finger on a table * Me: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>

    67. Mr Elisey

      Anomaly7000 VS scp096 Anomaly 7000 R.I.P ???-???

      1. Krystian Kaminski

        Scp 96 is psyhical it destroing everything but it can t beat anomaly 666

    68. krmstudioz fan

      The sound anomaly 7000 made was Godzilla sound and other game sound

      1. thuytruc nguyen

        Sounds shin Godzilla roar

    69. Данил Хлопянников

      go scp 093

    70. GOLD Bonnie Pierre

      anomaly 1001 vs anomaly 1582

    71. Khamphan Phimmasaen

      ANOMALY 7000 back Godzilla cool

    72. Gozel Agalarova


    73. Меха ворон


    74. poor -guy.

      He or she have a telekinesis too but he can beat anomaly666? BTW it's a godzilla version and enderman version and anomaly777 version

      1. mutated anomaly 666

        @Leon brawl stars i nevered said that i could beat 106 and 096 i only said that i could beat 7000 also i can beat 096 have you seen the video where the non-mutated version of me killed scp 096

      2. Leon brawl stars

        @mutated anomaly 666 but scp 106 and scp 096 can beat you

      3. mutated anomaly 666

        Oh hell nah 7000 would not beat me bruh

    75. Don-William Alberto

      I have a question: -Why does he yell like the blyat kid?

    76. kr bros

      A-7000 as godzilla roar

    77. J&S Gaming

      Nice vid axial pls subscribe to me pls 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    78. FL Studios Superior


    79. Saya Aj

      Anomaly 7000 vs anomaly 666