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Linus Tech Tips

11 mill ganger2 777

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    Since you guys loved our Amazon basics and Monoprice builds, we decided to get just a little more sketchy and attempt to build a PC using only parts we purchased from Strap in folks, because I can pretty much guarantee that everything WON’T go to plan.
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    Publisert 8 måneder siden


    1. Legnd

      Getting a AD with Linus in it while Watching Linus Tech Tips 👌


      CHCEK THIS OUT FIND STORE CHEAPES PRICES FOR PC PARTS just search amd motherboard cheap you paid 20 for it i do not is true $120 motherboard just 20 any one see on computers parts are cheap video card i'm sure scam who will gave video card 20 for it some places $200 or more any check this out

    3. Yap Wai Jun

      No not WISH🙄

    4. Oliver Wilde

      Like the way there was a advert for wish

    5. Arpad Mertz

      Wish is the lovechild of cancer and dogshit.

    6. Akiro Ai Del rosario

      the sad part is that this preformance is better than my laptop

    7. Matthew Peltier

      When he said "weak left arm" I felt that... Quarantine gang

    8. Kyle Mabunga

      Wish isn’t bad if you buy the right things, I got a pretty nice wallet for a buck. Granted it took about 3 years to arrive, but that’s besides the point.

    9. Jared Tan

      after you are done, work on the ASSTHETICCs of your set up! get some inspiration from @spotlesspc on instagram 😯

    10. elxr 94

      Buuuuuut can it play fortnite

    11. VINIX-COLA

      no entiendo nada de lo que decis flaco aprende a hablar mas despacio porfavor necesito entenderte asi puedo controlar tu problema de salud porque es verdaderamente grave anda a la farmacia de la esquina o a ver karmaland asi aprendes a hablar porqur de verdad de verdad mo entiendo nada de llo que estas diciendo dios santo cura a este chico que no sabe habla poque satanas el diablo lo tiene bajo sus manos llenas de maldad y oscuridad porfavor diooos te lo imploro.

    12. VALLEY

      I see gtx 1080s on wish for 10000 bucks all the time

    13. Matarese Circle

      Good,I never will buy anything on wish.

    14. Faiq Muyassar Hanief

      1060 my ass

    15. Gustav MH

      God this is painful the face of linus 97dlls for this ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Priceless

    16. YT_PoliceForce

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> That's a straight copy of the Thermaltake UX100 5V with a different logo.

    17. Command Buster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="728">12:08</a> a TeN sIXtY; iT DoEsn'T eVen HavE a 6-PiN PowEr ConNecTOR oN It!

    18. Kshitij Joshi

      Why don't you buy a pi4?

    19. Prodigy Guardian

      Hey I’m new to ur NOsel channel I have question my friend doesn’t have enough money for monitor and desktop so, what is the cheapest monitor and desktop for beginners ?

    20. Patrick Desrosiers

      That GF 116 Fermie gets hot enough to melt the plastic on that heatsink shroud ...LOL @ Fake Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Fake.

    21. My Dotes

      Will you sell that to me for 200usd including the cooler, ill make it work thanks😁

    22. YesItsYas

      He's friends with that asian dude from Dr. Strange

    23. aidan bae

      For the price of that 2130, i got a full pc with a 2120. This pc works perfectly, running win 10. Wish is really a rip-off

    24. BeatsByGSD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="948">15:48</a> man leaked his ip adress

    25. Jon P.

      Wish isnt real. Its weird and cheap quality stuff

    26. Flávio Manoel S. Hemerli

      I was expecting him to burn the whole computer or destroy it with a huge hammer. Kinda disappointed, good video tho

    27. Tiago Guedes

      I love the fact that he's like: im pretty sure that they dont have the rights to use this image! dude, they're Chinese, there is literally no rights there

    28. First Name Last Name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> whoa now you're talkin my kinda channel 😍

    29. waylon sherman

      Every time Linus opens his mouth wide he looks like his wife’s boyfriend just let him buy Animal Crossing New Horizons

    30. Matthew Vancouver-Island

      glass ware is just task manager or prosess hacker

    31. Wayne Burrows

      This Was HILARIOUS!!!! 50 THUMBS UP!! LOL

    32. Timothy Fries

      scared to watch this and start getting those horrifi ads

    33. Chris Guzman

      So I have a question I want to get in gaming I have a PS4 a minister but I don’t know nothing about pc what like stuff do I need for 144 hz moniter plz respond

    34. TheHammerGuy

      So this is colin’s first video But he’s still under probabtion i guess which is why he’s censored both voice and face

    35. Mega Trunks

      When a trash case costs more than your gpu you know you made a mistake

    36. SneakyAssassin

      Who else got a wish ad on this?

    37. MisticAU

      eBay version?

    38. BetamaleOW

      Why have 7 thousand people disliked this video?

    39. Don Preston

      Just put the shit together......., no one cares about the geeky sarcasm after every fucking thing that gets opened. Even the altered voice in the background wants to be anonymous.

    40. Ben Zutti

      what about this? A GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for 8657.00 swissfranks Check this out great job btw!

    41. ffcuk63

      That's scarey from graphics card to cheaply made towers... there all over ebay,,, in the pictures they look good,, but damm, like you said if it's to be good to be true its probably not. ...

    42. gilberto sandri

      I'm brazilian

    43. gilberto sandri

      Tendi foi nada!

    44. Harry Stop23

      10 series does have VGA because I had an acer GN246hl and a 1060ti sooooo

    45. Darius PDE

      Wsti roman ?

    46. Louis Grant

      I actually have that mat. Pretty sweet.

    47. JJ Swag

      This is better than my pc 😐

    48. Bret Sutherland's Terrible Tech Reviews

      you can seriously get an i3 for less than $15 on eBay

    49. Paulo henrique Amorim

      i have this old Zalman Flower Cooler (model CNPS7000C) adapted to my AM3+ socket. Got this cooler from a friend who was putting some old hardware in the trash. Even it being 14 years old, it's really better than the AMD OEM cooler.

    50. Anthony Canty

      Wish I had the balls to even touch a PSU bought from Wish

    51. ItsBlits

      Omg that’s so overpriced 🤬stop it get some help had to win tho

    52. Otrey

      Who got a add from wish before watching?

    53. DerAminator

      when you order linus from wish

    54. Jaderacer88

      How was I the only one that was shocked this computer even posted

    55. Lee Oswald

      House number 9969

    56. Lee Oswald

      "it's not a good deal... Lalala..." Better tell us where to get the best deals

      1. Connor Jensen

        Best deals change and are not centralized, check pcpartpicker to find the best deal for a given thing at a given time

    57. Vasser.ex4

      He looked like he was about to cry lol.

    58. Aapo Ihminen

      I just want know IS IT works

    59. 1mthaq

      you know you are stupid when you buy overpriced stuff from wish and then realize that you could go and build a better PC for same price and better stuf

    60. zacjk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1244">20:44</a> haha funny number

    61. Zak Lemon

      I got that mouse and it broke in under a year

    62. V Rapture V

      The only time i bought something and didnt get what i bought was a good thing. Bought 65 lg c8 got send 65 lg c9 XD. One of the rare hell yeah moments! Edit: Was definitely not off of Wish lmao btw. Wish is almost always a scam

    63. Stanley Tang

      This is not too good to be true, it's too bad to be true. Way too expensive, I had one i7 built 5 years ago that is actually cheap than this piece of shit

    64. kninzo tagoni

      I mean i get all my parts from amazon newegg riped me off by giving me a deffective mother bord that i spent almost 200 bucks on and would not let me return it. Never using newegg again.

      1. kninzo tagoni

        @Don Johnson ya when i made my first pc in 2017 they already gave me a bad impression so as far as im conerned they have always been bad its upsetting that there still promoting it.

      2. Don Johnson

        They've gotten really bad; I remember 10 or 12 years ago, they were great to their customers. Now, they don't give a half a fuck.

    65. Luana 1011

      CODE: tlrkvwv Download the Wish app and use the promotional code tlrkvwv in your first order to receive up to 50% discount! Download the app here: CODE: tlrkvwv

    66. Bob Ray

      I dont' think the old adage applies here, it wasnt too good to be true - it was an average deal before realising it was a bunch of junk, this is just a straight up bait-and-switch scam.

    67. Johnfromafar

      he looks so weird without facial hair


      Next video *Wish refused to refund my items*

    69. Kiril Romanovic

      49 dollars for fucking Sandy bridge I3 :D, Ive built budget gaming PC with 1270 xeon that costed 40....

    70. KUBOID beats

      overclock it and see how long it takes to explode in part 2

    71. Foxity Music

      Who else saw the Linus pulseway ad? Like if saw the ad.

    72. Bram Baars

      You can ask your money back and then its free

    73. Oblivion Incoming

      I feel like one of those kids who only look at the pictures in the book instead of reading it.

    74. Armando Sales

      core i3 for 50$???? seriously I lived in a cheap country and thats overly and overly price

    75. Bebopopotamus

      Strap on, guys!

    76. Segaking007

      I mean that rgb cooling fan was actually pretty cool. I do kinda like it honestly and I'd buy it

    77. stopdropandroll

      Still better than the verge build

    78. Damian Estey sucks.


      His voice kinda sounds like Michel Scott

    80. lil kiso

      Well what do you expect? It’s from wish