Conor McGregor Lands A Show Time Equilibrium Shot



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    Hans Molenkamp is a marketing architect who's been seen kicking food out of MMA fighters hands. Like a can of pringles from Jorge Masvidal, and a can of monster energy from Daniel Cormier. Finding creative and fun ways to implement his martial arts experience, he's been on a rampage making bold moves on social media... What can stop this rampage? Will Conor McGregor be the man to do so via equilibrium shot? Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.
    Music: Aakash Gandhi - Audiolibrary
    Zameen - Movement of Earth


    1. Sarcastic Genius

      Was hoping for a "find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z" at the end.

      1. Vinny

        Jabbadaba ahhhdadaah because It would’ve been weirder if goku was like “and this is to go even further beyond, AAAH- *Kills opponent instantly* “ 😂

      2. Jabbadaba ahhhdadaah

        I dont understand why that dragon ball thing got popular. To me it was annoying to watch the same scene over and again in the same damn episode. The show boosted the narcissist in people

    2. Vegar Taza

      This Chanel should change it name to “ Connor dick lover” .

    3. Keven Munoz


    4. Bo Lawrence

      Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to beat up his own shadow so he can watch it pee blood.

    5. R41D3R

      Wtf is this shit

    6. kimba007

      Don't mess with Cormier food.

    7. Christian J.M.

      This channel is garbage

    8. John Rodriguez

      Wtf was the whole point of the video😂😂😂😭

    9. Asher Ryushima

      Errm.....OK.... was you bored or something when you decided to make this video? 🤷‍♂️

    10. Chris Cordova


    11. trekunda

      MindSmash don't you have any original new content? Conor throwing a punch in training does not need a philosophical anecdote.

    12. bogati tatica

      He short so he jumps wall to hit

    13. Mr. Suhaib

      He would make an incredible Green Ranger ⚡

    14. GioCanShuffle

      wtf was this lol

    15. Matt Farren

      Your video sucks

    16. Declipse

      And that's how you make the most out of nothing.

    17. Adam Strine

      Thats flashy, but that shot would physically have little to no power behind it.

    18. keithcampeau

      I justed wanted watch the video, Ur build up let me down

    19. Johnathan Hansen

      This video was a waste of time.

    20. Matt Naranjo

      Why is he sparring with my gardner

    21. Cj Gonzo

      That was dumb lol

    22. YUNG

      This was so pointless 😂

    23. Sean Brewer

      WTF Was that shit

    24. narcassistic necessity

      Must be funny and scary having dc chasing you around a car park after pranking him

    25. It was a joke, I'm clean!!!

      WTF Is that Ali in the suit behind Conor??

    26. Guillermo Barragan

      Say you're joking if you are.

    27. MLG 5had0w

      I still dont Even know what the video is Even about lol

    28. sisco kid

      Yellow I love your videos man but ever since Connor gave you a shout-out you've been making way to many videos admiring Conor McGregor it's cool to show appreciation but I don't well help you get more shout outs

    29. Mighty Spider

      Why is this guy so obsessed with the colour Ywello?

    30. double bread

      The fuck did i just watch??

    31. Common Sense America

      Funny as shit.

    32. Hamza J

      What a performance by mcgregor. Dana should Hand give the BMF belt to Conor and strip everyone else. Only Conor should be headlined worldwide. Conor is so good he knocks out mike Tyson by saying murmurmur. UFC should be changed to mcgregors conors C

    33. Nic and Paul

      Haha what is this?

    34. steve

      1 minute and 58 seconds of my life gone 🤷🏻‍♂️

    35. Kraay Fish

      I hate Hans's comment section of dummies thinking his clips aren't staged. His "victims" are definitely in on it.

    36. G Nix

      That guy kinda looks like Ricky Steamboat

    37. Carl Savo

      What have i just watched pure shit this 💩

    38. Andre Michael

      Khabib and Tony better stay healthy... if one of these bitches pulls out with Corona virus I’ll cry

    39. sleepy sleepy

      You have to do a video on Tyson fury's gloves he possibly cheated

    40. xxslears2xx

      Hans is also a Muay Thai fighter who had his first fight recently thought i should mention that as he's listed as a marketing architect on a channel regarding fighters breakdowns.

    41. Jacob King

      Wack af

    42. Speedywtf

      Lmao good stuff man 👍

    43. John-Luke Speight

      You caught me off guard lololol

    44. Weedboy Weedboy

      Don’t recommend channel

    45. DemonCoArms hey

      That was gold

    46. fredtbobkoeje24

      This was not that impressive lel

    47. Icy Giratina

      Peached preace

    48. Hardy Prado

      Wtf is this

    49. Sicnarf Yhael

      Shortly after this move McMuffin was gassed for the rest of the day

    50. Captain Sunday

      I felt like a senile old man watching this. Barely understanding anything.

    51. BardThaPirate


    52. Mr Tompok


    53. Art Vandelay

      Wtf did I just watched?

    54. Truth Reigns Forever

      Mind Smash ought to get a narrator voice in Hollywood

    55. Theinfernus

      Connor MC tapout

    56. Afiz Abdulrahman


    57. Ganglezz

      Aye bro do u get high everytime u record ur videos ? Cuz damm that was sum high ass shit or I’m prolly just high asf😂

    58. Brandon Larranaga

      I love Mind Smash. But this was definitely your first clickbait video

    59. billi the kid

      I will perfect the chicken dance technique and become invisible

    60. Cota James

      This video is kind of a waste of time lol

    61. David Vega

      This was great

    62. Net Guru

      Mental health on youtube

    63. Tanto Firewater

      Equilibrium shot? Just looked like a punch behind the ear to me

    64. Gregor Kincaid

      Peached preace 😂

    65. Ezy Kid

      What was what he did? I guess he was trying to invent something new which looks awkward and wrong. The strike of the punch looks like a very ineffective punch. It's clearly better with a kick. I guess it is because he's left handed but looks terrible still.

    66. Usman Khan

      This video sucked wtf mindsmash

    67. FunkyJosiah

      I know this is a weird video but can we admire conors iq? Like this man baited just to do that and knew the opening would be there

    68. Liberty Outdoor Adventures

      This was pointless

    69. Fernando Tardioli


    70. Tristan Wilson


    71. SirWalterSansRien

      You Stand No Chance Against This Pringle Kicking Beauty - smash that like and subscribe, namaste

    72. Kelvin Lucas

      McGregor brain is as sharp as his mouth

    73. kwi lah

      I watched the preview on the thumbnail and And then when I pressed to watch the video it was already half way done and I’m so confused at what is happening

    74. The Guardian

      Dafuq did I just watch.

    75. ComedyIs Medicine

      How dare you troll ghandi

    76. polynikes9

      You're getting desperate now.Your deep and meaningful insights,may have attracted the casuals,but the true fight fan can see through it all.

      1. Jim Bo


    77. Jimi Gurung

      Have a question for you mindsmash, who think would win Lebron James vs conor/khabib/or any elite lightweight mma fighter?

    78. RPGdelta65 Holden

      Dat ass tho <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a>

    79. PARCE93

      Bro stfu and play the clip good lord

    80. Goron Saki

      This channel is a joke