Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Full Fight

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    UFC 178

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    1. Big Empty

      The same exact thing would happen again

    2. Neutral Bruh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> That's the shot from Poirier that broke McGregors low tooth

    3. Roman Bareiro

      El puto amo

    4. Envi Osiris

      Who's here to watch Dustin get his ass beat after he recently spoke shit about Conor? Dude would get folded again, 10/10.

    5. thatkindofguy234

      McGregor suited featherweight the best

    6. Emily Weeks

      Damn that was fast, didnt realize it was that quick of a fight! It looked like Dustins punches had no power behind them an werent effective at all and Conors punches looked like they had power to them! I agree with everything Conor said when talking to Joe. He was spot on!!! Would love to see a rematch but my moneys still on Conor!!!! Dustin looks like a baby here

    7. Hades Hades

      Damn those illegal shot conor have no shamr

    8. GunZ isComiN

      I hate this finish. I love conor but this fight needs to happen again like NOW at lightweight

    9. Ashley


    10. Prabu Widjaya

      Porier only acting here.. there is no shoot from gregor

    11. Bad Jaeaux

      connor became a better fighter after khabib fight we all want to see a rematch and maybe each fight saenchai thai boxing rules

    12. mike

      Next fight Conor vs Tony

    13. Wilson Charles Arevilca Medrano

      Conor Mcgregor Yes! Win!

    14. Lya Mc

      He didn't even hit him, fixed fight

      1. shameeg johnson

        You trolling

    15. rosa primera14

      Dont touch , this is a joke? Fake.

      1. shameeg johnson

        Are you watching with your eyes closed? His hand changed direction as it hit his head... Clearly he was hit

    16. Suhaib H

      Conor straight up owned the division

    17. Borko Borko

      I guess that clip behind the ear stunned Poirier

    18. x rated

      Lol. He knocked him out and woke him up the next punch

    19. the Midnite Gardener

      looks like Dustin took a dive

    20. Асхат Тобыкты

      Куда он попал не понял?

    21. Slam Kringsbey

      Так не попал же! Договорняк??

    22. Nadeem Akram

      Khabib made this guy humble.

    23. in2dionysus

      #Rematch You can see it hit the back of his head!!!!

      1. in2dionysus

        @panzer faust I am not saying it was not legal, I am saying it contributed to unintended consequences in which could stipulate a rematch.

      2. panzer faust

        It was legal it was the side of the head behind the ears, and one more point is that it was a hook shot and poirier was the one moving it was not aimed at that

    24. Supri Aliando

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> matrix

    25. Alan Garcia

      Knocked his temple out

    26. Екатерина Малоземова

      from what justin fell, there was no blow

      1. Lya Mc

        He fell for the cash 💲💲

      2. Мекен Садыкоы

        Мазе факе жастин

    27. SiLo Mixing and Mastering

      Fixed fight

    28. Green Grugach

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> McGregor's reflexes are Matrix like.

      1. Big Nibba

        Nothing fancy

    29. Green Grugach

      It's only looking back after hating on the man for no real reason that i can truly appreciate just how good McGregor is, I'm glad i was born in the era of McGregor, ferocious fighter and no easy night for any man.

    30. Legendary vids

      The Diamond got turned to.. Stone

    31. Seven Eleven

      i always thought joe rogan was dana white. They fkn look similar.

    32. Austin Pena

      Broooooooo! He didn’t even hit him! Ok this should b evidence that at least a couple of conors fights were rigged!!!!! How do you make millions in revenue Dana? Dana: well my uncle Vince McMahon told me.... you need a hulk hogan!

      1. NOTNEVER XX

        Haa liked you're own comment

      2. Brandon Rodriguez

        MMA is obviously not your thing, go find something somewhere else

      3. I. A

        He hit him right behind the ear. So many guys got ko'd with similar punches landed behind the ear. Watch the KO of Ottman Azaitar in his UFC debut.

      4. Jared Davis

        Lol shows how much fighting experience you have 😆

    33. Media Media

      Destin kaltek yeb yurõrarkanda

    34. byały wylczur

      For all these who says that khabib destroy gregor No, destroyed is like fast KO i first round not the fucking making him surrender.

    35. Ciupacabra Ciupacabra

      Conor is talking to him and then he falls without even a good punch...this is BS guys...

      1. Young Dagger

        Ciupacabra Ciupacabra oh look another dumbass

    36. Ciupacabra Ciupacabra

      Looks to me that is fake it?

      1. Lya Mc

        Are you blind? He didn't even hit him and the guy dropped like a fly. This was absolutely staged no doubt.

      2. Young Dagger

        Ciupacabra Ciupacabra it really not fake and if it is that mean the khabib fight is fake too that means he would of fought tony already

    37. Just some guy on youtube

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a> what business do assassin's creed had sponsoring this anyway?

    38. Sam Thornton

      Absolute killer. This new Conor looks even better than this one. I hope I’m right

      1. Jamie Kavanagh

        “Isolation is key” Conor 2013 he’s been more isolated than ever these past few months

    39. Giorgio Supremo

      Два легковеса, дрались в полулёгком)

    40. jbot91

      Conor vs gaithje would look and end the same way.

    41. Злой Кролик-фейк


    42. Liberty or Death

      Fookin wow, anyone giving Connor shit, watch this shit.

    43. That 1 Guy

      I'm so glad Connor whipped, Dustin Poirier because, Dustin Poirie, is a little BITCH!

    44. Seigneur Tuco

      Prk Poirier est tombé sur cette gauche sur la nuque ????

    45. Caesar Marcus Aurelius Alexander

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> jumping man child

    46. Jay Macazza

      That was a strange punch that put Poirier down

      1. Jamie Kavanagh

        Jay Macazza if you get hit in a weak spot like your temple a 14 yo could knock Dustin out like that it’s why conors style is so effective he strike when he knows he can land a perfect shot so he doesn’t have to put all of his power through his punches and how do you know if that was a feeble punch by looking at it through a camera I can guarantee you any ufc star would put an average person away with less than 40% power

      2. Jay Macazza

        @Jamie Kavanagh FFS, ok professor biology. It was a feeble punch, that's my point. Doesn't matter where you get hit, if it's a feeble punch then it's a feeble punch. Mass X acceleration =KO. That punch doesn't translate to the equation.

      3. Jamie Kavanagh

        Jay Macazza you don’t have to be a striking expert to know that being hit in the ear literally shuts your body down it fucks up your balance and makes everything dizzy it’s basic human anatomy

      4. Niels Groothedde

        @Jay Macazza 😂😂😂😂 bro dont talk shit if you know nothing about striking yourself.

      5. Jay Macazza

        @shameeg johnson yeah, I'm sure you would know the worst place to get hit since you're an international striking expert. My 13 year old son could have taken that punch. Opponents paid to take a dive in order for Mctapper to gain popularity.

    47. Tyler Mckenna

      The KING is back

    48. Two Slick

      Fakest shit I ever seen

    49. TheMIghtyRuler

      we need a rematch, neither guy has ever lost one.

    50. Abel Salazar

      I would have loved to see this commited guy fight Khabib.

    51. Gon Freecss

      Yo you could see how poirier punches had no effect but when Conor hit him every time Dustin looked worried

      1. Good ol’ Douglas

        Gon Freecss Dustin says Conor is by far the hardest hitter he has faced. This guy has fought Gaejthe as well, given recent relevant comparisons.

    52. mootooSib

      и этот чудак пишет в инсте что готов подраться с тем то и тем то?

    53. boagski

      Just so you know... Khabib would have finished Connor at this stage, no probs

    54. Wing1210 Ho

      康納很强大,Dustin poivier也很强

    55. MysteryMango

      Yeah after beating almost everyone you can and participating in a $100 million fight with Floyd, I guess it’s hard to stay motivated enough to fight like you did in your prime.

      1. Borko Borko

        @Jamie Kavanagh That's what matters, the motivation. He seems motivated, but not as motivated as he used to be. Seriously if you had read these comments i wouldn't have to repeat all this.

      2. Jamie Kavanagh

        Borko Borko but he can still enter his prime again he has plenty of time left and he seems more motivated than ever rn

      3. Borko Borko

        @Jamie Kavanagh The comments were about motivation. Not age. Age has nothing to do with it.

      4. Jamie Kavanagh

        You’re acting like he’s 40 years old most fighters only step into their prime in they’re 30s if he keeps on fighting this year he might end up even better than he was at fw

      5. MysteryMango

        I know. All I’m saying is that he could’ve been more ambitious, but you’re right. He achieved everything he wanted to do, and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it while making money most people dream of.

    56. Troll

      how come poirier looks like bald chester

    57. sonic slaughter

      "I said I'd knock him out in the first round, and I knocked him out in the first round. You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these 'tings." A legendary moment from an mma legend.

    58. Zzyass Zzyass

      Pfff, he hit him in the back of the head... and he thinks he is a puncher ! Ahaha Just an hoolygan followed by many irish people ; and do dana just makes business with that dude!@!

      1. Kali Winter

        Zzyass Zzyass ok when mcgregror beat khabid I wonder what you will say I hope to see you again in the comments surely you will continue talking trash as usual since you have nothing better to do with your life you are very frustrated because your life is 💩😂😂🤣🤣

    59. ACE

      This guy today called this fight fixed because conor talked to him seconds before the knockout. I'm like that what he does lol.

      1. Euan Campbell

        Watch the knockout in 0.25 speed he doesn’t connect, not saying it’s definitely fixed but it’s fishy, Connor didn’t connect. Poirier might have just wanted out the fight after feeling previous punches but seems unlikely?

    60. NJ M

      Conor looks great for a round or two, but if he can't knock his opponent out, he's mediocre.

      1. Good ol’ Douglas

        NJ M He’s pretty much untouchable in the first two rounds* FTFY. You’re still wrong though. Khabib lost R3 to a coked up McGregor and triathlete Diaz couldn’t beat him in the second fight despite going 5 rounds.

    61. Xavi Penya

      It seems to me that Poirier was afraid and fell down on purpose

      1. Lya Mc

        @Xavi Penya You are right, this fight was rigged

      2. Xavi Penya

        @Jake Saunders thanks, it is a very short time that I'm hooked on this sport and I have a lot to learn

      3. Jake Saunders

        @Xavi Penya he was clipped behind the ear, near towards the back of the head. I think he literally blacked out and then regained consciousness as conor hit him while on the ground.

      4. Xavi Penya

        @Kali Winter is just an opinion, if you don't like I respect but indeed you dont know a shit, just poirier knows the truth

      5. Kali Winter

        Xavi Penya you are not Dustin bro so close your mause your don’t have any idea how he feel whe he get the punch of mcgregor

    62. Angga Mevan


    63. W Smoltz

      Chanting USA when 90% of them are probably Irish.. so stupid

      1. Hunter

        W Smoltz you gonna cry about it?

    64. HighAFoldman

      I just came here to see porrier get crushed

    65. Berkan Billy


    66. Dan Seiler


    67. Prophet 52

      dustin poirier vs conor mcgregor 2 please!!

    68. The Truth

      i swear the ufc is rigged for promo

    69. Cladi Ous

      Both chickens smashed by Khabib 👍

    70. Ryan Holliday

      Been watching these fights and its funny how Connor’s listed height changes over time

      1. Jamie Kavanagh

        Francis Sailo yeah I think proper twelve was the worst thing to happen to his fighting career yeah it made him a lot of money like so much fucking money but if you look at the press conferences it’s crazy how Dana and John Kavanagh let him fight on fight week

      2. Francis Sailo

        @Jamie Kavanagh Exactly,,he was born to be a fighter...If he kept his motivation straight to only in his fighting career,,not like doing some stupid stuff and over reacting..Im pretty sure he would demolish Khabib if he really do focus on his figh schedule alone..Not saying khabib is bad,hes great and one of the best to ever do it..But if there is one fighter to dethrone his legacy,,theres none other than Conor..

      3. Jamie Kavanagh

        Francis Sailo his reach is 74 inches which makes his arms 5 inches taller than he is no wonder he’s so effective

      4. Francis Sailo

        @Jamie Kavanagh Yeah..he got a pretty long arm for his height..Im 5'9 and 69ins reach ...not a short arm at all but conor deffo has one of the longest arm for a guy like 5'9

      5. Jamie Kavanagh

        Francis Sailo I know he’s 5 9 but I could’ve sworn I saw 5”11 or that might’ve been his reach cos I know his arms are longer than his body

    71. Blain Onucki

      gay, my mom can kick the fuck outta both of 'em

    72. Dowhat Iwant

      Sometimes I put peanut butter in my butt crack and my German Shepherd gives me anal tongue darts

    73. Tony3D Q

      Dustin killed Justin! but you get idiots like Joe Rogan thinks Justin can beat Connor what are they smoking...

    74. John Atmae

      U see conor needs to keep doing this it’s just makes him scary to for the fighters

    75. sugio rohman

      Siki mc gregor kena belakang kpla poirer

    76. Hector Martinez

      Connor got power in that left hand Fr

    77. Nate Ulseth


      1. Nate Ulseth

        @Old chunk of coal. hush

      2. Old chunk of coal.

        What in the fuck is that possibly supposed to mean?

    78. Electric Playa

      Hammer wie schnell Connor ist; Seine fäuste fliegen schneller als man schauen kann;

    79. furkan hayaloglu


    80. Wilson wilson

      Why piorier have a Philippine flag on his shorts? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>