Carl Barron - Social formalities

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    1. Abdul Zahab

      “Anyways” BRUVAA THATS TOO FKIN GOOD 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Glenn Schadow

      Love ya stuff mate ,

    3. Ania 🌸

      Hes my favourite comedian hahaha 😂

    4. Vegan Marc

      This guy is speciesist. But funny in his own way. Well I dont make fun of bald persons so why should he make fun of dolphins and Greenpeace?

    5. alexa rosi

      Im live in Australia and the Australia speaking is better than all of English languages

    6. Joanne Lowrey

      Carl is just hilarious... he talks about all the things Aussies can relate too....When he talks about his dad it reminds me so much of the things my dad use to say ...😂... Just precious ...❤️ Love you Carl ..🤣

    7. Specialized 29er

      No new material from this fella in a hundred years.

      1. Ross Ross

        You should give it a go.

    8. Carmen Isnichwichtig


    9. Mitch Dwyer

      He should be new PM

    10. DR NOOB

      Boop..... 😮

    11. ¿OwO ?


    12. Trevstar92

      What's is this stand up called? Csnt find a full video anywhere just clips!!

    13. EARGASmickTRON

      that half sucked mango of a head is enough to crack me up! comedy act not required :) LOL

    14. Dale Boxsell

      Carl that’s Indian not Spanish.

    15. Stacy Large

      Funnie funnee funny ANyway you spell it

    16. Bernadette Apps

      Bloody funny man.

    17. Prod. Lemei

      Happy Christmas. Ya doggg

    18. Rima Man

      bloody adds everywhere every you tube video now its like watchings adds with a little tiny bit about the video , i was at the shop thw gas station the other day there were adds playing on the ciggarette cabinet door i couldnt beleive it , theres more adds on you tube now that its xmas and more adds than on t.v i keep getting this add with a guy that looks like an older version of bolo yeung , but hes git a white kiwi accent and hes trying to sell properties , i fuckin hate him, and those other adds, i feel like going over to their places at 6 am waking them up and saying do you wana hear about what i had for dinner last night? ans then ill talk to you about my garden , we'll see how they like annoying fuckin shit

    19. Dougie


    20. Dean Shaw

      I'm the anyway master King

    21. Last train To Vegas

      Couldn’t understand a fucking word ... jeez watta accent

    22. hafiz syed


    23. Relaxation Media

      NOsel ads suk shite

    24. Steven Reed

      I had some activist come up to me at a supermarket and say “you look like someone who loves animals” so I said “I sure do I eat the lot of them” that stopped her in her tracks 😂

    25. John Taie

      You speak shit English with shit accept please understand that

    26. Chris Sharrock

      The gap cracks me up😂

    27. Dave Goldspink


    28. Selma Janet McGoram

      LOOOOOVE Carl. BEST Aussie comdian

    29. Trent Wolter

      I fucking always use anyway to get out of a conversation I'm not interested in

    30. Joshua Knight

      your Spanish accent sounded like Apu from the Simpsons fuck sake, and he's not Spanish, he's Indian 😂😂😂

      1. xen0g3n

        You do realise he said he couldn't do the accent? You calling it out only reinforces your lack of comprehension. Muppet.

    31. MaTtRoSiTy

      Very underrated comedian

    32. K S

      "Tunnel ball"

    33. I’m not good, just good at it

      Dolphin burp

    34. Broly

      Where is he in that video where did he perform

      1. Sea BelowMe

        At a guess the forum theatre in Melbourne.

    35. S. White

      Carl IS funnier than a fart in a church

    36. Qwerty Qwert


    37. Breaking Toast

      love Carl Barron

    38. RacecaR NZ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>

    39. Peter Olsen

      one came up to me once and said " would you like to try some children free chocolate?" meaning no child labor cocoa picking, and i said " no thanks, i like the ones with the REAL children pieces" the look on her face was priceless! {and im diabetic before i get all the hate mail}

    40. Hol' Up Niqqa

      Haha glad NOsel recommended this. Funny guy

    41. Dave Goldspink


    42. Will to Freedom

      LOL. What's in that sandwich?


      Dolphin! rofl

    44. Travis Vanderberg

      Has no exception for the funny Aussie humor... Queensland rules

    45. Kane

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> that ladies laughs through the whole dvd too hahahaha love ya carl on ya m8

    46. Frank porto

      This guy is useless his been doing the same material from when he started on the footy show so many year's ago it was shit then

    47. DustyV8sound

      Thankyou Carl for the great laughs over the years. Money can't make your soul rich but good laughs can and you have dropped some big deposits into my soul account, so thankyou so much and bless you I would love to see a movie about an outback country town where Carl Barron is the local drug dealer and Jim Jefferies is the local cop. No matter how hard Jim tries to catch Carl, Carl always out smarts Jim in some funny way and Jim is always going to the extreme in some funny way to catch Carl. Then the movie ends with Carl becoming the town hero by accident and Jim retires with all the drug money by accident. I know its a bit random but I know if there was ever a movie like this it would be the funniest movie of all time

    48. Robert Kirby

      Cunny Funt

    49. The Grimm Reaper

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> was not expecting that! 😂🤣😂

    50. Mel O

      'anyway' or 'alright then...'

    51. xXRambodianXx


    52. Jeff Vader

      I'm aghast, he just suggested sexually assaulting a stranger, why is this man not being shouted down from the heights?

      1. Harley and Hayley

        I knew it was suss when you said aghast

      2. Jeff Vader

        @Chris Mightellyulater you idiots are obviously Canadian, that was sarcastic you dumb fucks

      3. genetenz

        Because you're a homo

      4. Chris Mightellyulater

        Uhh.. because it's comedy?! Like y'know, get the fuck over yourself!!?

    53. Emelia Troe

      Legend! I can't get over dolphin sandwich!

      1. IH S

        Dolphin burp

    54. Stranger 1

      His actions just make the jokes complete. 😂😂

      1. Liam Mills

        100% true

      2. Alba Primus

        Yea thats probably the best part for me

    55. molly tsanadis

      “Sounds indian” BAHAHAH

    56. Mama- -Rua


      1. YNation7

        @Purple Rain I'm American. I think it's hilarious!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Carl is one of my favorite comedians in the world.

      2. Purple Rain

        It's Australian humour. If you're from another country or culture, it would be difficult to understand.

    57. Mama- -Rua


    58. Bekka T

      I'm waiting for the next one. I've watched all the others. My favorite comedian hands down hahahahaha.

    59. EDH

      Ahhhhh!... *Piece of shit*

    60. Andrew G

      Mine wasn't a sandwich mine was Sushi but had a woman that waa a Green Peace fundraiser do the same to me.

    61. Jay Jay

      Check your website on your about page

    62. Ruben Aucamp

      Is it the real carl barron uploading the videos or just some rando?

      1. Ruben Aucamp

        @JanEarth True that

      2. JanEarth

        It looks legit mate. If not this bloke is doing a great job of promoting Carl :)

    63. Jake Flannery

      Too good!

    64. trevorpom

      I've always said that tuna doesn't taste the same since they took the dolphin out.

      1. Ongie '


    65. Chad


    66. BibiBosh

      He deserves an oscar sprinkled with grammys and a side of an endorsement from the queen of england!

      1. jimmy james

        @I’m not good, just good at it I don't remember commenting here, Carl ate your dolphin 😆

      2. I’m not good, just good at it

        Jimmy James. Case in point. I was being sarcastic. Like taking the piss, giving each other shit and not having a massive ego. Big here, unknown in the US...... Just FYI, this is taking the piss. All in good humour. A good test for if you’d like Barron. 👊🤨 Aussie, if you hadn’t picked that up yet.....❤️

      3. I’m not good, just good at it

        Jimmy James Where the tiny people live?

      4. Yuck Foutube

        Why the Queen? Who would want endorsement from that old hag?

      5. I’m not good, just good at it

        “He ain’t wrong”

    67. Jac Jac Jacqui

      My fave comedian, Carol Burns ❤️

    68. Beyonceuponatime

      Classic Carl

    69. South Sea

      Tunnel ball 😂

    70. Jibran Saifullah


    71. Marianne Harris

      Carl ,your a legend!your the funniest out!love it!

    72. samo krays

      Hands down best Aussie comedian ever

      1. Liam Mills

        100% true

      2. xX KANE Xx

        uhm, Isaac butterfield would be like, 10 points up

      3. steven gao

        @2knackers doesn't have that much material but what he does have is the best

      4. Danny M

        Rodney rude mate. Youre welcome

      5. Aaron Sinclair

        Pretty low bar

    73. choicest1


    74. Ryan Gram

      I once had a green peace person ask me that question about liking trees. Told them i was an arborist

      1. pdelmo79

        @Ned Kelly Interesting

      2. Ned Kelly

        @pdelmo79 do a LORE course then.

      3. pdelmo79

        @Ned Kelly Yeah I know, I'm an Arborist and I don't hate trees Im quite interested in them. Always trying to improve my knowledge for identification and to know how best to manage each job.

      4. Ned Kelly

        @pdelmo79 arborists cut trees down.

      5. Patrick McLaughlin

        @Ryan Gram the tree murderer. Lol

    75. LTwJ

      That is absolutely brilliant 😂😂

    76. patrickdempsey1966

      He is so funny

    77. BiRDiE

      Very funny man.

    78. Corey Hayes

      Hey this one isn’t ban in Australia!

      1. Derrick Thompson

        Why would it be