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    Azzyland and I are doing some mixed riddles to test our problem solving skills, and would love to know what you think about the text riddle at the end because we had a lot of fun reading it! Let us know!
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    1. Shaylynn Spiers

      there was 4 doors at 6:58 not 3 Kassie

    2. rex matthews

      This is the best vud ever

    3. Kristina Čabrić

      /\/\ (° °)

    4. 💖Not perfect💖

      G Gl Glo Gloo Gloom Gloo Glo Gl G

    5. Ireland Love

      I've seen some of those true stories before

    6. Elizabeth Cameron

      I cracked the code before azzy 🤣

    7. Katherine Caraballo

      I love your channel gloom😇

      1. Katherine Caraballo

        I looked at kasises skin and i thot that it was a bad sun bern but it was literally her shirt☹️

    8. Emilie Vermeer

      I Zalgo! You Zalgo! all has black eyes

    9. Emilie Vermeer

      cassie, what happened?

    10. Kyrstyn Sodders

      My goodness that is so creepy I didn't even watch the end of the video I just closed my eyes half the time because I was so scared and I think there was a murderer in the shed and all the faces on the wall were the faces someone murdered

    11. Dan Capps

      What begins but never ends when never ends but begins

    12. Dan Capps

      I have a riddle for you,

    13. Dan Capps

      I got a

    14. Ziva Moufferrige


    15. tiemeyer8

      Azzy and kassie put together is Kazzy best friends forever

    16. LydiKy

      I knew the math one right when I saw it and I’m 13

    17. Xxgacha wolf gangsterXx

      the worse part is John never ate his pasta

    18. Rose Carter

      I figured out the code before Kassie even showed it. I am so happy with myself.

    19. Daniele Sedge


    20. Madison Hyland

      There was 4 doors not 3

    21. Tiffany Ruiz

      I hated the scary one 😖

    22. puppy blue team Mack

      The texting riddle wasn't really a real riddle

    23. Crazy Cookie

      The last one- I got creeped out so much-

    24. Aubriana

      Ok ,to be honest howcome I'm the only one who new that th at was her shirt

    25. Yatw Ww

      Azzy was very wrooooongg. Crocs aren't actually slow. Even if one catches you by surprise on land and you run, you'll probably die. It was also in assert so you'd get tired too fast. Also, wouldn't the shark room just... spill out and the shark would eventually die on dry land. Lol extra

    26. Alexis Pletcher


    27. *•tictackittycatZ•*

      Is it just me or does John kinda look like terry

    28. ChannelsOfAll

      The texting one was so scary that I almost screamed

    29. angie moeller


    30. Adadelore

      He as he was in the water open fall out when you open the door that’s the answer so when you open the door the water was all out so I think that’s the answer razee

    31. Aimee Tilley

      Gloom are you ok what happened to your chest

    32. Cinnamon Cart

      wait, you could give the turkey to the gas fire XD

    33. Cute Animal lover!


    34. Rachel Natoealofa-Pelenato

      What with azzy Hair

    35. Phoenix Powell

      Who took a picture of his face on the portrait I am so freaking out right now !!!!!

    36. Millan W

      Hey Gloom did you get a sunburn? if you did I fell really, super bad for you I would love to support you !

    37. Meredith Higgins

      There is three doors are you shure

      1. Meredith Higgins


    38. The PMBMP

      When gloom said three doors I was like what there's 4 doors

    39. Tracy Lin

      The answer is 40133.

    40. Juan Aguayo

      I'm so scared 😭😨😫 if you were scared like this comment 😖 👇 And watching 2020

    41. _ડ᥊rꫀꪀᦔiρitꪗ _

      Don’t even blink- or you’ll miss something! Me: Blinks rapidly

    42. Elliott Cancel

      lol I just watched spa day the movie😂😂😂

    43. Sabrina Lama

      The last one was the people on the wall died there

    44. My To-Do List Daisy

      I hated that portrait

    45. Peggy Fullerton

      I really like all of your videos

    46. mᎬᏞᎾᏁ ᎶᎥᏒᏞ 2145

      19:35 azzy called it XD

    47. Niamh Bowden

      Azzy is a pro at riddles!

    48. Kerry Johnsen

      I had to look away on the last pic! That’s way to scary for me!

    49. Analise Strutz


    50. Mario Maymi

      it 13

    51. BlazeStar 47

      Crocs are actually much faster than people on land

    52. maltemrm madsen

      She used a phone

    53. Maryrose Billiy

      Is Cassie friends with everyone?

    54. Bun Hon

      It was super easy to solve I got every question right

    55. Bun Hon


    56. Blaise Griffin

      Kasey you hoooootttttt

    57. Cindy Mahabir

      Azzys a math genius

    58. kamar elyaalaoui

      thas so scary!

    59. More Mite Games

      Crocadiles are fast im australian

    60. Jacqueline Lage

      Who else thought that her shirt was not a shirt then had to look twice😂😅