Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Trump's 2020 State Of The Union Address

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    After President Trump delivered a divisive State of the Union, Stephen Colbert delivered his LIVE Late Show monologue. The one thing we can all agree on: "My fellow Americans, the state of our union was long." #Monologue #StateOfTheUnion #Colbert
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    1. RDP Queen

      Today is April 5th 2020 as I make this comment and the world is being held to ransom by his m an who is doing nothing to help stem the spread of the corona virus. He is the devil himself.👹👹👹👹👹

    2. Max Powers

      Coleburt should be deported he is a poor excuse for an American.

    3. Bran Evans

      Colbert is so biased. Great speech by Trump. Everyone knows it. He's great, Trump 202. Trump 2024. Trump 2028.

    4. dojo999

      Jesus, this was a month ago!?! This timeline is so screwed.

      1. Sadie Thompson

        dojo999 we’ve been living this year for 3 months yet it feels like a year

    5. khuang96

      I broke at banana 😄

    6. FlameAdder

      Nancy trying not to crack up at "stanktuary"

    7. Paul Regalado

      I wonder if Stephen saw the look on Jerry Nadler/Adam Schiff face after Trump's acquittal . I'll bet he thought that was funny.

    8. Sontar

      And every one of those people would run that clown* out of town on a rail. *Impeached. Should have been removed, but republicans are complicit.

    9. M Taylor

      Oh how I miss Don and The Giant Impeach Segments! What's to keep us afloat now? It's amazing the people who still support Trump and will turn out to Vote. Please don't say it's not possible. That's how we got into this mess--where the action is.

    10. Ricardo Hernandez

      Hey Stephen how are you buddy? I have watched your show from February the 17 to the 21. I wonder why your show is on a rerun. I hope everything is okay Stephen Colbert with you and your family. I'm looking forward to watching more new shows Stephen. Remember Stephen no one can take away a great special gift that you have inside you, that is why you are the best late night talk show host. Well Stephen peace out my friend, and please say what's up to John and his band for me.✌🎼🎹🎷🎸

    11. Paul Regalado

      No wonder Nancy got mad..he was talking bad about her cities where people are pooping and trashing her towns because she spent all her time failing to impeach Trump. I don't pity the fool. She should have been taking care of business. TRUMP 2020.....!

    12. c.daniel Premkumar

      Hey STUPID stephen. Tomorrow he's going to be ACQUITTED. Further, you need him for your show to go on for another 5 years. Nov 3 rd, you will again close your show much earlier than you did in nov 2016.

      1. Kaizaro123

        PLEASE, PLEASE dont call other people stupid when you're spewing absolute stupidity yourself. Yeah, we know you hate to see your despot made fun of and you'd like the show to be shut down... just like they would do in the banana republics you and your ilk are driving this country towards. What's next after shutting his show down, detainment without trial? God, you sycophants are so fcking dumb. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment? Know what it is, how it works? Wait... never mind, don't bother answering that. Geez!

    13. Carroll Armstrong

      Love me some Stephen Colbert!!!

    14. fhhsvnggbh

      You americans laugh at donald trump.... The rest of the world is laughing at your country for voting him in

    15. Pam Brown

      Is the justice department now going to publish a price list?

    16. Biggwill NYC

      His ancestors came from Germany. His ancestors had nothing to do with taming the American west.

    17. Biggwill NYC

      OMG , stanctuary lol !!!!!. Coming from the guy with the nuclear codes. ???!!!

    18. Dan

      The Stanktuary broke me up.

    19. Kathy McGirt

      I could care less about the fucking rockets. Start taking care of us!

    20. Dan Str

      I've just seen the comment section in a video of trump at the daytona 500. The level of admiration for this turd is absolutely crazy. How can normal or intelligent people be a trump fan?

    21. DocSmiTherZ

      What's up with Colbert's ear ? Is that from the screw ? Donkey !!!

    22. Terence McQuillan

      "Sailed the Wild West". That's right up with his "captured the airports during the War of Independence."

    23. Red 27

      I wonder how many snowflakes melted when trump wasn't impeached?

    24. Caroline Morphis

      Maliana is no angel she hard core to the bone

    25. Mary Adams

      TRUMP 2020!!!!!!1

    26. Catherine Gold

      Nancy Pelosi ripped him a new one 👍🏻

    27. Mireille Lebeau

      "John Roberts, who is still working double duty...Yest another American forced to work two jobs in Trump's economy"

      1. Penny Hollifield

        Hahahahahahaha!! Good one!!😅😆🤣😂😆🤣

    28. Molly Spurgeon

      What even seriously WAS that list of names?! What was the thought process behind stringing all those together on that one?

    29. Molly Spurgeon

      Don't offer him your hand or one finger at all. You know what he'll grab for, and it's not your hand. And that's just another good reason to not wanna touch his hand anyway.

    30. Xris Boltz

      Trump win you all haters lose lol

    31. Roger French

      Hey Stephen Colbert you’re an asshooooollleee

    32. Joseph Willis

      Wait .. wait .. what? The Family's Leave Act ??? But that's Socialism !!!!!!! I always new tRump was a commie democrat in disguise !!!!!

    33. JSB

      Cumbert is a has been

    34. Max Powers

      Wow Trump derangement syndrome is spreading quickly and out of control, you people are sick! Anyone who agrees with this kolbert is an idiot.

    35. TechLabLads

      No matter what Mr. Colbert, Mr. Meyers, or Mr. Noah say or do, Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Whether you like it or not, Trump has done a lot of good for this country. Instead of calling him an "idiot" or "dump", why don't you actually make a valid argument? Oh yeah, you're all liberals....

    36. KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN

      *boring audience 🙄*

    37. Angel Tears

      Trump quote (?): "Freedom unifies the soul." Trump has no soul. He has desperate characters in the White House scrambling to make him appear more human, less of a Vampire/Vulture/Greedy, Gluttonous, Lying, Womanizing, Women-fearing, Women abusing, childish baby & bully! How did this con-man get to be our president!? Our enemies must be involved!

    38. Lisa Gulick

      I bet that was apple juice!

    39. Denis Gavrilov

      I don't come over to this side of youtube very often but man, it really seems like the Democrats are really bitter and devisive

    40. Robert E

      She sells Sanctuary - The Cult She sells Skanktuary - Cult45

    41. x24 agthorn

      that's what that smell is! STANK-TUARY!

    42. Membrane556

      LOL only one person clapped on what he had to say about health insurance.

    43. Sharon Cooper

      Who are the idiots who voted for this supreme idiot?

    44. crazyhorse

      Cosby Sills and Cash, Elvis Pretzely


      Nancy she is my hero!!!

    46. crazyhorse

      Bill Clinton wanted to give Hillary, Monica's old job !!!

    47. Dakota Becker

      Colbert has chosen money over comedy. Like every FAKE NEWS overpaying these idiots to MAKE UNFUNNY TRUMP HATE JOKES

    48. Paul Revere's Horse Bucky

      The video that wipes out Bloomberg

    49. Holly Bauer

      Nancy!!!! 🙌

    50. Perfomance Car Maniac

      What would be funny is watching this annoying dude have a stroke live on tv

    51. Perfomance Car Maniac

      This dude secretly wants to drink the president's man juice I bet

    52. Tetrahydro Trav

      Tick.. Tock..

    53. Celia Younger


    54. TheHikingnut

      I thought Cali was a "dank"tuary ?

    55. Russell Racey

      Americans take pride in their 2nd Amendment ... apparently to go down without a fight.

    56. Duncan Macleod

      He stole some of this from my high school public speaking essay!!!!

    57. EK X

      We need a Nancy cam. She's glorious ♥

    58. Catherine Leary

      Bloomberg 2020.

    59. Ashley Bottoms

      Colbert is a hack comedian, whose sole material comes from making fun of our President full-time.

    60. K B

      Why did this show up on my feed and who tf watches this show

      1. K B

        Catherine Leary what you talkin about Willis?

      2. Catherine Leary

        You watch it constantly, and comment on every clip. Remember?

    61. Kurt B

      What is "Stanctuary?"

    62. Mare Tomaski

      Mostly campaigning for Bernie!!!

    63. doug hodges

      MAGA 2020 The Majority of Americans will vote for him cause the Dems got NOTHIN

    64. FreeSociety1

      Stephen Colbert is such an ass. The Establishment hates Trump because he exposed them, and he beat them. America is doing much better under President Trump than anytime in the last 4 decades. And that includes all the demographics (lowest Black unemployment, lowest Latino unemployment, a "Blue Collar" Job Boom, rising worker wages), and U.S. Manufacturing jobs coming back. Looks like Trump knew how to use the Tariff system (nobody else did, or would -- including Bernie) to create a more level playing field. America is now doing well. Prosperity works! The Global Government of the Elites ("New World Order") does not, and never did. Trump presented (for the first time in decades) great State of the Union results! Stephen Colbert is just a mere child (like his hero Nancy Pelosi).

    65. Sean Heupel

    66. Amanda Mosher

      I don't understand how Nancy didn't burst out laughing.. My goddd

    67. Crit

      Trumps speach is like Turners "The Frontier" filled with blind nationalism and a mirage of lies to decieve the listener, and plunge the believer further into the shadows.

    68. Jenny Sam

      #WRITEINMITT Mitt Romney should be the Republican Nominee for 2020!

    69. Josefina Magallanes


    70. One World

      How splendid it'd be if a packed house like that holds up placards with STFU, big and bold. WTF was that about "downsize destiny"???? Ohh never mind...... that was, like 98% of the entire mass of snake dung, contrived filler....... as Mr. James Brown said: "Just talkin' loud and sayin' nothin'...." Anybody old enough to remember a 60's TV show "Where the Action Is"? :) No, he doesn't. The show involved hipness, good vibes n' music. Well, what a milestone for humanity..... where the action is is whatever. Profound seer and a downright guru..... we had no idea the enormity of His insight. What happened to his story about NBC declining the idea of a season of "The Apprentice (Donald's Contrived Value)", and his "I'll show THEM" reason for running? Oh.... right..... when you speak the truth you don't have to remember anything...... Freedom unifies the...... oh "SOLE". The fish or shoe thing? Of course he's tuned in to the spiritual.....his "soul" amounts to just enough electrical energy to operate a nervous system and proudly generate repulsion. Kurlian photography reveals he doesn't have so much as an aura. That's not a viable being. No wonder the only function and role he can fulfill is as a funnel through which SOLELY material wealth pours. How 'bout that preadolescent diss with the handshake? What's disgustingly pathetic is those administrators of loving hickeys to the presidential posterior saw that and shuddered, trembled, and nearly lost bladder control. Place your bets..... there were lots of prayers and rosary bead fidgeting in there...... grown men with enough material excess to fund a children's hospital silently praying for protection....... "Dear God please talk with Donald and assure Him of my absolute desire to BE Him....... while I'm not worthy of being his toilet paper, I beseech thee in the name of our savior and bringer of kindness, Donald J. Trump, to instill confidence of my absolute adoration of His Malignance, and further assure Him that my desire to BE Him does NOT represent a threat to BECOME Him...... and lastly, God, I pray for your merciful protection from such a deeply hurtful punishment as His Malignance taking revenge upon my feeble soul in refusing me the Divine Privilege of the grasp of His Loving Handshake of Respect....... at such a moment I would leap to my mortal end from the pinnacle of the rotunda while reading the tweet storm of the Omniscient One...... (tremble shudder cower)....."

    71. senni bgon

      Pelosi has a lot of willpower. I would have set fire to the hoax of a speech.

    72. R H

      Psst, don't tell Trump Harriet Tubman was black.

    73. gr ve

      I just love how you Liberals are so pissed off... get the economy's never done better, and everybody's doing well.... this show sucks.. it's not even funny... I have to force myself to watch it..

      1. gr ve

        @Sunny this is a subjective very unknowledgeable about.. do you know how high our 401K has went this year? Apparently, you don't have one... what you need to do is invest your money instead of blowing it... invest like a man.. you lack knowledge in the subject, yet you still give an opinion... there's not too many stupid people who vote Republican..

      2. Sunny

        Economy's never done better? Are you kidding? Maybe just 1 of the really rich? Living off dividends & other stock investments? Either that or stupid?! Economy is better for those at the top, not for those working for a living & working hard but can't male a decent living cuz' obs don't pay a living wage unless one is at the top, with perks! Or, guess you can work for Congress & be overpaid for what little work you may do.

    74. winesap2

      The rural internet thing is total bullshit. Obama already did that a long time ago. We got fiber optic in bumfuck Missouri four years ago. Nice try taking credit for yet another Obama accomplishment.

      1. senni bgon

        Bernie 2020!!!! ❤️⚖️🗽♻️🌎✌️🇺🇸

    75. Gigi Vlogs - Mi Salud

      the cows and the horse in rural america can't wait to finally start their facebook accounts

    76. Jose Torres

      Pelosi needed scrap paper to wipe her butt...why not use this speech which is already full of crap.

    77. Dee Dee

      I loved how he mentioned Bernie!

    78. R K

      Vote blue, even if a toaster is the chosen candidate. It won’t lie, wont hide its tax returns, won’t golf, won’t insult and alienate people, won’t sow division, won’t pander to neo nazis and racists, nor will it spend its valuable time writing on Twitter. Just 2 of these things makes a toaster twice the president than the buffoon currently occupying the office. It should be clear to any half decent human being how incompetent, corrupt, dumb, and wholly unsuitable Agolf Twittler was and now, through the evidence of his time in office, actually is for the role as a leader. No other country where people are free to vote, would elect someone like Drumpf unless they were overtaken by racists, or neo nazis, or such similar trash, and even they would think twice. Heck, no sensible company that has any desire to truly succeed, would ever select him as their leader. Yet the republicans did and do back him, after many of them spoke bad of him at first, because they know the truth about him. But then they began to sing a very different tune once they realized that from the tea party and onwards, the Republican base had changed to a large part of racist, bigoted, fearful and hateful people who simply shout loudly and pretend that the noise equals more people than they really are. They bowed under the pressure of these deplorable individuals, reshaping the people and course of this once respectable Republican Party. We all know the truth of this, people the world over do, and yet, the Republicans defend him and back him at the expense of truth, morality, ethics, the American people, and their health and well being, not to mention the security and stability of the world. This abysmal, corrupt and traitorous behavior is paving the way for future record breaking corruption of politicians and the system. Republicans act in a complete partisan way while accusing others of doing so, they commit the crime while accusing the victims of doing so. Corruption has reached record breaking levels amongst them primarily and this support of the orange buffoon at the expense of all that is decent has caused and will yet cause severe damage to this nation and beyond. When will Republican voters, those who aren’t racist, misogynistic, fearful of any other color than their own, hateful, and neo nazis, wake up to realize that the Republican Party of old is long gone, overtaken by people who put their careers and self before country, even the God and religion they proclaim to follow. Would Jesus ever want to be seen with a man like Trump??? The self-confessed female genitalia grabbing, self-confessed “exaggerator of the truth” (=liar), and Russian candidate. Many of those who elected this moron to govern, have no functioning moral compass. To call yourself a Christian and vote for Drumpf is a complete contradiction.

    79. David Staley

      The way the #Democrats would like people in jail to #vote

    80. David Staley

      Mike Bloomberg Ad Uses Obama/Biden-Era Footage Of Caged Migrants To Criticize Trump