congrats ksi

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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    1. Logan Paul

      Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

      1. Travis Stark

        You need to upload more

      2. Deku Midoriya

        KSI won ha ha. If i remember correctly you said this at the american press conference "MR and MRS KSI I FUCKING LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEAT THE SHIT OUTA YOUR ASSHOLE SON" and then u got played by ur own math question (7x8=56) (56=ksi wins)


      You won.

    3. David Guppy

      Ksi flogged your ass

    4. AntarctiKat

      Bro u shoulda won honestly

    5. Jared Thomas

      Yes, please do MMA🙏🏼.

    6. Verlize_ YT

      Logan Paul: who wants to see me nock this bitch out November 9th November 9th: FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM

    7. Den Marc


    8. kin9con07 YT

      We all knew this was coming tbh

    9. OMFG Hello

      Hes all like "Whoever wants the smoke" 😂😂This kid would get annihilated by a bunch of people!! I would LOVE to box this brat and really show him what boxing is. But hes too much of an attention pussy to take any actual challenge. Him and Jake Paul, back to back, I'd take them all. Big respect to KSI

    10. Neko Fever

      Logan: Fighting in a stadium of 50,000 people. Me: Uhhh no the capacity for Staples Center is 21,000. Look up the facts.

    11. Utsav Thapa

      Always on top logan paul ❤💪🏼

    12. dan FURFURO

      1:10 tongue made me puke , thnks

    13. Graham Murdoch

      U list

    14. Mark Reddy

      I love your content Logan Paul, Logang for life

    15. SAVAGE GAMER07

      Congrats on the lose

    16. Jonah Torres

      Thsi video is sponsored by raid shadow legends

    17. Raving Raven

      I only came here for a android raid link thank you Lgan Paul

    18. VCLXS W-

      Get over it :(

    19. Wyn_ the craft

      Ksi knocked u back to being humble

    20. Matt T gaming fortnite

      I agree with Logan ksi did hit him in the back off the head so Logan should of won

    21. Sexy Guy

      Nobody gives a f**k any more stop being a sore loser

    22. Sharon Pratt

      Wait KSI wasn’t WEARING HIS BANDANA wooOoo

    23. Matjan Thking95

      Fuck this loser

    24. Jennifer Baker

      You better listen 👂 to me or else my mom won’t let me watch you

      1. JurningBews

        No one asked or cares

    25. Jennifer Baker

      Stop ✋ cussing 🤬😡

    26. FreshXpert Original

      Ik it's old but ksi still woulda won without the 2 point deduction

    27. Timothy Timpleton

      mma mma mma mmammammammamammmamamamamamma mmamamamamaam pls!!!!

    28. TheBimBamBoum 78

      U suk u pig KSI is better

    29. Leeann Byrne

      Stop it bro I'm just 10 you idiot

    30. Leeann Byrne

      Bro stop I'm just 10 you i

    31. Alex Trew

      Who calls themselves a “bad boy”?

    32. Limitless Perfection

      Avenge your brand by knocking tf outta antonio brown, road to 1-1-1😂😂😂

    33. Limitless Perfection

      Probably the most robbed fight of 2019

    34. brayan Okojie

      You are trash logan Paul boo trash

    35. Leo Samaniego

      I feel bad for you Logan

    36. Avi L

      Yay KSI won

    37. The Yupp

      Logans mustache literally said: ( )

    38. Nay Nay

      Who cares just have another rematch or pull up to his house and beat him up

    39. Nicolas Vauzelle

      can you bring the red inspirer hoodie you should make a new maverick boxing line it would be fire

    40. Lawrence Nakoa

      in this vid logan actually seems like a guy with a brain

    41. Fiddlesticks Legend

      Fuck you

    42. Weston Taylor

      Jack rese is the worst ref to me he hit you in back of head then you hit ksi in the back of the head and 2 points away

    43. Pezzi


    44. 49ers vs chiefs

      Make the trilogy fight with KSI happen

    45. Chip Chipperton

      What a pathetic cry baby bitch. Sick as a dog. Liar. I can’t wait to see him lose again.

    46. Shawn Koffron

      Logan KSI said f your fam but like said the real f word but I did roast deji .

    47. blackpanter 1983

      logan: i lost because ref took my 2 points ksi: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    48. ItsaSCP-049pie


    49. EveryHourVideo

      Check my channel, at 22 next film!

    50. 09 dyn


    51. Tigerlove Tiger

      HEY EVERYBODY IT IS ME NOselR BOY Oke, that sounds like Pewdiepie kinda-

    52. derek

      you should’ve won tbh, you got MORE HITS than ksi

    53. Kahlil Morrison

      U lost to KSI 😂

    54. Loke Smithix

      Logan Paul in last video: I sneezed Logan now: I couldn’t even. Breathe

    55. Ban.

      he literally advertised a rpg game something he never did... that's how low he is rn.

      1. Ban.

        @Trash Can stfu trash cant speak

      2. Trash Can

        Not as low as you tho

    56. Abraham Lalchhanchhuaha

      An gerenggeh veeee...... 🤙🤙🤙🤙

    57. Uknowjoshnjay 1

      Fuck you

    58. Michael Lianchungnunga


    59. So1sauce

      imagine trying to be funny

      1. Trash Can

        Dont have to, I see someone trying it now

    60. Senku

      Ha loser u suck