Charli D'Amelio Breaks Down TikTok Fame and Teases Upcoming Tour

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    Charli D'Amelio chats with Jimmy about TikTok's popularity, becoming one of the biggest influencers on the platform while on her way to dance class and using her fame to raise awareness about cyberbullying.
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    Charli D'Amelio Breaks Down TikTok Fame and Teases Upcoming Tour

    Publisert 2 måneder siden


    1. Aparna Apparaju

      She has above 58 million followers on tik tok in 2020

    2. latifa alahbabi

      There’s more comment than views 16 million more comments to be precise

    3. Tina Ho

      Tik tok is a bad place now DELETE TIKTOK NOW

    4. Johlean Victoria

      how does she even grow 20+ mil in 2 months🤯😂

    5. Ava Sloan

      someone rly called charli d'amelio ugly aha they're punching the air rn

    6. MADE MUS

      Les français qui ont rien compris 😭😂

    7. Loli Loli

      You know what she seems like such a sweet girl :))

    8. Mahima Singh

      She seems like such a sweetheart

    9. Angeles xo

      When I saw here in the thumbnail I was like “who is she?”and I also thought she looked like 30.

    10. hassim vlog johara

      If you like Charli damelio make this blue👇

    11. Strawberry Sunday

      Charli: Maybe a tour Corona: Not so fast No hate to charli

    12. 100k subscribers with no video challenge !!!!

      *Creative APP!!!* ..... Um I think you mean TOXIC BTW don’t forget to subscribe and stay safe during quarantine 😁😁😁

    13. FebruaryThe14th

      I don't see how people can hate on her, she's so young and sweet, and she also never asked to be famous. I think people are just jealous 🤷‍♀️


      She got freaked 50 mil now

      1. summer taylor

        60 mil now 😭

    15. sun nii


    16. Shane Cox

      Only TikToker I respect

    17. Esh8Ninja

      TikTok tatti hai🤣 Carry Fans hit like👇

    18. Addison Krueger

      Him talking about her having 38 million followers on tiktok Mee looking at her tiktok account seeing she has almost 60 million

    19. Unicornpop102 AJ

      Charlie don't worry your so pretty so get those haters in the floor xdd

    20. 3KA

      she doesn't deserve the hate, but she doesn't really deserve the fame either.

      1. summer taylor

        but she can’t control her fame ?

      2. sun nii


    21. Hannah Park

      she’s a nice person and she’s genuinely sweet, she’s just overhyped, everyone on this show has worked so hard while she’s over here just doing the woah and getting just as much clout

    22. I can only change my username every 90 days

      She buys her followers. Don't @ me

    23. Jazlyn Tiger

      She really stole someone’s dance and took all the credit, that’s how she got famous...don’t sugarcoat it 😒

      1. Jazlyn Tiger

        Cookie _Crumble I’m sorry but if you’re here to change my mind it’s not going to happen I won’t be influenced by others when I believe something is wrong 🤷‍♀️

      2. Cookie _Crumble

        Jazlyn Tiger I know that.I’m going to stand up for anybody if People are hating. I wasn’t here to argue but to change your mind because with all the stuff that’s going on the world we don’t need more of that.

      3. Jazlyn Tiger

        Cookie _Crumble you’re the one that replied to my comment 😂

      4. Jazlyn Tiger

        summer taylor I mean exactly that was my point so who’s the one that’s ignorant? 😂

      5. Cookie _Crumble

        summer taylor great

    24. ad series

      16 years old Charli : over 50 mil followers ,over 3 billion likes and over 19 millions followers on instagram 16 years old me : just chilling on my bed and didn't take a shower just watch her

    25. Nycomenic

      Is she that famous I never knew her until now during lockdown :/

      1. timotheé chalamet my luv

        She has almost 60 million followers of course she's famous

    26. Cheko Cheko

      All this because she dances in front of a phone

      1. sun nii

        @timotheé chalamet my luv Ok I understand your point of view, but my question is: did she at least make a little effort to deserve all the fame she has? Just think about it. sorry for my english, my language is Spanish..

      2. timotheé chalamet my luv

        @Cheko Cheko because she's a dancer it's a talent-

      3. Cheko Cheko

        timotheé chalamet my luv not mad or jealous i don’t really care i mean good for her I’m just kinda confused how someone can get famous off of dancing in front of their phone but sorry if I offended you I thought I made it clear I was confused that someone can get famous like that

      4. timotheé chalamet my luv

        Yeah stay mad

    27. roniskey

      I love you charli

    28. Sabrina Johns

      She’s so sweet 😊

    29. Sierra Tabor

      whose watching when she has 59 million followers

    30. Ruth Nebiat

      Bruhhh she speaks like she’s 27 but literally 16 😭😭😭🥰

      1. MR. AKH

        That means that she is mature. I really like how she handles everything

    31. Dilara Akdemir

      İs he her dad¿

      1. Dilara Akdemir

        timotheé chalamet my luv thanks for answer🙏🏻

      2. timotheé chalamet my luv


    32. claudio pastrovicchio

      And now she has 60M followers how is this possible Charli?

      1. timotheé chalamet my luv

        There is 1 billion people on tik tok-

    33. Eila.Lehikoinen

      big fan charli

    34. Sxd Beat5

      Jimmy got tired of the unnecessary clapping <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a>

    35. Sxd Beat5

      The Guest: says something The audience: *WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    36. C Silk

      You know she wanted to wear her tank top with absolutely nothing on under it. Show it off Charli- Sex sells! And she’s a millionaire for always dressing like a skank! How jelly is her camel looking boyfriend that she got on Fallon! Lol he is the worst. Dude needs to come out already, like dude you look like a cartoon camel looking for his meth.

    37. Gabi vel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> “i’m famous” you’re welcome

    38. Sudhakar Pasupuleti

      " TikTok is a very creative app " Can you really say that when you moved your arm and got 4.7 million likes? Can you reeeeaaalllllyyyy?

      1. timotheé chalamet my luv

        Jeolousy is a disease get well soon luv

    39. Jonathan Chavez

      how to be famous 1. be attractive 2. dance 3. be white

    40. Ethan Flynn

      “You just have to be authentic”... okay yeah continue to do the same dance over and over again... 😒😓

      1. timotheé chalamet my luv

        @sun nii no ill keep defending her this isn't an opinion this is hate

      2. sun nii

        @timotheé chalamet my luv omg stop defending just his opinion respect it pls

      3. Ethan Flynn

        Why would i be jealous stfu fangirl

      4. timotheé chalamet my luv

        Lmaooooo she doesn't do the same dance jeolousy is a disease get well soon luv

    41. Brandon Morrison

      Man, she has so much kindness in her voice

    42. alwayspoppin

      I feel so bad for her poor thing gets so much hate like she can’t control how she got the hype lmao

    43. melissa halpert

      how is she so famous she seems like a nice person but she has no talent anybody could do Tik Tok dances

    44. Kennedy Paige

      I am gonna come back in a couple months and see how many followers she has currently (May 28th 2020) and she just hit 59 million followers. :)

    45. PinkPolarBear

      Charli is a type of person who would wait for me to tie my shoe instead of continuing to walk

    46. Ervin Alvaro

      First Pilipino comment here! Hello mabuhay mga Pilipino ❤️🇵🇭

    47. Icy Angie

      This is my fist time hearing her voice

    48. Gjihh yckktotktk

      I love it how charli doubled her followers in 2 months

    49. mattsmyth87

      She sounds so cute

    50. Félix Uriel23 R

      *Pewdiepie entering the chat*

    51. Robert Borunda

      its mind blowing what level this girl is operating on by just making tiktok vids. I’m not a tiktok user by any means but I could see why people like her

    52. Leen Al

      Tik Tok is like a mix of instagram and youtube if uk what i mean

    53. Ava Skater

      “Over the summerrrr” well that went to shit

    54. Evilék Karalék

      Can people follow me on TikTok its: itsevilysha

    55. Harshith Siriparapu

      We’re totally staying tune in quarantine waiting for Charlie to go for tour😂😑

    56. Our Family

      I hate tik Toks it's all the rage now it's horrible whoever made it should delete it it's taking over people lives they don't even talk about anything else

    57. Michael K

      This is the first time I've seen her, she has the appeal of Britney Spears when she first came out. No wonder she blew up so quick.

    58. Sylvia Collins

      Are u going to come to Germany🙏🙏🙏🙏

    59. Elma Sadiku

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a>

    60. melissap0216

      Anyone else find she looks like Blair fowler aka juicystar07 lol

    61. Mlarkey

      Nice Fake laugh!

    62. beca navarro

      Shut up

    63. Gains And Games

      You can tell by the way she’s smiling when he reads her her numbers that she’s really humble and thankful

    64. Lina Pozdnjak

      she’s really cute..🥰

    65. Solstice

      I used to hate on her but honestly, she seems like such a sweet and kind girl I genuinely don't know how i didn't like her

    66. Damian Lopez

      Cyber bullying is fake

      1. summer taylor


    67. Hype House Fan Page

      If Charli went on tour I want her to come to the Uk 🇬🇧

    68. angry atheist

      I love you Charlie d'emilio

    69. Królowa Lamorożców

      She seems so kind and cool, I wish I was her friend

    70. memes_of_supreme

      Charli: "You just need to be authentic." Also Charli: *Literally stands there and says "Im a 2020 president candidate"*

    71. Muhammed Nasim

      I personally believe she is not to blame. She is a well talented and beautiful girl, but but it's the shitty tik tok algorithm that ruined it for everyone. Even when you are a graceful dancer some people won't like it, and tik tok started shoving her videos down these people's throat, and that's why those people started to hate charlie. Tik tok completely ignored it's meme sector which brought it to it's fame in the west. Therefore ignoring a large spectrum of content creators. These people out of envy also started to hate on charlie. Finally she is a teen and becoming well rich and famous at such an age is an envy for anyone, therefore she attracted another type of haters too. I mean she is a graceful dancer but the tik tok algorithm is completely bullshit.

    72. Connor Price

      Is this the level? Putting 14-year-olds on television that sound like they learnt how to talk yesterday. "Tik Tok is a very... creative app" "you gotta be authentic". Millions of other millennial fuckheads are doing the same dances to the same fucking songs and you call that authentic? I'm scared for the future of entertainment.

    73. Joana Joana


    74. Mirjam Morandell

      She seems so nice and shy🥺

    75. Zahara

      I just found out she was on Fallon and I’m so happy for her 🥺 Charlis so sweet

    76. Jess Fair

      Omg she's so cute! She seems so genuine, I hope she stays that way as she gets more and more famous!

    77. 2k elite

      Her dances are not even that good i’m not jealous but she acts a bit spoiled

      1. hallo hallo

        she doesn't she seems like she's such a sweetheart

    78. banana split

      She's so sweet and the cutest I love her ❤️

    79. atrum pontifex

      i play roblox and im a dunkin

    80. Nayops 19

      Charli’s so talented and stunning like always♥️🎶