Cartoon Hillary Urges Cartoon Warren to Dumb It Down | Our Cartoon President | Season 3



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    As Cartoon Bill Clinton mourns Jeffrey Epstein, Cartoon Warren calls Cartoon Hillary for campaign advice.
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    Executive produced by multiple Emmy® winner Stephen Colbert and his Late Show executive producer, Chris Licht. Starring two-dimensional avatars of Donald Trump and his merry band of insiders and family members, this cutting-edge comedy presents the truish adventures of Trump, his confidants and bon vivants. It's a workplace comedy where the office is oval, a character study in search of character, and a timely political send-up of our always-colorful forty-fifth president and his family. Trust us, it's yuge, and you're going to laugh bigly. R.J. Fried will serve as executive producer and showrunner. Tim Luecke will serve as lead animator and co-executive producer. Matt Lappin will serve as consulting producer.


    1. G-Naran

      Lol yes! I don’t agree on the first one, but she ain’t wrong on the voter one

    2. Charlie AnC

      If that’s Jeff’s tell em I never stopped believing.

    3. Mahananda k

      I always think, it's because of Bill's affair, Hillary lost to Trump.

    4. Tore Foncello

      Ti piazi ti meto

    5. Psychological Psocks

      "maybe they just need someone to speak to them like the detail-oriented intellectually rigorous people that they are" As a politicly active detail-oriented intellectually rigorous person I felt both Warren's hope and Hillary's cynicism to my core.

    6. Manuel A

      Interesting 🤔 thought how stupid voters affected the election. But I wonder if people even really care they talk big game but don’t show up in a election.

    7. 27 Pinstripes

      ??? will the American Public ever find out what was Really on those 3,200 Deleted eMails ??? I guarantee U that there was Complacency with Sneaky Barrack Obomba 😄😆

    8. EcClair Mayo

      But her emails!!! Haaha

    9. George ONeal

      Where are their BlackBerrys

    10. Joel Fetner

      Hilarious. The Squaw probably does think she sounds smart

    11. creepy uncle joe 😝

      Corona virus outbreak is democratic plot to try to take down Trump economy and it won't work either

      1. Dee Faison

        Songbird645 Nope. You are factually wrong and an outright liar. Paul Manafort had Ukrainian connections but he was not Trump's campaign. Now, you have shown your true colors. You are a moronic useless idiot that can't understand that Manafort was convicted on bank fraud charges and being an unregistered foreign agent for things he did many years before he was Trump's campaign manager. Furthermore, Trump fired him after he realized that he was a piece of shiff. Please stop being dumb.

      2. Songbird645

        @Dee Faison Trump's presidental campaign HAD connections with the Russian government!

      3. Dee Faison

        Songbird645 and you have zero evidence that Trump had any connections with Russia. But you still are conflating by using Paul Manafort. I don't think you even understand what I am saying.

      4. Songbird645

        @Dee Faison I didn't say that Hillary didn't have connections with Russia.

      5. Dee Faison

        Songbird645 Again, wtf does that have to do with President Trump? Manafort also did business with the Podesta Group. Tony Podesta was Clinton's campaign chair. Does that make them Russian agents? You are conflating and grasping door straws. Then again, you are a dummiecrat. That is what you ppl so best.

    12. David McConville

      If there's one thing Hillary should have learned from 2016 is that her own voter base hates corporate shills and that using the 'lesser of two evils' argument doesn't encourage people to go out and vote for her.

    13. Tony Abraham

      Warren should look a lot older though.

    14. John O

      VOTE Blue!!

    15. Diego Bustos

      She is perfect for the job! And of course the voters are a bunch of morons electing trump instead. What happened to US

      1. 27 Pinstripes

        Crooked Hillary is a Criminal ! .. 💋 sweet Latinas for TRUMP , K A G 👍🇺🇸

      2. Dee Faison

        Diego Bustos She's perfect for the job of ring master for you circus of clowns. Please go back to whatever Latin American country from which you slithered

    16. Crios Cancer

      Liz: “I know deep down all Americans are thoughtful, detailed, intellects.” Hillary: “that why they let my husband be president, and gave me a lifetime supply of Xanax.” Bill: “ JEFFIE! 😭”

    17. John Tao

      Great animation. The writing? Not so great

    18. william dowden

      Surprised he didn’t leave her after she suicided his buddy Jeffery.

      1. Shadow's of Darkness

        Ouuhhhhhh someoen finnally said that

    19. Mark Siefert

      “...I’m perfect and voters are complete morons.” Well, she’s right about that latter part.

      1. El Gordo

        Careful friend, I'm afraid that's actually how Hillary lost.

      2. Randomfully Wonderful

        She's right about both parts. Hillary is *perfect* by nature!

      3. Vishaan Singh

        That's the joke, yeah

    20. Mustang Medic

      This is funny. I like the fact this show makes fun of the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Impressive, and I’m a America/Trump supporter.

      1. Dee Faison

        Songbird645 "Russia, Russia, Russia" was definitely misinformation repeated religiously by Sanders. Ironically, they are now using the same tactics on the commie. Oh, the humour that is reality

      2. Songbird645

        @Joel Fetner Can you name an instance when Bernie spew misinformation?

      3. Joel Fetner

        Songbird645 I'm saying that they all spew misinformation. Science has now become a political weapon & therefore can no longer be trusted, but that's not the point of the video. The point of the video, I believe, is that nearly all who seek political power will say anything & do anything in order to get elected & after that there's nothing they won't do to stay in power

      4. Songbird645

        @Joel Fetner Are you saying that they are all scientifically illiterate? I haven't seen any scientifically false tweets from Bernie.

      5. Joel Fetner

        Songbird645 so do they all and I suspect that this is the point

    21. MURR DOG

      Simply vote red = remove every Democrat... remember how they built fixed our new worst coast..think vote smart.. blexit America.

      1. Androva J.

        Ew anyone with half a brain would know voting red is the stupidest thing you can possibly do

      2. JadeWarrior

        I'll vote purple then.

    22. Michael R.

      Trump 2020

      1. Songbird645

        @Michael R. Why do you support Trump? Trump is scientifically illiterate and spreads misinformation.

      2. Michael R.

        @Androva J. 😘

      3. Androva J.

        For jail

    23. Julian Crooks

      Sad part is that this probably really happened

    24. Mo A

      If that's Daffy, tell him I never stopped believing! Lol

    25. Vote Your Conscience

      Are the rumors that Warren has ties to the Clintons true?

      1. ML R

        Not "ties" in any nefarious sense. EW supported HC in the last election. They are both prominent women in the Democratic party. Nothing wrong with friendship.


        They are.

    26. Michelle Burkholder

      You nailed it! I'm sure that is exactly how it all went down.

    27. J B

      Trump 2020

      1. Songbird645

        Why would anyone in their right mind support Donald Trump? Trump is scientifically illiterate and spreads misinformation.

      2. Androva J.

        For jail

    28. Shanna Sweger

      But her emails 😂😂😂

    29. Jake Ryker

      Trump: released transcripts of perfect phone call -- investigated, impeached. Hillary: Deleted emails -- quick dismissal -- still the paragon of virtue and feminism

      1. Dee Faison

        Androva J. This coming from a Biden supporter. Damn, you are stupid

      2. Androva J.

        "Perfect phone call" even his followers are demented

    30. Fun and Games

      This show thinks to highly of Elizabeth Warren

      1. Songbird645

        @ML R But he is right.

      2. Fun and Games

        ML R aww is cute when you don’t have an argument so you attack grammar 😘

      3. ML R

        ....says someone who can't spell the word "too".

    31. ilikeiguanas.23

      I don’t think it’s possible for Warren to dumb it down any more

    32. WEE GERARD

      SHOWTIME Awesome

    33. Shara A.

      "But her emails." That should be on Hillary's voicemail for real!

    34. AeveryFreeman

      Gonna love watching you guys wail and gnash your teeth when Trump is re-elected! Bwa-ha-ha!! Could I get some of those tears for my, is it Corn Pop?

      1. James Dowds

        Trump nominated Goldman Sachs bankers and Iraq War liars. You should be more concerned but you’re a moron who follows sound bites and slogans so you’re not in the least bit informed.

    35. Super Cartoon Universe

      This show really makes Trump a great character. I will definitely vote for him in 2020.

      1. Songbird645

        Why? Why would you do that? Trump is scientifically illiterate and spreads misinformation.

    36. Gee3Oh

      Wait a minute, did this show get better? It seems faster paced and the liberal bias has been toned down to the point where its no longer beat you over the head obvious. Maybe it's just cause they got better material with the election coming up.

      1. JadeWarrior

        No, it's as bashing as ever. It's just that everybody in Washington are complete shitbags and they decided to focus on the ones in Congress as well as the White House.

      2. Cangel Tibon

        Bernie’s to the left of most Dems in the race now so they can’t act as if the Dems are over all correct but off in their delivery they have to give establishment Dems some antagonistic properties just to accommodate AOC and Bernie who they can’t ignore in a political show.

      3. sokratis konomi

        Shitting on trump isnt liberal bias.

      4. sokratis konomi

        Shitting on trump is not liberal bias.

    37. Wisley Lau

      The Bill Clinton Epstein joke literally LMAO of me

    38. In4cer in4cer

      Not a Trump fan. Not a Hillary fan. But today's voters are morons. We elected a con man to the highest office in the world. Needs to pass a low. If your IQ is below 70 you should not be able to vote. If we had this law in place we wouldn't have a dumbfuck as president today.

      1. Chad Justice

        Calm down there sheep. The right one was elected just look what all he has done and quit buying into the media bullshit

    39. Nox Box

      This show needs more Bernie.

      1. Tom Green

        They just need to do a better job highlighting his real personality. I love the jokes about his appearance and quirky traits but when they highlight the traits that political hacks slander him with kinda bothers me. Bernie is comedic gold and I think it would be even funnier if they just amplifying his actual quirkiness. Jokes about his age, frugality, and appearance are very welcome though.

      2. Koopy Sandwich

        @Edge Bernie Bro is a fabrication that is basically universally used to discredit left wing politicians. In the UK, the Labour base was said to be aggressively anti-Semitic. It was totally inflated, blown out of proportion, but very hard to argue against. You cannot say the base has no anti-Semitism, and if you say your opponent is worse, you get accused of using low standards and making excuses. Bernie is now facing the exact same centrist strategy, and many Americans are being lulled into believing it. This is a game that has been played before. The players are different, but the political strategies are the same.

      3. Dave Von Saunder


      4. VIXEN

        Edge Just a reminder that Bernie bro is a term created by Hilary (just like she created “Obamaboys” in 2008) that completely erases the queer people, women, and POCs, that make up more of Bernie’s base than any other candidate has!

      5. Julian Crooks

        I hope we get 4 years of cartoon Bernie Sanders after he beats trump.

    40. Tucker Bowen

      "If there's one lesson we learned in 2016 it's that I'm perfect and voters are complete morons" I don't know about "perfect", but I absolutely agree with you on the voters

      1. Jon L

        @Tucker Bowen Don't want to Make America Great Again do you? LOL if you watch the MSM, no wonder you are clueless.

      2. Tucker Bowen

        Right, because it CLEARLY wasn't the fault of the people who heard anything that came out of Trump's mouth and still voted for him...

      3. Eric Keim

        It's making fun of the fact that she blames everyone but herself.

      4. Israel De la Rosa

        It's Hillary. Of course she thinks she's perfect

    41. Anzu Wyliei


    42. Rosemma Jordan 🌹

      That look from Warren at the end tho...

    43. JB TALK COCK STATION_新山吹水站

      Make more documentaries like this

    44. Mark Layhee

      Hillary= Palpatine Warren= Snoke

      1. ML R

        @melbatoast667 Or any man of being too smart, sadly.

      2. melbatoast667

        @Eagle 367 He's NEVER passed ANY bills in his entire career, save for naming a few post offices. This is something you can easily look up. Are you misinformed or just lying?

      3. Eagle 367

        @melbatoast667 Well then you need to go back and check on the amendment king and check how many bills he had passed. Just because you are ignorant of the work Bernie Sanders has done doesn't mean he hasn't done anything.

      4. melbatoast667

        @AK V He's so smart that in a three-decades long political career, he's never figured out how to get a bill passed. Genius! Bernie is no FDR. FDR didn't just talk a New Deal, he got us one. Bernie has accomplished.... *checks notes* nothing.

      5. AK V

        @melbatoast667 no, but we know he is. He would go out of his way to help his people. He will go out of his way to push forward his beliefs for the future, in order to save us. He's an once in a lifetime politicians, last time we had someone as pure of heart was with FDR. Someone so popular and 'radical' that he was elected 4x's

    45. Jon Cover

      Best cartoon series ever!

    46. Erik Swenson

      Evil Hillary that she is

      1. Daniel Campion

        English language cannot you.

    47. Alex Mazurek

      Jeffrey Epstein has truly touched Bill Clinton.

      1. ilikeiguanas.23

        Toori Baba Haha save some Kool Aid for the rest of us buckaroo

      2. El Gordo


      3. Tomy9878

        Apparently more ways then one.

      4. Honotenshi Avila


      5. Toori Baba

        @ilikeiguanas.23 TDS at its finest, you did look at the billy boy in hillary dress painting right?

    48. G.A.B.E 708

      "But her emails" killed me.

      1. T'Town Tim

        @josiah kibbey the 32 indictments one where trump will be achraged after he gets run out?...that one? hbahbahba....tell stone and manfort about all the winning,, HBAHHABHBAA

      2. josiah kibbey

        T'Town Tim yes Russia loves the oil competition created by trump that literally any democratic candidate will immediately stop

      3. josiah kibbey

        Nicolo A oh yeah like the Russia gate conspiracy

      4. EcClair Mayo

        I laughed so hard at that part

      5. T'Town Tim

        @Vasilijan Nikolovski so.. FAt Nixon is Putin's side bitch...she Nailed that one

    49. JAKECOTCENTER Productions

      Warren always sounds breathless. Nice touch

      1. Matthew Hoskins

        Thats just how she is irl

    50. Jay Torr

      The next time I hear a politician say: I think the American people are smarter than that, etc...IM GONNA FUCKIN STRANGLE THEM!!

    51. Greg Bystroff

      I guess if you are Hillary, you could believe that the people just don't believe you and don't want you, or they are all morons. She ain't the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

      1. VIXEN

        ML R I think the electoral college is sh*t. But Hilary still lost. It was her fault for not getting those rural states. Democrats are capable of getting those states if they appeal to working people but Hilary didn’t because she’s an elitist, lying, corporate shill

      2. MrChiangching

        @ML R P.S include yourself in the moron group.

      3. MrChiangching

        @ML R Wharever her education she's a bumbling, incompetent fool. Everything she touches turns to 💩. Her healthcare plan and Libya are just two examples.

      4. ML R

        @VIXEN Hillary won the popular vote. It's the rural low population states / electoral college that is skewing results.

      5. ML R

        She graduated with high honors from Wellesley. And spoons don't need to be sharp. And yes, many of you are morons.

    52. Evil Lyn

      Bill Clinton, tho. LOL

    53. hoosierhiver

      brutal, I love it

    54. New Message

      She needs to put that phone greeting on her voicemail for real.

    55. Kevin O'Hagan

      This is the only TRUTH from the Democrats!

    56. Carmie Thompson

      I enjoy these way to much. The satire is very close to the truth.

    57. Paige Pappas Bednarsky

      The artists on this show need to mess with this Presidents hair. Some days it's silver grey more natural, then others it's orange on top then sometimes it's a little blond. But I think it's going to be a great show, funny!

      1. Paige Pappas Bednarsky

        @Jesus E. I knew lol! Great when his skin is all orange and around his eyes it's all bright white! Go figure! ???

      2. Jesus E.

        Paige Pappas Bednarsky some days he’s pasty white other days he’s bright orange. Who does he think he’s fooling. 🤣