Can We Destroy It? (GAME) ft. Becky Lynch

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    Is Becky Lynch a SMASH champ outside the ring?! We’ll find out when we challenge the WWE wrestler to a game of destroying things! GMM #1518
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    Intro Animation by Dana Schechter
    Intro & Outro Music by Mark Byers
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    Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones

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    1. BoBu

      Who was reminded by this episode because of the recent too ridiculous episode?

    2. BoBu

      Wait who is this? One of those fake wrestlers?

    3. venomous_05

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="832">13:52</a> she said take that Charlotte, she was training with the chair so she can use it on Charlotte

    4. Julianna Myers

      When I first saw her for some reason I thought of Ginny weasly right away

    5. Slimey Annihilation

      She's irish isnt she?

    6. Taylor Baggins

      She's so attractive :)

    7. 1

      Came back and now she preggo

    8. That Girl Gaming

      She is pregnant now

    9. The chocolate girl CHOCOLATE


    10. The chocolate girl CHOCOLATE

      Becky said rounda and charlotte While smashing the tv I feel like she wants to beat them up

    11. BillyTheHardcoreGamer

      Becky loves Rhett. Ooo! But they can't be together

    12. Vox Watson

      god that woman is a force

    13. warrior KM

      Link doesnt know how to use a sledgehammer

    14. Tim Gillam

      Link is just a wrestling babe magnet

    15. FifaMessi010

      She could lead a pack of Vikings into a battlefield holy..

    16. Oindrila Ghosh

      That C logic is not that correct 1+1= A 2 B 4 C 3 But she is still amazing

    17. czean mikhaela

      who else is on a marathon 🥴

    18. Golden Gacha


    19. Shadow Dragon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> so you’ve found someone more southern than both of you

    20. gabi horbal

      We learned a lot today But most importantly it’s always c

    21. Gucciboi _YT


    22. DA S N E K


    23. Travis William Long

      have stone cold on

    24. Sternritter

      i'd smash her

    25. Nic Anonn

      She actually lost an had 1375

    26. BEST psy music BEST

      Cute girl

    27. TpitzAJ x_x

      People: idk who she is but she seems badass. Me: WTF U NEED TO KNOW I CANT WITH U WHO TF RU

      1. Ahmed Ali

        Becky is just awesome.

    28. Benjamin Malave Jr.

      I'd smash her.

    29. Isabeau Miller

      This video has confirmed that I am indeed a lesbian

    30. Spencer Bladyka

      I dont know why she used the flat side of the chair... slows the swing, reduces the pressure, gotta use the edge!

    31. maxhax 1911

      I like her hair style

    32. yooniverse

      "it's a little phallatial looking" "like a filet?" ".... yeah."

    33. Kacper Grzenkowicz

      Today we smash rekash xD

    34. Andy nunnally

      Well paige would beg to differ

    35. •Henry LEGENDARY•

      Strippers be like: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a>

    36. Dansokay

      “The man” brought her WWego along

    37. Kendyl Laumann

      I follow the C answer thing too!

    38. Gian Paulo de Leon

      Link could have popped the balloon if he used the handle to smash the balloon instead of the head of the hammer. Just thinking about smashing that balloon too much.

    39. Skiry

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> noone talking about that spin

    40. My Sister’s Keeper

      Her “abc” logic has awaken my dyslexia

    41. Septic Boomer

      Drawing the hammers from the rock is giving me PTSD from getting over it with Bennett foddey

    42. Vincent Neff

      You can you please get me a ride to come to my house 😁

    43. Brandy bubs

      Women wrester

    44. RepThe616

      You can see right through dem leggings tho. She is smokin.

    45. PLW

      I wonder if he got that butter sculpture idea from iCarly lol

    46. CL Gaming

      Is she short or are you tall????

      1. Arizona Ranger with a big iron on his hip

        Link is 6 ft tall and Rhett is like 6’7

    47. Alfonso Alonzo

      That butter smash was violent

    48. Eric Morgenroth

      There's only one thing I wanna smash in this video

    49. kimberley williams

      DAMN now that's a woman.

    50. Connor Hagerman-Burdignon

      The intro Doe...

    51. Brandon Paci

      Becky....sit on my face pleaseeeeeeeee

    52. JayZ LC

      Becky is hot....I'm going to Ireland

    53. Anthony Faella

      I we not gonna talk about how he dipped the salami in the ashes and then ate it

    54. Charles Jannuzi

      Give her the sledge!

    55. Joker The clown prince of crime

      Becky is a badass with a sexy ass

    56. Jack Slicen

      Am i the only one that thinks she is crazy.

    57. Honday Hikay

      Becky sure likes that drink what does it have in it is it like raw power

    58. Yahwehs Blue boy

      pity smash at the end there

    59. Omar Housani

      Nice video

    60. FireSonata

      Should have been a pumpkin instead of the watermelon ;)

    61. Brevin Louder

      “Classic salami urn”

    62. edgy boii

      imagine if they put a nokia phone as one of the items to smash

    63. A A

      We all came here for this @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a>

    64. Floating F

      Becky did not deserve to win. That second hit was not a smash!

    65. Stephen Skuse

      oooh, that accent.... You guys need to get more WWE Divas on the show.

    66. Shawna Mateo

      Oh Em Gee she’s my favorite superstar

    67. Josh Kaid

      Rollins is very lucky.

    68. JaeVonn Flanagan

      Always Wear Protection When You Smash!

    69. That's just Cottagecore babyyy

      I- I'm in love??♡

    70. Awesome Austen

      Asexuals are hard to smash

    71. Awesome Austen

      Asexuals are hard to smash

    72. SamBMX Films

      That intro describes the life of a Prostitute

    73. Lillian Thomason

      I love Becky so much😂

    74. Justin R

      I really don’t like that shim

    75. Justin R

      Just three dudes having fun

    76. Isaiah Courtright

      I’ve watched like 50 episodes in the last 7 days and this has been one of my favorites.

    77. Billie Guy

      I live you Becky lol

    78. Daniel Zaic

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="830">13:50</a> only true fans will understand

    79. Christine Warner

      Becky has reeeeeaaly pretty hair!

    80. lillian h

      I just noticed the misfits shirt, that just made the video better