Blake Shelton Teases ‘I Can’t Get A Word In’ As Kelly Quizzes Him On His Playlist

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    Kelly Clarkson presents Blake Shelton with his double platinum plaque for his hit album, "Fully Loaded: God's Country," and then they take part in a funny game, which ends up showcasing Blake's diverse taste in music. Find out what Kelly told him about his eclectic playlists.
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    1. Maverick

      You know blake and kelly are like that annoying brother and sister at the family which always make you laugh and always wanted to see them hahaha

    2. Anyll Acio

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can’t stop laughing 🤣

    3. Anyll Acio


    4. Anyll Acio


    5. Anyll Acio


    6. Anyll Acio

      They’re not drunk but they seemed 😂

    7. Anyll Acio

      HAHAHAHA what?! Voo Doo doll😂🤣

    8. Rein 32

      Lmao that was horrible, I felt bad for kelly, omgoodness.

    9. Mary Marston

      I love her show but what I love the most about Kelly is that she keeps her family out of the public's eye, she does her job, goes home to be a wife and mother!! Way to go you much..

    10. Robert Curtis

      He was right though she never shuts up ,she needs to give her guests a chance to answer or speak .. but I do love Kelly she is a great host and singer .

    11. Charnay Smith

      someone needs to turn her reaction to the podium lighting up into a GIF 😂

    12. Jay Cantrell

      You need to have Kingston Rossdale on your show. I don't think Gwen would mind.

    13. Maewashe Kelcey

      It's true , I don't listen to country music but I know Blake and some of his songs

    14. Rob Relevant

      Blake's hilarious you both are funny with the back and forth.

    15. Brian Francis

      Kelly is soooo damn sexy

    16. AJ Rhodes

      Kelly has a save

      1. AJ Rhodes

        A steal idk I would pick kelly

    17. Robert Curtis

      Don’t go too big with restaurants Blake they could be your downfall .

    18. Sawmpuii Lianhlawng

      I love you both ❤️

    19. Philip Jackson

      Blake the big brother😂

    20. Lissa Loa

      Blake Shelton makes everything more fun!

    21. Cheri Finkbiner

      One of my very favorite clips.

    22. Tim Drake

      I love Kelly she is so cute down to earth like Blake and Gwen serfani

    23. kp14 27bm

      In the voice: Kelly: Blake i hate you why did you block me!! Blake: hahahahha Out of the voice: Kelly: yeah don't pay attention to us arguing in the voice we are best friends and we are just competitive ... Blake: true dat lololololol idk i'm bored

    24. Patsy R

      When it's time for her to talk, we mute the station. She never shuts up. While she may be a nice person....doesn't make up for it. Blake has to see her more because her husband is his manager.....

    25. Tink 52

      They are so funny together. They should really do a sitcom, it would be hilarious!

    26. Craig Hart

      this really makes me laugh! really makes my day!

    27. L McEvoy

      This is like a paisley underwood relationship lol

    28. Rhea R

      Kelly is just so smart. She is so knowledgeable all around.

    29. Remsangi Sailo

      Oooo Kelly, I love you, you are such a gift. GOD BLESS YOU MORE

    30. N.E Tuedon

      Wow... The "gift of talking" in action

    31. On Loader

      Both has awesome gift😘

    32. On Loader

      Blake and kelly💕💕🇳🇵

    33. Vivek Khare

      Blake is so straight forward.. to the point guy... Gotta love this guy..

    34. Glenn Sparks

      "have you been drinking" "yes! yes i have!" lol...

    35. Nelly Christelle

      I think it's funny that most of Kelly's excuses are, "give me a break, it's the first season" 😂😂😂

    36. Anime Never Stops

      I'm begging to anyone sees this can you show all songs on his playlist or if you don't know can u ask people if they know it i truly appreciate it

    37. Jodi Donaldson

      Btw God's Country is my husband's fav song. ...of all time!

    38. Jodi Donaldson

      Yyaasss Kelly!!

    39. ketho kevis

      I love Blake but Kelly...??? She talks beyond what she has to

    40. J Mac

      I Love watching Kelly......She cracks me up! so Nice to forget about the world and laugh alot!!!!

    41. Christopher Shannon

      The voice season 19 coaches and coaches chairs 2021 Ronnie dunn

    42. michael louis

      We know they are close when they can actually tease each other like this 😂

    43. Ranwolfe

      Don't care for either one both have money so it is easy to open what ever and you may have one Blake but your latest stuff is not country this new country sux

    44. Adelbert Meek

      ALCOHOLICS I'm just sayin.😜

    45. Ben G

      I love Blake after he broke up with that controlling ex of his.

    46. sittimehranyasmine abdnaddin

      Kelly please invite adam levine as ur guest😉😀

    47. Amber Curtis

      I love Kelly so much

    48. Kelly Rodriguez

      Love this ❤️❤️

    49. Ah, yes, very good

      I love that she's still the same person from that American Idol audition.

    50. Sarthak Gupta

      I don't think she talks enough

    51. Lhangkai

      Blake Shelton is so funny 😂😂❤❤❤

    52. wences mae

      Hahahahahahahahaha Im smiling all the time!!!! Gosh!!

    53. Allu Arjun

      Kelly..please Bring Ricky Martin please... Request

    54. little bit of everything

      She doesn't stop talking and interrupting!

    55. Soonoknim

      Kelly is good host 👏

    56. Debi Gates

      OMG, I wanna hang and drink with them!!!! 😍🤣😂🥴

    57. Jezidca

      We want an Ol Red in Spokane Washington

    58. Johanna Hendricks

      Blake confuse. Wait is that my song or your song lool

    59. Karl Mars

      Blakes funny constantly asking kelly if that was his playlist

    60. Brett Stone

      Ole boi was chugging it😂😂😂 @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>

    61. helen davey

      please PLEASE can someone pass a message onto Blake, he has Fans in the UK as well, we want him here for the first time !!!!!! don't treat your fans differently we all love him 😍😍😍😍

    62. Ashley Brown

      I wanna see them when they’re drinking together 😂

    63. Robert Valenti

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    64. kayleen butler

      Blake Shelton should really open an ol Red in Columbus, Georgia. We need a really good country club in Columbus. It would do soooo good. Maybe you could tell him to look into it. Please.

    65. Cheri Finkbiner

      I am in love with Blake Shelton... Well him and Travis Tritt!!!


      I was about to comment please let others talk. And that's when Blake said it😜😄

    67. pb4ugo19

      K: "We have to take a break!" B: "Thank God!" Lmao I love how they bust on each other like real friends.

      1. Victoria Mann

        @Marek Warecki he's joking. When he says that everyone knows he means the best... He's not putting her down and she knows it

      2. Marek Warecki

        Yeah but sometimes it's too much. Blake always teases Kelly. I know that they are best friends, they are like siblings, but sometimes he could say something good about her. She always praises him (e.g Blake I love you, You are so good, you are very good coach etc...) , allows him everything and he says that she has a hopeless program or that she is the worst coach in the history of The Voice? seriously? well, that's not what true friendship looks like. But honestly, the fact is that she is better coach than him, better singer, and better person. And she can sing in any genres (country, pop, rock, jazz, blues, gospel, opera, folk) and he only can sing in country. So She is definitely better, and he should finally respect her. That's my opinion.

    68. Elizabeth Lowe

      Blake is my country hero. I love you blake

    69. Rachael Field

      Bosom Buddies ❤️❤️❤️

    70. Rachael Field

      Duran Duran ❤️❤️❤️

    71. Marvin Bulusan

      This is my 2nd week of wathcing clips of the Voice coaches! I love Kelly, I love Blake, I love Adam, and now Nickkkkkk! And John btw.

    72. Sara Nikolaisen

      Blake is such a handsome guy :P

    73. Turning your Thinking into Action

      I did not care for Kelly initially but I am warming up to her she seems much cooler then I originally thought

    74. Jonathan Smithe

      Anyone else getting penguin vibes from Kelly at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="357">5:57</a>??

    75. Kathy Huynh

      His sense of sarcasm is funny but might rub people in a wrong way. Can tell how Kelly got a bit uncomfortable and with one of his interviews with Jimmy Fallon he did the same too.

    76. cassidysassy

      Lol 😂 (I can tell your feeling it) lol 😆. That’s funny

    77. Mona Lisa

      Nothing good comes from alcohol ya'all.

    78. Bessie Knapper

      Kelly like his 2nd album. God's Country. Total all country.

    79. Bessie Knapper

      Blake is on the Kelly show.

    80. Jill ThePrivateInvestigator

      This was great!