Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak



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    Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of US cases has not yet peaked and the country won't likely be able to return to normal life by April. #CNN #News

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    1. Rob Scothern

      Frightening man.

    2. GoffBall Mank

      Bill Gates is a murderer.

    3. Morag Molony

      The white haired commentator isn’t to be taken seriously like Gates , Podesta of 🍕 pizza gate has a picture of him hanging on his wall along with pic of tortured children. The world know you all

    4. Margo Thatcher

      Gates talks such crap he is on CNN what can one expect. This is dying out it will go as quickly as it came. China would know they dropped it on The world but made sure most towns in China never got it this was their idea. They are terrorists.

    5. gnawh

      Plandemic will end if everyone is controlled by his drugs and chips

    6. David Anderson

      Why would they even listen to this freak?

    7. Margareth Hoarau

      Bill Gates grosse merde

    8. Steve Smith

      What qualifies Bill Gates as a public health expert?

    9. victoria smith

      (@ min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a>) there is some confusion. Perhaps the term The R number, is helpful to know... “The R number. The reproduction number is a way of rating a disease’s ability to spread. It’s the number of people that one infected person will pass the virus on to on average.” -Coronavirus: What is the R number and how it is calculated. By James Gallagher, health and science correspondent BBC world news app 18/5/20

    10. IL Duce Fauci

      Funny how Bill Gates wants forced mass vaccinations, but makes a computer program vulnerable to viruses.

    11. SokemRokemRobot

      So says the college dropout that has no PhDs in medicine. No thanks, B. Gates.

    12. SheWantAdam

      New world order 🥱

      1. SheWantAdam

        Don’t get brainwashed by the news guys

    13. a P.r

      Bill Gates a favor de la eugenesia y es un iluminatis plan kalergi soros etc

    14. Joaquim Dias Fernandea


    15. john apao


    16. Lesego Faridah Mohale

      We know the true.. Just Ask our president fro Tanzania.. Magufuri..

    17. Diana Cervantes

      Donald Trump said the free vaccines donated by the WHO were the biggest scam in history. It will be on covd19, it has not come on planes or boats from China, but on vaccines, and they are already in the body of the 65-year-old elders who were forced to be vaccinated, and would be in a maturing process, possibly not all vaccinated die because the contagion would come in a minimum percentage so that people do not suspect the biological weapon and genocide. BIOLOGICAL WEAPON ASSOCIATED WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPON In January and February 2018, in Peru, doctors and nurses forced the elderly aged 65 and older with threats not to be vaccinated, they would lose the right to receive the pension bonus 65. Ayatollah Khamenei denounced that the WHO would have allowed the vaccines infected with covid19, likewise Donald Trump withdrew financial support for the WHO while investigating the role the international organization plays in the current coronavirus crisis. Presidents have information through the intelligence of their countries, this political action by Trump cannot be simply crazy, and Bill Gates has become an ally of the WHO, a character who seeks to reduce the world's population. In our deduction, these heavy metals from the free vaccines in the victims' bodies are heated by wireless electricity from electromagnetic frequencies when 5G phones are activated, generating symptoms of suffocation, cough, fever, people suddenly fall with seizures that They are the same symptoms caused by severe cerebral hypoxia from 5G electromagnetism. So the coronavirus (covid19) is the sum of the vaccines (as a biological weapon) and 5G as an electromagnetic weapon. WHY DO THEY IMPOSE 5G ON US? 5G will be for military use for espionage and legal and political persecutions, it will serve as an instrument to violate the privacy of anti-system political leaders, also every citizen will not enjoy their privacy because supermarkets will be constantly spying to know what they consume and this form will offer the need of each citizen. If 5G technology passes the permissible limits of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, it must suspend and sanction the Company. Furthermore, the Environment Prosecutor's Office must investigate electromagnetic wave contamination

    18. Reamann MacBiatiagh

      We are not intrested in you, your money, your viruses, or your vaccines how you can show your face in public shows how obsessed you are. You and you Rockerfeller population reduction obcessed freinds should buy and island,, your Pedophille friend Epistein's should be up for sale soon as the dead don't need islands.

    19. All Citi Investments

      We know u patented the virus bill gates someone needs to smack that smirk off ur FACE u should be locked up or DEAD for the shit u causing.

    20. aibansharai lyngdoh

      Bill gates has the antidote yet to be released.the death statistics go high. That makes me more livid. Just keep smiling when the number is going high. Sinister

    21. Woxineau Crows

      Hey Bill would you take the meds if it hit your family oh nm your in a bunker laughing at the world playing WOW no doubt lol~

    22. Keith Heiskell

      Satan boy Gates is a piece of crap murderer

    23. road runner

      Shame on this evil idiot man name bill gates and shame on the media that believe and listen this corrupt evil person, i personally don't believe on this coronavirus, by fact this corrupt is going to monopoly the medice industry in all the world by selling his vaccine in most of the corrupts countries,including USA...he's heading to that point with the lie of coronavirus and he already working on the next virus so people wake up and face off this evil man by passing the real truth.

    24. BILL F

      Why would anyone care what this unqualified person has to say about the coronavirus?

    25. Deglingo 94#RAOULT

      Fuck bill gates

    26. Missy76

      The test are giving it to people!!! Or taking there DNA... why are idiots taking the test???? Especially if they are not deathly ill?

    27. Ria Wessels

      What Bill gates suggested is exactly the route the President and his advisers took, and having peeked the country are slowly unlocking since the month of May.

    28. KFD

      FU. Gates, you are evil and the enemy of humanity. You fool no one.

    29. Sheffield Bailey

      Bill Gates is a genius. In his early life he harnessed that capability to make a lot of money. Ruthlessly. He approaches every goals just as did making money. He is competitive and intellectually brilliant. That is his nature. That may not make him well liked, but it doesn’t make wrong or evil. The fact that world health are one of he and his wife’s goals is a gift to humanity. It is a tremendous undertaking that is mostly funded by The Gates Foundation. The numbers are staggering and they have not given up in the face of adversity and/or failure. Bill and Melinda continue developing plans and investing more money than most of can even really conceive of to strategically worldwide health issues. Whether you like is personality is not important. What is important is that we acknowledge his intelligence and then research his opinions to see for ourselves if we think he is credible when compared to the opinions and research of experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci’s. Oh, and about those smiles; that is his public face and has looked the same for many years. Or, if you prefer to see him as arrogant; I guess I’d say he has earned the right, as off putting as it can be. I have observed over almost 10 years of him predict that mutating diseases will have a major impact on the world. In each of those talks he encouraged America to prepare. We did not. In September 2019 the United States public health agencies ran the equivalent a military war game, but based upon our vulnerability to diseases. That “war game” was called Crimson Contagion. A report was produced last September; nothing constructive was done with those findings and accompanying recommendations. The intelligence community was alerting the highest levels of government to a potentially very serious threat. The President’s top staffers had access to all that information, and it was shared at Cabinet level briefings. Nothing was done by the Federal government to alert the medical community or to build up our national stockpiles. Nothing was done to use the recent Crimson Contagion conclusions and recommendations. Criminal waste of that knowledge cost the Country lives, careers, dollars and world standing. Those mistakes cost thousands of lives with thousands more to go. Not taking early actions also lead into a massive economic shutdown. Countries like Korea, Denmark, etc. that shut down very early knowing what the potential economic consequences would be had much shorter shut downs and less loss of life. To believe a conspiracy theory led by Bill Gates to make more money is nuts. Saying he in some way caused or is postponing the devastation is just the wrong way at looking at facts. Predicting something as awful as this pand that he’s an evil player responsible for the pandemic is like thinking Sun is going rise because of our

      1. Andrea Medina-Fernandez

        Naiveness to the 100 exponential.

    30. Travis

      People are waking up to the lies fed to them by the mainstream media finally

    31. Josh Chav

      Why does gates smile when they say fauci or about what he says? Cause to gates its a joke. Idc what hes saying. His body language and smile tells more. Who smiles in an interviewe or conversatio about whats going on? I tell you who, the person/person's behind it

    32. DL M

      Why is anyone listening to this evil man? What makes him an expert? Research his vaccines in Africa and India. Better do it quick, they are removing everything.

    33. Jorge Melendez

      he is not a doctor... how can this man be talking about the virus??? At least he had made it.

    34. Eka Setyono


    35. Just Me

      He's a lying Satanist! He's crippled and killed thousands and is kicked out of India! Now, he wants to take over NYC schools. He is in on this with WHO, Fauci. He loves to take advantage of the poor countries. His wife proudly wears an inverted cross necklace just like Chelsea Clinton. Satanists have to outwardly show or proclaim they follow Satan. They will release another round in fall. They will not stop. God is coming back soon and they know their time is coming to an end! Gates body cryptocurrency system patent is 060606, his name numbers 666, his bill he is trying to pass is HR 6666. There are several guys on YT who have done the investigation into Gates and his many "fronts", other foundations he uses to push his evil!

    36. Maria Repolust

      Poor Bill fighting against viruses since 1975

    37. Zakira Jahan

      An important video on *Warnings and Predictions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) about Covid-19 and its aftermath in Urdu.* A must watch for every one!!! Please watch & share with your friends & family.

    38. Dee Ann

      He was right about that. No mid April re-opening. I don't care who comes up with vaccine first. I'll be happy when they do.

      1. Milli Vanilli

        Stupidity is everywhere

    39. Geovoni Ves Is it a coincidence that wuhan got the so called virus as soon as they powered on their 5g? Watch this video link I'd recommend the entire thing but very important to watch first 7min to 7min 40sec. And if this nano tech can be put into a mosquito well most definitely it can be put in humans and work how designed to work successfully. 5g Nanotechnology Artificial intelligence Shadow government 21 Knowledge is power Power corrupts Absolute power absolutly corrupts He who needs control needs power and will become corrupt,sick,evil, unstoppable!!! Because no one wants the truth does not want to be free. Yes it's good some are waking up but it's the masses that need to wake up and not just sit up in bed, get the fuck up out of bed dressed eat drink and get outside and take your human birth rights seriously. The dominator culture is an abomination and authority will lead you into ruin. They dont give a shit about you. Or just turn on your tell lie vision watch the entertainment given to you by the jewish Hollywood stars. Go play ball eat your poison drink your coca cola holdnur 5g phone to ur head and follow the rule of law after all you can rest well knowing your rulers care for you and about you and know you are a free individual in a free society. As long as you pay your taxes and ya are you understanding this now??? Watch it all but first 7 min to 7min 40 sec.

    40. A Star Wars Fan

      This man is NOT a medical doctor and has no right discussing these issues. He plans to depopulate the earth. DO NOT TAKE HIS VACCINES. Research I.D. 2020 and Agenda 2030. Bill Gates NEEDS TO DIE.

    41. Chris Vlogs

      When you started dealing about viruses on Microsoft then you becamed an epidemiologist

    42. Sabreen Alsakhi

      Just because Bill Gates is smiling doesn’t mean he’s behind creating this virus or he thinks people are a joke. Just because yall are frustrated during this period of time & you’re too curious to find out when will this pandemic will end doesn’t mean he has to be. You cannot blame a human being for something cruel like this. Get over yourselves.

      1. Milli Vanilli

        Some people are a joke. Get a mirror

    43. Shawn Shaw

      check this wonderful video

    44. Prophetic Insights

      Bill Gates father ran planned Parenthood. The family has been on a mission for many years.

    45. Sarma Devarakonda

      Is Bill gates created corona?? he is able to predict.America should understand first internal Enemies

    46. Zulu Tay

      I see bill gates... I see 👿👿👿


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    49. M

      C hinese N ews N etwork

    50. M


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    53. train wreq

      Fuck this Technocrat scumbag. I hope he dies a thousand deaths.

    54. Supreme


    55. jane simmons

      bill gates is a psycho,we do not want your vaccines,bill.We do not enjoy seeing or hearing anything you have you say.please ,if you want to help,give people non GMO food and shelter

    56. Palm Kris Security Agency


    57. RaiseTheSpirit

      very accurate predictions. Scary for me though as I'm a British male who chose to stay i Peru for this epidemic. And its already been 72 days of lockdown... I'm worried its going to carry on until the end of the year here as its a fairly poor country :/

    58. 없다나는 연인이

      Wuhan biological laboratory own virüs. Bill Gates it is innocent.

    59. Athena Pheonix

      Bill Gates the biggest assasin alive.

    60. Read Romans 10: 9-14

      CorbettReport 4 part series on Gates

    61. Kahlil King

      Garlic,Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda,Cinnamon, will kill viruses and bacteria.Keep ur immune strong.

    62. iramoleramo

      Imo de p

    63. Jim Corneleous

      CNN AND bill gates?? Oh boy the sheep are gonna love this!

    64. Purple Guy Guy

      Fuck you Bill just fuck you.You laugh right in front of the camera

    65. Purple Guy Guy

      Why everyone ask HIM about Coronavirus ? He is not a doctor ? He is not a expert ? He's only a rich guy because of Microsoft ? Isn't that weird ?

    66. Dave Whitney


    67. Elena Ortega


    68. Naveed Rasheed

      No 1 Terrest in menkind history ,May GOD Give him worrist Punishment Ameen

    69. 1495 2018

      Gates give your children every vaxxine you can find lets go

    70. T. N.D

      Fuck You Bill Gates. You make Corona Virus. Admit it !!!

    71. Blue Diamond

      How on earth is he still a free man ? Throw him in jail and strip him of his wealth

    72. Zahra A.

      Brooo no one can predict anything unless it’s planned, he only doing this for more money so he can control all of us, old man don’t act like you didn’t plan all this with the government

    73. Sapa Holliday

      It's odd that Windows has always been susceptible to virus's

    74. bamlak samuel

      He is Laughing he knows what he downing

    75. Matsui

      Japan just lifted it's restrictions and the word on the street here is #wewon #exceptionalism #Japan #JapanWins

    76. wtf mrb

      Always smiles in the wrong places, this guy makes me feel uneasy

    77. Three Axis

      How is it these people know when something will start and end.

      1. Servant Of Tmh

        They plan ahead.

    78. Ghada issa

      Satin devils

    79. Moreno J

      An prediction is exact date and what, how etc..Not some vage future date that maybe should come out or not. Look to the past and you know all most the whole future except the exact date can't not say . Around and we will see if I have wrong or not. If I have wrong I will come with a excuse. ;) but an common happen that mostly repeat in lives is not a real prediction.

    80. Q The Messiah

      Stay Quarantined and blind, SHEEP