Big Ed and Rose Horrible Break Up



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    in the final instalment of 90 day fiancé's favourite couple big ed and rose part ways for good...
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    1. ImAllexx

      100k likes and I'll go on 90 day fiancé and marry big ed

      1. Oh yeah yeah

        eat shit

      2. whatanawsomeusername

        65k in three days… yikes

      3. Top Shelf

        how about no

      4. Harold Mcbezlebum

        @Everardo Paz you're in the right place then ;)

      5. Everardo Paz

        your channel gay asf

    2. Thegamingcatt

      Please continue the Internet Sensation Podcast!!!!

    3. widya satrya


    4. Solo

      How can one man be this unfunny

    5. Sophie

      "crash test dummy" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> is a sculpture by Patricia Piccinini titled "Graham". I knew my Year 12 ATAR art course would come in handy one day

    6. Lonexthm

      i dont like your voice and i dont like ur face

    7. Sana Sardonyx

      dear alex plz do a give away for an ipod air and please give it to me lol

    8. idk

      fuck imallexx you got leafys vid taken down

      1. tacky wacky

        It was yt retarc

    9. Jamie Ryan

      Alex let's be honest you would smash ed

    10. skull buster148

      You're butthurt because of leafys video so you report it to get it taken down. You fucking prick

      1. skull buster148

        @tacky wacky fanboy

      2. tacky wacky

        Ight dumbass

    11. Opamex

      “Crying in your room for 10 hours straight”

    12. Neko Dragneel

      i still find it very hard to believe that Alex is single lmao

    13. Kerry Ficht

      You're one of the most naturally hilarious people on NOsel! Love your personality and your take on things.

    14. Tom Harly

      Are u still crying in your room?

    15. 214 BANDS

      “anuvr epesoyd” “esat jus may” “noity days”

    16. 214 BANDS

      “Layfay is bad on yewchube” ASS NIGGA

      1. vemedu bääc


    17. codye541

      Wheawwww mommy, somebody doesn't like me

    18. Mr. Attack 36


    19. DaNfIe_ Dark•

      WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW ALEX GUESSED THE VIDEO WAS GOING TO BE 12 MINUTES!? I am truly amazed- honestly, true talent! ---inserts seal clapping---

    20. ExoticMoai

      nobody: ed: 👁👃👁 / 💋 \ / \

    21. Shannon Rae

      Ed sucks so much. He is ugly through and through. Why would anyone feel sorry for HIM? I feel bad for her, she got totally catfished and used.

    22. Shannon Rae

      Can someone explain what that "crash test dummy" even is? What is that from?

    23. SB_23 .

      U got bullied by imallex

    24. Harsohela Kaur

      does his hoodie say gucci or cucci

    25. The Pancake Alchemist

      is this 90 fiance EDgame

    26. Shayna Richardson

      Legally she can't really take her son. She only got a visa because of the engagement. I'm sure her plan was to get him there once she's a citizen through a family visa.

    27. Ricky Blitz 96

      So yeah......Leafy, huh?

      1. Shady

        Yeah he took down his video fucking asshole (not you him)

    28. Olivia Nichols

      Honestly I’m glad she left him because he was so selfish and treating her like his pet. He is so manipulative and if he doesn’t change he’s gonna end up alone

    29. Swag Mimic

      Where the fuck the leafy video you better not tried taking it down

      1. Swag Mimic

        Nathan B ok cool

      2. Nathan B

        go to his twitter

    30. Trollveer Singh


      1. Diego Forlán

        @Trollveer Singh L

      2. Trollveer Singh

        I hope everything you stand for fucking burns to the ground. A disgrace to this earth

    31. Tatiana Kauz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="655">10:55</a> you can't tell me ed has the same ancestors as us

    32. Breezey Waters

      Alex really be looking like king Alfred from the last kingdom

    33. Severius Brandusa

      You're such a little whiny bitch, dude. Fuck your shitty channel.

      1. Diego Forlán

        now now Severius where are the manners your mum taught you now.

    34. Nicoll Piecuch

      Ed has supposedly sexually assaulted a lot of women and it’s just proper shocking that he thinks he’s the one that’s the good person in this scenario

    35. Vanesa Vice

      This guy is shoked????? Narcissist 🤬🤬🤬

    36. Reddye

      Why is allexx’s jaw look so swollen and puffy? Did he get into another fight with his emotions?😭😭😭

    37. piko Suave

      dog look in the mirror at yourself such a cold take

    38. Kylie Dearson

      Does anyone else find it interesting that ever since ImAlexx did a collab with no neck Ed he’s been way meaner about Rose whilst being way nicer about Ed 💀💀💀💀 Iono lol, I feel like Alex is just tryina get paid but it’s still really shady. Come on man, she’s a young woman from a very poor family, he’s a wealthy American man in his 50s that tricked her into sleeping with him. Trying to shit on Rose just doesn’t feel right to me

      1. Sanch3z X18

        You do realize it’s a joke right?? 😂 and it’s not only him who’s doing it, pewdiepie has been doing it similarly

    39. Megan W

      I’m only just realising you could mould a mug into eds face and it would still be a mug.

    40. Anthony Sirc

      That Gucci hoodie is unspeakably hard

    41. Bob Cottage

      ed sexually assaulted many girls in their mid 20s i don’t approve of ed anymore

    42. Crafting Unicorns

      This mans got no neck. Go back to the Stone Age Fred flintstone

    43. EverythingJk

      Ksi reacted to my recent video!

      1. Sanch3z X18

        Nobody cares nigga

    44. Tylah Jay

      This NOsel channel is such SHIT

      1. Celina Herzberg

        shitty vids made by a shitty person

    45. The Fake Slim Shady

      Cat man

    46. callan


    47. Somdip Chowdhury

      “I’m gonna give her some time to calm down “ bro do u really think u did nothing wrong ??? Do some self reflection

    48. Skye Brookfield

      Dude Alex! We have the same travel pillow!

    49. Йøbødч


    50. M1CKEY MOUSE

      Big simp

    51. BigNoseJake

      Reptilian brotherhood

    52. BigNoseJake


      1. Egg Poo

        shut up

    53. RysKy

      "crying in your room for 10 hours straight"

    54. Ryan

      It’s taken me a few days to build up the courage to click this video.. I had to keep ignoring it because of the awful slug man in the thumbnail (not you Alex, you’re the reason I ended up clicking 🙄🙃😘)

    55. Otaku Desu

      this is bad for my eyes

    56. Jemoom

      Can someone please tell me what he did? Why’s he a bad person? I haven’t watched any of the other stuff

      1. Celina Herzberg

        he accused şłąžò of sexually assaulting someone

    57. Alpha delta alpha mike

      Wow Phil swift has let it go lately

    58. Chicken Strips

      I feel like for the memes everyone likes Ed and says they have a crush on him but we all know Ed is probably gonna end up alone- 💀

    59. ReTheMi


    60. Gregory oliver

      Check out big Ed’s instagram

    61. Cupcake Crawford

      I legitimately forgot this show was 90 day fiancé because no one had mentioned it in ages

    62. Mash Z

      "I waited 8 years to find love" Bruh! You cheated on your wife. Don't act like a victim

    63. AmyS

      You telling me this man is 54 years old and he can still have kids?

    64. malcolm sligh


    65. g0re

      what did he expect LMFAO

    66. Stina Corbett

      The reason why she couldnt bring her son is because Ed didn't want him there

    67. Natalia Laufeyson

      My ex was manipulative like Ed and used me in very similar ways and I honestly wish I had been able to stand up to him to his face like Rose did. She deserves so much better and I'm glad she left him

    68. Milkas alt

      BIG ED The CEO Of No Neck

    69. Kady Thomas

      okay but is no one going to talk about how hot Alex looks in this video?? Like idk what it is but he just looks so good.

      1. BigNoseJake


    70. mashed potato

      Wtf is this man.... Is he a man?

    71. DrMemes


    72. STW the trader

      Poo poo gang

    73. i don't know how but they found me

      Imagine a 90 day fiancé with George and Alex

    74. hot sauce

      all the leafy fans mad in this comment section lmao 💀💀

    75. paul gray

      Big head, no neck : shrugs in self pity

    76. esther fyall

      ed is built like a penguin

    77. Alex Garseea

      Ngl I actually dig Alex’s hair rn. 😎

    78. Grace Nicklin

      I am begging you to watch David and Lana

    79. Molono

      She's just upset that he doesn't have a neck