Chris Matthews Attacks Warren After Debate

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The Young Turks

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    Chris Matthews questioned Elizabeth Warren for brining up Bloomberg’s harassment accusations. John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.
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    "There are a multitude of harassment allegations against 2020 candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg - but apparently that’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) problem.

    After Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate, MSNBC host Chris Matthews immediately began his interview with Warren in the spin room by aggressively questioning why she had told the debate moderators that she believed the pregnant employee at Bloomberg’s company who accused the billionaire of telling her to get an abortion."
    Hosts: John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, Jayar Jackson
    Cast: John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, Jayar Jackson
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    1. Vegan CarboRaider

      "this is the only thing that could boost (warren) more" 6 days later, she's out of the race. I don't understand what side Emma is taking here. Matthews was giving Warren a chance to be fair. Warren is acting like a crazed feminist who drove her OWN self out of the race for saying this kind of crazy stuff.

    2. Earnest T Bass

      I think it was Lizzie who got Matthews fired. Good work Lizzie you took out Bloomberg and an absolute dunce in Matthews.. Now please remove yourself😄

    3. MsFair

      WARREN 2020. BIDEN 2020!

      1. Seeed 90

        She's a liar and sell out. How dare you.

    4. terminate with extreme prejudice

      apparently all women's unsubstantiated accusations are to be believed

      1. d dave

        Why would it even matter. These guys support abortion.

      2. Gregory Hill

        I'd like to know what was said.

    5. Lady You Go

      You can see you just do not like Chris and I am not a fan maybe they should look at your motive as why you doing this and you man you dont agree with her you are just want your job and listen to her she is pushing the point also sad

    6. Edward Fights

      What a bunch of useless turds on this video

    7. Scott Scotsman

      I heard this interview and had the same question. I wondered if warren really believed that was what was actually said. Warren was spouting gossip with very little if any context. context matters. the woman who warren says mike said, "kill it" wasn't there so did she say mike specifically said, "kill it" or was she paraphrasing? Was Warren paraphrasing? The wording seemed odd to me. If he suggested an abortion well so what? It's not as if people don't suggest abortions in the real world. There are inappropriate circumstances but context of circumstances were never given. This is the kind of story that makes progressives look like disingenuous whining cry babies but only when it suits their agenda.

    8. Mike Reynolds

      People are ignorant libtard pussys now days and get their feelings hurt to easy smh..😥🖕STFU‼💩

    9. Dianna Rowley

      ] Carvel thinks all decisions are about how many votes you may get. Warren is tired of the inbalance in the work place. Many many women are tired of this.

      1. People Health Truth

        yes. too many women working. Male unemployment is higher

    10. Welco

      You guys are idiots, thanks for destroying the country. LA is a shithole

    11. Andrew Harper

      Appalling content. Dem politics is like the face you make when you hear about incest then find out they shot their mom.

    12. Sir_Valion

      Why not believe the woman, Bobblehead Lizzy? Maybe because an accusation means nothing without evidence.

      1. Sir_Valion

        @MsFair - An accusation is not evidence, lol. Evidence is something that supports an accusation.

      2. MsFair

        The accusation is evidence.

    13. Brian Wurch

      Lesbian 'justice warrior! The left eats its own! Love it to death.

    14. Brian Wurch

      Communists pounce of last straight white male in anti Trump media.

    15. SUM

      Ask Julie Swetnick why she lied, geniuses. Nobody, regardless of gender, race, whatever should be automatically believed when making an accusation. You do that and you open the doors to allegations being weaponized.


      Average women don't lie. All politicians (and their paid lackies) lie very convincingly, all.the.time.

      1. Scott Scotsman

        @PHOTOGRASPER what you think and what most people do is irrelevant. Most people don't commit crimes. And yet people do commit crimes. Most people don't fasley accuse people of crimes And yet people exaggerate minor stories to falsely accuse people of serious crimes all the time. It's not what most people do but it's a common occurrence. It happens.


        @Scott Scotsman I don't think moist people falsely accuse people of felonies.

      3. Scott Scotsman

        Warren is politician and average people lie.

      4. Alexander Caine

        that statement is so low IQ, I feel sorry for you.

    17. ice wolf

      your cool, warren.



    18. Jitka Blahakova

      One of the sexist patterns is Cenk Uygur, isn't he🤣

    19. Bi Al

      He's been involuntarily retired.

    20. apocalypsepow

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> um, Amber Heard?

      1. Greshman

        apocalypsepow 02:15 um, Christine Blasey Ford?

    21. fordfairlane1955

      warren has been caught in a few lies

      1. Brian Wurch

        Blatant cynical lies.

    22. BC

      James, with all due respect is a political hack. - Bernie sanders

    23. Mogamat Ismail

      CHris Matthews keeps on making a fool of himself.......Carwell has always been a moron...

      1. Vegan CarboRaider

        This wasn't one of those times. He was giving her a chance to be fair. Warren is a crazed feminist who drove her OWN self out of the race for saying this kind of crazy stuff.

      2. ice wolf

        he wasn't before he left his first wife. left her way back in early 90's after first light of fame. ie that is dumb.

    24. McAnibs

      There are many Amber Heards out there too, we've seen quite a number black college athletic careers ruined only to find out years later the girls lied. Women lie too.

    25. Kryojenix

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> Shouty Emma is pretty cool too! And the sequel, Singy Emma - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="393">6:33</a>!

    26. Debora Williams

      Chris Mathews is part of the greedy capitalistic system, and that is why he does not want Sanders or Warren to win the Democratic Party presidencial nomination

      1. Brian Wurch

        Go to communist country you stupid piece of shit.

      2. mike spence

        derp derp

    27. Nathan Hunter

      Carville made perfect sense and made no reference to Warren's emotional state. He actually made sense. Sanders is the the leader, Bloomberg is a sinking ship. If she wants to win, she is not going to win voters for Bloomberg to her side, they will go to Biden. She is more likely to get Sanders supporters. Very few will change from Bloomberg to Warren. Careville said it best. Democrats will win if they can focus on issues that help Americans with 'kitchen table issues'. Attacking BLoomberg was a waste of energy but did make for good TV>

    28. Corey Colbert

      Believe women. Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren a woman can't be President. BELIEVE WOMEN.


        Women are incapable of lying. 😳

      2. zenda40

        Bernie's record is not consistent with Warren's accusation. Why would he urge her to run in 2015 of he didn't believe women could win? Why he did 40 campaign rallies for Hillary after he lost nomination to her, if he didn't believe in a woman winning?

    29. schmokay

      Warren said herself "this is personal". The TYT attack on Carville seems completely manufacturered, an attempt to link his comments to Matthews.

    30. Nicholas Newcomer

      Drop out!

    31. R&R Homestead

      Warren needs to drop out.

    32. Randy Watson

      The accuser has a significant financial incentive to lie. He’s not allowed to go there because someone like TYT will smear him. So it’s TYT and other progressives that have set up an environment where an honest conversation can’t be had.

      1. Jen

        Randy Watson - it’s unbelievable to you that a guy with a history of inappropriate sexual comments and pregnancy discrimination would tell his employee to get an abortion? Are you some sort of idiot or are you really that desperate to make excuses for that asshole.

      2. Randy Watson

        @Jen Discriminating against women because you assume they will get pregant and become less career focused . . yes that is real and common, sadly. Telling a woman to kill her baby is another thing entirely. Extremely uncommon . . how about you ask the women in your life on that one.

      3. Jen

        also pregnancy discrimination? Ask the women in your life and i promise you you'll find some who faced it. It's not in any way unbelievable.

      4. Jen

        oh shut up, he's got so many women hes settled with. If he thought he was right and they were just out for the money he should let them speak. Also it snot like a secret he discriminates against female employees...hes not really shy about it. he thinks its not a big deal.

    33. RJ Lee

      "Believe women" is so unAmerican. Matthews did nothing wrong.

    34. Jeremy Barlow

      If he said "money" I suspect since Warren is an attorney, she might have explained how "actual damages" work in a sex discrimination lawsuit. Oh she gets her lost pay after she "mitigated" the damages by taking another job. It's not a penalty. It isn't even worth the effort most of the time.

      1. Jeremy Barlow

        @Randy Watson you claimed he is a mark who would be embarrassed into a settlement. That is unlikely to be the case. What is more the law is very clear in terms of potential recovery. It isn't really worth the effort.

      2. Randy Watson

        @Jeremy Barlow You've lost sight of the conversation and your original point. You said this particular woman had little incentive to sue because of actual damages. I explained why that doesn't matter. You now want me to read an autobiography about other stuff. Just admit you were wrong and then if you want to change the subject, go ahead.

      3. Jeremy Barlow

        @Randy Watson might want to read Bloomberg's autobiography to find out he is not one of those people. He admitted to plenty of sexual harassment in his autobiography.

      4. Randy Watson

        @Jeremy Barlow Might want to step outside the bounds of legal damages and consider other factorts that matter to the parties. People will pay you to keep something quiet, regardless of legal damages.

      5. Oedipus Flex

        Jeremy Barlow There are plenty of women that are vultures out there.

    35. corinth chavez

      What in the hell is that opioid doing girl is wearing (the tyt girl)

    36. Nock4Six

      Wow check out all the angry incels commenting on this. Matthews is protecting himself. He’s a sexist pig, well known for inappropriate comments and behaviours.

    37. Nick Gero

      I hate it when women make it all about sexism.. I hate Carville as well but he didn’t call her emotional.. you lose credibility when you put words in other people’s mouths

    38. elitepanda3000

      Amber heard made money by spreading lies about Johny.

    39. James Davis

      Why would the women lie? Money. Duhhh Like how you repeatedly and provably lie every day.

    40. Slo

      "Why shouldn't we believe the woman?" Because a woman is also trying to sell us on the idea that Bernie Sanders stated that a woman can't be president. Don't make this about gender. You're not helping the cause.

    41. cableaddict

      What a shame to see Chris Mathews turn into a babbling, corporate ass-licking fool. I used to really respect this man. No longer. Not ever again.

    42. dancefrance1

      and these guys think it’s ok for Bloomberg to buy the election????

    43. dancefrance1

      Chris Mathews is awful.....unbelievably so.

    44. Edwin Strozier

      TYT, this video is full of lies, Warren was booed on stage after making such an outrageous attack. Please fire that beta male and that feminist, because they are both air heads. Innocent till proven guilty, believe facts not feelings. Trump 2020

      1. Jen

        LMFAO you're embarrassing yourself edwin

      2. Shannons _Boys

        Edwin Strozier “believe facts not feelings” ironic coming from a trump supporter

    45. Clutch Cargo

      I used to like him Chris Mathews - I think he's a tool now - Mathews is worthless. There is no reason for the woman to lie - think about it Chris. Maybe you need to get your news from TYT before going on your news show.

    46. Howard G

      He's trying to give her the out. I think that he thinks that she is stupid for going after this.

    47. Nigel Farzanali

      Fire this asshole

    48. Zorak0515

      Emma vs Anna is scissoring match. Make it happen TYT. I’d buy that for a dollar.

    49. 12227UserName

      Every large business has non disclosure agreements. Even TYT for example has non disclosure agreements. Why shouldn't you believe her accusation, Warren? Because people make baseless claims or false claims all of the time in order to benefit themselves. I'm not defending Bloomberg. But this idea that we should blindly believe women just because they say so is completely ridiculous. Especially coming from Warren, who is known to be a constant liar. She's so damn fake. And if she were to be elected, which definitely wont happen, she'll just end up being another Hilary 2.0. I've been saying that way before any of the media began doing so.

    50. Rick Selby

      MSNBC, is it not Fox News in disguise? MSNBC ran off all the liberal Democrats. What we have now is Fox News rejects and Chris Mathews🙈 he is forever interrupting people, he’s nothing less than disgusting! The rest of them are corporatist protectionists!

      1. Clutch Cargo

        I'm afraid you're right !

    51. Jorge Vasquez

      I think that it's he said she said... maybe some credible witnesses to make it more solid?

    52. Ibmiti Bmiti

      Just because the complaint has been made does not mean the complaint is true

    53. Vilhelm Andresen

      All that is need for sexual assault/harassment to proliferate is a culture of reactionary doubt...please try to be ration and assume that the majority people do not lie about it 🙏

    54. Sally Dorsey

      Dot say if u don’t have proof

    55. Michelle B

      The guy needs to retire. Not because of his age, but for the lack of openness and is he not suppose to be neutral ?!?!?!

    56. Ryan Ortega

      Bloomberg bought ‘em.

    57. Ryan Ortega

      Sexiest bullshit.

    58. Ryan Ortega

      What an asshole, “everyone who makes an accusation like that deserves to give examples of their accusations.”

    59. Rollin Lachance

      Mathews is such a piece of shit!! Fuckin country is completely insane!!

    60. daniel allen

      I don’t like Bloomberg but Warren is a known liar

    61. shyam vijay

      I'm as woke' as the next person but I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty and believe a woman no matter what is just rubbish

    62. portuguesse finest jones

      These old people are so out of touched with normal people !!!

    63. bigraviolees

      Please quit picking on mike Elizabeth, see my Chris Matthews paychecks need to remain fat

    64. Dillon Walker

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> that's a little disingenuous. You can sue somebody for sexual misconduct - especially an employer - and make money. Many have done so successfully. Sometimes millions. To be clear, I believe that Bloomberg probably said that. But John's "I would love if they would provide an example" comment is bs - the chick who accused Mike Tyson was on national TV and sued him for millions. Not saying he did or didn't do it, or that she is or is not lying - rather, I am only saying that John's comment was disingenuous. There are a lot of examples of such lawsuits.

    65. Walter das Trevas

      Emma needs to calm down, she is very insecure and the insecurity limits her vocabular, and It is ironic to see paid bots defending Bloomberg on all NOsel channels.

    66. D ES

      Chris Matthews needs to retire.

    67. j ha-nocri

      I don't think anyone thinks believe the guy automatically. It's you guys that say believe all women. All normal people say that we need evidence and not just trust anybody right away.

      1. Walter das Trevas

        Bloomberg forces people to keep quiet, or lose their jobs and then prosecuted for the rest of their lives. Are you are intellectually dishonest to defend your candidate, OR are you really stupid?

    68. Jen Mac

      She’d have a baby killed 8 months in the womb but she’s outraged because he may have said have an abortion? What has her problem? The women wasn’t far enough along?

      1. discipleofsakura

        First, no one has an abortion that far along in a pregnancy unless it's medically necessary. Second, it's because he was effectively telling someone else to have an abortion, when it shouldn't be anyone's decision but the one who's pregnant anyway. You pro-birth people are so happy to have children die due to lack of food, healthcare, etc, but you make up bullshit stories to perpetuate forced incubation upon women you don't give a single shit about.

    69. LastSliceOfPie '

      Carvil cant take the hat off or we'll see his brain slug

    70. Jus call me vell

      Chris matthews looks like he smells like pee. That one guy on the subway you dont want to sit next to you. But he does n you got that face till your stop🤨

    71. Mister Physics

      Greed Addled Bloomer has far too much power/wealth. You can't bully women out of their job because they're creating the next WORKFORCE FOR FREE, the effin cheek of it.

    72. Mister Physics

      i believe the women 100%

    73. shadowdancersxfile9

      I can't afford to sign up or I would. And Warren is an opportunistic pos. I'm happy she's losing to Bernie. Some of us won't live long enough for another chance, while being denied the medical care we need.

    74. taino1952

      Warren is Bernie's wingman. She's attacking moderate Bloomberg to keep him off Bernie. Don't be surprised if the ticket ends up as Bernie/Warren 2020!

      1. hippy doof


      2. Geoffrey Sorkin

        Sanders is picking either Nina Turner or Stacey Abrams

    75. Brian Foster

      This crook Matthews really was rude to Donahue for opposing the Iraq war which was based on lies, and called Donahue a traitor. So their is no surprise here. Matthews is just a paid liar who only keeps his 15 million a year job because he lies constantly and parrots the talking points of his corporate master that owns MSNBC.

    76. Joe OWS

      damn... Is their anyone who Bloomberg didn't buy?

    77. Joe OWS

      Cognitive Dissonance

    78. Dan Foley

      Cherokees for Pocahontas !

    79. the real rick ross

      What a jackass 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    80. Robert Quin

      Don't know that only Billionaires can save the world?!? (From the 99.9%)