Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at some pundits and members of the Democratic establishment panicking after Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus in a landslide.
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    Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


    1. jonah hamilton

      If only these fucking dinosaurs could get past their post Cold War fear of the word “socialism”, they might realize that Bernie is the only person that has been actively fighting for the people his entire life. It takes real ignorance to think that the same moderates you’ve been electing for years are going to change anything for your benefit rather than for the benefit of their own corporate sponsors. Bernie is the only one who doesn’t let them pull his strings like a puppet in fear of losing support. That’s how you know he actually believes what he says.

    2. Acryte

      Did my man call a jump shot a lay-up?

    3. Darren Smith


    4. J Love

      I wish more would have covered the establishment trashing of Bernie like you did. Utterly shameful and irresponsible what CNN and MSNBC have done against our country and democracy. Thank you Seth for calling it out.

    5. gwen coco

      Booty cheeks.

    6. Unambiguously Vague

      Well this segment aged like warm mayonnaise...

    7. Jill Stover

      I vote Bernie he doesnt ride off no one else as Biden, idk but hes got my vote

    8. ANNA N

      If the establishment did not put their thumb on the scale

    9. Solaris P


    10. Stacy Smith

      This is more funny if you watch it 2 weeks later.

    11. itsthatginger1

      Well this is just fucking depressing to watch now.

    12. Sujata Sharma

      This was 2 weeks ago but by today he has been robbed off his democratic nomination; this is America robbing off itself of an accomplished- brighter future. He tried his level best to cater to the needs of people, put forth his policies and fought passionately- but in the end the main stream media and the democratic establishment played their crooked roles, indoctrinated people with fear of different kinds and stole from the most well deserved presidential candidate his so imminent nomination. So ironic that it is happening in These United States of America- can’t fathom this!😢😢😢

    13. Jack Torrance

      It's almost like those people knew what they were talking about!!!

      1. kopskey1

        "Pundit Math". Well it seems more accurate then Bernie math so...

    14. Slammin Sammy Jo

      You know if you think about it the true villain in the Joker was the media, maybe that's why all of those journalists were freaking out about it.

    15. closedmouth

      this one didn't age very well, huh

    16. makingadifference

      Isn't he supposed to be a comedian?

    17. Lei Shy CNN is owned by Time Warner. Time warner is a publicly traded corporation, (TWX), with revenues of close to $30 billion per year. Time warner is one of Hillary Clintons top ten lifetime contributors. Enough said! But who exactly owns Time Warner? This is where we enter the shell game of modern globalized capitalism. 89% of TWX shares (shares of stock) are "institutionally owned". This means that large financial houses like Vanguard, State Street, JP Morgan, and Black Rock Financial owns the majority of the stock. Well who owns these entities? This is where the shell game is. Black Rock is also 89% institutionally owned. Some of the largest holders are Vanguard, State Street, and JP Morgan. If you look into the ownership of the other entities, you will soon see they all own each other! Not only do they own each other, they own every corporation you can think of. Look into any major corporation and you will see they are owned by these four entities. Hiding behind these faceless entities are the people who really own and control our country, and the world for that matter. Now do you see why "Hillary Clinton won"?! Larry Fink is the founder of Black Rock. His firm manages a staggering $12 trillion in assets worldwide; that's more than the GDP of China! ($9 trillion in 2013) Called the "Wizard of Oz" by many in Washington and on Wall Street, he truly is the man behind the curtain. He was instrumental in brokering the deals for the 2008 bailouts. His firm took on $5 trillion in assets from the government after the Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers collapse. Ask yourself one question, who do you think Mr Fink wants to be president? Hint: NOT BERNIE SANDERS

    18. Snetmot Nosrorb

      Wow, I had no idea American media was _this_ biased, corporate and storytelling even on the less conservative side. These news reports are essentially hit pieces, deception and propaganda, blunt stances for the status quo and the 1% in the same style as Russian media. They seem to prefer Trump over Bernie. And some one should tell the old cult man that he already is in a cult.

    19. Di Mac

      Well, this aged well.

    20. Taco Taco

      Women fantasize about being raped - Bernie Sanders (super rich communist)


      The media can get over it, people want socialism.

    22. Kinga Dorosz

      F the pundits. All you have to do is just to force all the "moderates" to stop running before Super Tuesday apparently, and we have a senile front runner.

    23. Maria Connors

      Chuck Toad says what? Congressional Republicans have called Social Security radical socialism, communist, impossible or unsustainable since that law was first introduced while they get taxpayer provided pensions and health plans for life. Remember, "I won't cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security like every other Republican."- Don the Con Trump Trump's austerity budgets gut all 3 and public education after his tax scam looted the Treasury for multinationals, oligarchs and gifted the Trump dynasty an estimated billion. As a New York real estate mogul known as the Queen of Mean explained, "Only little people pay taxes." What more could we expect from a corrupt con man who opposes a legal livable wage, is infamous for not paying employees or taxes and told us, "That makes me smart"? An honorary degree from Trump University? Who hasn't seen the Don threaten whistleblowers, witnesses, "rats", "human scum" or civil war? Before the selfdisclosed serial predator endorsed alleged pedophile Judge Roy Moore (whose answer to the question, "When was America great?" was under slavery) the crime boss also told us, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any votes." Because it's better to be Fox than be targeted as an "enemy of the people"? Keep hope alive. Keep the struggle for public education, healthcare for all and democracy alive. Bernie Sanders 2020 "Call it democracy or call it democratic socialism there has to be a better distribution of wealth in this country for all god's children." - Martin Luther King who was also called a communist who hates America and was told to go back to Africa.

    24. Jemma Tenenbaum

      The amount that changes in a week...

    25. Peksim Lutor

      It looks like all the assholes joined together to stop this amazing man, is there any justice in the US?

    26. G Ing

      We joked, and then they did actually combine into the Biden machine

    27. N C

      Does Chris Matthews have a bet to see if he can get one of the other anchors to reflex-respond with , "Ok, boomer"?

    28. Scythe Seven

      This has become extremely painful to watch after Super Tuesday.

      1. Snetmot Nosrorb


    29. wayne johnson

      Bernie sanders has been around for ages he is as honest as the day is long we should start listening to him

    30. Stranger Danger

      Glad that Chris Matthews will be sharing all his thoughts in private from here on out.

    31. Stranger Danger

      The media pundits, special interests, and democratic establishment are sure doing their best to take Bernie down.

      1. kopskey1

        Yeah how dare voters turn out!. We should only have people who like Sanders vote. FuCkInG eStAbLiShMeNt

    32. The Scoop!

      People need to know the shocking reason why in 1987 Biden withdrew from the presidential primaries in total disgrace. Please share.

    33. joão brito

      Sadly there is too much crazy people in the USA who think Bernie is more a commie than Stalin or Castro

    34. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

      Another crazed communist. He honeymooned in Moscow.

    35. ryarod

      Whether Bernie is given his dues, or whether the DNC returns to its crookedness, he's started something that will gain momentum going forward.

      1. kopskey1

        I wouldn't call 30% across the board "momentum"

    36. Robert Conville Jr

      What happens to the Constitution if Bernie the Communist is elected President! God help us !!

    37. Yixe

      this aged well...

    38. Larvemannenz001

      "All you have to do is to combine them genetically into Klobubuttdenbidechar." No, their sum total is significant because when one of the moderate candidate inevitably drops out down the line, their votes will probably overwhemingly turn to Biden.

    39. Randy Barr

      I cancelled my cable six and a half years ago. Why pay for my own brainwashing?

    40. b0ricko

      Wearing a USMC Hoodie claiming "I'm scared to death". Just get losz , Mazafaqa

    41. b0ricko

      The democratic establishment will give the nomination to Biden, and with this hand the presidency to trump. AFUCKINGGAIN. Just 2016

    42. Jim Garman

      Funny how Bernie talked about millionaires until he became one

    43. Aaron

      This aged well.

    44. not2be

      Let's assume that Bernie is a wonderful, kind, human being that intends only the best for everyone. If we all vote to give Bernie the presidency (and the government he would appoint), he would line the government's coffers with lots and lots of fresh tax money, to be dispensed to the needy, et al. This would make the government even more powerful than it is now. But who's to say the person who occupies the White House AFTER Bernie is going to be as kind and compassionate with all the power that more tax money brings? What if they weren't? What if they were more like Stalin or Pol Pot? Would you want either of those people to be in charge of the biggest and most powerful bureaucracy on earth? I wouldn't. I'll never vote for a Socialist, no matter how kind, smart, or well-intentioned, because the next one may not be so kind, and those who have not forgotten their history know how that ends.

    45. CCW Noob

      Make America Really Xtra Ideologically Socialist Today! Why don't they wear hats and tshirts with this - just abbreviate it.

    46. m ED

      Seth you are the establishment...

    47. squirreljester2

      Chris Matthews "the reds" Me "wow"

    48. Destroyer Inazuma

      No one can tell with a 100% certainty where the wind will blow 2/3rd of the delegates haven't spoken yet. If anyone here supports Biden, more power to you but don't claim it's a done deal and if you care about democracy encourage people to vote regardless of who they vote for. Same goes for Sanders supporters and Gabbard supporters. The latter can still get at least half a dozen more votes imho, and that actually can be a tie-breaker.

    49. Monstache

      The Klobubidubuduchar incidentally, is now what the DNC got. Because Biden can't remember who Joe's husband is, nor who's his wife and who's his sister, which makes me doubt he really knows his own name anymore. I mean, the DNC switched it up on Biden so who's to say he won't confuse his own campaign with Buttigeig or Klobuchar after they endorsed him?

    50. Steven Wilusz

      This is honestly the most unbiased coverage I’ve ever seen on bernie by anyone on any cable network this entire cycle. I’m watching Seth from now on. #bernie2020

    51. Malik Phillips

      And the pendulum swings. We will see how this goes.

    52. MrSnowman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> This is really puzzling. That chrome notification seems to be captured. It's not them running their graphics in chrome entirely. That's so sloppy. Nobody spent any time looking at that. I could have photo-edited that out in paint in 5 seconds.

    53. drttyu liqm

      He is a centrist for most of the developped world outside out the US..

    54. Neon Sashimi Dream

      Unfortunately, this video didn't age well...

      1. Jimmy Logan

        So true😂😂😂

    55. Tucker Randle

      Boy does he look like an idiot now

      1. Jimmy Logan

        He does.... So much

    56. House Liska

      I think the Pundits might be right. If there hadn't been 20 damn candidates, we might have had a shot at this. Hahaha! Who am I kidding. We never had any shot at all. Also, on those polls, did they have a question like: "I'm voting blue because I have to?" Do you think there might be some resentment about that?

      1. House Liska

        @drttyu liqm Are you trying to sound like a robot? Or a broken record? What seems to have happened was that Bernie's initial swell died off when people realized there'd be real consequences for them... for us all... if he ran but didn't win. I don't call that real support.

      2. House Liska

        @drttyu liqm I see. Well, I am trying to move on. I still hold a grudge against Ralph Nader, though (but I wouldn't buy a Corvair any more than I'd vote Republican at this point.)

      3. drttyu liqm

        Bernie is the people’s voice and the people’s choice!!! And the ONLY one who can beat Trump!!! Shame on the Democrats for rigging the election again against Bernie for Hil

    57. Sandra Becht

      Trump 2020 - live with it, haters

    58. avatardecadewho

      I mean the media made Trump palatable by giving him airtime. They're essentially doing the same thing with Bernie but intentionally smearing him. I wonder how it will work out for them.

    59. Gary Carone

      Dam! Democrats really really really want to re-elect trump. The arrogance is astounding! Ef em #BernieSanders2020 #feelthebern #Bidenisthenewhillary #Screwestablishmentdemocrats

      1. Gary Carone


    60. Brad M

      I have my own view of Socialism, but they aren't at all accurate...they are actually views on authoritarianism, which of course I confuse with Socialism because I am an idiot.

    61. Strength Shop 509

      Trump 2020

    62. Anthony Estxx

      They literally found the way to combine them into one candidate lol

    63. ES

      You are the best thing on late night!

    64. Nik Naython

      Hmm, someone's a Bernie supporter

    65. Phil Thayer

      Anybody with a job hates Bernie....lunatic old commie fart.

    66. Fanofstuff

      this did not age well LOL

    67. serdy ximi

      So... they are literally doing to "combined the votes of the centrists" now with Pete & Amy dropping out then endorsed Biden. 😬

    68. Juanito G

      The irony for me as a brit is that we got the exact same narrative here in UK surrounding brexit "If you combine the remain partiea labour, lib dems, greens, they actually got more than the brexit parties" 🤦‍♂️ not how it works

    69. Turtle Hurdle

      Bernie actually cares about the average citizen and I think it goes to show when he won Vermont, the state he represents. It wont be easy, but its relieving to know we have a leader that will do his best to look out for people who arent in the upper tax brackets. To call him a communist is ignorant to his whole message and movement. If people cant see past his Democratic Socialist ideas, then Donald Trump will win again. Bidens a fuckin NPC and will not win 2020, guarenteed. I think its worth trying out the government styles of the Nordic countries. Maybe our nations mental state will improve if we do.

      1. serdy ximi

        This is one of the few 'A Closer Look' segments that didn't age well. I loathe cable news-especially Chuck Todd- but they were right.

    70. Walter Vas

    71. Daniel Hughes

      The 'Powers who run the Show' will never let Sanders take the reigns and threaten their positions and wealth. Could you imagine someone talking about sharing the wealth more fairly being allowed to climb too high? They took out the Kennedy brothers, King and probably more others than we will ever know ....but fingers crossed.

    72. Mahjabin Afsar

      Bernie is the people’s voice and the people’s choice!!! And the ONLY one who can beat Trump!!! Shame on the Democrats for rigging the election again against Bernie for Hilary and now Biden. Shame on the mainstream media for supporting them!!! We can see clearly that Biden is the corporate, and mainstream media choice!! Not the people’s choice!!!

    73. Jumanji's Dad

      I believe Biden has the best chance of defeating Trump.

    74. Lisa Damiano

      James Carville looks like Golum from Lord of the Rings... haha

    75. Cameron Gilmour

      This didn’t age well did it seth

    76. Cameron Gilmour

      Little Seth knew it would work

    77. blood incantation

      Chris Matthews: I would have been one executed. We can only hope.

    78. Arc Dawn

      Damn I can't believe they really just used polymerization

    79. Saad Shah

      Each and everything that he criticized the “pundits” for, came out to be right lol. The moment Amy and Buttigeg dropped out, Biden is winning and Bernie’s show is over.

    80. Kevin Carter

      You were right about the Chris Mathew's part. He made that comment relating Bernie Sanders rise like the Nazis invading France and Mr. Mathews was promptly shown the exit. 'Bout time. Rush Limbaugh's next.