Casually Explained: The Carbon Scale

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    1. rory armstrong

      does anyone know where i can find the sources?

    2. Mauroghen

      So why do they count carbon footprint for electric stuff? Where I live we run 98% on hydroelectricity (QC) so its not like it costs coal or shit energy to run, unless Ive yet to be told wtf carbon footprint is properly

    3. Dale

      the map at 1:04 makes it looks like the US and Canada give off all the CO2 but what about China and India?? lol ok

    4. Dhugon

      Anything sponsored by BMG pukes on trustworthyness.

    5. Turtlely Normal

      Haha, I run my sick gaming computer on hydro power.

    6. Sabrina1516

      Nothing like a reminder of our impending doom before bed

    7. Jason Stuart

      Don't wanna be the fun guy at parties or anything, but you didn't mention anything about meat production.... Which is up there with oil and gas as a carbon footprint..

    8. suspicious fish

      What about eating meat?

    9. EmisterXD

      This reminds me of a Sam O’Nella video

    10. Amanda Chang

      Weirdly he specifically drew a Tesla Model S as the car even though its electric (although manufacturing costs are still a thing)

    11. Rinchen Gonpo

      How much CO2 does it cost for a TwitchThot to do 5 sit-ups for my $20 donation?

    12. Maxime Ordureau

      Sponsored by bill because he uses MS Paint

    13. will

      The way we fix climate change is by removing all redditors from this world

    14. Ott Jaanimäe

      Would call it the best CO2 vid ever

    15. SFE

      Remember, renewables are not zero carbon footprint. If you replaced all sources on the grid and had the battery storage to compensate, lithium mining is HORRIBLE for the environment! And those cells won't last forever. They will need to be replaced, and lithium is a finite resource. Not that it doesn't pay off at some point, but the carbon cost is definitely not zero.

    16. Hendry Jacobs

      Something smells of Sam O'Nella...........

    17. GreenOnionBrother

      First, I though you were joking about the sponsorship.

    18. DrVgQn

      I have a solution to the paper/plastic straw debate: don’t use straws.

    19. gary o'leary

      Bill and Melinda Gates told him to make the video for money. You know how you stopped watching television because NOsel has far better content? Well this is the reason Television content is so dire in the first place.

    20. MastaSmack

      I do my part by never attending parties...usually to have a party you need to drive, shop, and meet at someone's heated or cooled home...

    21. Samuel Bartlett

      I had a paper straw for the first time yesterday and it’s really not that bad

    22. Helohel

      NZ is good cause are power is (mostly) renewable

    23. myusername0wns

      Climate change isn't real

    24. The Ultimate Reductionist

      I've been PAYING MORE (thanks to cuntservative extremists such as republicunts & demoturds always being in power) for 100% green electricity for the past 11 years. Green energy should be the one to get all the rebates & massive funding from government.

    25. Amanda Lavigueur

      You made a video about CO2 emissions and didn’t mention animal agriculture, a HUGE source of CO2 emissions. Also this video is misleading in making people think that there is almost no benefit of using reusable options (“almost no benefit”), but not dumping a ton of plastic into our oceans (or into a landfill where it takes hundreds of years to break down) is another benefit not to be minimized. While the video is helpful to some extent it will mislead the average person on these two points.

    26. Santiago Hernandez

      Are you internet historian?

    27. Seruliaf

      This is chemistry and geography revision right?

    28. 4c1dr3fl3x

      The most environmentally conscious straw: Just using the GODDAMN face hole you were born with. I dunno what kind of straws Cavemen used to derive nourishment from _their_ Big Gulps before Bloomberg nuked them, but they must have been pretty Eco Friendly

    29. Nick F

      How do people come up with these numbers?

    30. TheGreatBritishFarm

      No, carbon emissions in lithium batteried vehicles are much higher than convetionals due to how carbon intensive it is to get it.

    31. AetherXIIX

      0:16 that was so unexpcted that I laughed a lot

    32. Potato:3

      i'm still wondering why the straw argument didn't just end when it started with "how about we use the basis of civilization itself, our opposable thumbs, to grab the fucking cup, and pour the liquid down our mouths. you know, drink like functional fucking human beings?" If my grandma with arthritis can manage drinking out of a cup, so can you. argument over, no ifs ands or buts, moving on.

    33. Andrew 安堵龍 Stewart

      I did not hear you say one intelligent thing about the role of CO2 in the environment, its role in healthy plant life on earth, its absorption into the oceans and the equilibrium with the deep ocean, its origins from massive outgassing of the inner earth 4 billion years ago, about how we are in a starvation era of CO2 for the biosphere. Your cute approach to thinking left out all the adult conversation. Lets learn to think again, like they used to.

    34. mckenzie ward

      One of the best ways to reduce your personal CO2 emissions is to stop eating meat or eat less of it. But no one wants to talks about that. Anyways I wonder where a steak would have fit in on this scale?

    35. Oaf

      Bill gates new 500 million dollar yacht is great for the environment

    36. Dissonance Paradiddle

      Climate change is a corporate issue not an individual problem. They messed up the environment in the first place they need to change the most to fix it.

    37. Nick Murphy

      Freaking. Go. Nuclear

    38. Anirudh adiga

      The only thing about the cotton bag is that you can probably hold 2-3x more material in it than a plastic bag so you probably need to use it about 50 times to be worth not 150

    39. George Gitau

      I can't tell if he joking or not 😂😂

    40. Wilfried Hornbach

      but muh murica

    41. Table man

      Let's all ride on paper straws!

    42. mazzaker18

      damn, guess i can be pretty happy about norways hydropower. but then again, the less i spend the more norway sells to other nations so they dont have to make as much dirty energy... fml i almost thought i could be happy about spending to much time on this thing :(

    43. Calisto Hüttich

      I don't really think you can seriously talk about Co2 emissions without at least mentioning animal products Although it might be smart for Bill and Melinda Gates to leave that out because many people have yet to be convinced anything should be done at all

    44. Alex Czarnecki

      He let out a lil giggle

    45. Steph Lewis

      This video is sponsored by Belinda Gates

    46. Woah Dude

      I really really like your channel

    47. Jon Smith

      Either that map is very old or there's some weird ship going on wherever you got that map because China should be the brightest country on their

    48. Nazerlath

      A single rtx 2080ti costs more than my rent so having 2 of them and a sick ass rgb would he more than my entire house


      looking everywhere for a solution when the solution is mass death; the coronavirus did more for the environment than the past decade of "international effort" combined.

    50. James Walker

      I wonder how many co2 emissions it took to make this video.

    51. Mitchell Becker

      I eliminated my carbon footprint completely by paralyzing myself from the waist down. Send me money, Bill.

    52. Ethan Kerns

      Even though you aren't using fossil fuels directly for the electric car those boys take TONS of electricity to charge and that is a lot of fossil fuels being burned to create that electricity.

    53. Agustín Pérez Burgos

      Once you start noticing the breathing, you can't unnotice it. Why i am like this

    54. ihavenoname

      Hmmm well maybe if we have a carbon tax on major companies maybe we would’ve have such a large carbon footprint

    55. Max Schubert

      Funny how I wasn't notified about this video

    56. Sothis

      Eat less meat or go vegetarian/vegan. Production of animal foods causes massive emissions of CO2.

    57. tony qiu

      To the people who disliked this video, what made you decide to do it? (Just noticing the relatively high dislike ratio)

    58. Thewokeonebench100 Plug


    59. AbomiYeti

      Anyone who says paper straws are fine are mental

    60. Dalton K713

      I love you’re jokes you put into the video I geek out more than I should.