Conor McGregor's Shoulder Strikes...

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen

1,2 mill ganger997

    Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor's performance against cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246 on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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    Publisert 28 dager siden


    1. Null

      Don't really get the drama around the shoulder strikes. They sure surprised Donald because they're an uncommon strike and he's a very orthodox fighter, but he ate a perfect head kick right after and that did the real damage and led to the end of the fight. Plenty of pundits and comments just seem to forget the head kick ever existed.

    2. Jacob Schmidt

      Should be a UFC commentator with Rogan.

    3. Redtan Sonyeondan

      cheers on 1 million views, Uncle Chael!

    4. google user

      Everyone re-watch the fight. This was a flop. No defense was ever into play. Cowboy huddled up and quit. Boxing headbutt is much different in boxing, remember we are talking about a MMA. You are able to attack and defend however. A headbutt can definitely hurt more than a punch. Sonnen, this video is the awful.

    5. google user

      This is crap Chael. John Jones does the shoulder strike when opponent is against the cage. Anderson Silva does it as well. In addition, a headbutt can definitely be a stronger strike to an opponent than a punch. Cowboy quite, because no defense was tried. Worse flop fight i have ever seen. If Cowboy is now that weak of a fighter now, just quite.

      1. google user

        Yeah, I remember that fight it was in a Bellator match. Sonnen also curled up in a ball defense like Cowboy .😂🤣Same training camp I am guessing.🤔😆 He definitely was not the same guy, when he fought Anderson Silva. This is exactly what I am talking about.

      2. google user

        😆😎👍, damn my boy and I were thinking the same thing about Chael and Decor. Remember Chael having Fedor's back then jumping over him.😆😂?

      3. google user

        Cowboys dive is almost as bad as Chael dive against Fedor in their Bellator. Chael put on an actor performance, but we all still caught it.

    6. Adam Griffin

      Sonnen I love you, but shut the fuck up and stop talking to MMA fans like they are dummies, you are the guy that threw fights for money the same as cowboy did the other night against Conor !

    7. katahajime ude garame

      i am a BJJ guy always ket my cool, but when a blue belt oil checked me because i was sprawling and gaining his back made wanna rip his head off, and i did, lol, but yes all sernity and all calculation goes out the window when you hit somthing you dont expect

    8. Diane Fenton

      McGregor vs Cerrone was a fix. Question, what prevented Cerrone utilising at least one elbow strike against McGregor, the much smaller opponent, when they engaged in a clinch? Furthermore, why, during the asaid clinch did Cerrone have both hands balled into fists? The reason is simple. He entered the octagon as a none combatant. Chael knows a lot about throwing fights....don't you Chael? Lol.

    9. Dante

      Over the years i've seen many a fighter shoulder shrug the heavy bag then throw the hook, that blow is hard enough to do damage. Bouncers over here learned to do it, look up guys like Geoff Thompson, head, elbows, back slap off the elbow, even on the ground when i teach MMA in North South you hit the head with the hip.

    10. Satan_Neil

      I was just watching a Jon Jones fight and if I'm not mistaken he was trying to hurt DC with that shoulder strike. He also did it hard enough where DC had to turn his head so Jones could not hit him underneath the chin anymore.

    11. Michal Fornalczyk

      THats what happened to LOMACHENKO when he fought his first professional fight.

    12. Brock Kosta

      STFU you sack of afterbirth

    13. Telli Godslayer

      Am I the only one who could see that fight was fixed??

    14. Telli Godslayer

      Conner dick-sucking video here.

    15. Tyler Twinem

      Conor McGregor brutally raped a girl after a 2 day bender. Raped her so bad doctors had to surgically remove a tampon out of her and no big media outlet will cover it? Man these new ufc owners have some real power

    16. Prob45

      You would think after the first one cowboy would move his head or try to break out of the clinch. Instead of stand there in shock and take 2-3 more

      1. Hiram Tirado

        Threw the fight? Just a thought.

    17. TR OY

      That's an awesome breakdown!

    18. Gabriel Esposito

      yo Chael how are you, the head butt complaints by Tyson was from their second fight not the first

    19. jo snow

      Chael saying headlbutts don’t hurt as much as a punch, so wrong. Can’t believe he said that. The skull is just a much harder and larger bone than those in the hand. Headbutts fuck you up real quick.

    20. Kelsey Jones

      Great pointz love u uncle chael

    21. Mr Hallman

      shoulder strikes are not new and many gyms train them as part of their training.

    22. BISON/ JEICE

      All the experts in the comment section I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH🤣🤣

    23. Lipzig Schweitzer

      How good is Conor? About half as good as Khabib.

    24. Him

      That’s bout to be a move u unlock at damn near the end of your career in UFC 4.

    25. Darius Reeder

      So he's gonna act like he never watched a Jon Bones match? He's been shoulder striking and foot stomping... 😑

    26. RadamesOlivera

      This is the same guy that said he would lose to Alvarez and cowboy , I don’t even wanna hear it

    27. Kno Name777

      Cmon Chael... Get off his nuts

    28. Stuart Dalrymple

      Clash of heads is 1/7 of the pain of a punch #chaelsays

    29. Cory P.

      Thank you for pointing this out!!! None of my buddies picked that shit up.

    30. Danny O'Brien

      Chael, I respect you immensely, and I’ll admit it wasn’t to the same extent, but didn’t Anderson at least attempt a similar strike? Aimed at your jaw tho? My apologies

    31. U Know

      Cowboy been hit with shins to face a skinny little shoulder doesn’t beat people when there was blood to make it look legit it was over I’d let mcgreggor hit me with his shoulder an big toe for a few mill who wouldn’t

      1. Lazy Daze

        Cowboys nose and orbital bone were completely smashed. Basically his face was broken. Ever had your face broken? Easy to talk hard online. You wouldn't do shit.

    32. U Know


    33. Wayne Glass

      Really? LMAO

    34. muenae

      Notice Khabib used his shoulder to ram Connor last time, on the ground. I think Connor learned from this and adapted it off the ground

    35. 180 Entertainment

      Correction: Tito Ortiz hit Rashad Evans with a shoulder shrug strike in their first match at UFC 73: Stacked. You're welcome.

    36. ghost face

      Anderson Silva gave Uncle Chael a shoulder "strike" in their stare down, at the weigh in for the first fight.

    37. Blah

      Damn Chael got a million views on this one

    38. Bryan Quick

      Please show this to Stephen A Smith

    39. Kenny Venegas

      Plenty of people have used shoulder strikes.

    40. will jf

      Great video

    41. AuraLiveWax

      never EVER compare GSP to connie different type of athleticism GSP is real connie was bought and acted

    42. DJOTRIX993

      If anyone else hit someone with the shoulder it would have not been talked about it as much as it is now

    43. Flow

      chael: usman did it to woodley, everytime when they were on the cage! not as effective though

      1. Patrick Edward O'Toole

        @trollking99 absolutely. You heard that crack with that last shoulder. Breaking Cowboys face. That was insane. He basically slugged him with his shoulder. And then that freaking head kick. I love Cowboy to death. I did not want to see him lose- I never do. I also love McGregor. It's always like watching him win. It was like watching a fight between two of your favorite people and you just wish it wasn't happening.

      2. trollking99

        It's definitely been done in the past by many fighters. But this is the first time we've seen it done so effectively to affect the out come of a fight.

      3. Patrick Edward O'Toole

        I remember watching Usman do it and was impressed. He put Woodly off when he did it to.

    44. Ryan Edwards

      Oh contraire... Dan Henderson would use the shoulder strike a lot. If Dan was on top and his hands would get tied up he would shoulder strike his opponent. He did it for years

    45. Ikon

      Tony Ferguson is the type of dude to poke holes in his own condoms, just for the challenge of the consequences.

      1. Just in

        I'm so going to hell for laughing so hard at this.

    46. mikeyb byekim

      Surely I'm get some flack for this but it is what it is, I am def a man of many regrets and one of the biggest being that I get so fukin upset with myself when i hear stuff like this and maybe I'll feel better just to let it out, bc I have a very high fight IQ myself. I've done things in street fights that dudes complimented me on later, asked where i learned how to do something, Told me they've never seen anything like it, asked me how the fuck i thought to do something, etc. Like 1 night a dude was standing on curb in front of me about to get violent, I just one he was about to throw a punch, so i reached down and pulled his foot out from under him and ko punched him on the way down. Another guy we were fighting by a chain link fence, i threw some combos at him and then thought to push him into the fence to hit him on the rebound. Bro like I've said before, i just have no idea how i think like this and get these ideas, and fight like I've done it all before. It's fkn crazy. I'm a very fast thinker. I'm often laughing in movies way before others do. And my reflexes are still super fast. I'm a very fortunate person in so many ways, and I'm WASTING it all. But i def can see and appreciate Conors skills and intelligence. He has been very underestimated.

    47. Chris

      GSP is a legend, he'd have no chance in the NBA though

      1. Chris

        @Lazy Daze agreed, but they were saying if he started now, give him six months

      2. Lazy Daze

        GSP could have excelled in any sport he chose. He just happened to chose MMA.

    48. Mike Barrett

      Conor’s collar bones are like Tony’s elbows

    49. Aristotles Muse

      Love the elbow lesson from a master!!

    50. Craig Wilson

      I love Chael, but he is so off with his comments about GSP in the NBA.

    51. Bilb Ono

      thanks chael gonna go elbow my nan now

    52. Max McKenzie

      My dad told me this story of how he wrestled in high school (he really wasn't good) and one match his teammate was injured, so my dad had to fill in for him against the best guy in the state. During the match the guy kept putting his fingers in my dad's mouth. He was already getting his ass kicked and getting his mouth fingered sent him over the edge. So he bit the guy.

    53. Amadou Dawson Barry

      You re full of shit on this one Chael cowboy took a dive we are all aware of it

    54. Kevin Sanchez

      GSP could neeeeeeever eveeeeeeeer play in the NBA

    55. its yeshua not jesus so get over it

      Naaaa he took a dive

    56. Hahahahahahaveyouanyhash Pls

      Didn't Usman use shoulder strikes on Woodley?

    57. Fugazi Exposed

      Ummm am I the only one who saw kamaru uzman using his shoulders against T Woodley??

    58. S2P GAMING

      I seen a fight with Frank Shamrock using shoulder strikes just like conors

    59. robert McLoughlin

      Conor is just like is whiskey 🥃 Proper Twelve baby... the longer it lies around the better it taste... the longer he is out of the cage the better he preforms #Irish ☘️ #Ireland 🇮🇪 true fighting Irish

    60. Don Ki

      cowboy jus froze that's what happened, maybe the cash cow fight money was worth throwing that fight , l don't believe a shoulder can take out cowboy whose taken some heavy hitters in his fights, only for him to fumble against a guy that couldn't knock out an old man in a pub.....let's be realistic