Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on



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    My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
    See how it was made here
    See the Shed Build here
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    1. colinfurze

      They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

      1. Fishing for life with Brookland Namken

        Imagine playing hide and go seek with some one that doesn’t know there’s a bunker, but here’s he went into the shed.

      2. Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!

        Woo you proved them wrong!

      3. m Nani

        You are 41 yrs old. Just wanted to remind you of world poverty and hunger. Cheerio.👋

      4. Gunther's Squad

        Super Awesome

      5. L aH


    2. Emily Sharps

      Wow you're taltid

    3. Stacie’s Country Cooking

      That’s so neat. Nice General Lee

    4. las vegas

      is there trump 😆

    5. Daylin dyson

      turn down for what

    6. Jack L

      This guy is the real life rick from rick and morty

    7. Alex Medina

      Watched this and the only thing comes to mind is I fucken want one and I’m going to get one

    8. Kris Jewhurst

      That hatch needs some sort of assist (hydro, pneumatic, electric) for when that shed above ground is turned to rubble on top of your door. Without it you got yourself a really cool coffin.

    9. VincentH

      How did all that stuff fit through the hatch?

    10. Fraser Blackshaw

      My Grandad told me when I was a kid. "It's okay to grow old, but never grow up."

    11. Ben Thomas

      this is one of the most British videos I’ve ever seen

    12. Andievo4U2

      OMG! INSTANT NIGHTCLUB. I don't think I d leave

    13. Andievo4U2

      That is cool as shit. MAKE NOISE!! Woooo hooooo

    14. Dominick Follano

      You have got to be the craziest S.O.B. I've ever seen.

    15. AnatubeHD

      I subscribed when you said! “That’s a lot of stuff, you should probably subscribe!”

    16. Pale Alejandro

      The Soviet Union called, they say the Cold War ended 30 years ago.

    17. G&J R.C.

      This is how I found this channel.

    18. Austin Megerle

      Looks Like jimmy neutrons lab/hideout

      1. G&J R.C.

        Austin Megerle haha yes

    19. Ann Marie

      What about making a toilet incinerator!

    20. 2332gregor

      One of the coolest things in a backyard I have ever seen

    21. The Intruder

      One word: Genius.

    22. Ash J

      26 million views?! I'm guessing alot of sicko's clicked on this to learn how to build a hidden bunker for their future captives! 😮

    23. Ryan Graham

      Next owner of the house starts metal detecting in the back yard:

      1. G&J R.C.

        Ryan Graham haha

    24. Daisy Seagrave

      Just stumbled across this video and he fully reminds me of flint lockwood from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 😂



    26. PringoZ

      Well if there’s ever a war or huge conflict I know where I’m going:

    27. Ghost Boss Creations

      It would suck if one of your experiments blew up down there and no one ever found your body. 1000's of years later they dig up your body to find "the strange tools our ancestors used" ... oh little would they know.

    28. James Oversteer

      Hey Colin, thanks for the regularly asked questions at the end. Literally answered everything I wanted to know. I remember watching this years ago, it’s great to see you’ve still got it and use it regularly. I’d love to do the same one day.

    29. Dylan Austin

      he can afford a bunker in his garden, but owns an Epiphone guitar...

    30. Joshua Topliff

      Lol, imagine getting planning permission to build that. "What do you want to build?" "I want to build a bunker in my garden. No one will ever know its their". Literally

    31. kamikazekaos

      I would put a toilet in the shed and run a waste pipe through the neighbours fence 🤣

    32. abhishek shrivastava


    33. Ilham

      Is that a prayer rug?

    34. First Name

      Is there any air supply for long term occupation

    35. Zachary Greer

      This would be perfect for sleepovers


      I fuckin need this

    37. hairy bear

      It'llbe full of plants by now ;-)

    38. Veldrum

      Put 0.25 speed on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>

    39. Goeff Caners

      If you were to sell I would buy

    40. ReeTV Documentaries

      Awesome!!!! 😎

    41. Truth Seeker

      Bet these people are real smug right about now 😂 AND SO THEY SHOULD BE!! 🤣😂🤣😂

    42. Ian Garcia

      I wonder how much money was spent on this

    43. Frank Jacobs

      Cool bunker my friend good job,

    44. Frank Jacobs

      The wife said your getting big bagged if you Dnt f.. K off wth them drums an build an underground bunker an play them there were I can't hear you ha

    45. Scott D

      What is a family salud and whats it cost?

    46. Cemal Hussein

      Your wife puts up with all this ? Patience of a saint. I wish i could get away with a fraction of your 'eccentricities'.

    47. JackM Plays

      He’s such a man child I love it

    48. Dunk Resellz

      Him: it’s a really good shed Me: I believe you Him: If you don’t believe me, it actually won shed of the year

    49. Evrett Sobaski

      Testament to "You can do anything you set your mind to" for sure

      1. Zach Coldwell

        And an enormously large checking account.

    50. magnvss

      Some already mentioned it but if it doesn't have proper independent systems (air filtering, problably water tank, filtering and of course water drainage, minimal energy generation, and a long etcetera) it becomes more like a tomb in times of (real) crises rather than an asset. It could be improved-extended though. I mean, ideally a bunker is to keep someone alive (and healthey and mentally sane, etc.) inside, the longer the better. It could seem fantastic for short periods of time but it could get incredibly claustrophobic if some things are not improved.

    51. Nick Mye

      That is the coolest thing, I would live down there lol

    52. Vinnee M

      Its not much of a secret bunker if 26 million ppl know about it lmao

    53. Love To Do Cool Stuff

      Now that’s the ultimate man-cave!



    55. Shin Shin

      *Atomic bomb would like to see your location”

    56. Yahya Rashid


    57. Glitch Rekal

      if bombs went off will it protect u ?

    58. Yahya Rashid

      Neighbour's:wtf is he doing in the shed forso long

    59. Jim

      Thanks for the info, if I'm ever ending the world I'll be sure not to leave you out

    60. Jim

      If there's a Mrs colinfurze I wonder what she thinks of the whole thing...

    61. Gui Antonioli

      So, you went past the concept of "man cave"... you invented the NERD CAVE. Awesome.

    62. Jahzion Sow

      This man I so creative

    63. KSF WFC

      Imagine being married to this guy.

      1. N S

        Imagine. ...

    64. Jack 'n That

      Is it just me who thinks he sounds a bit “... different” in this video

    65. Tantoe grote neven club


    66. David Griffiths

      Its rusting fast on the outside....a few more years. Should have wrapped it and it might have lasted a few centuries. Might survive a nuke for a few weeks.

    67. Cyclone Vr

      I was thinking about making this but have absolutely no idea where to start so could you possibly if you can please put instructions on how to do it ,the measurements and what parts to buy .thanks for showing us your great content and keep it up.

    68. Chaddy Codey

      how he can breath on his underground backyard?

    69. gamer 2020

      Fire exits?

    70. gamer 2020

      Would it work as a Faraday cage? Ignite come in handy soon...

    71. Create Mymy

      The English channel I subbed to. Nooice.

    72. Apple Pie

      Who else did not know he was that old

    73. carpe diem

      And not one gun in Sucks to be you!

    74. C D

      Add a “window” out of a 4k tv

    75. james

      So the real estate agent said you'd have to sell a bunker with a house attached to it? That basically means the bunker is more valuable than the house. Lol.

    76. Noyabr' Odinnadcat'

      Сразу видно что у человека в голове кусок чего-то не объяснимого! Не повторяйте подобные постройки!

    77. Lewy

      I remember watching this 4 years ago

    78. Tim

      getting the couch down must of been a tight fit.

    79. Tshimologo Pena

      how did you get all that furniture inside?

    80. Target

      That’s gonna be the future basement for my Nigerian children