Billie Eilish: "Nobody that knows me thinks I'm a dark person"

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    The multiple Grammy-nominee with the #1 hit "Bad Guy" says she is coming out of the "joyless" and "torturous" feeling that clinical depression and unwanted fame brought her. In this intimate conversation with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, Eilish and her brother, Finneas O'Connell, discuss the creative spirit behind her debut album, "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" (Originally broadcast on "CBS Sunday Morning" on December 8, 2019.)
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    Publisert 4 måneder siden


    1. Joe King

      Fun fact: *_Anyone can sing like her_*

    2. Angella Jones

      Am I the only person who thinks her music isn't depressing or sad....but beautiful actually it's very beautiful...she different she's just out here doing her own thing..

    3. Razan Maikeh

      in the begin i thouht my 0hone is ringing😂😂😂🖤💚

    4. Yaniz Lopez

      people judged her for the clothes she wears she dserves so much more than just hate and body shameing shes who she is and who wants to be

    5. Ari Gold

      her parents still sleep in the living room. lol fuking idiots. talk about not being able to let go. you dont need a fuking mansion but at least get yourself a house with your own room lol fuking wierdos.

    6. BTS Bacons

      You are never a dark person it's just that people living in dark judgy society

    7. Witzomania

      Here's an Indie Music video about the dark side of ourselves

    8. Sonny Seignolles

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> ... what that's look she made to her brother..?

    9. estrella bonita

      Ocean eyes was streamed a Billie-on times!! Hahahah lol! 😂

    10. Bri Mendes

      Billie Eilish: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="253">4:13</a> “wouldn’t play me because no one would relate to it” Me: so I can relate to having a Lamborghini and gold chains 🧐

      1. aly

        there’s literally no reason to come for her when she was being raw about how she feels, if you cant be nice simply shut up

    11. shelby holton

      to be honest, i think she’s really pretty

    12. Nooruleman Eman

      She is an expropriated belligerent ❤️no dubious

    13. kimcruz

      look at her so wholesome she’s so different

    14. kimcruz

      she’s not lying though everyone that doesn’t know her thinks she’s “depressed” and “sad”

    15. Lulu John

      She can sing. Waiting for a happy song from her...

    16. Егор Стип

      She just want to be free

    17. Monova

      Watching Billie aggressively jump up and down gives me anxiety, like, pls don't hurt yourself bae 😫

    18. 石添

      I love Billie

    19. Shaun Brown

      Shes so lost its so sad

    20. mEoW mEoW

      them: billie released her first album called WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? me: T R I G G E R E D.

    21. Tov Goldman

      billie's my chemical romance shirt

    22. Amy Reynolds

      She reminds me of Alanis Morrisette. I love her uniqueness and candor. Well behaved women seldom make history.

    23. Cʀᴀᴢʏ ᔕᑌKI

      Billie is my fave!

    24. Sumayya Ahmed

      Billie is a great person!!! Who agree's?

    25. Skye Finan

      OMG Billie I think you are really lucky that you got Finn as your brother I always wished that I had a brother.

    26. E_T_H_A_N H_E_S_S_I_N_G_E_R

      It actually was her second album

    27. FluffyTheBunny 122

      She could sing random words and put it into a hour long song and I would listen to it 😂

    28. Bruno Ortiz

      She is dark... I doubted she might be but she is not gonna get to 27. She might be our new 27 club acquirement.

    29. Dabi


    30. Rylee Abramson

      Just thought that I'd point out that Finneas has a 3,000 dollar pillow on his bed

    31. Daniela Vašková

      She is like me, I sing everywhere I could :D

    32. John Stanton

      Shouldn't this program be on MTV?

    33. Araceli Cabrera

      Bro, that wasn't her first album. Anyone remember 'Don't Smile at me'?

    34. Soapy Sophie

      TBH She is so mature for her age people who are way older than her are less mature than she is kids these days are embarrsed to live with her age the fact that she does have enough money to move out but decides not to.

    35. shimaa osama zen

      I love you Billie❤️❤️❤️

    36. Avery Pflueger

      Actually the video was wrong, her first album was "Dont smile at me" 2017

    37. Yt. Ona

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="407">6:47</a> not all teens say that lmfao

    38. Deniz Duru

      Billie is honestly one of the most cheerful person that I know. She is always trying to remain happy. EVERYONE can have a dark side, that is really normal and ok. Also it warms my heart that she still lives in her old house. She doesn’t let the fame change who she is, and that is not the case with many other full grown celebrities...❤️

    39. Døpe Tríñi


    40. NoShow_H3X !

      She sold her soul

    41. Trash Talk

      She's beautiful

    42. QuarantineGaming

      Billie Has The Most Longest Cutest BESTEST NAME EVER!!!!!!!! Btw..Billie Has The Most Beautiful Eye's Ever In The World!!!!!!!

    43. Malena


      1. Ladi Da


    44. Malena

      ALSO this is a great interviewer! Very respectful and down to earth

    45. Esteban

      Billie was in quarantine long before we where it’s only been a few months and Im so tired all I want is to go to a mall with my friends and see them

    46. lilah

      The fact that she can Afford a mansion in Beverly Hills but she chooses to stay with her parents is so sweet

    47. Empress Libra - Soulja Life Empress

      She’s so beautiful 😩 Her voice is amazing yo. So happy that she’s living out her dream.

      1. Ladi Da

        Right?? So glad people are spreading positivity :)

    48. stanislav 182000

      how can i get a permission to translate this video in Russian and upload it on youtube? Thank you.


      Why doesn't her brother has a green hair?

    50. Alff Potter

      Her room.... Simplicity ❤

    51. Diana Aslibekyan

      РУССКИЕ ТУТ???????

    52. suraj Sharma

      Why do people forget that Billie + Finnaes= Billie Eilish.

    53. Nay's Palace

      My mom also thinks shes a demon🤦‍♀️ jus bc she saw her picture on bad guy with blood coming out her nose

      1. Daniel Treadwell

        Her music is garbage

    54. Elisa Vazquez

      Why do people think she is a dark person I see her like any other person just that there is something unique about her. (Edit) idk what it is though

    55. Julian Trinidad

      that’s it i’m homeschooling my kids

    56. Tasheanna Betts

      "My shoe's are off my hair is down."

    57. Annie Sun

      I saw her live in Orlando. She is amazing

    58. Robert Spencer

      Singers today don't even sing they are auto tuned

    59. Jethro Reyes

      Billie Eilish looks like Scarlet Johansson when you zoom her face in.

      1. Daniel Treadwell


    60. Daniel Valdez

      "this year billie eilish released her first album" bruh it was the second.

    61. Anna Eilish :D

      "When we all fall asleep where do we go" isn't her first album...her first album is "don't smile at me" lol...

    62. Alisha’s World

    63. Kenny_Krulbolletje van instaaa

      This lady trippin her first album was dsam🌝

    64. Benzene Carson

      Every one of her interviews look like a therapy session bc they're always talking about depression and stuff

    65. Chocolate Chips

      She white

    66. Victor Hugo Alvarez

      To destroy this Devil listen

    67. Strange Thoughts

      Hearing the woman at the start say her “first album” made me want to scream omgggggg

      1. Паладинчик

        Strange Thoughts but it is... the EP is not an album

    68. Gregah Pradana

      I want that Ocean Eyes version 😌

    69. MEGZ Danner Wrote this song yesterday, please listen to lyrics

    70. PiGeoN teA

      Billie: omg i sound like a baby in thats old one!!! Ugh! Me: ...she sounds the same.

    71. PiGeoN teA

      Maybe that's because you not 🧐

    72. Living Life in Hawaii

      Sweet parents.

    73. Aldy Marco

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a>) ; her eyes tells everythings 😨

    74. Allen Eaves

      Honestly she mite be tha goat

    75. John B.

      I just noticed that the tracklist originally had 13 songs rather than 14 and that is “!!!!!!!”

    76. Yasuo Na

      why tf are ppl paying to go to a billie eilish concert

      1. Kelli L

        Yasuo Na because she’s brilliant that’s why

    77. Given Family

      Great documentary. Billie is a musical genius. ,

    78. nickacelvn

      Billie and Tash should do a song.

    79. Sofia Manzo

      that's not her first album

    80. Даврон Маманов

      "Nobody that knows me thinks I'm a dark person" WTF