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    The only Japanese food I've had is Sushi. Today we try fermented fish in a water bag. 👍
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    1. kesperi32

      PLS... Do nose reveal....

    2. Csanád Attila Molnár

      Hmm papa snus


      so many memes can be made with this vid( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    4. Killer4ever

      Oh papa this is very hard feel *smacks against his cheek*

    5. ArcaneRose

      3:40 Gf “Yeah I’ll swallow this time.” Reality

    6. ArcaneRose

      3:26 Meat getting destroyed at 12 o’clock

    7. ArcaneRose

      0:43 “Coronavirus Intensifies”

    8. piotroma

      kimchi more like kim chi un

    9. Wubbz

      Anomaly sound like Napoleon Bonaparte with the Helium

    10. T'as capté ?

      That noise 8:14 lmao

    11. ryzurr

      *Watching 2 guys die from food poisoning.*

    12. ALEXIOS

      I laughed so damn hard at 9:37 i've rewinded to it and just lmao

    13. Insanity RaviiX

      NO ONE: anomaly: coronavirus

    14. Sainty


    15. Ivan the Impoverished

      09:38 Anomaly in a gay porno

    16. Alvin Olsson


    17. Splin Trap

      Joke with coronavirus

    18. proxme GT

      0:32 ''we have alot of food to try'' *looks at his weiner*

    19. Ice Archer

      Got add for " new russian single ladies " on one of your bids

    20. Njaal Öygarden

      make a swedish traditional pancakes video

    21. Alex Schlee

      you eat that fish with beer, and its not that bad wow

    22. Vilius MC

      Visit Lithuania has good snacks and beer xD

    23. Hi Im Faith

      4:10 close ur eyes and listen

    24. Yakzii

      Do you wash the cagule?

    25. Carter Jones

      Your dad's knees are like the sahara desert so fucking dusty. lol

    26. wibblew0bble

      Coca Cola plus and sprite extra are just the diet version of the soda with a supplement of fiber added

    27. Scottish Scapers

      Next up papa

    28. Caolho, o Pirata

      Why doesn't anomaly drink?

    29. abbsnn cose

      Netflix: are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 3:45

    30. Taha Rouf

      Go china and try coronavirus

    31. LA Media

      13:12 How to unbox chips (Autistic)

      1. abbsnn cose

        Try Serbian food

    32. Jacob Connelly

      he said "ava ka du"

    33. z ytsucks z

      Next video try corona virus

    34. Zbrochu CSGOCASES

      This shit is too much I'm dying from laughing

    35. Gaara

      Ludwig van negro

    36. otear drop-


    37. otear drop-


    38. Kaippa

      Close your eyes.. 7:47

    39. Saintt1

      9:39 anomaly bussin a nut

    40. Antti Kyllönen

      Next episode anomaly try chicken soup vut realises it made from dog

    41. Antti Kyllönen


    42. UnKnOwN

      9:35 the best part

    43. Artem Rugyzov

      Опа, папаня оформил вкид))) Так сказать, въебал не много СНЮСА

    44. Victor Caruncho

      I started spamming 8 on my keyboard while watching this video

    45. Haseeb Hussain

      8:50 papa is taking snus/epok wtf

    46. dolimi jotoo

      Teacher: what does the 🐬 sound like? Autist kid in the back: 0:01

    47. Mateja Kovijanic

      Try Serbian food

    48. Sasuke

      1:57 a ball???

    49. Otto69

      5:44 i laughed so hard

      1. dolimi jotoo

        2:19 wow you can eat this shit till 2025??

    50. Ludan

      I don’t think Anomaly passes geometry class

    51. iDEaXANA


    52. B4KU5

      why i always watch anomly while eating, fak

    53. hampus helena

      Only me that reacted when papa “stoppade in en fet prilla” in the Middle of everything

    54. Jay Doherty

      Nobody: Anomaly: skippy the autistic dolphin intensifies

    55. Pontus Lerebäck

      8:45 papanomaly usinh LYFT WTF MAN

    56. Menthol. 379

      can you do with papa a pizza ?

    57. Ryan Campbell

      Anomaly has some thick kneecaps

    58. Nova Bergdahl

      corona time

    59. Maxx.0318

      When do you try dutch food/Snacks ?

    60. W3LK

      Papa snusar lyft!

      1. Papanomaly XD

        W3LK snus var förbjudet i Shanghai så jag var tvungen.