Bernie Calls Out Democrats For Fundraising With Billionaires | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    Trevor Noah covers the final Democratic presidential debate of 2019 and even gets mentioned!
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    1. Chris

      Who pays your salary Trevor? How much is Sumner Redstone worth ? Another shill dividing for their own benefit.

    2. Younis Ali

      Bern baby Bern

    3. ukidding

      bernie has sincerity, passion and a brain....but do the american people, that's the q.

    4. eat lead

      Warren snitching

    5. paranormal legorythmus

      The Daily Show did cut out the most important part of Bernie's message about campaign finance!

    6. Cambodia Joe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> of mostly gaslighting, distraction and dumbing down by corporate tool Trevor Noah. Despite this, his crowd still had to applaud Bernie calling out corruption. He responds with a Back to the Future gag that paints Bootygig and Sanders in some kind of partnership and that Bernie as a madman. Way to go.

    7. Nathan Purvis


    8. American Enigma _

      Bernie is OLD AND HIS POLICIES ARE OLD AND OUTDATED !! Federal guaranteed job is a terrible idea and his policies have no real solutions to real problems !!!!! JUST SAYING RICH ARE BAD is a way to GAIN VOTES FROM AVERAGE AMERICANS ! It’s all honey points ! WE NEED REAL SOLUTIONS not politicians !!!

      1. Nathan Purvis

        @American Enigma _ that makes no sense. Bernie’s policies haven’t even been passed in Congress yet, so how could they possibly be old and outdated? Medicare For All, Paying Off Student Debt, Green New Deal, Wealth Tax, these are NEW progressive policies that are yet to be implemented, and need to be. That’s why he’s fighting so hard for them. The current outstanding Bills made into law are the old and outdated policies that need to go, and be replaced with new and improved ones.

    9. American Enigma _

      Bernie : tax millionaires Bernie becomes a multi millionaire: leave millionaires alone , TAX BILLIONAIRES........ Bernie is not Presidential material !!!

      1. A Nomad


    10. skunktheshrink

      Black vs White, Men vs Women, Red vs Blue are all red herring tactics. The real battle was, is and will always be between the interests of the rich vs poor. Well, that is, until AI can replace the poor, cost efficiently.

    11. Joshua Little

      When Pete said, "Now supposing you went home feeling the holiday spirit ..." they edited out the part where he said, "I know this is unlikely but stay with me," to make him look better. This show covers for corporate democrats

      1. A Nomad

        nah, they cut out parts as they have limited time available in segment... also, to keep the pace.

    12. Help the needy Not the greedy

      Trevor Noah is a establishment puppet, I miss Jon Stewart.

    13. Benjamin Raymonvil

      Yup Bernie you have my vote. He's ahead in California, the more we canvas for a progressive the more delegates they get. It's a numbers game and a huge win in super Tuesday will be all up hill from there.

    14. Robert Lindeman

      Says the millionaire...

    15. Joe Doe

      Trecor should say sorry to Bernie forvthe Smirs.

    16. Norgler

      Bernies answer was edited, the punchline was left out.

      1. South Galaxy Died For Our Sins

        @Hana Ayo Alemayehu that he's the only candidate with no billionaire donors.

      2. Hana Ayo Alemayehu

        What was the punch line .

    17. Mikey B

      Bernie is going to smash Trump to pieces

      1. richard ramfire

        If the dnc lets him be the nominee

      2. freeze peach

        @Chris foh then

      3. Chris

        freeze peach I’m not American I’m British, so nice swing but sadly it’s a miss

      4. freeze peach

        @Chris the people here are very content with their system. have you ever been there? Im literally in Sweden right now at its lovely. Have fun with your health care bills and your 2A lol

      5. Chris

        freeze peach Scandinavia is massively taxed and the population of all of Scandinavia is lass than a 14th of the US.

    18. Barry Nichols

      Purity test is a corruption. And Wall Street Pete is corrupt as they come

    19. Barry Nichols

      Pete , Elizabeth, Amy and Joe never attacked Bernie, and Bernie called them out... Because they have nothing

    20. ZF82 AbuAnihaNt8

      This is truthful and funny, Just like the days of Jon Stewart, I feel Trevor Noah is best when he is given free reign to cater to people's choice and not with corporate agenda.

      1. justicewalking

        Like how he delivered that "all white except Native Elizabeth Warren" joke at the beginning of the... Wait... I mean, nevermind. How about Amy K everyone? Right?

    21. Will Joseph

      Cloudboothjar... Had to show up... How far is she from the top runners?

    22. Taratu De La Terasa

      The part with Bernie and Pete fighting is amazing!

    23. Taratu De La Terasa

      😂😂😂 awesome! Who rights the jokes needs a payrise

    24. sfbluestar

      One token black president is enough, Trevor.

    25. Miloš Obilić

      The face that Noah is making in the thumbnail is the exact same one that he makes when Jon Stewart jizzes in his face

    26. Ray Patson

      Except night-club entry or drinks are free for women, while men have to pay. 🙄

    27. richard ramfire

      The Bern is 100 times stronger this time

    28. James Parker

      This is a video literally titled "bernie calls out democrats" and begins with Warren talking for 2 minutes... has a tiny 25 second bit of bernie.... doesn't get to the part of him talking about his policies.... then mocks him for how he looks... then goes on to talk about klobuchar for the rest of the video. Its sad that THIS is the best main stream bernie news that he can get. The powers in control want nothing of free healthcare and removal of tax loopholes of the rich. PBS did a 1 hour segment of the state of the election and managed to not mention Bernie a SINGLE time. Mentioned every other candidate though.

      1. Miloš Obilić

        this isn't news it's a comedy show

    29. MrFantocan

      As expected Trevor cut the most important part: Bernie say because of the billionaire donnors that the political system is corrupt and don't serve the people, and he is the only one with 0 billionaires. #BERNIE2020

      1. Michael Dob

        Trevor is paid by the same billionaires who are supporting Pete and Amy. Of course he's going to be biased.

      2. Kevin Boylan

        @Varghese Ninan When you Pete said, "Now supposing you went home feeling the holiday spirit ..." they edited out the part where he said, "I know this is unlikely but stay with me," to make him look better. *This show covers for corporate democrats*

      3. Varghese Ninan

        I like Trevor a little but this was pure bias on his part. Maybe it's the networks stopping him from supporting Bernie. I don't know.

    30. Stenny

      Bernie 2020

    31. Kaffekaffe Kaffe

      Bernie 2020 ❤️

    32. Aly Sayani

      Yang had by far the best response to buttigieg

    33. Ali Naraghi

      amy Klobuchar is a joke!

    34. killahfraps

      How many Yang supporters used to be Bernie supporters and how Bernie supporters used to be Yang? Break out of you cognitive dissonance. Think harder America!

    35. Luke Miles

      You're so funny guys, your next president and the 10-20 that come after are already picked. ^^ same goes for Europe, and Russia, and China and the rest of the world.

    36. Vegard Fjeldberg

      Who cares about Klobuchar😕

    37. Eva Streit

      I love you Bernie!

    38. matt hale

      vote trevor

    39. kc

      Trevor you could afford 9000$ bottles shut up. I agree with the point but not the messenger

    40. Nick Willcocks

      Editing for this is atrocious..

    41. Ochola Jonathan

      just realised how eerily similar back to the future is to ricky and morty

    42. MAX PAIN

      #Bernie2020 all the way

    43. richard ramfire

      Kloubachar is annoying. No authenticity or charisma.

      1. richard ramfire

        K Dog exactly we get it your a female candidate

      2. Ecléctico Iconoclasta

        She is there mostly to say how we cannot have things that most other industrialized countries already have. She could very well fit in the republican party.

      3. K Dog

        She doesn't have much to offer. Her only excuse is that she is a legitimate candidate because she's a woman.

    44. NY FAN

      Noah is a big corporate Dem lover.. fk I miss Jon Stewart..

    45. Julia Lerner

      And then Andrew Yang talked about his Democracy Dollars proposal because "You shouldn't have to shake the money tree in the wine cave to run for office". And the crowd went wild.

    46. Shenly Jean


    47. havent

      They edited out buttigiegs personal attack on warrens energy

    48. An AI

      two cents from Belgium: Sanders is super nice, was a distant bernie bro in 2016, but please consider Andrew Yang. Instead of doubling down on the European models, you can just copy what works here and push beyond with the freedom dividend, the US would be a guiding country on policies, which we need because the progressive conversations here have ground to a halt. #EuropeNeedsYou

    49. Ian 876

      Trevor Noah For President

    50. way2dumb

      see how you have edited out Buts snarky comment....Why are you trying to make him look better then he is?

    51. Tommy Vettig

      Why do you edit out the best part of Petes swings at Elizabeth?!! "Suppose you went home feeling the holiday spirit, I know this isn't likely but stay with me... ..." Correct version:

    52. Mohammad Abdulshakur

      Trevor for president! 😂

    53. Margarita M.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> W-word in this day and age, people! #triggered

    54. Florian Rotter-le Beau

      I now can't unsee that Back to the Future bit.

    55. juan cast

      that sounded more like rick and morty than doc and marty xD

    56. Kev J

      Ugh jeez I miss Jon Stewart.....

    57. Howard Brammer

      Trevor when you said that you would keep your billionaire friends. That was disqualifying.

    58. M Buck C


    59. Persiansweetcat1

      I really love Bernie 💕 if I could vote he’d have my vote!!!!!

    60. zaza_kurdistani

      If i was amercian id vote sanders

    61. SamAce

      Trevor for the Prezz!

    62. NikolayT Nikolov

      Trevor run for president wup wup!!!!

    63. omni scient

      25,000 manufacturing jobs lost in Canada in just November gone 4 million jobs automated in USA recently 20 million jobs destroyed by automation generally 800 million jobs to be automated away up until 2030 (According to Bank of America) 0 mention of automation on Bernie's entire website, as of December 22, 2019. 1 candidate with both climate change solution, and automation solution: Andrew Yang #YangGang2020

    64. lam dao

      I think Re Pete, a NEW politician shouldn’t have accepted funds from the billionaires. The Democratic Party has moved on from that. During Joe Biden’s and Elizabeth Warren’s time it was different because this matter hadn’t been an issue. To me this seems like Re-Pete just wants to be POTUS and will take whatever short cuts he can. Meanwhile let’s take a look at Andrew Yang - that Random Man who is running for POTUS and who comes with a full set of coherent and interconnected ideas aka a VISION. And this is why Andrew Random Man Yang is ON STAGE with the rest of the politicians. Andrew Yang didn’t take the fast and easy way to raise funds and get his ideas out to the public even if it would surely help him. Andrew Yang did it by doing his homework, knowing his DATA, and knitting the data together into a coherent framework of what all that data means. Then he put together UBI and how to FUND it and why it would help resolve the problems shown in the DATA.

      1. Dédé Kruisman

        I get why people (possibly without a degree) really appreciate yangs ideas, but it’s simply not possible. Even more so for a country such as the US.

    65. Frédéric Leroux

      "Ms. Warren wooed wealthy donors for years, stockpiling money from fund-raisers, and has used $10.4 million from her 2018 Senate race to underwrite her 2020 bid." NYT, 2019/09/09

    66. Gary Druce

      Noah you really are a Corporate hack no wonder I have given up on the Daily Show

    67. Steve Jarvis

      Trevor you should be in the race. I thin it would be hilarious if you were president.

    68. Richard Roopnarine

      Great another Kenyan running for President

    69. CD Smith

      "To the wine cave Robin!" "In the pink Batmobile Batman?"

    70. Joxy Surge

      Bernie should run with Buttieg as Vice , I love them both !

    71. Noor Nord

      Bernie is not for sale!

      1. MrFantocan

        @Noor Nord indeed

      2. Noor Nord

        MrFantocan the right sale! For and by the people!

      3. MrFantocan

        He is already sold out, to the PEOPLE! #BERNIE2020

    72. Samer ibrahim

      Notice at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a> how they cut out when he said "feeling the holiday spirit.. Though I doubt it" he was likely referring to her donating to his campaign, but he said it in a dumb way and thet should have kept it :p yes I dislike #petewinecave for his disingenuous attacks on med4all and other policies.

      1. Muhammad Ahmed

        Ya seems that everyone hates pete and he has earned it

    73. M Gueto

      You cut off the best part of Bernie’s speech 😔

      1. Kevin Boylan

        When you Pete said, "Now supposing you went home feeling the holiday spirit ..." they edited out the part where he said, "I know this is unlikely but stay with me," to make him look better. *This show covers for corporate democrats*

      2. MrFantocan

        Indeed, but he does that often, like when Bernie was talking to the kids, he cut the inspirational part.

    74. Samer ibrahim

      #Bernie2020 ❤️ ❤️

    75. ron fryslan

      she says that with the money of the millionaire in her pocket

    76. Laviza Ahmed

      All the candidates are multi-millionaires. Except Pete. This is because they worked hard and earned that money. Capitalism has its flaws but it is the best option compared to the other systems

    77. esto pesto

      Elizabeth Warren is a legend 😁💖

    78. Prasanna Surange

      Trevor got promoted by the worst candidate 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Bashir Tokosi

        The worst is a certainly Mayo Pete but yeah Kloubuchar is up there too

      2. Interdimensional Steve

        Bootyjudge is the worst candidate and it's not even close.

      3. Nino Carrion

        I knooow

      4. Nino Carrion

        I knooow

    79. Raphael Jaggerd

      Imagine Trevor Noah as president of the USA

    80. tigris

      I also agree with that Trevor Noah guy💯 what's his show called🤔