Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje...When? Where?

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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    1. Jonathan Roberts

      No way! Connor should fight Tony. Winner of that fight should fight winner of Khabib vs Gaithge.

    2. Rahul Gahlawat

      put tony conor khabib and gaethje in one octagon

    3. Farque Matthews

      Hey Dana let's make it happen

    4. Edward Kelly

      It’s definitely an interesting matchup.Conor is an elite counter boxer by MMA standards .Justin is more a pressure kickboxer that hasn’t used his wrestling in years.The clinch is definitely going to be interesting.Conor’s shoulder strikes vs Justin leg kicks.

    5. Rob Nolan

      If even a master guru like chael can't see Conor putting Justin in life danger means nobody knows anything anymore ... Justin will lose a fight against : 1) al iaquinta 2)kevin lee 3)tony ferguson 4)khabib 5)nate diaz 6)dustin porier 7)etc ..... justin will be put flat on the canvas by all of them... justin has no ground game, no jujitsu, no head game.

    6. Anthony Emerick

      Gaethje is gonna get smashed just like Alverez did inside a couple rounds he will be put down sorry

    7. adhilAKApeekaboo

      Ramadan ends at May 23rd.

    8. Lord Burlap

      Conor beating an over the hill Cowboy proved nothing....if he wants the winner of Khabib-Ferguson, then fight a legitimate contender in Justin Gaethe....and I should add that Tony Ferguson would destroy McGregor.

    9. CJ Frank Icenhour

      Awe Mans!! Its Justin Vs Khabib and Conor Vs TyRune Woodley! Under Tonys Bracket Vs

      1. CJ Frank Icenhour

        Juston wants to beatdown his opponent. Wrestlers tired of wrestling. So they now a striker ish

      2. CJ Frank Icenhour

        Justin taken more time to study tony.

      3. CJ Frank Icenhour

        World Series of Pro Fighting....... The Neww.... Professional Fighters League! After Justin Left. Crazy pro fighter?ooo

      4. CJ Frank Icenhour

        Why did ufc put a hold on the new guy justin to test khabib? They loved the new fighters.. Which fear some losses? Loss to Justin. Ben Askren. Tony. Woodley. George. Minus 5 tonhis 30fight dominance. They had to split the lesser loss people . say. Tony takes the belt.. Does justins wrestling ability. Still wants to add a loss to khabib? Or is he skipping for the time off to figjt tony by worl.

      5. CJ Frank Icenhour

        Its Like this.. Name vs belt.. The name so big. He had his own fight bracket. For Mr. McGregor and Mr. Robbie. How their names started to grow a list of attention. Someone went ill of robbies fight so online..few names volunteered for the Robbies Fight Bracket. its up to Robbie When and who and then how long to start between fights. 4 seasons a yr fight or 6 for every 2 months. Name Conor chose Bracket. Ufc can simply comprise the right way. Weight classes are elze what from Name to name fight style. Styles makes fights?

    10. Ravikumar T

      Oh by the way.....

    11. Gal Beeri

      cheal the shportz guy

    12. Blueboy UK grower

      iv got 7 different strains growing in one tent Che k it out subscribe to stay updater

    13. AnarchyN777

      Gaethje would be a worthless fight for Conor. I wouldn’t mind seeing it but come on..only Gaethje would benefit from that. Conor won’t take that and he shouldn’t. I would rather see him fight Masvidal, Usman, or Diaz. The only one that matters is Khabib. He should holdout for the Khabib rematch, if he gets by Ferguson. If not, then he should take on the Masvidal or Diaz. He can hit multiple weight classes and could be huge.

    14. Amber Abalama

      IF this fight happens, Conor is gonna knock Justin out.

    15. Acid smokemachine

      Connor Mania has come and gone mate, just the fucking dimwitted that still follow him.

    16. Jayymes

      if connor can beat someone like Gaethje, then he has my respect. Still feel like Cerrone was kind of a stepping stone.

    17. George Proton

      conor is turning his life around through MMA, right after he bangs a few more 6's

    18. Gang Reen

      Sonnen you suck

    19. Lord Toranaga

      He's not fighting Gaethje. He just called out Diego after that godawful performance vs Perreira. Chael, an "I told you so" is never coming your way. You're the most off-base talking head in the game. You were high on your guy Ricky Simon... I thought to myself, bet against him. Uncle Chael indirectly said so. Conor is trying to stay active and weasel his way back into another money fight with Khabib he's not risking that with Gaethje, especially at 55, you lovable, ignorant fool.

    20. Shahraiz Q

      Son kabib is the best fighter of all time one will beat him ... Bottom line

    21. Isaiah

      Imagine the numbers if they where co main under khabib vs tony.

    22. Jamie & Candice Palmer

      Miss watching you fight bro! Glad to see you still doing you !!! Good show !

    23. smokinnplatez

      If conor fights at 170 it's a complete disgrace

    24. T

      Conor vs Diaz or poirier would be a lot better

    25. ChrispBMW87


    26. db86

      You're harder to listen to than Stephen A Smith

    27. Jeremy Lizotte

      They won't make a Conor Fight until after Khabib-Tony. If Tony wins Conor would be the next opponent. If Khabib wins we are back to square one with Tony as a possible opponent. If the fight is close they will do a rematch. Conor's draw is too important to make a fight before Khabib-Tony concludes.

    28. Cody Winegar

      He literally contradicts himself in half his videos haha. But it’s uncle chael. He can say whatever the hell he wants.

    29. Bryan

      No, I think Conor should have to rematch Dustin Poirier. They both lost to Khabib. And Dustin improved a lot since their last fight, Conor even said this. Hooker only won a rigged fight, why does he get Poirier.

    30. Roman B

      You know Dana doesn't want Conner vs. Justin

    31. Nickdiaz209

      He breaks down who’s supposed to get the shot at the title and what if fights I love this me and my boys fo this !

    32. Nickdiaz209

      Uncle cheal would be a legit pastor when he gets old !!!

    33. S D

      A tune up fight

    34. Scott Chegg

      Chael is so dumb.

    35. MLG 5had0w

      Looks at justin’s record ‘oh thats pretty good, but what are those 2 losses? Oooooh😏’

    36. smodelux

      Dude Nate talks like a man who has had 6 strokes. Maybe you can claim it's some new form of verbal wtf-jitsu but I think it'll even leave Conor speechless at the pressers.

    37. Peter Sandhar

      Did Chael really say he wasn't sure who was the A side in the Mayweather - McGregor fight?

    38. KjM77

      Chael 'I was wrong but I was right anyway' sonnen 🙄

    39. rosscobosco

      Geathje, tough as nails but blocks far to much with his face. Connor by KO

    40. Mike Weissegger

      Ok now what

    41. eugene vigil

      Gaethje quits mma after this fight ! There’s no way he can win even wrestling won’t help... he just gets hit way to much

    42. E P

      Khabib fights once a year because of Ramadan.

    43. Brian Robles

      Gaethje can't stand up with Conor.

    44. DForrest21

      Ufc dublin 🤔🤔

    45. Justin O'Connor

      Tell the story of the jakal again..... Hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂

    46. Jo G

      conor detaroys gathei man...he is on different level to gathei.

    47. WaterAntEater 66

      Doesn’t Ramadan end in May? Why can’t conor be a stand in for Ferguson vs Khabib then have them fight in August

    48. 3slash7K

      fools better stop looking over the boogeyman

    49. Dublin Bay

      Cheal, I am from Dublin and I am also a big fight fan. I know of nobody that went to the cowboy fight. They were Americans that were at the cowboy fight. McGregor has lost all the respect from the Irish people. The vast majority of Irish People wanted McGregor to lose against Cowboy. McGregor is a bully and an embarrassment to us Irish people. You need to ask Irish people their opinion on the Bully.

    50. Ancient Rageedi

      If they make Connor fight at the LW division against Justin Gaethje, he will get destroyed. Wrestlers that can hit hard are a bad matchup for him. Connor wants to stay at the welterweight division, but not face the top ranked fighters in that division. Why don't he face the best fighters in his new division? Usman, Covington, Masvidal and the other top ranked fighters at welterweight division will destroy him. Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje at the LW division is fight he wouldn't want.

    51. Dr Doom

      Love your videos m8

    52. Ethan Baxter

      Here’s what makes no sense to me. Dustin beat Justin, and Conor best Dustin a long time ago but won’t fight Dustin because he “fed him to the canvas in 90 seconds” or some shit. Tell me please how it makes sense for Conor to fight Justin when Dustin beat him and just fought and lost to the man Conor wants to fight. If rankings mean anything, Conor needs to fight Dustin again. Conor is ducking anything that is deemed remotely dangerous to him. And the sad thing is, no matter what he does, his name is so huge in sports it will still bring in numbers.

      1. Ethan Baxter

        And not to mention the fact Dustin caught Khabib in a guillotine during their fight, tell me when Conor had khabib in any kind of danger. Conor won a round big deal. He never came close to being in a position to finish the fight. Dustin did.

    53. Cole Wingen

      When: TBD Where: MMA Fantasy Land

    54. K W

      Wtf why what is Conor doing why waste your time

    55. Flatulence The Unending

      Finally someone who take can that left shoulder

    56. Pittbull

      Okay I’m lost at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a>.

    57. Joe Glacken

      Oh and considering by the way Undefeated and undisputed

    58. Mr B VR

      Conner will slap justin around the ring. Justin is the perfect person for conner style wise. He just stands there a let's you slap his head on. A mini bag with eyeballs.

    59. Serjohn

      - do you want to go to brunch? - Im sorry calendar full.

    60. Scott marino

      consider this tony fergson runs over 20 truck tires unharmed ...only trip comeing out of the gym front door over a extion cable?...hahahahahahahah,,,,hahahahahahah

    61. SpiderMonkeyMMA_

      I think McGregor mania sounds better

    62. Nick Locker

      McGregor in 1

    63. Don Juan Bob Jovi

      Conors a good fighter but I never understood the hype guys so fucking annoying

    64. K Micheal

      " IF " khabob beats tony i bet khabob retires so that ufc has to offer him more money to come back and fight Conor. If.

      1. Petyr LittleFinger Baelish

        K Micheal 100% good call

    65. shaolinWOLF36

      If 2 fighters in a boxing match had 6 combined losses then absolutely nobody would watch

    66. Kay Dhaliwal

      Justin "The Answer" Gaethje

    67. Ross Anderson

      few want the Diaz fight, many want the alternative

    68. Mike Fox

      "There's some notoriety that comes with fighting Conor." Ok great, he must be notorious.

    69. Mo Adgar

      Yes uncle Chael, but where Kavin Lee fits in all this?😁

    70. Yusuf Ahmed

      “Not only in sportthhhs” - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a>

    71. Martin Guintu

      McGregor May Affair 👌🏼

    72. Michael Toland

      On in sin city , Conor’s 2nd home

    73. S Lax

      Cracked up at the line "no one even knows what gaethje's record is" 😂 it's so damn true

    74. Amer J

      CHAEL : Ramadan is only 1 month ... This year its from around April 23rd till May 23rd... and fighters usually have a month off after a fight ( recovery - clearance) So why would it make Khabib Unavailable till September?! 🙄🙄

    75. UnFoRgiv3N

      Conor McGregor vs Colby Covington? I mean it's welterweight and Conor likes welterweight so... Just imagine the fun we'd get from the press conferences XD

      1. Chad Barrett

        Lol, Conor likes fighting at welterweight against lightweights. That's a huge difference.

    76. Honest Man

      poor chael just doenst realize that the train simply has passed connor. If khabib won or lost against tony, he will still not rematch a lame fighter like connor. He will either get a rematch against Tony if he lost, or fight GSP if he won. Simple as that.

      1. Kungfu Master

        You are a idiot

    77. Daniel Ppa

      I wish Conor vs jorge. That would be much better, forget Nate man. That's been dead...Last thing Conor is the biggest star, his a ppv main event. Conor is the same guy man, he said it so many times with Donald build it. Get your research


      There’s no way Conor is the co- main event Conor is always the MAIN EVENT 👊🏻👍

    79. Khabib Theeagle

      ✔️🦁Khabib time!:)👑🔝🔝🔝💪💪💪🌪🌪🌪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    80. Joe Bowers

      Not necessary , gaetjhe is a punching bag.Conor would hv his way with him