Conor McGregor calls Denis Siver a Steroid Head & Dustin Poirier a Hillbilly

1,5 mill ganger301 -- Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor started the talk early as they smack talked about their upcoming UFC 178 fight in Los Angeles at the UFC 178 Media Day. "Dustin thinks it's all talk, but when he wakes up with his nose plastered on the other side of his face, he's gonna know it's not all talk." Dustin when asked if this was his toughest test, he responded, " I've fought tougher guys, and if Conor could fight half as good as he could speak- I think it would be." Conor even took a shot at Denis Siver.

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    1. Nerds united brian frumps

      Like conors not on sarms

    2. Ahmed Awadelkarim

      Dey don’ tink like I tink

    3. Gurpal Singh

      Conor the goat

    4. drew becker

      Megan looks so good back then .. I think she got a nose job.

    5. Anmol kashyap

      Megan is looking hawwwwt 🔥

    6. Joe Garrison

      If they rematched. The same exact thing will happen again, Dustin thinks he can handle McGregor he doesnt have a clue

    7. Ice_ wallow_come

      Conor will beat Gaethje then khabib will retire

    8. Mega Trunks

      DC looking like a freshman kid lmao

    9. Te Yo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> Megan was looking at McGregor with that THIRSTY stare 👀

    10. Sam Ward

      Megan getting wet listening to Conor trash talk

    11. Alexander Hung

      Conor just kept going after the chin 😂

    12. Southern Man80

      I'm from the southern state of Louisiana and I even knew Dustin wasnt gonna beat Connor McGregor.

    13. Joejitsuway

      My favorite part of this is watching DC tee Conor up with the mic. The man is a born commentator! Lol

    14. chicchitammuottocifa

      His tots ...

    15. MQA 91

      Imma be honest i dont like either Jon Jones or Connor McGregor but boyyy they entertaining af

    16. smasher9007

      Jones nodding as Dusting questioning Conor's experience.

    17. Robbo 98

      Interviewer getting turned on by conor’s trash talk

    18. Sean Brown

      This was ufc in its prime

    19. B. Putra

      Back in the day when jon jones looked jack and unstopable! Even though he was roided to the head.

    20. urbanobstacles

      Is tht a man bun connor

    21. PeteezyTVeezy

      Everyone thought he was all talk lol

      1. attack x

        @trool hp he moved up in weight let's see Khabib moves up .

      2. trool hp

        PeteezyTVeezy he is look what Khabib did to him.

    22. Rob

      Conor “I’m a Dublin man” Mcgregor.

    23. jimmy choo

      U can hear the schmo!! Wtffff

    24. Introduce Anarchy

      I see deez tings

    25. Chris Johnson

      Jon jones doesn’t know what’s going on there he is so fucking high XD

    26. achilles son of peleus

      I'm watching it for the 900 time now

    27. Andrew Fenwick

      Meghan olivi does not like conor

    28. Jacob Hernandez

      He is a spectacle, outside of the ring

    29. baby mma

      Why did they attack this poor guy😭 the greatest ufc fighter, the greatest ufc featherweight and first double champ vs a poor guy that wore a grey shirt and green pants😭💀

    30. brent0529

      Can I please crawl up in Megan Olivi's ass and live there forever.

    31. George

      He had a way about saying things back then, miss that kid. This guy now nah

    32. David Keith

      Connor cried like a baby for Khabib not to kill him.

    33. Joe Clarke

      Old Connor: My confidence comes from my performances and my hard work in the gym. New Connor: My confidence comes from these big Irish balls. Though that line may be hilarious it really shows the shift in mentality hes had old Connor would destroy any lightweight/featherweight he just needs that kill or be killed mindset back.

    34. Riccardo

      DC is enjoying this so much, funny to see that now he is one of khabib's best friends

      1. TheTimbalanders

        him and Jones laughing with eachother at 6:25 is so weird to see now too.

    35. StonerGuy

      I counted like 50 you knows that he said😂

      1. francis

        Dustin "You Know" Poirier

    36. Gilgamesh Modinkin

      He saw in others that which he saw in himself. The Universial Mirror.

    37. Maxim Ciobanu

      Crazy to see Cormier smiling and talking with Conor and now he has a teammate that wants to kill him

    38. Nupato Woch

      At the end Jones could not bear to keep those funny by himself that he share with can see jone movement indicating he have respect and his weakness towards conor

    39. M S

      His arms are as long as his legs lol

    40. Finnegan

      Megan is literally dripping at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a>, lmfao. I bet Benavidez hates watching this video.

    41. Aaron Aitchison

      We need a rematch

    42. Jonny Boots

      All MMA guys are animals

    43. Omar A

      Khabib raped Connor big time it was so damn embarrassing to see Connor lose the way he did in front of the world.

    44. Filip

      DC having a time of his life over there 😂

    45. Pootis Spencer

      how can you boo conor for not liking california this place sucks ass


      Dustin Pea head lasted 93 secs

      1. trool hp

        LEE KING SNATCH oh so ur a mcchicken fan that salty Khabib beat the shit out of him make sense, how old are you seince your calling me a kid, I’m 15 and I’ma amateur kick boxer, boxer and moi Thai. Pretty sure I know more about fighting than you.


        @trool hp I don't have time for that BS...fucking casual?..hahaha.....i was at the Khabib v Mcgregor fight you muppett/Been to more live events than youve had hot dinners..haha..Some kid calling me a casual?,,hahah too funny

      3. trool hp

        LEE KING SNATCH u act like you didn’t play games, fucking casual.


        @trool hp i was gonna reply but i realized your still in school and you play video games...ill leave you alone kid..Now go make me a sandwich.

      5. trool hp

        LEE KING SNATCH mcchicken couldn’t last 2 sec on that neck crank.🐔🐔🐀

    47. G C

      Why does he call Siver a midget when he’s literally only 2 inches taller than him like tf

    48. QWERTY FY

      is that Megan Olivi 😍😍😍like 10 years younger ?

    49. ThreezNation Bro

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a>

    50. Andrew Hook

      I like dustin,but everyone says they havent faced a man like themselves to connor lol all got laid out. N

      1. trool hp

        Khabib enters the chat.

    51. YOGI MrEmerald

      Jon and Conor are the best

    52. Mega Trunks

      Jon Johnes is a fun guy Laughts in a Kawhi

    53. Peter Bishnigguh

      Why has this been stuck in my feed for the past 5 years?

    54. Minton Barry

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> notice the right foot after he says overconfident.

      1. Anderson Silva

        Oh, you're a shrink now? Nate Diaz, 2020

    55. TheAj0323

      I want to know what DC was thinking right there.

    56. Phil Pacific

      that's right. shut that fake ass cali bitch up.


      I love conor and jons relationship so much 🤣

    58. Alfi Ramadhan

      Can we just appreciate how gorgeous megan is ?

    59. nashvilletroy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a>

    60. 7bibo Alle

      Strong face😈

    61. MJ F

      Dustin please stop , you got your ass beat !!!

      1. neyo ayemi

        MJ F lol

    62. islem tlb

      everyone was having fun exept for dustin 😂

    63. Raven

      I know that last dude Jones and Conor we're flaming cried in the car 😂😂

    64. MontcomHorror

      LOL! McGregor critiquing wardrobes.

    65. Oliver Court

      Such an under rated press conference... the mayweather ones had none of this kinda magic...

    66. Eire 32

      Conor was the only one wearing suits in the game back then

    67. Burt Macklin

      Kinda funny how Megan laughs at Conor talking about his “perfect physique” like he’s not in great shape, especially when she’s with one of the worst bodies on a non-fat fighter.

      1. Finnegan

        Nah bro you don't understand female body language. She's practically dripping when he first starts talking about this suit and shit

    68. Al

      I don’t tink like Conor tinks 😞

    69. Lina Garibay

      Don't throw crack rocks when you live in a coke house! Conor biggest coke head in the MMA and Jon Jones is onstage!

    70. Gabriel Torres

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a>

    71. thedefinitive

      My favorite part of this conference is DC cracking up at everything Conor says lol

    72. Drogon Targaryen

      The UFC is worth more then 5 billion but they can't afford to give everyone have there own mic lol

    73. Ray Storm

      Dustin got clattered on stage and clattered in the cage !

    74. Aiman Hidayat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a>

    75. Sneh Batth

      I like how DC is always passing the mice over and waiting for Conor to destroy Dustin with his words😂

    76. Zellonite The UBF Boss

      This was Conor before Khabib made him a humble man.

    77. Eternal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> Megan getting excited

    78. Aaron Kidd


    79. Łukasz Tonia

      Self-confidence #1.

    80. Ne Oublie

      Jon had me dying