Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Biden Fades and Klobuchar Surges | The Daily Show

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    Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have big nights in New Hampshire, and Amy Klobuchar surges while Joe Biden fades. #TheDailyShow

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    1. jawadad802


    2. Eric Wehner

      Well Trevor Noah you used to be a good comedian, but now you’re a good comedian and political hack.

    3. Moiraley86

      can't stop laughing cuz "Klo" is a german word for toilet... :)

    4. Dirk Plankchest

      Coming in third shouldn't be the big story.

    5. henri__ goes places

      Even more accidently funny as Klo means toilette in German.

    6. Ktgr4

      SOCIALISM AND CAPITALISM CAN COEXIST!! Just like us LoL. It’s a social democracy like we’re suppose to have anyway! For the people, of the people. Remember when that was a thing? Please do not let their reefer madness type propaganda against the word Socialism scare you into staying oppressed!! It’s ludicrous and time we evolve as a nation like the rest of the free world!!💙✊🌎

    7. Another Agnostic

      Bernie wins both states and all Trevor talks about is the Losers.

    8. Charlotte Innoecent

      Bernie is the winner! Bernie will BE our Democratic nominee! Bernie 2020! He is the one who CAN BEAT TRUMP! He will DO it!

    9. D W

      Lookit these goofy faces this African makes... It's like watching an African shine your left shoe while extorting money to do the right one... then stealing your watch....

    10. Barry Nichols

      Buttigieg and Klobochar are already dead in the water. They are polling 4% and 0% with black voters. Going forward they have nothing.

    11. AppleE S

      berniesanders . com voteforbernie . org

    12. Jedidiah oyeyemi

      Pete Buttigieg built that shitty app

    13. Strawhat 845

      It's crazy how Bernie won but in this segment they barely talked about him this is just ridiculous mainstream media and Trevor is part of it. This show act like is all woke and all hip but it's really not

    14. issaciams

      Damn was Trevor being charged everytime he said Bernie? Why else did he try so hard not to talk about him? He makes it seem like Klobuchar won. Pathetic.

    15. David Guerrero

      Third place is the new first? What the fuck is he talking about?

    16. Patrick Buzzini

      I'm so glad the entire comment section is just roasting them for pretending that 3rd place was like some huge victory for her

    17. Bobby Girl

      While biden takes a private jet, Bernie Sanders takes coach on a commercial flight

    18. bob

      Amy, "big winner" 🙄

    19. Lotta

      It's rigging to give more delegates to Pete the cheat! Demand democracy and international supervision!

    20. James Asper

      #Bernie2020 #MedicareForAll

    21. Trip Squad Org.

      Not u too Trevor... Smh... Bernie won, but all the media is about eho won 3rd... Seriously? Is it not obvious how bias mainstream media is... How blatantly they trying to steal bernie news coverage AGAIN?!? its getting hard to tell the difference between the Daily Show and MSNBC

    22. hitesh joshi


    23. Danae McCoy

      Really every newscaster came up with the same nickname on there own?

    24. zztop3000

      Klobuchar and Warren are so cringe, thank god Warren hasn't won anything.

    25. Lifeisoverated

      Mayo Pete and Establishment Amy don't stand a chance at beating president dumb-dumb. But Bernie can and will. #BERNIE2020 #BERNIEORBUST

    26. Karen Smith

      C'mon people stop voting for buttigige. I'm gay and I'm voting for Bernie. He's got his shot together.

    27. nollid_watov

      lmao this is BULLSHIT

    28. BP BP

      It sounds so gross when they say it.

    29. Brigadierprick

      I miss #johnstewart #bringjohnback

      1. Brigadierprick


    30. Saiyed Rayhan

      Bernie 2020👍👍

    31. Rashonda 959

      Bernie aint getting black votes bc he steals tax dollars for white Israel but ignores reparations for American Holocaust victims and survivors right here. What a hypocrite

      1. nollid_watov


    32. George Washington

      Really? Hyping up a 3rd place, Klobachar. C'mon

    33. brave heart valiente

      Bernie is the men✌👍👍👍👍 just look the disgusting tax how works for rich example Amazon 2018 not paid tax after make 11 thousands millions he better get 129 millions in devolution... 2019 after make 13 thousands millions Amazon just paid in tax 169 millions so some one tell me thia system is working for all americans?????

    34. marquis international

      Trevor is obviously anti Bernie.

    35. Blake Wade

      Ber-nie! Ber-nie! Ber-nie! 🙌🙌🙌

    36. greenlaw

      Jajaja Trevor just won a negative vote

    37. Jessica Massie

      I'm a while Midwesterner who has also been known to say - why the bleep ARE there raisins in everything. Yuck

    38. Etham

      Yes 3rd place is what counts, not first!!

    39. Farheen Hussain

      Bernie wins the first two primaries and mainstream media still talking about anyone but him

    40. Aru K

      Anyone here rooting for Pete Buttigieg?

    41. Maz Katouz

      Seriously!! U guys won’t stop at anything to downplay Bernie’s win? Shame on u all. I really didn’t think Trevor is just as low as the rest of them.

    42. Kuala Rompin Bandar Blackout

      Trevor should research Klobucher more. She was a terrible DA, using other people deaths for political gain.

    43. Shaka Girvan

      How dare u act Somebody else needs to celebrated other then the actual winner , wtf is wrong with u people

    44. Cora Kessler

      vote Bernie! 💪💪💪

    45. Platonic Zeitgeist

      Oh, just took literally one second to look up that Bloomberg is 78... weird, oh and he has a coronary stent too! Huh, wonder why no one in the media is questioning his survivability should he be elected. Oh right cause he owns them. I forgot that the answer is always money.

    46. TAK Ism.

      they don't care if Trump wins,they just want Bernie to lose.

    47. LyfeAsNina

      Can’t wait to come to your show😁

    48. Kyle A.

      Maybe 20 seconds of this was dedicated to the person who won the race. Because its bernie, and its biased


      Bernie is the best candidate. Just accept it.

    50. dentroy 7

      How the fck do you win states but still lose fckn stupid

    51. Marena Jose

      Trevor, the winner, Amy?

    52. Michelle Bonardo

      Do not allow media puppets to manipulate you! Bernie is the only candidate winning nationally, the only candidate to beat trump nationally, and has the most support from working class citizens. No matter how much the media may try to erase his accomplishments, they can not erase the movement taking place. #Bernie2020

    53. Amazinc

      only bernie can beat trump. oof.

    54. Apryl M

      Trevor, what the fuck. Why are you talking about everyone except Bernie?

    55. George Craig

      The first sentence of this video should have pointed out that Buttigieg paid the people who built that ****** app $42,500 on July 23, 2019, when they began the project. Two It's right there on the Federal Election Commission website under disbursements. The DNC kicked in another $63k.

    56. Gwen Huynh

      Those voting machines were hacked against Bernie!! We need election integrity!!!

    57. umer ahamed

      I think Trump and wall has some wavelength between him & the wall For the trumps visit to india Mr.Modi(prime - minister ) is building wall in gujarat state along the road to hide the poor people where trump plans to go So trump cannot see the house and slums on road What a great wall lover I think i may name him The wall-les leee

    58. M V-H

      Oh Trevor keep doing what your corporate bosses and as you call them "billionaire friends" tell you to do. If they say jump you will say how high.

    59. Gonzalo Flores

      this trevor boy completely disappointed me, it is obvious that he is operating politically for the democratic establishment, downplaying bernie's victory

    60. m0sys

      So 3rd place gets 5 TIMES the airtime the actual WINNER does .... lol