Beyoncé - I'm Coming Out Live in Tokyo


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    Beyoncé - I'm Comming Out Live at the AOL concert in Tokyo


    1. Kentron Washington

      Bitch u not no Ross trash

    2. missGuidedme

      god I wish she did a full cover, she sounds AMAZING.

    3. Yass Btch

      I miss Beyonce being on stage 😢💕

    4. Soft Woman

      I love 🐝 but Diana Ross is better vocally with this song.

    5. Dewayne Campbell

      Queen 🐝🐝🐝🐝

    6. CategoryIsBlack

      My QUEEN yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eva ... thank u for all Beyoncé !

    7. Nehemias G.A

      I want this Beyoncé back 😭

      1. pat ward

        Shut the fuck up

    8. Captain Howdy

      I can’t believe jay z gets to fuck her

    9. La Boutique RP

      Adorei, alguém tem o vídeo completo?

    10. Tyiana Sedan

      Beyoncé will go down in the same legendary status as Diana, Whitney, Tina......absolutely she is the powerhouse of this generation.

    11. Latisha Is Ga Peach Sweet

      Diana Ross will forever be The Boss!!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    12. BossBJ&Ryan Boss

      Omg Beyonce is Soooo Tona Turner! What a performer she is!


      i love it

    14. AB CDE

      I love Beyonce but I think this song didn’t really fit her voice

    15. JosAnto Cuevas

      veo que el tamaño de la microfalda es directamente proporcional a la capacidad vocal: ambos microscópicos, infames.

    16. Ummi of Three

      Still here in 2018 lol

    17. Jonathan Goldsberry jr

      This is so amazing great to celebrate diana ross.

    18. ali hassan

      She is copying Tina except Diana in the center of video😂

    19. CategoryIsBlack

      a QUEEN paying a stunning tribute from another QUEEN ... may god bless you all !

    20. babyboi laeyar

      Now Beyonce screaming 'I'm coming' that sounds an awful lot like something else!

    21. Oliver

      I love Beyoncés Diana reference and tribute, but It's not my favourite one by her. I don't think she captures the essence quite as well as Mrs. Ross. Also someone in the band is off pitch 💀

      1. hobo 13

        Oliver yeah, but I don't think this was meant to be a formal, big tribute like the ones she did for Barbra or Stevie wonder

    22. G -DRAGON

      *Wow her voice is just amazing* 💕 *such queen* 💖

    23. Zomadee

      Please, stop comparing. Beyonce is Dianna Ross of now.

    24. Takana Siju

      I don't hate her but she is a cruise singer. Legs and covers!

    25. Joy Mechell

      😍😍😍😍😍 love it when bey does covers . She never disappoints

    26. Free Dolphin

      Nice to see her pay tribute to Diana,but it's not the same...Diana Ross is much much more dynamic!

    27. Skylar Kelly

      Stop please

    28. Bad Teacher 01

      Hahaha you fans comparing the two are just retarded

    29. Punkanelly Lovejoy

      Beyonce's voice is stronger than Diana Ross' but to her credit, Diana Ross has a much more attractive voice than Beyonce's... I don't care much for the sound of Beyonce's voice. Some voices sound nice, some sound cute, some sound sweet, some sound beautiful, some sound strong. And some voices have all of those qualities, but to me Beyonce's voice only sounds strong, and that's not enough to make me a fan of hers. However she does have some lovely songs

    30. Jada Cole

      Beyonce can sing any song, her vocals are on point

    31. Loveth Willock

      Must she sing everything.


      No pasa nada con Beyoncé 👎

    33. Poppy Pie

      This song was playing in the car when my mum was in labour with me 😂🙈❤️

    34. thomas laurent

      Gosh that band is tight !

    35. rogerh2os


    36. zosesayle zosesayle

      I hate this versión..

    37. Junior Dantas

      Queen B 👑❤

    38. Tavi T

    39. Christopher C

      I don't know what they want from me...

    40. sex seeker

      Sounds like crap compared to the original.

    41. Renard Lacroix

      Diana sings, Beyonce screams...

    42. misspretty301

      Way better than Ashanti lol


        4 real

    43. Leo Simmes

      thanks to Bernard & Nile !!!

    44. Mj4 lifeXoX

      amazing. I love diana. Bey is the young addition to diana now one will replace diana tho

    45. ryu hudson

      That's one fine ass woman

    46. AttackSia Lia

      So did she cum? Do we know?

    47. T Molina

      This is shit!!! Diana Ross is the truly queen!

      1. butterflyszn

        Enri Molina Beyoncé did the song better

    48. MspBoy Dudeboy85343

      Beyonce can hit high notes woah even tho it's not her song!!

    49. Reauna Sims

      So glad I was born during the BEYONCÉ ERA. She has so much talent, she's like the BEST!!!!!


        4 real

    50. abbes saadallah

      Sasha her demon'take possesion of Beyoncé', she used to perform like that' without Sasha she would suck at singing and dancing, now she has sould her soul she kills every performance' shes not like b4

    51. Jluyoungzone

      Are my eyes deceiving me or is Beyonce's left nipple showing for most of the performance?

      1. Jluyoungzone

        Looking at it again, I think it might just be the fluff from her dress although she does noticeably readjust it about 2 mins in

    52. OctoberLibra1

      This is when that bitch thought she was Diana Ross. First she thought she was Tina Turner, Then Michael Jackson and everyone in the industry. She's so fuckin fake, overrated. Clopping across the stage looking like a drag queen at a gay club...and her over singing is atrocious.

      1. Di'Lon Tariq

        lol you must be shook

      2. nononono

        OctoberLibra1 pass away

      3. Corrine Fonte

        Why are you so pressed

    53. whatigot2say

      Such a beautiful girl, but too much over singing... sometimes less is more.

      1. butterflyszn

        OctoberLibra1 well, someone's a little angry

      2. OctoberLibra1

        Go away fleaHIV......beYAWNce always over sings with all those damn runs and riffs just fucks a song up. Even on her own songs she over sings them to the verge of annoyance. I have never liked the bitch, and really think she is way overrated by her FLEAhiv, but she could be chomping on a doo-doo turd while singing and sounding shitty and the FLEAhiv will say she was singing excellently.

      3. OctoberLibra1

        She has always over sang. She tries too hard and when a bitch comes on stage and has to tell the audience they are too quiet, then that means she`s not owning the stage. Ms. Ross commands the stage, even now, Ms. Ross can walk out on that stage in her flowing gowns and big hair and work that audience. beYAWNce is forced and contrived. What she does is calculated and staged.

      4. msceddi chika

        i didnt say louder. beyonce has an abilty that very few have. she is a power house and cool breeze vocally and this performance showed neither she wasnt even trying and it still paid homage to miss ross. and please dont compare bey to diana just because she is paying tribute to diana doesnt mean she has to give what diana gives. because beyonce could never be diana and diana could never be beyonce.

      5. whatigot2say

        @msceddi chika louder doesn't mean better except for people who can appreciate one style of music.

    54. maurice CARTER

      Was the audience depress or something? No intensity from the audience. A loud audience is what moves the singer!!

      1. Jan

        It's a Japanese thing

      2. OctoberLibra1

        The bitch is boring....and the audience would enthusiastic if the so-called singer was entertaining enough.

    55. Youre Fav

      Why are you guys comparing? Beyoncé is no way shape or form in competition with Miss Ross Diana was actually one of the people who inspired her

      1. Quentyn Cole

        @OctoberLibra1 you're an idiot. DIANA herself said that Beyoncé was one of the few artists of today that'd have longevity. Mind your business.

      2. Rosário de Almeida

        Youre Fav Stfu Diana was NEVER a great vocalist.

      3. Youre Fav

        Ummm well okay have fun

      4. OctoberLibra1

        No, beYAWNce is not inspired, the bitch COPIES....that's what she does. She is no way shape form or fashion taken any inspiration from Ms. Ross.

    56. Christopher Jones


      1. OctoberLibra1

        i hate that bitch too, not just for fuckin' up Diana's song, but just because that bitch is FAKE.

    57. D MM

      It all seems too choreographed, no soul or personality.

      1. LoveStories VEVO


    58. Jelena

      Wow the crowd is soooo quiet... Or is that just me?

      1. Anthony Winn

        Jelena no bcuz her generation want her to sing her songs not ppl they haven't heard from

      2. PetroleumJellay

        OctoberLibra1 Oh really? Because at the Grammys in 2015 it was just her voice with a mic and she got an AMAZING response from the audience. And at the Grammys in 2007 it was just her in stage and she still stole the show. Just face it, you're a bitter hater.

      3. OctoberLibra1

        That's because the bitch is boring...Remember this was a while ago, she didn`t have 300 backup dancers popping their pussies and shaking their asses to get the crowd going....Notice Wigonce ain't popping her ass and pussy either, just clopping back and forth looking like a drag queen in a cabaret. Also take into account, beYAWNce without dancers, and all the lights, bells and whistles is a snooze fest....the bitch needs all of those things mentioned for people to enjoy her.....THAT'S WHY THEY ARE QUIET....

      4. 88888888anonymous

        its in japan that's how the crowds are they like to actually hear the performers and enjoy the vocals without the person next to them ruining it with their impromptu tone deaf karaoke hahah

    59. JesusisLove 30

      She really fit this song well.

    60. Cindy Leila Makenzy Zahee

      woaaaaah she performs so much good i love that b still the one in 2016 with lemonade her new album like this

    61. Angel Powell

      she should have recorded this

      1. Jonatan Bandeira

        Amerie recorded this w/ video

    62. Alicia Perez

      They are the best of the best Diana and Beyonce Bless for both

    63. Thais flavia

      linda diva rainha

    64. NeoSoul91

      Diana was definitely in Formation. Diana has stated that Beyonce will be one of the few artists to have longevity in the Business. Diana's words. Tina Turner has also said the same thing. Patti. Whitney. Donna Summer. Aretha. They all showed love to Her. Y'all can stop Hating.

      1. Bruno Alves

        Don't forget Janet and Mariah.

      2. Takana Siju

        She is just a comercial poduct! A coverer!

      3. Ive Mc Fallen

        maddie mail same though

      4. Ive Mc Fallen

        maddie mail But I don't hold it against Beyoncé for not singing it live. The climax of the song would give even Mariah Carey a heart attack too.

      5. Ive Mc Fallen

        maddie mail Oh I just heard them. Suga Mama's my favourite song from b'day.

    65. Andreia India


    66. Celeta Smith

      There's only one BOSS, and that's Ms Ross.

      1. Alex Cockell

        .. and that backing band can ony hope to be a pale copy of CHIC.

    67. Seynabou Kouyate

      no make your own songs.

      1. hobo 13

        As if she hasn't had 5+ albums and many #1s from them

      2. butterflyszn

        it's a cover...

    68. PetroleumJellay

      Y'all are delusional. If Diana Ross was up there singing next to Beyoncé, Diana would be inaudible. Beyoncé's vocals slay Diana any day.

      1. Denis Wilson


      2. Aaron Bynum

        Diana is the curator she influenced Whitney and Mariah and Beyonce her voice transcends Beyonce

      3. get a life !!!

        If diana was with her, i bet beyonce won't overpower her. That's respect for a queen ahead of her. Bruh

      4. Anthony Winn

        PetroleumJellay comparing is a terrible thing and this is why artist don't like that. They are all different and talented I would like to see Beyoncé sing the boss with those hooks that in that song if she can do that then bravo bcuz that song has some hooks that Whitney couldn't do look it up and Whitney can sing

      5. Oliver

        +PetroleumJellay I think it's the other way around. Beyoncé really sounds like she's struggeling with this one. Dianas rendition was effortless and clear, so bright and resonant. She would project over Beyoncés voice simply because of it's brighter and more stinging nature. It's outside of Beyoncés tessitura that would be adequate for this song. Beyoncé is an excellent vocalist but this song is not written for her voice.

    69. Yoncé

      The best modern vocalist i love u my queen ..

    70. Brenda Stanley

      Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards wrote this and produced it. They were the leaders of the '70s disco band Chic, and brought that disco sound to Ross for this album. Rodgers got the idea for the song when he went to a gay club in New York City. He went to the bathroom, and while he was standing at the urinal, he saw three men who looked like Diana Ross. "Coming Out" means coming out of the closet and being openly gay.

    71. Hazel Grey

      Stop comparing! They were both fierce queens of their time!

    72. Tim Jr.

      No one should be comparing

    73. Miracle Hamilton

      so lovely

    74. Daniel Rico

      She's good, but she will never be as great as Diana Ross.

      1. PetroleumJellay

        Ellie Amissah fake and She's supporting every note, and she's feeling the song. It's just awkward because the crowd was dead af with zero energy while she's skipping across the stage belting.

      2. Henry Tudor

        +Derrick Crawford bullshit

      3. Derrick Crawford

        Daniel Rico Beyonce sings CIRCLES around Diana.

      4. Terrell A'mari

        @Ellie Amissah Yeah, singing better than someone is fake and forced.... You sound pressed

      5. Ellie Amissah

        yeah I agree I watch Diana Ross's version and although not as polished it makes me instantly happy. This is fake and forced.

    75. grier109

      Her energy is everything, I love her energy its brilliant.

    76. Laurel J

      Love her outfit and her hair 😍💜

    77. nevaeh hemm

      Sorry B but leave it to the BOSS D. Ross

      1. jeremiah torrevillas


      2. PetroleumJellay

        Bey is the only one who can command a dead crowd. A true boss.

      3. Dylan A.

        hating ass

    78. marknorthwest93

      Good to hear Beyonce give Missy Ross, The Boss a nod. Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards really gave it their all when they wrote this. Hope Nile's upcoming new CHIC album due this year gets the promotion it deserves!

    79. Mosima Chokoe

      Where is the rest of this show?

    80. blah

      ROAR!! Loves it!