Bernie Comes Under Fire At Tenth Democratic Debate | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    At the tenth Democratic primary debate, it seemed like all the other Democratic candidates were armed to attack Bernie Sanders.
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    1. Comedy Central UK

      Out of all the candidates, who would you invite to a dinner party?

      1. Karima Ess


      2. Julia Lerner


      3. Madhu Shruti Mukherjee

        I'm a Bernie fan alright, but I wouldn't invite him. He'll shout everyone out😂

      4. S Han

        For a nice homemade Turkish dinner and hospitality, I would love to invite Bernie and his lovely wife!

      5. Melody Chest

        Bloomberg, bcos I can invite the entire world and get BloomBag to pay for it!!

    2. drsupremo88

      Trevor is actually ia a fan of bernie u can tell the show is holding him back

    3. sulema leon

      Bernie 2020!!! Only one with a plan.....Warren will sell out to Wall Street.....Biden is Wall Street, Bloomberg another billionaire wanting to control his interest and Pete is a puppet for the DNC......Bernie is the only way.

    4. Theophilous Punoval

      Biden has lied and exaggerated countless times in his political life, and during this campaign. In his latest whopper, Biden claimed that he was arrested in S. Africa in the 1970s, while trying to rescue Nelson Mandela from prison. Biden even claimed that in a later meeting, Mandela threw his arms around Biden and thanked him. Neither event ever happened, as former UN ambassador Andrew Young (who traveled to S. Africa with Biden) has confirmed. Biden's campaign now admits the stories are untrue. What does it say about a candidate who is so habitually deceptive? For one thing, Trump would clobber him. For another thing, Biden is not fit to be President. He has forgotten where he is, and even what office he is running for, on several occasions during this campaign. I lived in Vermont for 22 years, and I can state unequivocally that most Vermonters love Bernie Sanders. They love him for his dedication to helping the working class, for his integrity, his moral courage and his honesty. Bernie is the most popular senator in the USA, and is now the most popular candidate for President. Of all the candidates, only Bernie has a plan to deal with the climate crisis that addresses the issue dramatically enough to make a difference. He is fighting for everyone to have health care, for everyone who wants a college education to get one without going into crippling debt, and for those who do have college debt or medical debt to have those debts forgiven. Bernie wants a better quality of life for everyday Americans. He wants to end the perpetual wars that cost so many lives and so much money. And he means what he says. Just ask Vermonters like me. We love Bernie because we know we can trust him, and we know he cares about us.

    5. Nemesis z

      obviously all the corrupt one's team up on bernie cuz he's been keeping it real since day 1.

    6. Heba Madi

      I hope wish and pray that Bernie win 2020 election really America please do the right thing chose wise

    7. rock A M

      I hope Bernie becomes the new president.

    8. Fire Boy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> that joke just perforated my headache and made me laugh so hard.. :D

    9. Che Li

      Bernie is being honest. That's what people want.

    10. Interdimensional Steve

      Bernie's just being honest, dude... there's nothing wrong with that and people who think this matters are fucking dumb.

    11. May Show

      Barack Obama is at home wondering why his name is in everyone's mouth.😂

    12. Travis Cutler

      The DNC charged $3000 to attend the SC debate. Obviously they were trying to get "regular" people to boo Bernie

    13. Angie Smith

      Trevor doing a mean Chief Wiggum.

    14. Armando Erazo Moncada

      I live outside of the US, in Honduras to be specific. I've been following your electoral race and the political fight pretty mucg since 2017. Gotta say the democratic party has no chance in 2020, even with Bernie. Your only choices are either stablishment or crazy progressive. Your party needs moderate people who can appeal to the independent voter, that's the reason Trump won in 2016: not because of the republicans (those he already had), but because of the indepent voters.

    15. Jabootie

      F TROOP Debate

    16. sam alo

      Trevor nailed Bernie's accent!! lol

    17. Timeherenow Be

      It’s Bernie or bust for America. Period.

    18. Betty Adowa Duah

      But what's Bernie blowing?

    19. Dave G

      Why do these millionaire talking heads never mention that the cost to attend that debate was around $2000 a seat, all bought up by corporate DNC elites & Bloomberg paid hacks? Why doesn't any one hold 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍Warren🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 accountable for the corporate pac money she just accepted from billionaire donors? She lied again, she told every one she would not take the bribes.

    20. tigerw222

      The trains went on time during nazigermany. Yeah that doesn’t sound good, true though.

    21. Michael Schuenemann


    22. Mordicus IV'XX

      American people really have no memories of the last 10years?

    23. Karl Urbahn

      Yes, all the candidates up on that stage are white, but if you're white and you're asked AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE what needs to be done to produce racial justice, what the heck are you supposed to say? "I'm not going to comment on that at all, even though I'm running for president, because I'm white."

    24. Ever Longing

      Of course there are good things about Cuba, such as the second highest life expectancy on the American continent behind Canada. The Cuban education is such that there have been American medical students taking their degrees in Cuba. This could not be easily replicated in the states and will never happen, so acknowledging the positives is pointless, Bernie Sanders is too forthright for his own good (which should be a positive, for voters).

    25. TubeDisabuser

      CBS and Biden descend to tired red-baiting ... and Trevor piles on.

    26. Bram Bulger

      I disagree completely with Trevor. If the US is going to start having honest conversations about moving the country in a positive direction, they need more politicians who refuse to play the game. Bernie isn't trying to win votes here. He's being honest.

    27. aden kunz

      Can you believe that Trump is less racist than all of these dems

      1. Jennifer Green

        Did you forget that Trump called for the Central Park 5 to be put to death even after DNA evidence cleared them of any wrongdoing? Did you also forget how he called Mexicans "rapists" and other things? Did you forget how he went after President Obama because he claimed that Obama wasn't born in the States?

      2. Austenhead

        No, bacause it's demonstrably not true. He might be less racist than Bloomberg. But that's a mighty low bar.

    28. aden kunz

      What is wrong with the left....

      1. Austenhead

        Same thing that's wrong with the right: corruption.

    29. Roberto Dardón

      With showmen (the _Bread & Circus'_ type) like Trevor Noah, Donald Trump will easily win again the Oval far!

    30. J B

      All of these democrats but one, are corrupt pieces of $hit. Only Bernie has be fighting for the common man for decades.

    31. Moss Stirling


    32. Joseph

      So even senior politicians like Bernie can't say something truthful any more. We must all tell lies about countries corporate America does not like?

      1. First Last

        Bernie endorsed Hilary. Bernie started to endorse Biden. He won't quit.

    33. Victoria V


    34. Kenan Demirci

      'A far past Bank of England director Lord Stamp’s statement: “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them with the power to create credit, and with a flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it all back again. Take this power away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine would disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this World would be a happier and better World to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then continue to let Bankers control money and control credit.”

    35. grunge stone

      Even they all know that Trump will be victorious once again..

    36. the1onlynoob

      Hahahahahhahaahaha USA is so enslaved to an idea that if mentioning any positives they dont agree with its a betrayal.

    37. chapachuu

      Bernie is too honest for a politician. No one wants an honest politician.

      1. First Last

        Bernie endorsed Hilary. Bernie started to endorse Biden. He just repeats what Obama/Biden regime said. Poor old men. He won't quit. He is too honest.

    38. Mateusz Najda

      Obama didnt hint at it. He literaly said it.

      1. First Last

        Bernie endorsed Hilary. Bernie started to endorse Biden. He just repeats what Obama/Biden regime said. Poor old men. He won't quit.

    39. Younis Ali

      Bernie Sanders is like I can't wait to give you all Healthcare

      1. dielaughing73

        And 50% of the country is going "how dare you?"

    40. avtar alex

      How about buying 21 politicians for palosi

    41. manuel canino

      Lips services

    42. Brett Davidson

      Bernie tells the truth no matter what the consequences might be. It’s refreshing, he’s a non-political politician. To me not playing the game means you understand that it isn’t a game, there are people’s lives on the line.

    43. Jeremy Maki

      TRUMP 2020.... we all know that’s who is going to win... the dems are a joke

    44. Jimmy Hwang

      There're 7 white people in here dicussing racial justice, i laugh so hard when i hear this

      1. S. S. Cookies

        yeah... but still we should appreciate it. could be worse... or orange. 😂

      2. iVince905

        Bernie actually fought for human rights, he was arrested for an injustice against blacks protest when MLK made the I had a dream speech.

    45. thresh hold

      Can Bernie win against trump?

      1. ADHAiiN7

        Still Watching Yeah, no that isnt true

      2. Still Watching

        Not even going to be close. Trump is going to crush you idiots

    46. Eliott Szostak

      I hope Bernie wins man, because he is the only one who cares about the community and not only him self. Although, id would be nice to have a guy that isn’t dying anytime soon.

      1. Eliott Szostak

        Dennis Mahaney look, the situation can only worsen. The other candidates didn’t come with solutions either. I am just saying that Bernie is better then the others if we are talking about sharing and making American lives easier and better. And pls do not offend me when there is no reason to.

      2. Dennis Mahaney

        Tell how or who is going to pay the 100 trillion Bernie wants to spend. You lunatics are some kind of stuiped.

    47. Republiken

      Only rich people in the audience. But Bernie still won

      1. Fair Dinkum

        @DFandV sadly, that's what's been happening all along! Bernie is our chance to change the game in our favor!

      2. DFandV

        You can't buy votes.....oh wait 😔

    48. digiboi wan

      That is the reason why I love Bernie. He won't quit even when he's down by his own party.

      1. First Last

        Bernie endorsed Hilary. Bernie started to endorse Biden. He won't quit.

    49. Nanael OverLock

      With a stacked audience that was controled by the price of the seats it is easy to get someone booed without reason. However, this just showed their true faces. Now it depends on how ignorant the american population is to believe them or maybe, recognize a remote change that in some kind of way there was a slight bit of corruption and anti-democratic behavior going on somewhere in the middle of this catastrophic mess.

    50. Miss Plover

      Bernie is right. Cuba has a very profound/free medical service and education. Denying is not a solution

      1. First Last

        @Cegesh "What socialism means is democracy" - Bernie Sanders ... Is that an educated and sane statement ? ... .... and he wants to be taken seriously ... Think about that for a moment. How he can even think, to win with this kind of assertion? More than that he wants to bring socialism in USA. He hurts himself. Poor old man.

      2. Cegesh

        @Dalsy Mercado Never said they are.

      3. Dalsy Mercado

        @Cegesh you've obviously never been to Cuba. Not everyone is equal there.

      4. Dalsy Mercado

        @Cegesh really? You are saying that my godparents that left Cuba were rich fascists? My godparents who came from low class rural areas? The same ones who despised Batista and also Castro because neither one cared about the people just the power.

      5. Cegesh

        @Dalsy Mercado Those view Idiot were rich fasishts before Castro in Cuba, lol. Facts don't care. Btw. every modern nation has better healthcare then the U.S.

    51. raffalopez

      Noah sticks.

    52. Siddhant Rasaily

      Bernie for president

    53. lifeguard2564

      This debate literally caused me a brain injury.

    54. Rashid Ibrahim

      They're trying very desperately to take Bernie down and they are failing so hard lol

      1. Fair Dinkum

        @Rishi Joe Sanu the "republican president " committing $2.5 billion, to fight against corona virus infection &spread! Tell me more about socialism!? You even know what socialism means?

      2. niko vananda

        @Rishi Joe Sanu better be a naive socialist then a hypocript that keep calling themselves the voice of the people but when it comes to power immieditly decided to cast away the people for the throne.

      3. Rishi Joe Sanu

        Bernie is a naive socialist

      4. Dullbaltic

        You can't slander Sanders

      5. niko vananda

        and don't you find interesting that they so busy attacking bernie to the point they never actually mention their own policy or plan for presidency.

    55. Erik Cnating

      Trevor is misrepresenting Bernie as always. Sly little establishment ordered attacks. Bernie didn't bring up Castro, he was asked about him and then he went on to condemn him. Something Obama didn't do.

      1. First Last

        "What socialism means is democracy" - Bernie Sanders ... Is that an educated and sane statement ? ... .... and he wants to be taken seriously ... Think about that for a moment. How he can even think, to win with this kind of assertion? More than that he wants to bring socialism in USA. He hurts himself. Poor old man.

      2. dolphin supremacy

        seriously, Trevor expresses a lot of sympathy for Bernie Sanders.

    56. JustThaor

      Do not be fair, barak obama did a bad thing saying that, same with sanders. THE THING IS, sanders has spoken positively about fidel several time, along with other "socialists" like Chavez.... AND FYI, education and healthcare were improving BEFORE castro...

    57. Truth Matters

      Dem does not decide who we choose for the president. We want an intelligent president, not like one we have. we do not want a candidate who blindly follows Dem's policy of being anti-Cube, anti- Russia, anti-China.

    58. Danielle

      It's so frustrating because you know they don't actually believe those things they are saying about Bernie. It's all for show, but I guess that's politics. Bernie has been 100% for the people since his political career began.

      1. Omair Sheikh

        It boggles my mind how people can think Bernie isn't for the people, especially when you see the consistency in his message and intentions from such a young age.

    59. Jjay

      White privilage power point😂🤣

    60. Cort

      Russia and its trolls have a strange way of helping Bernie. They’re still trashing him in the comments section. Saying they’re helping Bernie is just another piece of misinformation.

    61. abdullah almohanna

      If I was bernie, I'd ask them why their bringing the worst examples of socialism, many Scandinavian countries are both socialist and democratic, they're going quite well

      1. ADHAiiN7

        He mentions Scandinavia in relation to his ideas and policies non-stop

      2. apo kos

        @Dalsy Mercado americans dont understand the difference between social democrat (like the Scandinavian examples) and democratic socialist. and they are not "very capitalist", if you compare them to other places, their walfare programs form a big part of their economy expenditure at the expense of tax cuts for the very rich, which is contrast to the american model. that is the basis of the social democratic economic model, as the thought is you strengthen the economy through the average standard of living instead of helping the employers.

      3. Dalsy Mercado

        They are also very capitalistic countries in case you were unaware.

      4. Dalsy Mercado

        I would suggest you inform youeself better about scandanavian countries. They are not socialist countries and even hate in when foreigners label them as socialists.

      5. apo kos

        @Brisoup1 i can hear the serfs in 14th century France saying the same about representative democracy. the US economy is large and perfectly able to support the same systems that work in every other developed western nation. the real issue is that the lawmakers are in the pocket of the military-industrial complex, pharma companies and billionaires.

    62. RainingMetal

      Noah's Bloomberg sounds like Skeletor.

    63. Florida Man Cooking

      THUMBS UP! If you are registered to vote, updated your voter info if you moved or are going to do it now! Commit to voting!

    64. Kiki Yene

      Trevor is a Bernie broooo and I love it, eeeeee(clapping and jumping up and down)

      1. Planet Trax

        Seth Meyers is way more into Bernie than Noah. And it is sad because Bernie's platform is the best from all other candidates. Noah is probably more on the side of the "establishment that has their jaws on the floor" after Bernie's rise.

      2. Henry Gustav

        Think I have seen him make fun of Bernie more than anything.

      3. Rey Kevin Garcia

        He's not. He actually cut the video saying "I think you're dumb..." and left out the part that said "I think you're dumb if you think your dumb. "

    65. MyDefendor Q

      I mean when it comes to dictators Cuba is not even on my list. I want Bernie to be tough on Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Bolsanaro, etc. Those monsters are a bigger worry than a little Cuba.

      1. MyDefendor Q

        @Salem SaberhagenI really appreciate your input, sincerely. I like discussing with others the topics that are multi-dimensional and complex and also require a lot of contexts. I understand the US made a huge mistake by believing Turkey and its ambitions for Syria. Which was the US supporting some real hard-core jihadist groups? I would blame Turkey for this as well since they were in control of all these groups and were very aware of their political/religious ideologies and their potential affiliations. But eventually, US realized that there are actual secular, moderate groups (SDF/The Kurds) in the war and needed its help to defeat ISIS, the US teamed-up with the decent people who together freed most of Syria from the jihadists. I can understand the distrust that people have for the US and I will not blame them, it is completely justified. However, I would want people to understand just because the US is your allies does not mean your fight is not a legit one. Sometimes, The US does what it is right after it tries everything else. So let us have prejudices against actions and not just names.

      2. Salem Saberhagen

        @MyDefendor Q I didn't say he wasn't authoritarian or a dictator but after what America did in Syria vs what Syrian and Russian allies did, popular opinion has switched to praise for both Putin and Assad. The war crimes committed by America in Syria far outweigh anything Assad did. I'm not blankly pro-authoritarian but Assad was defending against American backed terrorists that were formed and supplied by American forces and UK spies were also caught helping. It was all over EU news and even BBC has admitted it a few times. Credit where credit is due And crackdowns on morally repressive behavior. Assad was the lesser of two evils for the Syrian people. That's the facts.

      3. MyDefendor Q

        @Salem Saberhagen Of course, Russia should help a country in need if it can. That is just natural and descend. My concern is that your description of 'Assad love' sounds like anyone who doesn't like Assad is not Syrian. That would be false, since, Assad is a dictator who inherited his power from his father(It is called nepotism and it's quite common among dictators) and so far is directly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties during the war. Thus, very hated among many Syrians. Let's agree on the obvious facts before continuing this conversation.

      4. Salem Saberhagen

        @MyDefendor Q I go by facts not American propaganda. Russians supported civilians and refugees in Syria providing the majority of humanitarian relief there. This is fact. Denying it is denying reality.

      5. MyDefendor Q

        @Salem Saberhagen don't say by Syrians, man! Come on! You mean people who don't like him are not Syrians. Because there millions of Syrians who hates his guts!

    66. John Edwards

      The revolutionary politics of the 1960s gave us the civil rights movement. Come on Pete.

    67. Tharal Pius

      Feel the BERN

    68. Mauro Ariel Alegre

      Who is this wanna-be-black??? He is whiter than Snooki.

    69. Matias Pereyra

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> like the civil rights movement

      1. JLeighton

        Also the LGBTQ rights movement, with the Stonewall Riots, which took place in 1969

      2. Matias Pereyra

        @Muhammad Ahmed and to his credit, he probably was thinking #ShutUpPete

      3. Muhammad Ahmed

        Sad that bernie or Biden didn't point that out

      4. Happy ness

        Tworpish fool 😂

      5. Tworpish

        Pete Buttigieg is an absolute tool.

    70. Lars Borch

      Bernie is Darth Vader

    71. TheHua89

      Vote for Bernie Sanders America!!

    72. Just-sit&watch Pimp

      I’m left leaning but socialism in the most part (excluding healthcare and education) is a horrible idea in my opinion

      1. dolphin supremacy

        If it was not clear, I was arguing pro capitalism, but that we should change our attitude to it. Let us not treat it as a religion but be pragmatic about it .

      2. Just-sit&watch Pimp

        Austenhead yh I did more research on democratic socialism cos is not a term we really hear of if u don’t study politics and I quite like it there seems to be balance give the poor a chance and the rich can’t take advantage 👏🏾

      3. Austenhead

        @Just-sit&watch Pimp If you look at the out-of-control capitalism/corporatism in the US today, inhibiting meritocracy, competition and business is exactly what it's doing. Social democracy is the golden middle ground - welfare programs to level the playing field, regulations to keep big business in check, and free competition in the middle. Bernie has it almost exactly right.

      4. vatsalya

        @Just-sit&watch Pimp that's okay! Now you know ;)

      5. Just-sit&watch Pimp

        i can see both sides of the argument but "socialism" can inhibit meritocracy competition and business growth aswell as it can give an illusion of sustainability when actually in a state of deficit and decline. hiwever i do think that healthcare and education should be a right but not abused by the public or institutions.

    73. Zubair Motala

      Everything about the US is Hollywood, entertainment, jokes.

      1. S. S. Cookies

        It uh... it's a coping mechanism..

      2. TheHua89

        Bread and circuses

    74. Abc Def

      Bernie for President 2🤩2🤩

    75. Berruti

      Drag them Bernie. The people have been waiting for a straight talker. Go Bernie go!

      1. Brisoup1

        Bernie's a stright talker, but a crooked liar.

      2. Umberto Behounek

        Trump is the straight talker. LOL

    76. saxyrep1

      America is like a guy whose house is on fire but is afraid of a flood cause one neighbor's bringing some water to put it out. 🤦‍♂️

      1. Madhu Shruti Mukherjee

        @Andi People cross borders to America from Mexico because they have nowhere else to go. If they shared borders with Canada, they'd much rather go there. Not that Trudeau doesn't have any flaws, but he sure is a better President than Trump. It's not your country they despise- your country is great. But it's your President.

      2. Darthane

        @Andi "its one of the best there is " According to who? People working multiple jobs and living below the poverty line? People who don't dare go to the hospital when they're sick because they can't afford it? Oh, right, it's the deluded people who haven't noticed that with the US withdrawing from global trade/politics, the world is turning away from it.

      3. Andi

        how so? america is just fine. Sure its not perfect, who is? yet its one of the best there is why would so many people want to go to a 'burning house'? your illustration is ridiculous to begin with

      4. MrBitviper

        LOL nicely said

      5. Ian Lee

        saxyrep1 that‘s Australia, in fact

    77. Ichsuka

      Why and how Tf is Bloomberg still in this race.

      1. Goodbrew84

        The American education system that allows TV ads to influence people so strongly.

      2. Stoodmuffin Personal


      3. Scorpio Dynasty X

        Money makes the world go around

      4. I Do Monologues

        Money money money 💰 It's a rich man's world

    78. jakiiboi8

      So even when politicains speak up about racial injustice you want to complain about that too? Can someone please explain what black people want exactly because no matter what white people do black people don't seem to like it.

      1. jakiiboi8

        @clmBerserker I know who the guy is and I don't support him but that's not what I was talking about is it. And the fact that nobody can even attempt to explain what it is minority communities want when no matter what is suggested nothing is right. Keep in mind it wasn't just Bloomberg. It was all of them. Also Travor started the piece off by saying 7 white people discuss racial injustice and them laughs implying his not happy with any of them as he began to mock all of them. Travor is a open racist and nobody ever picks up on it.

      2. jakiiboi8

        @Bee Howell I have no doubt his is the best candidate left. I just don't get the other stuff

      3. clmBerserker

        ​@jakiiboi8 It isent about really what he said it is about the fact of what he actions he has taken, and lies he has spoken in the past. Its not a riddle dude. Readup on who he is and you either get it or you have social issues and should seek therapy or somthing.

      4. Bee Howell

        @jakiiboi8 Ask Bernie, he has it all figured out.

      5. jakiiboi8

        @vatsalya he said it was harder for a black person to achieve what he had because of racism. Please explain how that is out of touch? Surely out of touch would be to say they have same chance as him, no? So again please explain what white people are meant to do because it's easy to sit there and say everything is wrong but nobody ever says whats right. There is no winning.

    79. saxyrep1

      How divorced from reality do you have to be when you're Bloomberg and say sthg like : "My success would've been harder to achieve if I'd been black." SMFH

      1. saxyrep1

        @Karl Urbahn I could explain but if you're a us citizen and don't get why this is wrong on many levels, I'd be wasting my time...

      2. Karl Urbahn

        I'm not sure what's wrong what that statement. Isn't it true?

    80. Ak DaScholar

      Sad that all @Trevornoah does is fluff pieces with no critical or progressive analysis. Seth Meyers has the best political analysis of our all the late night talk show hosts.

      1. Erik Cnating

        @Tyler Hackner The least biased maybe but they still work for the establishment. For a non corporate take on the news, you need to watch the Hill, Secular Talk, Majority Report or Jimmy Dore.

      2. Rey Kevin Garcia

        So far from Jon stewart.

      3. Rey Kevin Garcia


      4. AheadoftheCurve

        *that is really funny how he left out Bernie wanting minorities to profit off the mmj companies, not large companies?...

      5. ToneyCrimson

        @BLT4LIFE Lfmao they do better job than mainstream "news". Which is really sad.