Combat Season 3 Episode 24



19 k ganger15


    1. Glenn Grider

      I like the show when it was in black and white.👍

    2. Roque Segovia

      En el Salvador pase por algo similar 1989 God bless

    3. Trevor Rycraft

      This is Season 3 Episode 19. Not episode 24. ....... Over and Out.

    4. Billy Ricker

      Americans have just been outgunned, but never outmanned.

    5. David Fahey

      Germans don't run out of ammo...😝...

    6. jay soper

      sergeant S. runs uphill in broad daylight & three battle tested German soldiers with machine guns at close range all miss, what a war

      1. Mark Toombs

        So what .he's the can't kill the sarge! Can you ?

      2. matrox

        There sights were bent because the Germans accidently issued carnival guns.

    7. pylgrym

      Outgunned ... Maybe. but never outmanned.

    8. Karl C.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="488">08:08</a> By far the toughest sergeant in the Wehrmacht!

    9. Adriana Cuerio

      podrias subir la temporada 3 de combate en español latino ????? si asi fuera te quedaria eternamente agradecida ... te saludo atte

      1. matrox

        Same to you,...buddy.

      2. John Sholl

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