Apple March Event ain't happening (Dated video)

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    1. RAJI

      Hey send me one smartphone from your country please my phone broke and hear is hard to buy one

    2. Kams

      I signed up to the 1 year trial when I bought my iPad but have never used Apple TV because it’s not interesting enough also it’s not available on my smart tv.

    3. earlbee31


    4. Ming Qian Tang

      iPad having mini led?

    5. NoStress NoWorries

      "Will be cancel soon. Dont get your hopes up." - Covid 9

    6. Ali Ahmed

      iPhone 11R

    7. Andriy Troyan

      iPhone L because why not

    8. omgnexus

      They're gonna call the new iPhone the iPhone 11... L I T E

    9. San Galve

      Iphone 12 se Better

    10. Niemand warsgewesen

      like in Star Wars: when somebody steals your car you throw an airtag at it and track it

    11. fpsBeaTt

      iPhone Classic. Calling it

    12. Leah SouthShore

      They dropped the iPhone 7 - 7+ product red through a site refresh didn’t they?

    13. Sandeep Rao

      Who cares!!!

    14. J. Coder

      Just drop it!!

    15. Tenshi Sora

      Tailosive: “it will be called iPhone 🅱️, what does the 🅱️ stand for...” Me: “budget?” Tailosive: “IT 👏🏼 DOES 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 MATTER 👏🏼 !” Me: “but... none of that have any B in them...”

    16. zabirul rafee

      they gonna call it just iPhone. that's it nothing else

    17. David Powers

      andrew is slowly loosing his will to live

    18. Andy MacLeod

      iPhone Mini

    19. CraftTech

      iPhone XE, think about it. That’s it

    20. Alex Plaza Cancino

      ipad with usb-c in both sides would be more exciting than more-camera-ipad.

    21. Alex Cuevas

      I wonder why would you need a triple camera system on an iPad

    22. DramaLama

      iPhone SE 2 Pro of Course

    23. Jonathan Larracuente

      Wait for new iPad Pro or go with current model on sale ?

      1. Hanzo Hasashi

        Wait for new cuz if not you'll regret buying the 2018 one and regretting is fatal feeling so no wait

    24. Julio Andre Villasante Garcia

      I want an iPhone B

    25. Melissa Kautz

      Could name it iPhone 11e or iPhone lite

    26. H H.

      No Slofie Joke in a video with the iPhone mentioned. I am very disappointed.

    27. 〰

      Could be called the iPhone 8S? Idk.

    28. weightycarlos

      Seriously? How stupid can people be to be confused by a phone's naming scheme? I'm not one to judge but, for real?

    29. Jay Ryco

      What are the chances of more RAM on the ipad pro? No one mentions this but could be huge for ipad since the processor is already so powerful - the current 4gigs can easily be upgraded, right? And why shouldn't they? Which could help for video and sfx editing and more 'pro' level features

    30. Harrelson Saliba

      I always thought the 🅱️ emoji is a blood type since there’s 🅰️🆎🅾️ as well.

    31. Nick Beasmore

      Speaking of Apple TV+, I just started a couple days ago and I’m convinced I’ll get through Servant, Morning Show, and See, then just drop it till new seasons 🤷🏼‍♂️

    32. Hussein masri

      i would love it to be the iPhone 9 i hate the gap between 8 and X

    33. Do Art with Dan

      If anything, I'd just want the next iPad Pro screen to be brighter for better use outdoors on really sunny days. What you think Apple Sheep?

    34. Titus Robinson

      I could see it being iPhone 9 no joke because they don’t technically need to skip an iPhone Gen. I also want iPad with OLED that would be huge.

    35. Glen Farrelly

      I hope there is a March event I want to see AirPods 3 and a new iPad Pro

    36. Batman

      iPhone R? Like retro? Or iPhone Air

    37. Tom Lewthwaite

      Type “Apple” into your calendar. It should automatically just add in “Apple Special Event” for 31st March <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1020">17:00</a> UK time & <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> GMT-7.

    38. Tyler

      Im mad at Apple for making us wait so long for new iPad pros, only to make the camera better

    39. Alexred94

      I think just wait for the iPad Pro to come out in October and put an A14x chip

    40. Ioan-Mihai Baba

      [serious] Night mode? Is this something different from Dark Mode? Because Dark Mode work on a 7 (maybe even a 6s).

      1. Brian Brancato

        Ioan-Mihai Baba Night Mode is the tech that makes photos taken in poor lighting look better. Dark Mode pertains to the dark gray/black colors of the UI within iOS, rather than the photography. Similar but different.

    41. Baconface McGee


    42. Mark Conforti

      Why would they announce the new 13 inch pro at any event when they didn’t with the 16

    43. Mark Conforti

      iPhone mini

    44. Bailey Glyde

      Don't you mean, not im🅱️ortant?

    45. The Silver Ogre

      Let’s just call it the iPhone SE X

    46. Rmnddtd89kgs80j120

      MKBHD: “So I’ve been testing the iPhone SE2 for a while now...”

      1. Richard Hills

        Rmnddtd89kgs80j120 hw can say he has tested it years ago it will just be a iPhone 8

    47. Alessandro Bazzoli

      What about Kuo saying new iPad Pro will have mini LED display? Why it is not going to happen?

    48. Hannen

      PocketNow just showed a video of iPhone 9 “Caught in the wild” As a 🐑 I would expect you to cover that🤔

    49. JumboJaosnBlaRandom

      i just want the ipad pro :-(

    50. Kabocha Hito

      iPhone smol Edition

    51. Avinash Shankar

      How about iPhone mini?

      1. Avinash Shankar

        Or iPhone 11 mini

    52. Tim Barnett

      They’re probably just gonna call the new 2020 SE the iPhone

    53. Devan Devan

      The only thing I’m really excited about is the next generation of iPad OS

    54. Devan Devan

      I want it to be called iPhone 9. Pls.

    55. SammyAce

      The line up should be IPhone, iPhone Air, iPhone Pro (Each with a plus and normal size in their category)

    56. Daniel Springer

      All I want is a cheap OLED TelePhoto iPhone

    57. Daniel Springer

      To all those saying it will be called 11R, the 11 is the follow up to the XR,

    58. Lumberjack 2016

      I'm feeling the pain of apple's decline in the stock market

    59. Bojo David

      I need to know what the next iPhone is going to look like

    60. Raymond Cai

      iPhone 11 r

    61. Will Newcomb

      I hope they stick to SE2. Sure it may not be 5 size but it's a completely different line from the numbered series where 9 would not fit in at all, either for now or the future. But Apple does some stupid names at times, like The New IPad (which became the iPad4 within a couple of days).

    62. UteZ

      I like iPhone events. They're always better than the iPhone.

    63. Will Newcomb

      Ah! I think you may be right. Apple is big enough for Web site refreshes to get the techies excited!

    64. Luke M

      I’m trying to get a new iPad Pro for college this fall, so idc if its wwdc or a march event i just wanna get the new ipads out sooner rather than later

    65. Udzap

      iPhone just buy it

    66. Josh

      they might present the new cpu and the iphone 9

    67. Jason Chau

      iPhone 8 SE lol

    68. Phone Daft

      SE2? iPhone 9? I think it’ll be called iPhone 11 Mini.

    69. Riley X

      its going to be called iPhone 9 A-12X Chip Stainless Steel polished band Faster wireless charging

      1. Apple

        Riley X aluminum band

      2. Apple

        Riley X Apple A13*

    70. Dobry

      I call iPhone 11R, mark my words

    71. Electrify 15

      Lol iPhone ⬅️⬇️↘️➡️↗️↙️↖️⬆️

    72. Red Harrison

      How come nothing exciting about iPad Pro march? What about Apple A13x? A12X its faster than A13

    73. Theo Doe

      Drew: Nothing interesting can be added to iPad Pro Me: Super Retina XDR Oled on it?

    74. Truth

      5G is and Active Denial System, a Microwave weapon used by the military for paralysing people as crowd control

    75. Truth

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> why did he use some weird watermarked picture instead of just showering a picture of the iPhone 8, and it’s not even that hard to cover up where it says iPhone and move the apple down some

    76. Gordon

      In my opinion the “iPhone 9” is just gonna be called iPhone SE because it’s just a commemoration of older designs, the “Special Edition” name wouldn’t need a 2 alongside it.

    77. theshadow mk

      I really like apple arcade so

    78. Atomic147

      It would be kind of boring to watch someone unveil the SE2. They will be like “we have put an A13 in an iPhone 8...yeah...”

    79. Mario Studios

      They could call it a iPhone 11 Mini, but it don’t got the full screen like the 11 so I doubt it.

    80. Sâmeky

      "If they call it iPhone SE 2, that's too many letters and numbers..." Bro, we had an iPhone Xs Max in 2018, and an iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019. iPhone SE 2 sounds pretty good for me 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Apple

        Sâmeky iPhone Special Edition 2 iPhone XS Max iPhone 11 Pro Max He is Right