BRILLIANT HAIR HACKS AND TIPS || Funny Hair Situations And Problems by 123 GO!

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123 GO!

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    Short, long, thick, thin, straight, or curly - we’ve all got hair!
    And while we all have the stuff growing off our heads, some of us are better at dealing with it than others. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite hair hacks to make your life a little bit easier.
    But be careful - some of these hacks require a little bit of practice before becoming perfect.
    Think you could rock some of these awesome ‘dos? Share this video with your friends to test them out! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO!’s NOsel page so you never miss out on our helpful videos. See you next time!
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    1. Mirasol Banyaga

      When sofia had her curly hair,she really looks like olivia.

    2. Mirasol Banyaga

      I know who the thief is,it's vicky.and that's not all,the one who's been money stolen is helly,not sofia.

    3. Nevenka Filipovic

      I have a lot of good portraits of you. 123go

    4. pusheen

      You cony me from Instagram

    5. Casey Townsend

      Topanga lou Lou nise

    6. Tamia Turner


    7. Hales Sanderson

      I wish I was Alana because I have really short hair

    8. Aderito Correia

      Who liked my comment? 🤔

    9. Claire Eddib

      I might not be available to do that stuff but I will try mabby

    10. Alyx Martinez

      I love you

    11. Leen Saad

      You are smart and very good, well

    12. Aderito Correia

      Is that actaly a mark

    13. Gotta_ Cookie

      Me: 0:00 Everyone else: 2:43

    14. Aginche Melese

      Love you and can you please make a color candy video

    15. shaily bhardwaj

      I have hairs like lana

    16. Shantel Carter

      I’m a huge fan can you make a video for making a chocolate bunny And a chocolate basck

    17. Juan F. Pablo

      I have big her and it goes to by butt so yeah have a hir like lana

    18. Juan F. Pablo


    19. shadowgirl_ ruby

      They said lina skip to 4:10 to hear

    20. Celen Mehmet

      I love 123 go

    21. Colby-lee Staker

      My hair is DEFIANT longer than Lana's its soo annoying so I wach long hair hacks ALOT XD


      ** 4:21

    23. Lieu Pham

      She got a mark that fast???

    24. Monica Philip

      So good but can you guys do a haircut totorial

    25. Cakee 101

      What type of hair does Justin have it's weird

    26. Pro fortnight gamer

      Hey 👋

    27. Malgorzata Lik


    28. ravza aa

      Hey Türk var mı

    29. Jason Howcroft

      what is it like to know so much?

    30. Faarahami Lalu

      the hair hack that lama did actually works

    31. cjeff8282

      I’m recording

    32. Shannen Munoz

      Shining come laugh

    33. linda nzekwu

      Lanas her was so colourful and Sophie

    34. Phat Fam


    35. Dr Mazidah Noordin


    36. Paileulu sei Seiuli


    37. Mathet Hipolito


    38. Muna Sharif


    39. Babyghost Galindo

      Why can't we hear any of their voices

    40. Courtney Johnson

      She said £20 that was £50 pounds!!!

    41. Sharmin Khan

      My her is longer than her, more problems

    42. It's Galy Girl

      Dang 50 dollars for candy when did candy get so EXPENSIVE

    43. Ben Wearne


    44. Jenny Gomes

      YOU. SUC


      ** 5:01

    46. Veerpal Kainth

      What about us brown and black haired people how do we color are hair with eye shadow

    47. Kassidy Harrington


    48. the gymnastics girl

      They said 20 then used a 50

    49. Yaimerys Muzuarrieta

      I love the hair you girls made

    50. Alina Jacobson


    51. Josie

      Love It!!,!!,,!👐👐👐😸🙌🙌🙌🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🤑🙌😸👍🏻😈😸👐💀👍🏻😺🎃👐💀😽💋🤕😺🤕👋☠️😸🤚🙀✋😺🙀👣👄👤✌️🤠🤙🤠👁👄

    52. Reuel Burkett

      Can we see the one with what happens to girls life

    53. Reuel Burkett

      I love ❤️ the one with the curly hair 👩‍🦱

    54. Emma Grace

      That was helly who money got stolen not sophia

    55. Lorna Ramsay Liddell



      The short hair hack is false

    57. MJ lover

      Velcro+hair= EXTREME PAIN

    58. AlesiaBertila sisters

      OMG 💶

    59. *Water mellow*

      They always use that same hacks in every video cause there lazy0-0

      1. Donnifer Catalan