Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire primary win and Trump bullying the Justice Department into going easy on one of his convicted henchmen.
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    Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. George McCartney

      I'm surprised Trump made a few jumps before disintegrating there, I expecting it to happen upon attempting just the first jump alone

    2. Bud Tommy

      Feel the burn ...Trump is at 49% in the polls and can easily win the Electoral College. Plus Trump always polls 5% less which means he is at 54% now. Bernie will never flip a red state and is behind in the mid west. So please run Bernie an be prepared to lose like in 2016

    3. Brad Dowling

      glad to see bernie also rocks the SVT

    4. Robert Gadziola

      Trump is hitler

    5. Sarah Pedro


    6. Suh

      Thank you for giving Bernie the positive media time he deserves.

    7. Vincent H.

      Thank god Bernie is the front runner, I feel so much more confident that Trump will wipe the floor.

    8. Tammy Taylor

      Bernie forgot germ-a-phobe

    9. Tommie Smith

      yes Randi

    10. Auntie Jane

      Feel the BEEEEEEEEERN

    11. Michael Ricks-Aherne

      I'm voting Blue no matter who and you should too!

    12. Lisa Parnell

      Sanders has learned to speak better.

    13. Christine Ebadi

      BERNIE is off the charts 💓🙌🏻💓🙌🏻

    14. Super Luminal Probability Cloud

      Eff the establishment. Should've been Yang. You dummies

    15. Karen Woolley

      7:25 Trump:"We know how to win." Lackey: Lie to congress and tamper with witnesses Trump: "It's called playing hard ball" Lackey: Goes to court Trump: "Pardon!" Ya, that's corrupt illegal BS, not winning or playing hard ball. But this giant cheeto pos loves him some dictators and hates long term allies.

    16. Barbara Meadows

      I had to go full blown psycho when a chumper told me Hillary hired henchman who messed up Iowa. Are you kidding me ...!!!

    17. M. Karbaschi

      They stole Iowa from Sanders

    18. h h


    19. John Doe

      Trump being president has given me such a headache(s), when he dies, it will be one of the greatest moments in history.

    20. Luke Visinoni

      Seth's Trump character/caricature is hands down my favorite lol. I have this like complete picture of this person in my mind thanks to Seth and it's hilarious. Which is good because were it not for him I'd just be depressed

    21. Luke Visinoni

      "I have the absolute delusion"

    22. Joycetta Butler

      Bernie Sanders, burned Donald Trump, slam the Mic Bernie, you said that....well.

    23. Brandy R

      When I watch Bernie speak, I remember how much I actually like him. It's his follows on twitter I hate.

    24. Cranbrook Sucks

      Runs ampeg...sweet.

    25. Saddest News

      Trump hid information presented to him by US intelligence agencies regarding Russian interference in US 2016 election by immediately ordering that information be placed in the same server as his call with the Ukraine president! ALL ROADS LEAD TO RUSSIA! PUTIN IS ex KGB AND FOR THE PAST 70 years his government, be it Soviet or current Russian government has been studying the US. Now with social media and the internet and Over 400 Russians the flooded social media in favor of Trump because PUTIN hated Hillary!

    26. Elbar Jones

      Benedict Orangeade - our Dear Leader has the Absolute Reich to dictate to the American People. The Absolute Reich has formed, with the abdication of all Constitutional and moral duties by the Trumpubelickan Senate. Also has the Absolute Reich to tamper with the DOJ - Barr is absolutely wrong, but he prefers The Reich.

    27. DrMossydog


    28. Zafras Frozen

      The impeachment trial did teach Trump something, before he just used to do whatever he wanted but tried to hide it a bit, now if you try to tell him that one of his actions is illegal he will just tell you he has the absolute right to do so because he's president and in his book the president is the law.

      1. aola wili Too funny 😂

    29. Joe Blow

      Absoluutely Dunking Donald in the nearest Donald Dump

      1. Joe Blow

        @aola wili So what? I have no obligation to anybody. "Article 2"

      2. aola wili

        So who is the witch to have a witch hunt.i think maybe you should look at yourself for it

    30. marcia fierro

      Forget about who framed Roger Rabbit, who will JAIL Roger Stone! and how many years does he get to enjoy being there! humm

    31. Amyv Wilson

      Insult comic Burnie fucking rocks!!!! #1BURNIE

    32. john jones

      Comment section is funny... I hope you keep the laughs going in November with your socialist darling Bernie lol

    33. The Gypsy King

      We get it! We ALL get it! The Government-approved opinion is to be anti-trump. We will all conform! For the love of all things good- PLEASE stop all late night talk shows from making the exact same shows!!!! We’re sorry for whatever we did, make it stop!

    34. ArmyOfAll

      Actually the note carved into the barn will read "Bernie won Iowa"

    35. gary clark

      continued criminal acts by the criminal republican party.

    36. The Bajeezus

      Seth is seemingly the only Liberal establishment figure willing to be consistently fair to Bernie and I think he deserves credit for the integrity.

    37. Chris Tams

      Absolute right to tell the Justice Department what to do...No, you F!@# don't! That is the very reason why we have three separate branches of the government: something call check-and-balance! LOL!

      1. Elbar Jones

        You mean we Had - before the dawning of the Absolute Reich! No one in the GOP is calling him what he is - Bernie is telling truth to the morally bankrupt Trumpubelickkkans! We don't want Dumpty's stinking Absolute Reich. He is a wanna be tyrant at best.

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    39. Kent L McConnell

      How is Bernie the clear front runner when Mayor Pete is winning over all?

    40. M AN

      Trump Hotels and large corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc. get corporate welfare Trillions in taxpayer money and PAY NO FEDERAL TAXES!!

    41. RiotKurhein

      Anyone that sees Trump as a good person in any capacity is morally bankrupt and delusional.

    42. Mark Rayes

      ...Bernie... you want to win easily... stop saying you will ban Ars....then you will get votes from Neutral Republican voters...

    43. neejoy sola

      "....and those are his NICE qualities" MIIIIC drop🎤🎤🎤⬇️

    44. Joy Smith

      So who is the witch to have a witch hunt.i think maybe you should look at yourself for it

    45. Paola Cajares Living in PA Review Too funny 😂

    46. Rick Hale

      Goddamn, Bernie brought it.

      1. neejoy sola

        bits of media?

    47. BMW E46 ///M

      Feel the Bern!

    48. FJ

      Funny how trump never denies he's pathological liar even though it's been said many times. Not ONE denial.

    49. [][]

      damn! bernie can ROAST!

    50. Edwina Gray

      So... that perfect call to get Biden was all for naught since Bernie is now the frontrunner. Looks like he shot his wad too fast, again.

    51. xoobo vola

      cautious. Republicans have lost their souls. If Americans allow this charade to continue beyond November's elections; members of the free-World must take note.

    52. Robert Smith

      So, by Trump's logic, the incoming Democratic president has the absolute right to investigate Donald Trump's corruption and ensure that he receives the maximum penalty for the crimes he has committed? I guess he'll be totally cool with that.

    53. Farheen Hussain

      Finally someone giving Bernie the coverage he deserves! Seth is a cool guy #bernie2020

    54. Georgia L

      Ya BERNT 😄

      1. xoobo vola

        Why does trump always have a bunch of ramon ass people standing behind him.

    55. silverpurkat

      Drop the mic! You got Bernt! 🎤

    56. calicoD

      Ya Bernt XD

    57. CDNUSER

      Best explanation of how dangerous trump is being with the justice department

      1. Elbar Jones

        Or you could open your eyes and use your brain - before the Absolute Reich becomes reality. VOTE!!!

    58. D. T.

      DAAAAMN BERNIE!!!!!!!!!! He made a genuine full ass rip to Trump!

    59. Eastman Webb

      November. It’s coming. Be ready.

    60. aola wili

      BERNIE SANDERS, the only way forward for the US.