Apple BEAT us... but we're STILL TRYING! - Hack Pro pt 4

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Linus Tech Tips

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    In part 4 of this series, we put together everything we have, throw water at it and pray it boots up. Why? Because the Mac Pro showed up and we need to show it who's boss around these parts. Or try to if everything goes as planned.
    Watch part 1:
    Watch part 2:
    Watch part 3:
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    1. Linus Tech Tips

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      1. Benjamin Okello

        Is there a video on the finished product

      2. Screw Off

        part 5

      3. Mr. Black

        @Dear Hardwork69 Twerk This is a STEM Channel...go somewhere else.

      4. Halil Azak

        Ehmm i live in germany 😂😂

      5. Sujeeth Nadella

        Why not use the fake Mac Pro case

    2. Vomet

      My wife left me, but do you know who didn't leave me? Our sponsor! Freshbooks

    3. Viet Nguyen

      Where’s part 3?

    4. Felix Rohr

      Please make a Epyc version, compare it, then donate it to me :)

    5. Benjamin Okello

      Where is the finished product #hack pro 5

    6. Xavier Anthony

      When is part 5 coming

    7. ShoopersTheWoopers

      I hate how this turned out. (NO HARM!) first of all, I have my own Hackintosh, that looks EXACTLY like a mac! Not with holes in the side.. Second of all, I really don't think you need a ton of ram. I can open 20+ tabs fine on my Hackintosh. (15 gigs of ram, upgrading soon) Third, it can be a little bit over more powerful then Apple's Mac Pro. I have over 1.5 Terabytes, and it's also fast. Fourth, watercooling can be cool; BUT apple didn't do that! So nobody cares. Fifth, it still has to have the apple spirit. Obviously this looks disgusting, and you can do better EVERYWHERE. Sixth, the IO Shield and other related things can look way better. Considering I PERFECTLY sanded the IO slots for my Hackintosh, looking at a NOselr with 10.4M+ more subscribers then me, it's embarrassing. Don't take this as hate; Linus is the funniest guy ever, and I don't want anyone hating this comment. I just think you can do a bit better and it doesn't always have to be fast; you can slowly upgrade it :). Specs I know of: 15 Gigs of RAM Ryzen 3 (yes, it's a old APU, but it gets the job done w/ fortnite and cs;go.) 1.5+ terabytes of storage. I'm just saying Linus (he won't see this lol); you don't always have to go on the overpowered side. If it's a fun project that you wont use much, use this advice people. If it's a daily gaming computer, shove that 512 gigs of ram, RTX 2080 TI, and a core zeon in there! BUT; Before you do that, take your time. Don't buy it all at once, slowly go up and you can top the speeds on benchmarking programs without hacking. :) Have a good day, no harm or dislikes to anyone.

      1. Bitch Fuck

        K troll

    8. SuchtyTV Niclas

      Sorry Linus, I would rather buy the Macintosh... Like look at your solution and now look at Apple. BUT For someone who has not 80 000 000 000 in his bank account, GOOD JOB!

    9. Fynn Haggenmüller

      Why didn't you put a real gpu in the hack pro?

    10. Hello There

      It's been a month since this vid went up and still, no update. Not mad, just sad. I really want to see the finale for this monstrosity series

    11. Dulla Bills

      i feel like he just keeps on shitting on apple, i agree with him though

    12. Sheriff 599

      got honey, haven't saved one cent, codes never work!

    13. Adam Peprník

      Why are you using that ugly brown fans ?

      1. Really Messed Up People

        Noctua fans are ugly but the best and quietest

    14. Frederick Michaud

      anthony should a is own channel XD Antony's solutions tech tips something like that

    15. Yash Rahate

      @linustechtips, guys can you guys please make or even try an amd ryzen 9 3990x on mac os Catalina? Would love to even see if this setup works considering that Apple does not allow for more than 64 cores on a mac

    16. PAT O'KELLEY

      Why didn't you guys do a final video showing completed build, paint, lighted logo, etc?

    17. jimmykruspe

      What about the price?

    18. Beroya Beroya

      Anthony is like an overpowered character out of a tech fantasy world, act as a holy sword.

    19. #sa8die

      "guess a SN?" hilarious!!!!

    20. Łukasz Markow

      I wonder if you could build a PC in form of Apple PowerMac G4 Cube

    21. Charles Vaughn

      So buy the guts with a case that fits said guts. Gotcha.

    22. chill the fresident

      Anyone who can modify apple products get huge big colossal props from me.

    23. Rohit Ramachandran

      Did anyone realise the fact the sponsor is Honey Gold, which is a pornstar's name? Just me? Cool.

    24. Ivan Muñoz

      At the end!!

    25. ZeuxDar

      In minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="805">13:25</a> there is a lots problems with the audio, is like the audio mixers with sounds and voice and is not audible, im the only one?

    26. Android TV

      Linus, try with Ryzen Threadripper 3990x plssss (Threadripper support macOS)

    27. Android TV

      You should have used epyc CPU and make the hackpro EPIC.

    28. Rev_dude

      Beginning of sponsor spot: "Manskeeped"

    29. Dominic Lazzaro

      Linus should've made his own HackPro case. Then i'd be a real beast!

    30. SubStormEIGHT *

      Part 5 now

      1. MoreHackPro RN

        the relase dates are fake. they record it and twenty five weeks later its uploaded

    31. SubStorm7 *

      make part 5 or ill use adblok

      1. MoreHackPro RN

        yeah use adblock they will never make part 5

    32. SubStorm3 *

      Day 1 of wanting part 5

      1. MoreHackPro RN

        Linus stop making us thirsty for part 5

    33. SubStorm2 *

      WE NEED PART 5

      1. SubStorm3 *

        release part 5

      2. MoreHackPro RN


    34. CookePotato a

      PLZ PART 5

      1. SubStorm3 *

        yes. if they do not make part five a guy will unsub

      2. MoreHackPro RN

        yeah ltt we need more.

    35. Tempial Dayburn

      We need pt 5

      1. MoreHackPro RN

        pt 5

    36. Michæl Calibern

      We need more

      1. MoreHackPro RN

        come on. if it doesn't come out i'll unsub

    37. You Too


      1. MoreHackPro RN


    38. MoreHackPro RN


      1. MoreHackPro RN

        These release dates are wack, they should suck my sack due to the part v i lack

      2. You Too

        i agree. it did not come out in a week

    39. underwaterman

      go anthony

    40. sindbad20

      Well, i click on a video featuring Linus, to then see an add, where Linus is the main person. Only to realise IT was an add after 15 seconds

    41. Adin Karic

      Its made of nice *THICC* Aluminum

    42. Apratim Shrivastav

      Linus: "384 Giggs of ram- " I don't even know if 384 is a multiple of 4. 🤦‍♀️

      1. Slade Infiltrator

        Yeah, it is. Easy way to do it is add 16 to 384 which is 400 then divide that by 4.

    43. KEK-ASS

      Using an intel chip on a hackintosh? Nah fam get on the level, all AMD!

    44. Screw Off


      1. MoreHackPro RN

        fucking finish the paintjob.

      2. You Too

        THX. I also need more fucen Hack Pro

    45. gameflux

      Cool !

    46. Danila Andreev

      Why not Opencore? It is more better than clover

    47. Erza's no. 1 fan

      I still don't know why I'm watching this guy till now.

    48. Ioan Croitor

      Hey Linus! You can make a build like this in the Dune Pro case ! I'm 13 .From Romania.

    49. Jorge L. Franco A.

      The off Secrets xD ME: scream internally

    50. MakhStream

      watching on a hackintosh :)

    51. Scott Parise

      It wasn't until part 4 came out that i knew there was a part 3. Why didn't you follow the naming convention so i could have watched part 3 months ago?????

    52. Whatsapp Videos and GIF's

      Linus mac pro looks like its manufactured in china

    53. Clemente Jaramillo

      Linus is the GOAT 🐐

    54. tmon6219

      Cheaper not counting labor!

    55. SLAAMIT

      sponsor: tap tap tap tap

    56. asheritis

      i think appal is good

    57. dj_fishwigy

      Use open core

    58. Orisonmarden

      Instead of using old Mac pro case, you should use Dune Pro Case. It will utilize more peripheral for further expansion, while in the same time have same cosmetic appearance of new mac pro.

    59. Bass Clef Ely

      They did all this and they still can't get rid of the "Activate Windows" watermark.

    60. playmaka2007

      What's your card for Thunderbolt? I'm using a GC Alpine Ridge On my Yosemite hack with an Aorus Gaming 7 and an 8700k.

    61. Jarrod Kober

      LMFAO that edit made it sound like "you know was is shit though- Honey our sponsor!"

    62. sihaz1969

      What's with the tongue clicking all of a sudden?

    63. Abdurrahim Cakar

      chipmunk effect was great

    64. Rohith Kumar

      Linus is adament to make most of that 30,000$ mac Pro after failing it to return it within 2 weeks lol

    65. Abdul Muhaimin

      Viewers: "Return of the Jedi" Linus: *"Return of the Hack (Pro)"*

    66. Adam Lewallen

      Had to hit up #THEGODANTHONY

    67. trance dj

      fuck apple they're the reason people are charging $1000+ for phones and now with they are gonna drive up the price of computers (not like we need any help there after the past year or two)

      1. mixio hili

        Now I want to hack my tosh.

    68. KopiKol


    69. theonlydarian

      really love that new catalina screensaver, if only catalina was as good as it's screensaver... Mojave for the forseeable for me

      1. mixio hili

        Have you gotten sleep and shutdown to work? Also do all the USB ports work at the proper speeds?

    70. Ed O'Neill

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> thought i was watching a scene from the movie Control Alt Delete, but then I noticed it was an arm not a penis....

    71. 李森鹏

      build a 64 core threadripper 3990X hackintosh please.

    72. okow tina

      Linus complaining that it's only an 8 core Me: But my poor Core 2 Duo... 😭

    73. Vivaswan ChandraShekar

      I thought they were returning the Mac Pro?

    74. P. Tailor

      This looks like shieet

      1. okow tina

        uh excuse me but..... HOW DID I MISS THIS.

    75. alisuo toko

      "It is audible. Speaking of audible..."

    76. RMCF

      my broke ass still running el capitan

    77. Orange Mustang

      Now you have to do a v2 with threadripper Also try to water cool the Mac Pro

      1. alisuo toko

        The problem is Linus and his staff are computer morons.

    78. Mikel Ayala

      I would like to see a video of manufacturing the parts. to see how terrible everything was made.

    79. mixio hili

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> 🤣 oh my God. If you get that reference, respect 😖

    80. Andrew Gorman

      What's the screensaver on the mac pro? I love it!

      1. Andrew Gorman

        Just found out it's included in the latest build of Catalina, it's called 'Drift'