(蚕丝被)Ancient Oriental methods of the Sericulture, the solution to the cold |Liziqi Channel

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    Liziqi Channel--Silk quilt 蚕丝被
    China is the first country to invent silkworm rearing in the world
    Silk is also a symbol of ancient oriental culture.
    Ever since we were young we raised silkworms at home,
    It looks like winter is coming,
    use this late autumn's silkworm cocoons to make a quilt,
    for grandma to spend the winter in warmth.
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      i wish i can be like you🥺❤️

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      Wow the details are so perfect...u deserve the year award for ur videos...mashallah I wish I could spend a year with girl like this to teach me...cultivation really important to me...thx for sharing

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      Amazing work I love it , and I like see you every day because you never know if one day I will use your methods for survivor .

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      Does the blanket ever spoil?:)

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      못하는게 뭔가요 경이롭네요

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      This video told us why silk quily is so expensive..... lol

    8. 大野奔象

      嫘祖傳人 嫘祖始蠶育兆民,春蠶到死絲方盡; 子柒勦絲暖被窩,巧手慧心無絕期。

    9. Novineux

      poor silkworms :(


      你好,你好嗎? 我喜歡您的視頻,但您太辛苦了!

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      The old trick in the book ..

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      李孑柒 you’re amazing!!!

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      Me when she gets the silk: Are you boiling bugs and caterpillars? I love this lady

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      With so much of the world being full of fake crap, like our over processed foods - cars we don't need - plastic crap that we don't need etc, it's refreshing to watch something like this that makes you realise just how beautiful and fantastic our natural world is. By the time money grubbing developers of the world finish up and our governments wake up - it'll be too late because they'll have destroyed it all. So jealous of the way she lives.

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      Imagine a life like this.. no cities, no dead end jobs.. just life providing for life and the social aspect of being with the close communities. No rich assholes..

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      Esta vez me dejaste literalmente con la boca abierta. Eres simplemente increíble.

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      This channel made me realize how abundant the world is..

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      She's a very hard working lady......i enjoyed her videos very much It gives me a pleasant time M watching this video during my quarantine... Thnk u very much liziqi ♥️

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      No hay nada que no sepa hacer, es increíble

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      Nooooooo..una vida muy sacrificada....admirable...pero no quiero eso para mi...

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      Природа удивительная, чистый воздух. Красота.

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      I feel peaceful when I watch your videos. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️ From Vietnam with love

    44. It’s me Amanda

      It’s sad to see the silkworms die but *”For one to live, the other must die”*

      1. The Great Plum War

        It was sad but the grandmama smile made me forget the sadness

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      She is the best youtuber

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      "where are you?" Words that are so scary in this video

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      Why not c UT the pupa out please explain the process. I don't understand? If you always kill the pupa then how do you reproduce the silk worms?

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      Ya debería contratar un traductor al español

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      我总觉得蚕丝很残忍,在茧里的还活着的蚕就这么被煮死了,虽然他们自然破茧后也活不了几天…看到被扒出来的半成型的蚕 没来由的不忍心看…这要是在国内网站上说 肯定又要有人骂我圣母吧。

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      wwoow i didn’t know that small piece cocoons can spread this big 🙌🏽 🤭daebak im amazed by such small creatures

    60. missou miss

      I din't know why there's a dislikes and haters in the video ... Pleasse ..wither if thats her life or no .. The girl is sharing positivity...and love for her life and nature and her grand ma .. I love her life while we're living in the middle of this shitty tv and screens and fast food ... Good job u represent china in great way .especially in this corona virus vibes

    61. Hương Phạm

      I hope she can see this comment. I notice that she changed the background music of at least one of her videos (the cotton one, this one). I’m worried that it’s due to copystrike. Here is a website that provides music for youtubers, music that can be used freely without fearing about copystrike or takedowns. The website is developed by Michelle Phan’s team. Michelle is also a NOselr, so she understands copystrikes/takedowns stuff. app.hellothematic.com

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      Omg! Is there anything she does NOT know? She is a miracle.

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      What the song on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a>? This theme of "Princess Mononoke"?

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      The Hard Earned Silk for Grandma to wear n sleep on; dedication n caring is counted alwezz...🌿🧚‍♀️

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      This is really cool I was ki da confused on how silk could be warm based on the silk robes I have seen instorea, but this is WAY better

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      Does anyone else think that boiling the poor baby silk worms is horrible????

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      It’s so calming watching your videos. Your hard work & dedication shows. What I think a real life Mulan would do! Always there for your grandmother.

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      You know, it would also be cool to see her spin the silk and either weave or turn it into embroidery thread. I want to see how silk fabric becomes shiny and... Well... Silky lol

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