Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

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    Will she call their bluffs? Watch The Try Guys try to beat a world poker champion in the new episode of, The Try Guys 4 vs. 1!
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    1. Leah Horner

      Even with her explaining it very well I still understand nothing of poker yet this was very entertaining

    2. SketchyPersonn

      Off topic, but do u guys know Game of the Generals?

    3. Negasuki

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1051">17:31</a> "Ok, here's the deal. I have a pretty good deal. This is the right play in this situation." "Why?" "Because. Math."

    4. Kai Sutherland

      this show is goid in spite of the try guys. mamby thats just me though

    5. Colin

      I swear the more I watch these guys the more I think they’re on crack

    6. Justin Lenehan

      How does Eugene not have a good poker face

    7. Reece David

      Next time bring on Doyle Brunson

    8. Ash Catre

      When i play poker with my dad i usually get bored near the end and just go all in... I have won every time just by getting bored... Luck pure luck

    9. Thomas Adams

      The way Zach keeps looking at his cards is the way my wifey been looking at me for 8 years <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1315">21:55</a>

    10. Emily Wright

      Such top energy... I’m dead

    11. Keetah Boulton

      okay, someone needs to make a movie of her life

    12. MasterXan

      Who's willing to explain poker to me?

    13. Erwin Broekhoven

      spoilers!! but zach you absolute madlad going that pot for a 10 high ballsy man

    14. Marc Steven BALAORO

      Maria Ho: My ability is to read people. proceeds to lose many competitions to Daniel Negreanu

    15. Potato Person

      Zach: I wanna be in the room where it happens Me, a Hamilton fan: OHMYFREAKINGGODWHATJUSTHAPPENEDTHATWASAMAZING

    16. Cosmo17

      Looks like Maria wasnt trying

    17. Nick Glassman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a> Zach would have 3 4s and an ace smh

    18. Brendan

      put some more 3 minute add's before the video why dont you

    19. Stephen O'Leary

      I haven't ever heard a better argument against betting than Why gamble when you can have lunch?

    20. John Fabrigar

      she not just good she always get good cards wtf

    21. pro_ waffle

      Maria 90% of the time had a pair bruh how

    22. Quadra Quentine

      I maria HO Yes you are

    23. Andrew Mclinden

      You guys should do this with pool/billiards it would be a great video especially if you could get efren reyes to do it maybe do a race to 3 or something

    24. Joanna Robertson

      For a second I thought it said Pokémon Champion...

    25. 1000 subs without a video

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="442">7:22</a> What a lame excuse of being bad at the game 😂😂

    26. Austin K

      title should be can 4 soyboys with the combined total testosterone of a 90 year old man beat a poker champion

    27. L0wen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1288">21:28</a> when maria realized "so maybe i lost now"

    28. Skylar Nguyen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="618">10:18</a> This was a good call though because THEY LITERALLY HAD A 0% CHANCE OF WINNING but they don’t know that.

    29. kaigyo

      i wanna see the try guys play all the smash bros games (64, melee, brawl, 4, ultimate) and have either mew2king or zero as the expert

    30. NotSoCool Wizard

      How in world does she keep getting doubles!?!

    31. Kyrene Tam

      why are her hands always so good

    32. Millie Ember

      *And so Ned won against the pro again. . .*

    33. Emogirl_Yt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="482">8:02</a> Fucking loved the Hamilton Reference 💖💖💖

    34. Jana Lesemotte

      Not gonna lie, I didn't understand anything that was going on in this video but kept watching for Maria. Intelligent, charming and gorgeous, wow.

    35. Mark Foti

      Maria you are so beautiful and talented & I enjoy watching your poker face.

    36. Claudia Moses

      Anyone else starts singing the room where it happens??

    37. Anxo gallego

      why all try guys are gay is there any reason? not saying is bad

    38. sirmonsieurr

      Just hopped off “Rounders” 🙈

    39. Andy Quach

      She’s viet

    40. Dragon Chasm

      Doesn’t help that she’s hot lmao

    41. Daeviiid All in

      This guys are nerd losers.


      Bruh she got one pairs of the bat 3 times!!! Luck:♾

    43. MaRYel Genada

      i Literally look at maria's nails EVERY SINGLE TIME! ugh!

    44. Lchantilly

      ZACK WOU COULD HAVE WON in the second round if you didn't fold :(

    45. Raina Rose

      Why bet money on stuff when you can buy lunch? I’ve never even able to relate to Eugene until that line 😂

    46. Kainen Zimmerman

      Maria is cheating she has got a good cards like 3 times in a row

    47. Diya Goyal

      im literally quaking she had a full house in the second round HOW

    48. Black Mistic

      Play red dead’s poker and you will feel awesome and think you know everything but you probably won’t

    49. Willow Smith

      Maria kept getting all those pairs 😂😂

    50. Aaron Lu

      uhhh are we not gonna talk about how maria was dealt three pocket pairs in a row...

    51. Brian Lin

      how does mariah look 28 when she is 37. tf?

    52. Darkxst

      The viewers under 18: Woaow.

    53. Leila Rashidian

      Question: Are they betting actual money in this game?

    54. Zhi Han Loke

      How did Maria get 3 pairs in the span of 14 mins???

    55. Kobe Bryant

      Can 4 guys beat a world champ yugioh player plz🥺

    56. Chandra Wagner

      I'm sorry the way eugene played made me want to smack him 🤣 very frustrating (I'm not even a good poker player)

    57. xCyborg Ninja

      Bruh I don’t even know how to play poker

    58. LEXORZ Gaming

      So a phycologist is super good at poker

    59. Meidah Marsella

      What's make you a good poker player? "Well, you have to good at math" Okay.. I'm done

    60. Cindy Chau

      watched to the end and realized eugene had emma in his hands and could only thing "OMG they multiplied"

    61. Chantal

      kinda late but she's such a badass

    62. Zero-two 02

      Was I the only one who don’t understand anything?

    63. Pat Masilang

      like damnnn why does she get all the good cardss hahahaha

    64. One Eyed

      Jim halper looks a little different

    65. damitzdesign

      If Maria is the #2 women poker player, then who's the #1 poker player?

    66. Ashlee Teng

      Ned and Eugene looks so intimidating

    67. Play4rYt

      Her: "I'm Maria *SOMETHING*" What I hear: "I'm a real hoe"

    68. Martin B

      Zach played with a 5, 2... so sick

    69. Tracy Ho

      bro we love another viet! Same last name as maria!!

    70. Ben Truswell

      Her nails are badass

    71. Brady George

      Eugene looks like Slash

    72. Cowta Playz

      Eugene: 0% winning chance Also Eugene: raises 100 bucks

    73. Cowta Playz

      I could easily beat Eugene and Keith.

    74. rodrigo perez meza

      How can you be good at poker? Isn it just luck?

    75. lindseydanceluv

      Eugene: gets dog Also Eugene: checks out for the rest of the game

    76. TacoAngel5 Dude

      I mean I played mahjong once and beat everyone 5th turn so that’s cool

    77. Antonio Tuka

      when u smurf with silvers

    78. Liz WhIZz

      "A long as our expert isn't asian, then I'm fine" mood

    79. Roe Alexis

      i have no clue what’s happening

    80. Malik arsya

      maria hu maria ho ho maria hu