Atalanta 3-3 Roma | Atalanta Fight Back from 3 Goals Down! | Serie A

Serie A

Serie A

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    This 6-goal thriller saw Atalanta fight back from being 3-0 down against Roma!
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    1. MrDominik_ Playz

      Idk how Olsen didn’t save that 3rd goal for Atalanta

    2. Chidubem Nwigwe

      That had to be the worst penalty I had ever seen in my entire career as a football fan.

    3. Mircea 4th player

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> 😂

    4. pedro paulo crispim de oliveir

      Sou torcedor da Atalanta e braziliano!

    5. el camillo

      How Roma's goalkeeper didn't save the last goal?...

    6. Bapa Boupa

      Than last Zapata's goal seemed fake. I mean look at keeper's dive.... Suspicious

    7. Joshua Makshofi

      Atalanta with ❤️

    8. Abhishek patel

      Roma draw because of its Goalkeeper

    9. MrBurdekin

      Alisson would have saved all those goals.....

    10. J S

      Roma needs to buy a goalkeeper

    11. Şizofrenik Trajedi

      Is the Roman goalkeeper drunk?

    12. Freddy Lijaya

      miss Alisson 😑

    13. Steve Cook

      That's the worst penalty I have seen in a long time

    14. El Dolorez

      Olssen out. Skorupski in

    15. untung akytya sudiarto

      I see vigit waluyo

    16. raBLar

      what a worst keeper roma had :/

    17. Amin Ef

      Ronaldoooooooo oh sry wrong match

    18. minh tin vuong

      Mafia in Rome's goalkeeper shadow??? Bad action

    19. hiphop4rap


    20. Omen Praz

      Wake up olsen the ball is coming...

    21. 226bwsamsung

      Atalanta need better goalkepper like Artur Boruc ( Bournemountch)

    22. Sekedar Lewat

      what happened to that goalkeeper?

    23. raff

      Uhm Olsen?

    24. Svyatozar

      FORZA ATALANTA! Champions league is coming!

    25. 123anaya14

      Olsen is absolute trash, the 3rd goal was so easy to just kick away yet he falls down to grab, did he get any sleep before the game?

    26. My Trip My Terkukur

      Zaniolo's assist is awesome ..

    27. Nerealan TIp

      Roma Goalkeeper is like don't shoot in goal you will scored :D what a horrible replace for Alison, where a Milions? 😂 Zapata penalty is like the history horrible Ramos penalty...

    28. Milano Milan

      Manipulation Game

    29. Cebong Dungu

      Cebong likepppppppp

    30. rin rin

      is Perotti "still alive" in Rome? Milan can take him, he's a graduated from Genoa, so does Falque in Torino . . .

    31. rin rin

      Atalanta, it's really fun to watch, can Milan play like this? 🤔🤔

    32. kotak HD

      Roma is just Italian Arsenal 😂😂😂

    33. Irakli Samsonia

      3' Edin Dzeko (0-1); 33' Edin Dzeko (0-2); 40' Stephan El Shaarawy (0-3); 45' Timothy Castagne (1-3); 59' Rafael Toloi (2-3); 70' Duvan Zapata (Miss. Pen. Atalanta); 71' Duvan Zapata (3-3)

    34. Muamer Bektasi

      Whats wrong with Romas goalkeeper. Go out please

    35. Legendus


    36. can watterson

      olsen Is it blind?

    37. The Hermit

      what romas GK is on? effin drugs? :O

    38. Recovery Channel

      Feel less thrill,I think absence of mic in stands

    39. Nur Solihin

      Kiper as Roma, buruk skali

    40. That Guy

      Was there a deflection on that final goal?!??

    41. OlzonicMC

      Sign a damn defender

    42. Gianluca De Luca

      Best result for Milan

    43. الحمد لله

      الشعراوي EL-sharawy ❤👍💪

    44. Faroeste Texas

      Atalanta bom time , Rafael toloi seleção Brasileira

    45. Stefan Van Vreden

      Imagine if Zapata scored the penalty.. it would be 4-3, that would be an amazing comeback

    46. Isaac Fernando Aspilcueta Quiñones

      El arquero de la roma se come 2 de los 3 goles

    47. Shibu Ahmed

      Bad penalty


      till now still boring serie a... except juv n nap match. but now i dnt like juv since ronaldo played.

    49. Lulik Timor


    50. Luke R

      I think Roma need a new keeper.

    51. CSandSoccer

      Why can’t Roma defend this season

    52. ChameleonThe13

      Where did Roma find that goalkeeper...?!? Pitiful. Cost them 3 points.

    53. Samir Avdic

      EDIN DZEKO ?

    54. Fan Wang

      How much money did the Roma goalie take?

    55. StrongzzZzz2019

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> Failed to Copy Ronaldo

    56. Валерий Шихов

      Дааа, Ольсен это не Беккер! Печаль! Сука, ну как так-то, аа???

    57. StrongzzZzz2019

      Imagine as if he scored that penalty. *Comback of the Year!*

    58. Сергей Победа

      Уж слишком вратарь спокойно отбивал мячи, без желания и настроя. Голы залетали медленно, не быстро мячи летели. Лично думаю, что это полностью договорной матч.

    59. Gadget MAX

      Soooooo epic

    60. Amir

      Guess whos back, back again? Džeko¨s back, back scoring :)

    61. TheYunir19

      Olson is weak, Roma have to change keeper next year

    62. Bro Hach Sports


    63. Василий Черней

      Аталанто зверь 0-3; 3-3.✊

    64. Turi Tasi

      Berlusconi in Stadium?

    65. ZXxsniperMsrXx

      Why did roma got ride of radja nainggolan

    66. Vlog Pati java

      as roma byi from indonesia fans

    67. huecobros

      Zapata with the screamer!

    68. Don Diablo

      Roma's goalkeeper is a joke

    69. Sholehhudin Prasetyo

      Goalkeper is funny

    70. World Laughter Day

      Follow 😍

    71. Baldo

      And then say Džeko is done, no contract? Wtf he always score, when he have solid chance, Morata, Higuain and Benzema will never score in this chances 2 goals

    72. JH

      Olsen worst keeper ever

    73. Эйс Барбитура

      Вратарь дыра блять)))))))))

    74. Adom Asmir

      As roma How many Time's to help that good striker I say now please can change that stupid defenders of roma

    75. Krishna Widardjo

      Zaniolo is something special

    76. Ahmad Nazirul Mohd Nazar

      Roma GK easily gave the goal

    77. nanda lesnar

      wtf is olsen doin anyway even a kid can do a better reflect than that giant anyway 😂😂😂😂

    78. Fiorello il più bello

      Quanto è scarso olsen

    79. Zxenon Nemrod

      Roma or how to lead with 3 goals and end up by a draw... the Liverpool of Serie A

    80. A nigga from beyond

      Olsen did Nada in this match🤦‍♂