Charlamagne Tha God compares Elizabeth Warren to Rachel Dolezal



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    CNN's Erin Burnett speaks with "The Breakfast Club" radio show host Charlamagne Tha God about his interview with Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren in which he compared Warren to Rachel Dolezal, a woman who was born white but pretended to be black. #CNN #News


    1. CCW Noob

      So claiming she was Native American never had any effect on anything ... sooooo why did she claim it? And why did Harvard brag about having a "Native American" professor? 2 simple questions which can never be answered simply by dems. bwa hahah

    2. Jordan

      CNN needs to learn math. 13% is NOT equal to 19%! Even if your bullshit poll ties logic in knots to make people talk favourably about your shitty candidate

    3. Grandpa

      Warren claims the Boston Globe vetted her----they write daily love letters to her! What has she accomplished in congress for Massachusetts? Answer--nothing

    4. Michael Cline


    5. Atrax Robustus

      Warren and Dolezel are the end products of a society that has become unhealthily obsessed with race

    6. Christopher Charles

      If Charlamange can rattle you, you can’t win

    7. Devin Michael Roberts

      SHe is blatantly lying like he pointed out but acts like she isn't. THat is what is so disturbing. THe ease with which she lies constantly. Dont trust her at all.

    8. Noah Beezy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> *Dude is 5’6” ... Google it* 😂

    9. Antnj81

      EW is fake af

    10. Kamil Szymkowski

      I love that he did it

    11. Eric G


    12. arthuray

      tha god of what?

    13. Marton Steve


    14. MrFantocan

      E-lies-a-bit Warren! Only one candidate is for the people #BERNIE2020

    15. Sweet Baby Daniel

      “We’re Americans, we’ve all cheated.” Speak for yourself you black PoS. Your people are the problem with this country. And CNN? He’s a radio DJ... why do you have such low standards?

      1. Eric G

        "your people" I'm assuming your making an ignorant racist remark about African Americans who were caged and transported here against their will 400 years ago. Slavery, Jim crow and systematic racism. Intentionally marginalizing and zoning and creating ghettos. And your complaining that black people are here? And complaining about the social struggles of the black community?

    16. Marton Steve


    17. Arthur Sneyers

      do people actually believe her family told her she is native? she is just lying plain and simpel

    18. On 2Wheels

      Savage... She's a opportunist, the way she answers is when you catch a kid sticking their finger in a cake...

    19. Experimental

      this guy is beast

    20. JP Fresh

      Good, she's a liar.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="253">4:13</a> "Charlene" lol

    22. George Solano

      Watch "Malcolm X Warns Us About White Liberal Racism" on NOsel

    23. Z Campbell

      Yuk, what an ugly woman

    24. Pervy Sage

      She's still dishonest. She's a liar and a cheat. Learn your lesson CNN. Don't stump for a bad candidate like you did 2016. Let the people decide

    25. Moufwash

      its striking that Charlamagne the God has asked Warren more pressing questions related to things concerning herself the most of the media that isnt partisan

    26. candi2377

      Since when is this breakfast club mfer’s opinion important? Gtfoh

    27. DanielzeGreat

      It's one thing to say you have some Native American Blood in your family, it's another to check a box on a form suggesting you're that ethnicity when you know fully well that >90% of your DNA isn't (50% paternal, at least 40% on mother's side) since you didn't interact with any relatives who were Native.

    28. King Kunta

      This dude wears fucking eyeliner 🤣

    29. Hurricane Ravi

      Warren is now making excuses for supporting Trump in Congress and for supporting Trump in Military Genocide in the Third World.and Border Wall Atrocities. Elizabeth Warren is also taking Corporate Money, she dosent care about the Average Person....You know who does Bernie Sanders, Bernie never supported Trump and never in a Million Years take Corporate Money.🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥🤔

    30. Populence

      Way to go Charlamagne! I love you calling her out on the Dolezal factor!

    31. Milan Martin

      elizabeth warren: I did the wrong the thing I'm sorry charlamagne tha god : now apologize

    32. Djoseph11230

      Why tf is this negro speaking for the culture or the community

    33. LeanerOrNot

      Warren has apologized so much already. What I think is she heard the Native American thing from her family and as a defender of the underdog, took that to heart! She was wrong, she acknowledged it, we moved on, now is that all you got on her? Then in that case she’s already much cleaner than the other candidates!

    34. king samuel

      Do democrats truly know what they want? As far as I know, there's no political correctness in politics I don't understand why we keep maligning our own. I think I admire Trump's supporters because even in his dumbness, they will still fight for him.

    35. john walker

      another idiot that has no information about the people that are running for president

    36. entertainment pro

      Charleymangle the Dog....that a flavor of kool- aid ???

    37. Anonymous Native American

      I'm apache and Mexican. Native American is my race. You whites are white not Asian not black not native. Same for blacks claiming other race but look like akon

    38. Anonymous Native American

      Lmfao boy oh boy

    39. john walker

      So, we should trust Lying Liz to lead our country even though she lied about who she was to get a free ride and political advancement. I’m still lost on how Rachel Dolezal, who was white as the driven snow mislead so many people with a simple hair style and “black speak”. Wake up everyone!

    40. latwian76

      Joe Biden is a racist...

    41. latwian76

      She's a 5 dollar indian...

    42. Katten i slakten

      Well she did have some native ancestry compared to Rachel Dolezal.

    43. Dimitris Savvinou

      I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing every time they're showing his legs

    44. do phong


    45. Will Vani

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a> Warren "this is what I learned from my family Charlemagne so unenthusiasticly "yeh" Lmao he is so funny

    46. Ron Weasley

      She suffered zero consequences for her actions, how did she get away with this?

    47. El Jefe

      Boston Globe investigation cleared! There will be more documents produced showing she checked that "Native American" box.

    48. Veredika

      Andrew Yang appeals to everybody and can beat trump

      1. Space Age Shakespeare

        Lool 😂 That is the funniest unironic comment I've seen in this election so far. Yang doesn't appeal to everyone, that's why he's polling at what, 0.7 - 0.9? God damn, can you people actually LEARN from the last election? Or are you going to fuck this one up also?

    49. Michael Haywood

      Andrew Yang has over 100 policies on his website to read about and he is about uniting the country, putting Humanity First. Check out his website for more info.

    50. Pat Jenkins

      Crime Bills dont get people locked up

    51. William Garcia

      Elizabeth is lying. She used her "Native American ethnicity" to go to Harvard via Affirmative Action... so yes, she did benefit from her false claims! #FakeNews

    52. Mike H.

      I don't support any political party, but it's so strange to see news networks openly endorse political parties and views. Most major networks are Democrat run and Fox is Republican. Strange days...

      1. The Country Gentleman

        Smokey McSmokerson Thanks man, you too !

      2. Mike H.

        @The Country Gentleman you make a good case and there is some logic to what you are saying. You seem very intelligent. You must know what you're saying is extremely exaggerated. If not maybe you will one day. Have a goodnight.

      3. The Country Gentleman

        Smokey McSmokerson I’m aware. Doesn’t mean that camps in the south are not concentration camps, just means that they are not yet as bad. Doesn’t change the definition.

      4. Mike H.

        @The Country Gentleman you do know people starved to death and died of disease by the millions in concentration camps? Systematic extermination is not happening on the border.

      5. The Country Gentleman

        Smokey McSmokerson Sure I get where you are coming from. Have you heard of Godwins law ? It is an internet law, that states that if any internet argument goes on long enough, one person will argue that the other person is a nazi. Godwin himself, when asked on twitter what he though of these camps being called concentration camps, he said he agrees. The comment is not, in any way Anti-Semitic. What happened to the Jews during the holocaust was horrible, and is a grand tragedy. There where two types of camps in Germany and occupied territory. Concentration camps, which were used to hold prisons until they could be transferred, and death camps. Auschwitz was a death camp, not a concentration camp. It is true that the conditions in Nazi Germany where much worse than these camps, but the term “concentration camp” is an accurate description. There have been many documented cases of rape, abuse, forcing children to sleep on the floor. There was a lawyer who argued that not giving these immigrants soap, and a tooth brush was not a violation. This is terrible. The term concentration camp dates back before the holocaust even existed, probably to the camps the British held the Boer people in during the Boer wars.

    53. Less Marie

      You wouldn’t dismiss her for that but if you found out trump did anything like that that’s be “unforgivable” hahahahaha Elizabeth is a fckn weird ass puppet she sure is a cheater ;) gross ass grandma you’d never wanna go to her house kinda gal... everyone I know that lives around her hates her so idk how she’s going up with most of us home based around her can’t stand the damn bros love how she can make a mistake but you try to find dirt on the president and there is none wasting money for trying to find something on someone and there’s nothing 😂😂😂 but hill gets a molester off Scott free... nniiccceeeee

    54. E Money

      If your black and speak some what well, you are considered an intellectual and are taken seriously. What a joke. Identity politics brings society down.

    55. Pam S

      Now it makes much more sense why Charlemagne is getting more and more political. These CNN appearances must pay well...

    56. Earnest T Bass

      What a Motley Crew that presidential lineup is. Liberal America can't you come up with somebody that has a bit of Common Sense..,, a true Democrat moderate I think would have the best chance against Trump. These bozos will drop one by one, just waiting for the domino effect.

    57. Adam Sayer

      Absolutely hilarious. I do like Warren though.

    58. utubedestroysmytime

      You political bitches can’t stand the truth! Y’all hate that you’re following a fraud

    59. Kraft Punk

      I compare Ctg to an idiot.

    60. rlsine

      The title of this video is much more negative than the content. Warren is getting shanked by CNN for some reason.

    61. pnlbuck

      So much snowflakes defending Warren Lmao. Trump 2020

    62. Nerdboy

      Charlemagne is a complete idiot

    63. Tabs T

      Are you a god? Haha wearing those pants and shoes dangling from the chair.

      1. Christopher Charles


    64. uknow who

      Who elected Charlamagne the new Al Sharpton?

    65. jeremy tee

      NO! "We all" have not.

    66. Official BNAMusic88

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="373">6:13</a> 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣FACTS!!!!

    67. Jacob Duran

      If you call yourself Charlemagne the God, what makes you think you can speak about somebody as prominent as Elizabeth Warren?

    68. Mickey Da Giant

      CNN you suck. Bunch of corrupt polliticians vs TRUMP. LOOKS LIKE TRUMP 2020 LOL

    69. Christopher Cooper

      Why is this News?

    70. Olympo Contreras

      That's all she has to say?

    71. So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,

      if biden is your front runner, you have no chance. it's kinda sad, tbh. i want to see some trumpsters disappointed

    72. So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,

      LMFAO, why is cnn covering this???!?!? HAHAHA LIBTARDS

    73. Jona Thon

      First of all.....i've never watched a CNN video once....why da fuck is it in my recommended? And especially over content creators i actually watch

    74. Chief Tahchawwickah

      NONE of you Caucasians are Native. Just get over the fact that real natives still exist. -COMANCHE NATION

    75. n/a

      warren is disgusting

    76. dan parish

      Family always said I was 1/32nd, DNA test said I was 0.1% - probably a similar story to Elizabeth Warren’s. However, I never referred to myself as Native American on anything, ever.

    77. jo jo

      A REAL Native American for PRESIDENT!✊

    78. Gladys Melgoza

      The fact that Elizabeth Warren is a god damn joke dude.....That Is Suck A BS Claim....The Fact That The Colleges She Worked For Introduced Her As The First Hire Of A Colored Women.....Fuck Outta Here But She Couldn’t Benefit From That

    79. Bella Nova

      Ughhhhh. Oh god. No, not you Charlemagne ‘don’t claim to be something you aren’t’ tha god.

      1. Bella Nova

        BNAMusic88 _ oh There’s a great steely dan song that references Charlemagne. I’m pretty sure that Kanye west samples it in that champion song. Steely dan’s my fave band, so I’m already up on the ref. Unfortunately this goof kinda ruined it for me.

      2. Official BNAMusic88

        Do some research on his name.

    80. kyle wiley

      Yang, Sanders, or Tulsi. Low-key I would rather have the UBI then Tuition free college, I'd be happy if the price of college dropped back down because there was definitely a time period where someone on minimum wage could afford public college without ending up and debt.

      1. kyle wiley

        would rather the UBI then raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, because that 15 dollars an hour ain't shit after its taxed.