Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Full Fight

MrDeadpool able

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    UFC 178


    1. Ryan Holliday

      Been watching these fights and its funny how Connor’s listed height changes over time

    2. Blain Onucki

      gay, my mom can kick the fuck outta both of 'em

    3. Dowhat Iwant

      Sometimes I put peanut butter in my butt crack and my German Shepherd gives me anal tongue darts

    4. Anton De Klerk

      Dustin killed Justin! but you get idiots like Joe Rogan thinks Justin can beat Connor what are they smoking...

    5. John Atmae

      U see conor needs to keep doing this it’s just makes him scary to for the fighters

    6. sugio rohman

      Siki mc gregor kena belakang kpla poirer

    7. Hector Martinez

      Connor got power in that left hand Fr

    8. Nate Ulseth


      1. Nate Ulseth

        @Old chunk of coal. hush

      2. Old chunk of coal.

        What in the fuck is that possibly supposed to mean?

    9. Electric Playa

      Hammer wie schnell Connor ist; Seine fäuste fliegen schneller als man schauen kann;

    10. furkan hayaloglu


    11. Wilson wilson

      Why piorier have a Philippine flag on his shorts? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>

    12. DaveKarl

      Way too early stoppage. Herb Dean is the worst ref.

    13. Mrigank Gurudatt

      Who's the Hawt ebony Biatch behind Dustin Poirier ?? At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a>

      1. Old chunk of coal.

        Oh, fuck off you douchebag.

    14. Umer Rehman

      That was behind the head; wtf

      1. Old chunk of coal.

        @Umer Rehman Such a stupid claim. One glancing shot hit the back of the head and it was one when he fell forward. Herb Dean is the best referee in mma, maybe you should look up the video of him explaining which shots are illegal instead of dragging his name through the mud because you don't know what you're talking about.

      2. Umer Rehman

        Old chunk of coal. It’s clear Connor is hitting Dustin behind the head; they are letting Connor get away with it since he’s a big star

      3. Old chunk of coal.

        @Umer Rehman No shit, Sherlock Holmes. That means nothing.

      4. Umer Rehman

        Old chunk of coal. In UFC it’s illegal to punch behind the head; look it up

      5. Old chunk of coal.


    15. franz emboy

      Tough dustin beaten by connor very easy

    16. YED

      Conor has beaten formidable talent

    17. Rr Tee

      Fucking fluke win

      1. Old chunk of coal.

        Insanely idiotic claim. He was obviously outclassing him...

    18. Jim Chop

      My 2 favorite fighters

    19. Stevie Zaraki

      Connor should drop down to featherweight to regain the belt would be a big step for his career

    20. DatKidKod a

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> he stopped throwing that left hand when they come in immediately he needs to do that again

    21. DatKidKod a

      That shit pissed me off when these random dumbasses don’t let them go face to face like get ur soft asses out of there

    22. DatKidKod a

      Every left hand Dustin wobbled even the one where he landed when they both exchanged lol “a gust of wind and he does the chicken dance “ lmao so true

    23. blackpagan100

      I just don’t see how or why Poirier went down after that punch barely grazed the top of his head?

      1. E. T. Baracus

        Equilibrium shot.

      2. blackpagan100

        Michael Grunger Yeah I’m aware of what being struck around the ear does, messes with your sense of balance but it still didn’t seem to land hard enough to do that. Who knows, you’re probably right. I think we all agree that Dustin is a beast that can also take a shot so it just looked a little weird.

      3. Michael Grunger

        Dustin missed and Connor hooked him in the area behind the ear. Those kinds of hits around that area & the back of the head can easily knock you down, which is why you aren't able to legally strike those area's, but it happened so quick that it wasn't intentional. That's my guess...

    24. Daf Nik

      He spent more energy celebrating than destroying him... Effortless!

    25. Christian

      If they ever rematched I bet the fight would go down pretty much the same.

    26. Adam Ridler

      for anyone whos been in a real fight, or better yet knocked out (I got TkO'd this summer :D) you can get 1 shot sure, but a knock out is usually a progression. the punches add up

    27. Austin James

      Mcgregor was absolutely ruthless HAHAHAHAHAH Poirier didnt even have a chance........ His soul left his body lmaoooooo

    28. Dhan Sagnum

      His style makes him a loser until today, when corona kills 1800 people in china

    29. Ashur Jackson

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="346">5:46</a> did he chip a tooth? Lol

    30. sleep

      bro ive never heard this guy speak but i was NOT expecting that

    31. BX0207

      Look the guy had enough.. That clip hit did not cause damage but it give him a chance to go down.. That was not an impacting punch to cause that effect.. the 2 left hooks had him whobbliong and that was it for him..Rogan as adding horrible commentary here.

    32. Amin Miled

      McGregor lost his teeth or what?

      1. MrDeadpool able

        Amin Miled yes😂

    33. Dean Ryan

      tbf Dustin did recover and went onto stellar things he'd give CM good bout in 2020

      1. Larry Cera

        Aditya Ravi I have to check it out now. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Certainly the fact that the test he got popped with was new and not known to be used at the time is significant. Seeing some of the strength lifts he was pulling at his build was not natural. Anyone who has spent time training knows this isn’t natural. There have always been not so quiet whispers (some very specific) about him being a constant PED user

      2. Aditya Ravi

        @Larry Cera What can I say brother his super human power, speed and reflexes are not quite the same. I am surprised that not many people are talking about how different he has become as a fighter after he cleaned up.

      3. Larry Cera

        Aditya Ravi ah you think he looks that different after the Cormier fight?

      4. Aditya Ravi

        @Larry Cera Bro jj is great but the difference between pictogram Jones and clean Jones is as clear as day. He isn't the same jones that slammed DC on the mat. Dominic Reyes already defeated him. Reyes won the first 3 rounds. Now I really believe Izzy has what it takes to beat Jones.

      5. Larry Cera

        Aditya Ravi while I’m asking, do you think anyone can beat jones? I didn’t see the most recent fight that was close, but I would think he would only get beat by someone who could crowd him like Fury did to Wilder

    34. Ricky Quilantang

      Anybody saying that the knockdown punch didn't land. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> clear angle, he got clipped behind the ear

      1. Pavan Nair

        That's how quick his shots are that they dont look like they land. When I first saw the Aldo knockout I thought he slipped lol

    35. Huy Nguyễn

      Predict dese tings

    36. Joshua Branson

      Joe anytime conor touches anything oh hes hurt he hurt him mike hes rocked right now

    37. Ofirrr

      9 minutes video 2 minutes of fighting

    38. Eric Kdawg

      Geez even as a feather weight his hands are like mallets! Impossible to prepare for Conor’s power 💥 So happy he’s back!

    39. John Kim

      Lol Poitier looking like Krillin in his tale of the tape photo haha

    40. CankerousBooch Arís

      Is this slowed by like 1% or something?

    41. Wes Mckenzie

      Terrible stoppage

    42. leslie alcantara

      looking at the comments ...i bet most of the haters now are new fans after he finished cerrone in 40 secs.

    43. Gotta Go

      Goes on to beat chad and aldo. The streak is gone but compared to what he’s done fuck the streak

    44. prince imed

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> That was the most beautiful hook I've ever seen in MMA, truly my first moment of falling in love with Conor McGregor and the Sport.

    45. caleb

      This is the greatest gladiator that ever lived, all you pussies that are mad about it shut the fuck up!!!!

    46. Resørt Øne

      These 2 should have a rematch

    47. memester

      Now Poirier wants a Rematch!??? Just checkin here again' ....Nààh, NEÈÈH. Get a WIN first Dustin👊✌ Thx for the vid!

    48. Karl’s World

      Dustin dived

      1. Old chunk of coal.

        Delusional fathead...

    49. Chris Ratcliffe

      The King is back!

    50. Nathan o

      How tf did poirer get KO'D? He barely got grazed wtf

      1. Jorge Masvidal

        He exits to much to his right which means he walks into that left hook. Doubles the force.

      2. Adam Ridler

        @Nathan o it's not always 1 punch. your brain doesn't recover that fast - even if dustin is jumping around he is wobbling and on the verge plus that punch hit him in the head.. lots of people punch eachother out - but some how its a conspiracy when conor does it lol

      3. Nathan o

        @Ricky Quilantang I did you dumbass. I'm asking how did that small graze knock him out? It's almost as if he's faking it

      4. Ricky Quilantang

        8:00 finish the vid

      5. Rinnegan Sensei

        Nathan o behind the ear or shots on the temple can knock anyone out u see that in boxing a lot

    51. jesse bongo

      1st punch never connected and Poirier when down like a sack of tatties and not a lot connected on the deck either, makes you wonder was this rigged ?.

      1. jesse bongo

        @Old chunk of coal. gullible you reckons that rigging dont occur in MMA...fucking idiot.

      2. Old chunk of coal.

        Jesse, let me punch you behind the ear and see how rigged the situation feels.

      3. Ricky Quilantang

        8:00 he got clipped, clear angle

      4. santidbe400

        @Jay New yeah this people think they know they power this fighters pack in every hit, just casuals

      5. Jay New

        jesse bongo getting punched behind the ears dangerous, see what you wanna see tho

    52. Brandon L

      he flopped bigger than shit

      1. Brandon L

        -super cool "mma fighter"

      2. Old chunk of coal.


    53. matthew furlotte

      thats beast mode. dam.

    54. jhon bombales

      Chad "mini" mendez

      1. Bobby

        jhon bombales lol

    55. Kacherco Kacherco

      If he had any complaints about the stoppage then should have stern words with his leg as as he couldn’t even stand afterwards

    56. lxrd

      "mark my words" conors a fucking legend cant wait to see him fight cerone!

    57. Samuel Cutler

      Joe’s pretty bad at seeing wether stuff lands or not

      1. Dowhat Iwant

        Well he's only about 4'10"- it's hard for him to see over the table and into the cage.cut the midget some slack, handicapped people need to work too

      2. Pixelinx

        Every shot that misses "HE TAGGED HIM"


      Dustin "bean head hillbilly" priorier got his as whooped and head bounced from the canvas IN THE FIRST 2 MINUTES

    59. Nick Lyngdoh

      How I want this McGregor back!! I hope he returns with the same confidence and energy.

      1. Neil O Connor

        He did

    60. Adventures of the silver surfer

      I really hope this is the Conor we see on Saturday.

      1. Johhny John

        @zeu xlaught Who gives fook about that terrorist Khabib

      2. zeu xlaught

        no conor can save himself from khabib.

      3. Joshua Hobbs

        Johhny John Yeye

      4. Johhny John

        40 seconds KO i bet

      5. Dovey Milton

        Even better than this

    61. Busy Body

      I wish Poirier was hungry for this fight, I miss old Poirier, he would have finished Conor, plus this campaign was a disaster and his foot was a balloon.

      1. Prabal Baishya

        @Busy Body are you ok?

      2. Tremayne Hutchings

        You fool, Connor wins everytime

    62. Ryuke

      Khaboobs fanboy everywhere

      1. skull skull

        Even i m tony fan,i cannot see this mcnugget beating khabib

      2. skull skull

        Conor mcnugget fan everywhere,if conor fight tony he will bleed

    63. Kolton Mitchell

      His power doesnt translate as well when fights in heavier weight classes. He drops these little fellas though.

      1. The Dude


      2. benny pitt

        But we couldn't understand what Joe was saying, he really should take CM's cock out his mouth.

      3. Kolton Mitchell

        @Mason Jaxx he would of KO a smaller fighter with the bombs he threw on diaz. He just ate most of them and kept coming.

      4. Mason Jaxx

        Kolton Mitchell didn’t he drop Diaz multiple times and finish alarvez

    64. Mike Jones

      Looks like it missed but it bounced off behind the ear

    65. x BigKamY x

      hope he is humble in the press and weigh ins this week with Donald and shows respect before the fight. If hes still a bitt ott of a prick then i want donald to win. i love it better when there is super respect before and during and then between bells its war as fuck. i think thats amazing and thats what conor should do, because we know thats how donald is anyway.

    66. soul Hills

      I think it was the 2 massive straight lefts in the previous 2 exchanges that really fucked him. That last punch was no where near as clean, i reckon those previous 2 rocked him so much he was looking for a way out and went down - then conor followed up to make sure. I hope this conor shows up on 18

    67. Andrew Goldin

      I’m shocked that shot knocked him down. Kinda shows how powerful that left really is. You wouldn’t think a featherweight could do that. I love how hyped he had the Irish people after.

      1. Larry Cera

        shazaibbiazahs yes I’m suprised to see the lack of comments on this point. It was absolutely a hit to the back of the head and knocked him as those shots always do, which is why they’re illegal

      2. shazaibbiazahs

        Looked like it clipped the back of his head. Completely unintentional but seemed like it had some effects of a rabbit punch.

    68. Andrew Goldin

      Conor is at his best when he’s limber and springy. Against khabib is was more stiff and flat footed. He used to come into fights so loose. I think that was his biggest advantage. He’d make these events huge, and come into it loose and ready while his opponents are nervous

    69. Yappadappaduh

      Cut weight ffs. 170?!?!

    70. Jean lee

      That fight was BS dustin lost his ballance etc and that referee needs to be investigated, when conor performed illegal hits against khabib even he got ass whipped by khabib that referee did fuk all he favours conor and money. He should of not stopped the fight.

    71. Phil Pacific

      when his head clackers off the canvas, he'll know it's not all talk.

      1. Phil Pacific

        @Julian K hahah are they not synonyms?

      2. Julian K

        Phil Pacific clatters? Lol “clackers”

    72. ducanhle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> shot from Dustin is probably one of those better ones someone has caught Conor with

      1. Talbrett Caramillo

        ducanhle yeah I was watching that, I thought they clashed heads, but damn that was a stiff one. Good eye

    73. oi nah

      Cop that poirier

    74. Dan B

      Crazy how much Joe got wrong in this fight

    75. zace

      Does knockout in this mean they go unconscious or they just fall over from a punch cuz I’m seeing a lotta that

      1. Beanie

        @zace np man

      2. zace

        Beanie ok thanks M8

      3. Beanie

        Thats knock down..

    76. minion

      this is a prime example of being hungry. this connor would of killed khabib even is take down defence back in is early days was spot on it seems the more he won the little things he stop doing kicking/TD Defence.

      1. William Robert

        This Conor was a 145er was on a 4 fight win streak by defeating unranked FWs with shitty records 😂 there's a reason why Conor was ducking Khabib and Tony all the time in 2016 because he knew that these 2 will kill him

    77. Robert Reed

      Poirier ain't talkin s*** now is he

    78. Colby Walker

      Back when Connor was a stone cold KILLER.

    79. Please enter a name

      Haha dude was so mouthy at the weigh ins etc and got the shit kicked out of him haha b class fighter always was always will be

      1. Please enter a name

        alejandro v Mongoloid /ˈmɒŋɡ(ə)lɔɪd/ Learn to pronounce adjective 1. DATED•OFFENSIVE relating to the broad division of humankind including the indigenous peoples of East Asia, SE Asia, and the Arctic region of North America. Nice attempt at being smart dumbass👍

      2. alejandro v

        how tough is day to day life as a mongoloid?

      3. i Chief

        Oh my bad , i think you talking about dustin ?

      4. i Chief

        ? first double champ , B class fighter ? B class athletes dont make history .

    80. KennethPlays

      Same result 2020