Can you guess these famous people?


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    1. Ebony Hancock

      People in the comments, it's a game they are literally best friends.

    2. yung luv

      Randolph got bullied

    3. Nxcoツ

      Yo I low key could’ve swore drake was Cameron Boyce

    4. Thomas Ratcliffe

      I slowed down the spe d of the video and rewatched the Selena Gomez question at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> and it is clear that JJ is definitely last and Randolph and Simon are pretty much equal to start speaking. Proof that they just bully Randolph.

    5. nic camp

      “Your disrespecting Tupac and Biggie!” Randolph: “They’re dead!” Why did he sound so excited 😂

    6. Kelvin Ohene Yeboah

      "i will deduct a point" ksi logan paul rematch 🤣👀👀👀

    7. ViperZ

      Miniminter and KSI bully Randolph for 12 minutes and 16 seconds straight

    8. Jerseys

      background music starting at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a>?

    9. DMC JOKER

      It ticks me off how im rewatching this and jj says tupac like pac in pac man

    10. Keira Bagnall

      This is 12 minutes of JJ and Simon bullying Randy :P

    11. Hamza Ramovic

      Who else feels bad for Randolph getting absolutely shat on by Simon?

    12. Yazeed Khzouz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>

    13. Yazeed Khzouz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>

    14. Noah Carmona

      I fucking love Randolph

    15. Angelos Lois

      Never have Randolph on your vids again

    16. Lauren Kinsella

      So nasty to randolph

    17. Ruari Thompson

      I actully feel sorry for randolph simon and jj were teaming up against him just horrible simon and jj you guys should feel a shame of your selfs for making fun of randolph how would you guys feel if people did that to you two ksi and miniminter

      1. Ruari Thompson

        I do love miniminter and ksi but there was no need to buylling randolph like that no one likes being bullyed

      2. Ruari Thompson

        You guys did ent even give randolph the point when he guess katy perry shame on you jj and simon

      3. Ruari Thompson

        Randolph i feel bad for you i got you back brother

    18. HiP3R SniP3R

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a>

    19. Kyle Hyo

      Simon licks Jj's ass so much in this video

    20. Brendon Mpofu

      You are mean to Randolph

    21. ya boii keanu

      All the dislikes are from the people that felt bad for Randolph

    22. Lord Harambe


    23. Inferno Rock3t

      How many time did JJ have a drink

    24. OLLI3 Rookie

      Like my comment is u think Simon bum lucks JJ

    25. Ele Ractliffe

      JJ actually looks so hot in this vid

    26. Ben Rowlands

      simon thought he was so funny in this

    27. Katy Wood

      When Kim was younger she looks so similar to North now!

    28. the_real_gn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="287">4:47</a> jj intellect has increased

    29. Jake Hudson

      Miniminter is scared of JJ

    30. HisokaDidNothingWrong

      JJ:Lets make it fair A bit fucking late

    31. Maieke Thompson

      I feel so sorry for Randolph jj and Simon are saying that he's pissing of them but it's actually jj and Simon thats pissing of everyone thats watching this video and Randolph

      1. J. Leoney

        U need to relax a little bit

    32. Micky_ Joe12

      It really annoyed me how Randolph was treated in this video if I were him I would have left

    33. Anna

      I thought Randolph said his buzzer noise was ‘porn’.

    34. Paul Asasinul

      Randolph need to win

    35. lena78434

      poor randolph

    36. Kymani Woodall

      Randolph biggie and Tupac were shot

    37. Ollie A9

      I felt bad for randolph

    38. Lethal Assassin

      Randolph got shelved in another level 😂😂

    39. 11/10

      I mean JAY Z Is the best rapper alive so L

    40. Zaman Hussain

      Why does JJ always *DRAW*

    41. NG_Wolf

      I believe Eminem is better but that is just me

    42. ZJKS TV

      Simon sucks jj hard🤣

    43. Sezuin _

      5th one looked kinda like George best

    44. Taylon Svensson

      Randolph won jerks

    45. George Skootz

      Simon was acting up infront of jj😂

    46. RaynZ

      Simon really is JJs bi...

    47. OpTiCzZ_ Lulu

      Simon pissed me So off this Video sry Simon but you got a dislike for bullying Randolph

    48. Info Account

      I want this again

    49. Roman Joseph

      Randolph acts like a rapper and like he knows everything abt rap but he j doesn’t and it’s so fucking embarrassing... smh

    50. Sammis

      Simon makes the hoodie darker in the thumbnail to make the sidemen logo more noticeable

    51. Lilla Gang

      All the 12yo’s watching this are going off because of Randolph getting bullied. They are joking. Randolph doesn’t want you to give Simon or JJ hate. Grow up. If this makes you mad, start watching Disney Channel instead.

    52. PluggerProduces

      Simon bumlicks jj

    53. F2 Blaze

      This vid kinda pissed me off n I fully un subbed


      2 pack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    55. Aheli Banerjee

      Drake went to my school Canadians represent

    56. Gochi Xiong

      I honestly was a little pissed off on how Simon singled one out. Yeah ik they are friends and are joking but idk it made me a little annoyed

    57. Reta Ponomareva

      I guessed Ophra

    58. Footy clipz

      dislike as a rip to randy

    59. Dan And Gabriel

      There just bullying randolph

    60. Dan Treadwell

      Simon is on jj’s side this whole video

    61. Deepa Vamanan

      Totally unfair for randy but he smashed it

    62. Georgey G

      I hated this vid, just let Randolph get the correct amount of points

    63. Logic_is_ Debatable

      The 3 of them legit are 2 of my friends personalities and me if we were NOselrs. I'd be Randolph cause I'm bullied.

    64. TheRoRoGaming

      Randolph is legit so annoying

    65. Simran Kaur


    66. eve bradley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> me at my siblings when i win the argument 😂

    67. Blah Blih bleh

      bro ppl rlly dont like Simon bullying Randolf. like who cares?? 🤣

    68. Dang It

      *Randolph gets a correct answer* Ksi And Simon: "Little boy tryna get involved"

    69. LJF22

      I swear Simon sucks of jj so much

    70. Liam Ndangana

      Is that actually true simon

    71. DerpyDragon Gaming

      I love how Randolph actually got 7 points

    72. Frenk Hidri

      If i was randolph id leave

    73. Fluxx

      I don’t get all the comment on how Simon was apparently bullying Randolph??? It just seemed like friendly banter, it was just a laugh

    74. iCube ebuCi

      That's where KSI and Tobi ate the whole KFC menu for a vid 🤣😂😅

    75. Talefa Phelan-Wilde Year 9

      how did drake get uglier

    76. F1N0T3

      I disliked for Randolph 😂😂

    77. Josh Poole

      Randolph 5 Simon 1 JJ 3

    78. KSOMIAK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> i think we need a law, that doesn't allow any of the sidemen to take someone's points off

    79. Rahul Padhi

      Randolph won

      1. archiewall124 FIFA

        Rahul Padhi now say that without crying

    80. Extremely rare rainbow Pepe

      Randolph should've stood up for himself here