Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke

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    James Corden and Billie Eilish hop in the car and head for the carpool lane, singing "Ocean Eyes," "bad guy," "all the good girls go to hell." After James asks Billie about meeting Justin Bieber for the first time and she strums tunes on the ukulele, they take a detour to visit her home and pet spider. And the two finish their trip with "when the party's over."
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    1. Anoek van Duijnen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> It must be heaven to hear that next to you🥺🥺

    2. AleXD 682

      I'm from Argentina. Due to the quarantine by Coronavirus I have virtual classes. My English teacher sent AN activity in which I have to watch this video and answer many questions. Funniest shit that could happen to me XD

    3. Geezy Squeezy

      James Corden = CRINGE!

    4. diferit gacha

      I love billie i have the photo with her 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    5. Rachyani 99

      "I have a spider, do you wanna see it?" Billie is such a little girl 😢😢😢💕💕 i love her

    6. your choice - أختيارك


    7. Galaxy Forest Playz

      And she is not even living in a mansion, I like her personallity and her family also her life style

    8. Sexy Goblin Genius

      oh she is so beautiful

    9. Henric Bohm

      she is accuallu cute :) dident knew she was until a few weeks^^

    10. Dev Doctason

      at some point thing got akward

    11. N A

      2 million likes 🤯🤩 she deserves this😍🤗

    12. Sans Tv

      She 's soo cuteeee3

    13. Saint Etienne

      Me : "Let me quote from the stuff you've just watched as if i'm making a new point"

    14. Emily Arrowsmith

      I love her hair💚🖤

    15. Константин Егоров

      Da means yes on russian

    16. Mateusz Andrzejewski

      good night lullaby but it will go away

    17. CJ Cheng

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="880">14:40</a> “I just fit in!” Spider boi: “ R U Sure about that?!”

    18. MorganAlexiis !

      I love her

    19. Mariano Toledo Rodriguez

      I love Billie Eilish 😍

    20. Anjula Noel


    21. dimas yang bijak

      Yang setuju billie elish nyanyi lagu indo likeee

    22. Zekrom_melinaXy

      OMG You really met Her?!😻

    23. Inerva Inerva

      I love you bill❤🍒😈👽

    24. coolasevasm

      Of all the carpool karaokes I e watched, I've gotta say Billie's is the most beautiful! Especially after what her mom said💖 I have tears in my eyes when she sang the Beatles song on ukulele. Her voice is so angelic! And the what a wonderful life song sounds so innocent!

    25. Ljuin Alham

      ولك انا بحبك يا قلبي انا 🥺💗

    26. Oliwia Suchocka

      Wish my Brother do something for me like Billie’s brither helped her, my brother is always playing on computer

    27. az dh


    28. Zu Arri

      You can see all her feelings on her face when she sings that last song

    29. Joseph M. Tapada

      *_my lucifer is lonely_* crowd: *_silent_* *_billie sings_* crowd: *_wooo "claps"_*

    30. Joseph M. Tapada

      *_my lucifer is lonely_* crowd: *_silent_* *_billie sings_* crowd: *_wooo "claps"_*

      1. Hello Google


    31. Sima hish

      I love you ❤️

    32. Angelina

      I can’t be the only one who knows every word to “What a Wonderful Life” right?


      Can we get more videos with Billie :)))

    34. Aahana Khadka Aahanachhetri

      Billie got Tourette syndrome

    35. Movie Lover

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> i can't stop listening to that part.

    36. Persik and Dimas Blogger

      Ava Max Next!!!!!!

    37. CRAYFISH12

      Like dis comment to meet billie

    38. Romina Alizade

      she has a spider oh my god

    39. Boon Huat Lau

      Billie looks like Gabriel Bee

    40. Saudia Hassan

      I hope this girl never stops believing in herself.❤️

    41. LION

      In billie's music video he look like His mad and watched his funny videos He's good

    42. Tati Rodriguez

      James: Shall we listen to some music? Billie: heheEeEe

    43. Elisabeth Desourdy

      That voice... so angelic!

    44. Randy Tayoto

      *ocean eyes plays* Billie: this song makes me emotional *looks out window and imagines shes in a sad music video*

    45. Obliviated Chloe

      this made me genuinely happy

    46. Ali Khalid

      Bring Lana del rey please

    47. Semeli3_cookieCy SK

      I wish i could Rock with billie Eilish in the car like that🥺💖 but it Will never happen.. 😭

    48. Elizabeth Adam

      Billie: “do you wanna see my spider?” James: “yes” *immediately regrets decision*

    49. Yazmin Maldonado

      I'm a bad girl hahaha I would like XD after all I think that Billie is beautiful

    50. Rae Blanchette

      I used to dance to bad guy song and I loved it

    51. Amelia Fletcher

      i’d be lying if i said i didn’t come back here everyday just to hear billie sing/play 8, ITS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL🥺🥺🥺

    52. Ben Unknown

      If Billie ever dies - I'm going to kill myself

    53. max blade

      I need to know how you going to put the name of Jennifer Lopez to billie in youtube must watch viedos together its not fair why all this views for billie i dont understand

    54. Saza

      Thumbs up if you wanted to see billie's room.

    55. Leah Carys Post

      Haha wonderful

    56. Gerard Glancy

      Imagine feeling that way at that age? X

    57. Gerard Glancy

      Gorgeous, grounded, talented. This old guy gets it now

    58. Shahd Elsayed

      I wish I was in that backseat

    59. Александр Синицын

      It is incredible, so freaking sweet and OMGSHING

    60. Solène Skoczek

      Omg I'm gonna cry, all of it is so emotional and beautiful

    61. Jainam Shah

      i can watch it all day every day 😍 #quarantine

    62. Marion B

      I want be just like you

    63. Archie Byrne

      Billies spider was in her top

    64. Ella's Room

      Billie is sooooo prettyyy

    65. Amani I’m the way

      I was like ▼・ᴥ・▼ i was like okk why am i watching this and i was like ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ all hail the quenn

    66. maria alejandra lora arango

      No one: Absolutely no one: me at 3 am: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> haha

    67. Mimikyu 007

      I wanted to hear CopyCat and BEllyache, but it's good anyways :D

    68. Jennifer Stumpf

      My friend Ella from gymnastics has BadGuy as her floor music

    69. M_e_ E_m_

      Does anyone know if I can watch Billie and Finneas at the "Homefest special" tonight in Europe? Or will it at least be uploaded on NOsel afterwards?😢🤍

    70. Eduardo Rocha

      billie is just the cute front cover who sings. the true genius is finneas, her brother. he does everything: marketing, songwriting, producing, even lyrics. billie is everything he couldn't reach in his career. there's nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn't take billie like she's the mastermind of it all, cause she isn't.

      1. M_e_ E_m_

        Right, Billie wouldn’t be where she is today without Finneas. He helps her a lot with her music, but it’s definitely not true that Billie does nothing at all. There are maybe 2 or 3 songs that are only written by Finneas, all the others wrote both together or even Billie alone. And you also shouldn’t underestimate the singing. These songs are masterpieces for themselves, but the reason why they’re so stunning and famous is still mostly Billie‘s voice. And just so that you know, Finneas is incredibly proud of his little sister and not jealous at all. He once said all he'd ever wanna be is Billie‘s brother. So yes, he deserves lots of attention (probably more than he gets), but he isn’t the only mastermind. Both of them are geniuses.

    71. Michelle Delillo

      First heard her music from the album for 13 reasons why; Lovely, still makes me cry everytime I hear it. Such a beautiful voice !

    72. Ali otako

      Guys who are those couple?

    73. Pat Woodby

      Good job billie!!!!!

    74. Carrie Locker

      I love Billy elish

    75. jokeboke

      bruh i need to watch this for fucking homework

    76. driss baeten

      ibe wuyts- when the party is over cover go check it out

    77. Mateusz Andrzejewski

      have a drink a drink of bliss

    78. Nightcore By Senpai

      Billie singing I Will is my life

    79. Mateusz Andrzejewski

      Archiwum X

    80. Irate Puffin

      It’s so cool that she lives at home still. It seems like it’s kept her grounded and close to her family. That’ll help her a lot in the long run.