Are the 76ers doing the right thing with Al Horford? | The Jump



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    Jorge Sedano, Matt Barnes and Brian Windhorst wish Julius "Dr. J" Erving a happy 70th birthday, then discuss Klay Thompson being officially ruled out for the 2019-20 NBA season with his ACL injury, and Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes still not shaving until his team hits .500. They then (2:02) react to the Philadelphia 76ers using Al Horford as a sixth man, given his struggles to fit in on the court with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.
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    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. Kenshin Himura

      I find it more unbelievable they let Trey Burke go than signing Horford to +$100M/4yrs

    2. Tecca

      Sixers signed Horford to prevent Embiid from getting shutdown in the playoffs lol. Embiid is a joke😂😂🤣

    3. Djp p

      I like al very good

    4. noah maroto

      Does anyone know if the rims were shorter in Dr J’s era? The videos look like they are shorter lol or is he just jumping that high? But even the other players look like they are getting pretty high.


      Shouldn’t left Boston smh he going leave just like jimmy butler

    6. Jack Mckenzie

      Get rid of al

    7. Beats S

      76er fans blaming everything on the coach lmfao

    8. Lecastorbleu

      This angle is a crazyass big mouth

    9. Unknown Person

      Guess he should’ve stayed with the celtics 🤷🏽‍♂️

    10. Unknown Person

      Only reason they got him was to beat the celtics 🤷🏽‍♂️

    11. nate cake

      Funny story a kid that I talk to regularly told another kids(another 1 of my friends)that al Horford was his uncle so that kid tells me so after that I ask the kid if al Horford was actually his uncle no he just said that to prank him and he believed it

    12. m aX

      Sixers really blew all the assets they got in the Process. Could have been wrecking the NBA for the next decade with Tatum, Simmons, and Embiid.

    13. Donald Priola

      Well, when Embiid falls apart against Marc Gasol, you can always bring in Al.

    14. JK III

      Horford to the mavs if they can’t convince Giannis to come to the foreign team in Dallas

    15. Justin Bisson

      Sac town goes out and beats clippers last night... maybe he will be able to shave sooner than later...

    16. bentep0511

      I want to feel bad for Al but if we compare his bank account and to a hundred of us. I won't feel bad anymore

    17. Joe Frazier's Left Hook

      The young ABA Dr J was as great a basketball player as ever existed.

    18. James Winchester

      Even if stef didn’t “get hurt” they wouldn’t be in the playoffs and I don’t actually believe he’s hurt.

    19. NPAMike

      Sixers should trade Horford for Kevin Love. Perfect fit on the Sixers.

    20. Dantevion Rankins

      Only signed him because he did a decent job of guarding Giannis like two years ago😂

    21. OmegaRed

      Should’ve signed with the raptors 🤷🏾‍♂️

    22. Inonmul

      Horford just want the money. He's not fit with the system and he's not even trying to fit in 😂

    23. David Hart

      Never understood why Philly signed Horford to that big bag and neither did I understand why they signed Harris to that bag either. Neither of those players solve their glaring problems and the team has gotten worse after Jimmy leaving.I'm honestly just looking at this team and scratching my head because I have no idea what tf they are doing and it honestly just seam this is leading to boom boom self destruct land.

    24. Nick Jim

      whys anyone surprised. Stephen A kept saying how theyd be scary with Hordford, but everyone that actually knows basketball knows it doesnt fking work. Horford is not a power forward, hes been a center his whole life

    25. B White11

      This guy was so overrated... That locker room guy stuff gets way over blown...smh

    26. Imgoodphelps

      No because the 76ers coach is not good for them and may not be that good of a coach at all.

    27. Optimus Prime

      Paid em 100 million to come off the bench 😂

    28. Jordan Pippen

      Well in the first place, Sixers’ front office was stupid enough siging both Al and Tobias max money. That being said, neither is the go-to-guy but earn that much!!!

    29. X C

      they only got him to get him out of Boston

    30. Noel Forde

      They signed horford to be on the bench in april may june so he doesnt give embiid a tough time if he were on the celtics

    31. Heriberto Perez

      According to the expert people that are over 30 should retire. Come on guys I joint the military at 32 and play BB for over 18 years. Know I'm 70 and retire not over 30 and be done.

    32. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

      Its takes a year to get healthy

    33. Seven Eleven

      al halford should go to San Antonio he is the perfect fit .

    34. Michael Schaefer

      With Simmons not willing to shoot from long range, they really don't have a choice. It will be hard for them to win in the playoffs on the road unless Simmons starts doing so right away. You're not going to get the inside calls on the road against the established teams. Welcome to the NBA.

    35. Philly Treez

      I've hated this signing since it was announced 🙄😕😡

    36. Joe Mama

      Matt can’t see his kids 💔

    37. Brandan Charles

      They got al because embiid can't play a full season and he's a great back up center. Very underrated

    38. KameronKrazY10

      on 2k i traded horford for batum at the end of the season, 3/84 million for 1/24 million then i cut batum. it sucked eating the cap for the one season but it did free me from a 34 year old center making all that money and i signed alex len to get me through the next year

    39. khan 1992

      did they have a choice? when he's on the floor they got a pg who can't shoot kicking the ball out to 2 centers and pf to brick 3's. the media keeps blaming the players instead of pointing out the complete insanity that was the sixers gameplan coming into this season

    40. Ross

      Harford is a better fit for a team like GSW. They need a good shooting Big.

    41. reignmans

      there was only ONE right thing the 76ers could have done with Horford. NOT SIGN HIM.

    42. Captain CJ 97

      I didn't even know a was on there

    43. Alex Castro

      The coach doesn't know how to use Horford and clearly he doesn't fit in,but he still can produce.

    44. inda clouds

      Al should have stayed with Boston, he was a perfect fit.

    45. Thomas Kelly

      As much as I hated seeing him leave the Celtics the 6'ers are going to regret this contract over the next couple of seasons.

    46. Ahmed Ali

      He makes 100 plus million a year, I doubt he cares.

    47. ENYEL MC

      Desde República Dominicana HorfornD

    48. serious reigen

      Highest paid player coming off the bench in nba history.

    49. Commander Watchman

      Al Who?

    50. ace52387

      how do you get out of that horford contract...

    51. Ben 1410

      He should’ve just stayed at the celtics

    52. Jake Jackson

      Can you imagine if they didn't get horford or keep Tobias because they kept Jimmy Butler and resigned JJ with a couple other shooters. They would be challenging the bucks easily

    53. jawn dough

      Bring Larry brown back

    54. M. P.

      They took him from Celtics just so they woukdnt face them , simple

    55. hk K

      Horford doesn’t deserve 100 million. That’s not because he terrible he’s a good player but isn’t worth the max could’ve at least gave him maybe 80 million

    56. smile cute

      Jordan took some moves from dr.j

    57. JPK Clutch

      Ben Simmons can make jumpers. The issue is he won’t take them and until he starts taking them the Sixers won’t ever win a title. Despite everything I think they will make it to the ECF but lose to whoever faces off against them.

    58. Science Life


    59. mook Davis84

      What is the point of showing Dr. J getting into a scuffle with Larry Bird 🤔

    60. joey badass

      Al Horford was signed as a giannis stopper their whole team is dedicated to stopping him and contest their 3s

    61. Trey TV

      Brett Brown days are numbered

    62. DaaBoys2138

      If Brett Brown doesn’t get this team past the second round he has to be fired.

    63. Mahabeaut Smitt

      Philly: Needs shooters and wing players to kick the ball out to Also Philly: proceeds to give Al Horford a massive bag and destroy their lineup

    64. UptownKal

      Al Horford would fit well with on the Houston Rockets. The paint will be all his.

    65. Jay Pesci

      Al horford should of stay in Boston ijs look how it’s working out for you lol

    66. E D

      One thing is for sure, Al horford’s agent is a genius to get the 76ers to pay 100 million for a senior citizen.

      1. Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi

        Nah, Elton Brand just a trash GM. 76ers will suck again soon.

      2. Somerset Bassett

        Bad fit. Hopefully they'll buy him out for my team :)

      3. Alex Castro

        Actually, Al can still produce, but he just doesn't fit with the Sixers.

      4. Bunto F

        The Sixers also gave Tobias max money so might have to do more with their front office being stupid more than anything else.

    67. sean marshall

      2 months without a shave is long? Now that's news....

    68. Angie Chagani

      That was such a horrible contract to give horford, guy was done last year

    69. Switch


    70. Jalen Davis

      Horford can't clog the lane and guard Embiid for the Celtics if he's on the 76ers. Not a great sign but a good move.

    71. kirlwyn te

      told yall 2 bigs plus less shooting overall for starting 5, aint working for this type of generation nba

    72. FuriousJack 1933

      Al Horford has aged. His last year in Boston was showing he was dropping off. He doesn't deserve to be a starter nor does he deserve that contract he got. Elton Brand stole a page from Phil Jacksons GM days of the Knicks.

    73. Jaime Sacristán Rivas

      Did the Sixers seriously give a 33-year-old Al Horford $109 million to come off the bench?

    74. Joseph Garcia

      Lol a max contract for a 6th man?

    75. Monke Luffy


    76. Chester Del Rosario

      As a Celtics fan, I'm so happy for Al Horford

    77. Michael Leeper

      Trade him to the rockets a big that can space the floor

      1. Efren Torres Junior

        No, Rockets going completely small ball. And it’s working for now.

    78. Ziare william

      Sixers are better with Horfold coming off the bench. No matter how much they paid him Bret brown is coaching for his job. He has to do or push what ever buttons needed to get to the finals.

    79. Skev Beats

      Al horford is playing like a man who hates his job.

      1. Cecilio Thomas

        It is obvious, I do congratulate horford, he took advantages of the 76rs, well let's say that teams do that all the time in the nba, they get the best out the players and when the juice the players then they dump them, I may understand the 76rs fans, but I am on the holford side.. money in the bank, no matter what..

    80. rxcoupe

      Horford and Harris are horrible contracts, but brett brown needs to go