Brock Lesnar vs Conor McGregor - Gangster Style in MMA


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    Brock Lesnar vs Conor McGregor - Gangster Style in MMA
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    1. akbar hassani

      Conor is a real athlete with his body only musceles and has a big heart

    2. Bruno Espin

      He want figth with Lesnar for the buzz and Money. He did with Mayweather and he won lot of Money for a trainig lol.. He know it s the end for him quickly.. This is life and one time he will be a loser... But he is intelligent..

    3. steveen pachacama

      Y la pelea??

    4. Dave Cajilog

      He all talk

    5. Kilmo l

      Conor is like Brock left foot weight lol wouldn't last a round pick him and throw him around

    6. Demonte Allen

      You can tell from the pic of the video that its photo shopped lol look at the crowd in the background between brok n conor

    7. 사공찬

      코리맥그리거 동생 멋있어

    8. Jesus Cortes

      Nombre del tema musical minuto 9 gracias.Estare atento

    9. Hope Thapa Magar

      Nate 😂is the real gangster in MMA world😋😂✌🏼

    10. Bernard Jackson

      This Conner guy sounds dumb as $h!+ about how he lost.

    11. sirak rock

      every dog has his day.

    12. Aaman Algu

      Conor McGregor would say who the f#ck is that guy

    13. Jozef Toloz

      Then Habib came and you know.......

    14. Arzu Aliyeva

      KHABiB 👍👍👍👍👍

    15. Толибд Бегназарв

      Спасеба вам

    16. balem karap

      legend says they fought off the octagon....

    17. Zebby Nabyka

      You nobody bro

    18. Brad

      Bottom-line: size does matter especially in a UFC fight. Conner may have a lot of good traits and experience, but that will never make up for the size difference between the two.

    19. BOB LANUN

      I love khabib

    20. Shavkat Hoshimov

      Инглисча сузини чунмадим

    21. federico marquez

      Makgregor y el ruso

    22. Ramiz Shaikh

      Khabib is best boxer is world

    23. Raden Stone

      Judul lagu apa y

    24. haljarah

      بعدين اجا حبيب ساواه خردة 😂

    25. Akram Khan

      And what about his father khabib?

      1. The Mask Persona

        His grandson

    26. Rudi Yanto

      Sie raja bacot

    27. Amit Thapa

      U r 👌 great

    28. Josefina Gatica

      Habibi the best

    29. MMA TUDAY helloy DANA

    30. Akbar Ollamurodov

      Gandon tvar Conor

    31. Bds 1166

      Mana gk ada tanyangannya

    32. Махмадулло Хаидов

      А где Хабиб

    33. Aries Respati

      Gregor could not do anything in front of Khabib last time.

    34. Biscuit

      Brock lesnar winner

    35. FF silva ofc

      Ó o famoso três capaz doido Ainnnnnnaaa nobru apelaoooo

    36. Raden muhamad iqbal

      Aku isTri kamu

    37. Mazen Al Awwam

      Khabib destroy this Scum and u r happy with it

    38. touvangfue lee

      We don’t like what this stupid guy Conor do fuck you to other...too poorest professionals. 100% Brock smashed Conor down!

    39. Талгат Баймурзинов

      Хабиб крут крут и ещо крут

    40. muhamad ikbal


    41. Ivory Cain

      Conor you talk like this. Ahh di got your back your fell skill 12 round what in the world did you just say conor.

    42. zaki moulen

      Messing one fight know 🤣🤣🤣

      1. zaki moulen

        @MMA TUDAY i don't understand why you send me this not MMA fans !!!!

      2. MMA TUDAY helloy DANA

    43. Mario Permawan

      fuck the hell ... ... the video title and contents don't connect ...

    44. Idhar Bima

      Ketemu habib layu kaya daun kena rondap

      1. Akhtar Luthfian

        Lawan habib aja ko. Gitu nantang si Mayweather auto babak belur lagi

    45. Symon Roshid Y9E

      brock lesnar is so sloow

    46. Brekoseng Brekoseng

      Grogor,,kau udah sunat ka belum??

    47. Faiq Agasiyev

      Soxurda başın hara gəldi.

    48. Master Cheat XD

      wtf is everyone saying lmao

      1. Arnie art


    49. Асель Туруспекова

      Конар настоящий лох

    50. Prakash

      Where is Conor vs khabib match

    51. Алеша Попович

      Че детский голос!?)))

      1. MMA TUDAY helloy DANA

    52. Mohamadragab Ragabجزاك الله خيرا

      حبيب المسلم وضابه عجنه وخبزه

    53. emmanuel joseph

      Men if the Brock fight corner Iknow for sure corner wouldn’t last 1 round

      1. Brandon McGuire

        This is kind of like asking who wins a badger or a grizzly bear. The badger is mean and tough but at the end of the day stands zero chance.

      2. Brandon McGuire

        Not really a fair fight as neither man can get to the others weight calls.

    54. توفيق كساب

      Habeb 👍

    55. faiz shaikh

      You hape dail the place hanch hunch gawa

    56. Sumar Jan

      Ini petarung sejati

    57. Ahmad Sodikin

      Habib pasti bisa juara

    58. Paul Smith


    59. Bend Rock

      tdak sesuai di gambar

    60. 8-Bit games 696

      FUCK Brock lesnar

    61. ปราณี ศรีราม


    62. Tito Tito

      Corno e tu mesmo kkkkkkk

    63. Robert Marwein

      Liar... where's the fight between them both wanna c

      1. The Italian Stallion

        Robert Marwein ... McGregor is a lightweight, Lesnar is a heavyweight

    64. Mustafa Italiano


    65. Jhony Saputra


    66. Murugan TN

      Can he forget Khabib😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    67. alfajril 04

      Bacot naon teu ngarti.

    68. jay adi channel

      iam just say....sad..sad n sad...

    69. Ngwa Divine

      That is a very useless Caption. Nonesense


      Reto a mag gregor solo necesito 3 asaltos para noquearlo

    71. Rogelio Zapata pena


    72. Adhi Wibowo

      Khabib ♥️

      1. Off-White SQUAD

        Khabib number one

    73. Asep Mulyana

      Yg suka Habib mana jempol nya !?

      1. Roy Taba Taba

        Khabib udh keok lawan toni 😆😆

    74. truth talk

      He forgot the khabib

    75. Anime Music Video TV

      Mc gregor ya mati lah, brock lesnar mantan juara kelas berat sedangkan conor kelas ringan lawak lo badut

      1. Dony Alexsa

        Juara ngocok

      2. HILMAN gaming27

        Ternyata ada orang indo

    76. Ahmad Yanto

      ngomong opoooo wedus gibas iki

    77. cheb Hicham Sghir

      الله يجعلك ماتساسي ما تباصي ماطيح في معاصي⁦♥️⁩🙂 الله يعلي مقامك🤴 ويهدي ضلامك👀🤲يجعل الخير من وراك زمن ڨدامك 😎💯 أبوني لحباب مردودة 😊⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦🇲🇦⁩⁦🇹🇳⁩⁦👍🏼⁩

    78. Orestes Basilan

      Legent vs legent

    79. Aliyana Amil

      pacman vs conner hit👍 for pacman comnt ti macgregor

    80. Srinivasan Perumal

      I love Conor 🌴

      1. Dani Putra Petir

        lol Conor Lose Vs Habib...