charli d'amelio and chase hudson's BREAKUP just got MESSY..

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happier exposed

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    1. Lisa Lauvrak

      Charli deserves Dunkin Dounts boy :)

      1. Karin K


      2. Blessed Moey


      3. Chamara Dillard

        @m i l k t e a 😂... are you serious?

      4. Iconik Raul

        Aka me 😂

      5. Zodiac Lives

        yes,she does.

    2. Gabby Lopez

      Yo aré u frlz f*** them why is Charli crying for skinny bones she deserve better ! U could do much better beautiful plus chase not even handsome

    3. Abdel Eltahir

      Wow I did not know chase was a jerk and such b*itch

    4. kiyana canoy

      Wth why would chase do that he was dating charli but chase trying to f*ck another girl wow just wow chase youre a play boy and btw charli dont deserve you if youre just being like that This is no hate

    5. XxSamara GT

      Young People fell in love with the wrong people Sometimes..... Some mistakes get made that aright Thats OK in the end apart the story thats the moral of story ----------+-------+-------+-------+--------Ashe--------+-------+------❤

    6. Sarayah Harris

      Why did he break up with her she cute and pretty

    7. 13-Salma Mohamed

      Chase is lying his real name is chole

      1. Kosmixle


    8. doorstep 123

      Anyone out there not caring about tik-tok

    9. tenzy dolker

      Charli deserve s more than chase

    10. Janna Al-Kaysy

      Ok but Bryce cheated on Addison so he can’t say anything

    11. Itzz_me_galaxy

      Why do we need tea about them like its their problem not ours

    12. Millicent Zzz

      Charlie was just 15 and went to Hawaii with chase 🙂 girl, chill.

    13. Fatima Laaroussi

      Imagine cheating on the person that made you famous smh Not a hate comment teehee

    14. Jimbo

      Love is bullshit, even true love is bullshit, because all love is conditional. Unconditional love or complete love doesn't exist, to anyone reading this who's in a relationship, your partner may love you truly, but he/she doesn't love you unconditionally, you're not the only one for him/her, you're replaceable, he/she can unlove you in some situations, love is simply and utterly bullshit, why waste time on it? Stop being weak and can't handle being alone.

    15. • D a i s y •

      Okokokokok sooo idkkk whyyyyy people are coming at Chase AND Zoe for saying the n word. Like Chase is almost 18 and Zoe is an adult. Unless they were referring to someone this DRAMA is unnecessary.

    16. • D a i s y •

      Okokokokok sooo idkkk whyyyyy people are coming at Chase AND Zoe for saying the n word. Like Chase is almost 18 and Zoe is an adult. Unless they were referring to someone this DRAMA is unnecessary.

    17. Creosha Lewis

      i literaly unfollowed chase on tik tok insta and twitter i hate chase so much i think he really just wanted clout he wanted all the fam i wish i can just shuv some pie in his mouth and hit the pie in his face i hope charli sees this but i know shes not gonna see this commet im srry for u charli. but everyone got ur back dont ever give up

    18. zacktheshortone 76

      Ahhhh well I’m already going to la for my birthday and ima justaaaaa take this (grabs ar-15) quit kid mode

    19. Kevin Lawson

      Feel bad

    20. nadia wade

      I cant imagine if they date I mean he is almost an adult and she still a teen oop-

    21. Daniel Naaman

      First off he want using her for clout that’s for sure I mean if a guy has a deep relationship ship with a girl he’ll say if not he’d leave her like 2 days later. That’s how we work

    22. Anthony Tocci-Finley

      Hold up they are not dating you guys just saw that😂

    23. Vee Reacts

      If both of you are asian.. your parents are gonna beat the shit out of you.... who start dating at the age of 15???

    24. favorite brand

      still the best couple🙂

    25. Torrin King

      Chace is not a real man

    26. Random Hooman

      I know their relationship were none of my business but am I the only one who felt something was not right when they were still together??

    27. XeN Vidhaan

      Climbed to Mt Everest to find out who tf asked

    28. ꧁ LilianTheZucchini꧂

      the second i saw cjase i knew he wasnt a good guy

    29. Anon 37294729

      Bryce and that other guy ALWAYS start beef with other influencers then they release a diss track, post a couple vids, soak in the fame and money and then it turns out to be fake

    30. Chamara Dillard

      The ones you need is always the ones you not looking for.

    31. Chamara Dillard

      Chase wasnt even cute. And charli is a really nice girl. She really deserves someone better.

    32. paris Amra arrue

      Eran una monita mareja😢

    33. Sofie Werner

      I really tough he was a nice guy but he was a big d*** sorry but it is what it is, he was dis nice guy at the beginning but now he just runs everything! He really had everything Charli was perfect and he wanted Nessa to and if they not breakup he can get in jail!! I just wanted to say what i means so I now people hate Chace but we just need to stay tuned😕so I hope everyone supports Charli so much in this period💪 Hugs Sofie 💕

    34. Madison Morgan

      I think this is a rumor because chase is so nice to Charli and I don't think he would do that

    35. sanjay persaud

      charli ur the best u deserve better that wat lil huddy done to u

    36. Poor Pluto

      He was the ultimate f boy from the beginning so it’s not that surprising Charli could do so much better then that noodle

    37. Andressa Marçal

      Fock u Chase

    38. Adrion Griffin

      i love these tiktokers but chase ruined it i think he using all girls for clout bc he like charli when she started to blow up and started to like nessa when she started to blow up. :/ i love these tiktokers and charli is SOO nice!! i just dont like chase no more for playing girls like this its not right. message to charli: find yo self a better man who actually love you

    39. 90s G i r l

      The sad this is that this happened right before her birthday😢

    40. Ziril 29

      I thought charlie is 15 was a joke

    41. Atley Whitworth

      Chase is mean to Charli anyway

    42. Louis Likourgos

      Chalk definitely deservesv better

    43. Anouk

      I’m really out here watching this at the age of 20 wanting to know more about a break up between 16-18 year olds...quarantine hits me

    44. Savitha Ravindra

      I the only one who unfollowed chase after this 😑

    45. Chickenxggets

      dis is sooooo sad ;-;

    46. Itzeel Aguilar

      What god made chase. -selfish -cheater -disgusting -traitor What god made Charlie -dancer -not a traitor -beautiful -dunkin girl -nice -loveing

    47. amypeimi

      Ngl, i never liked Chase

    48. baba hh

      Chase got expose

    49. xlilx Goblin

      I MISS CHARLI AND CHASE 😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    50. Carlene McPherson

      Don't worry Charlie you'll find someone

    51. Brian Barrett

      Honestly idk if Chase is straight or not anymore he's painting his nails no offence to anyone btw

    52. Cassi Markowitz

      Charli Deserves better then that douchebag.

    53. RoZie Blink

      Can we just bring back everything when there was no corona virus, charli and chase were together, and josh and chase were friends

    54. girlylicious

      I..Why charli 🥺...

    55. Susan Mesa Cadavid

      Guys if you didn’t see look at charli’s recent vid on NOsel and go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="521">8:41</a> and look who says happy birthday and I miss you and I love you

    56. Ramanda Zaskia

      Gue indo sendiri

    57. Veyda Saccoccio

      I don’t like chase any

      1. Veyda Saccoccio

        I mean I dont like chase any more

    58. adorablegirl129

      Charli really crying over this twig He not even cute 1 like= Charli will get what she deserves

    59. Galaxy Samurai

      This is why u focus on school instead of dating... guys who say nigga and get away with it 💀 I said wat I said don't @ me

    60. Stella Shahin

      Listen, Charli and lil huddy has something that we don't now so stop making bad comments to charli and Chas like you guys shut take it easy OMG like you don't even now obout charli and Chas!?!

    61. Felicity ALDC!!!

      He’s not cute enough to be cheating take what you got man 💀.

    62. Nada Younes

      I think Charli D’Amelio needs to breakup with Chase

    63. Crystalcave[.]___ Cookie[.]—-

      Wait isn’t it I’ll huddy?

    64. iamyashi stacy

      Chase will come back crying 🤣

    65. Tiktok _me!!

      OmG hOw DaRe He!!!

    66. perla

      I feel so sorry for her... But as I’ve been saying all her fans and not just fans but people warned her about dating him yet she still did. She plays a huge role for multiple reasons.

    67. Kasey Olivia

      I agree I would kick his bottom. Charli is an angel 😇 charli is pretty af❤️

    68. Mary Almond

      I used @jacob.spade on Instagram to spy on my husband’s phone and social media and discovered how he’s been cheating on me all these while

    69. Nelle Yeehee

      So in other words much quicker. Chase was using charli for her clout while he was 17 and he was also talking to Nessa (I forgot her Name I think that's right lol)

    70. Delis Diaz

      I like Fortnite

    71. Alberte Aaen Hansen

      I an Hege for you Charlie

    72. David Poller

      Lil huddy why

    73. Happy Boy

      You can tell chase is bad he’s goth

    74. Emily Taylor

      the fact this exact same thing happened to me 🖐🏻😌

    75. itz dayanara Cruz

      He used charli for clout

    76. Isabella Lu

      Wow...Charli can have any boy she wants and she picks chase?

    77. playz-roblox-for-dayz

      this is fake

    78. Taeee_pioca _

      Tbh I didn’t really like Charli and lil idiot together in the first place...

    79. Dean Leonard

      I do not like chase any more he is mean

    80. 《 Marshmallow Fe 》

      why is chase is such a play boy 😬