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    Two mighty console empires fight in a battle to the death. Who will win the Console War?
    What happened on the Xbox One?
    Console Wars EPIC GIF PACK 1:
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    Produced by #mashed
    Animated by Flashgitz
    Written by: Flashgitz
    VO & Music by Alex Walker Smith
    VO & Sound Design by Mike Winters
    Huge thanks to James Lee for additional animation!
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    1. battle pup

      PlayStation 4 is better than x-box since it creates better content and they have great VR

    2. Sean Macguire

      I clicked on a penis to get here

    3. Alberto Giavani


    4. 최최준규

      Oh the Samsung is J4

    5. 최최준규

      Hha Playstation X

    6. Tate Nakashima

      PS4 better

    7. Mcdonalds

      Hey I don't know what to say so funny comment

    8. Gellert Gaming

      The last 30 seconds are cursed

    9. DR PLAUGE

      Hilarious just funny and realistic

    10. a person

      Real gzmers play on gucci smart socks

    11. Eric Simmons

      I had every PlayStation and every Xbox

    12. Optimus Lego

      I got PS4 but they’re killed by Xbox

    13. The Living Flame

      It is hysterical how accurate this entire series is lmao

    14. bouirot Eoa

      Mobile gaming

    15. Leo Gardiner

      PC gamers in a nutshell.

    16. Bentley The dog

      No thanks I'll search it up

    17. Christian

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> ho ho...!

    18. Sloth7 Sloth8

      What if you own every system

    19. 정민

      욱일기 때라

    20. Howard Brown

      I foght in that war I was a soldier of the X box clan

    21. Youtube Doge69

      0w0 whats this?

    22. MR.C&A Video911Game


    23. dknight xs

      This video didnt age well.

    24. DSMeliodos

      And now for 5

    25. irregulargamer13

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> good to see he paid for his mistake properly

    26. miner mega

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> gaben ?

    27. Emile's regards

      Ps2 and Xbox is my favorite try and change my mind

    28. Hajjy -

      So I like Playstation, but I still play Sea of Thieves on PC... Is this allowed?

    29. Corvus_Armatura

      If putting the disc of The Last Of Us away wrong can mean seppuku, what can screwing up the entire franchise could result into?

    30. Trueno car AE86

      Sega just watches from the shadows, wondering what could have been

    31. I eat Cheese

      Can't belive i have to click his penis

    32. Dragon Beast


    33. fi lip

      DAM YOU XBOX PS1 2 3 and 4 IS BETER

    34. Herogamebro

      The ice brick is a phone 📱 😂

    35. D u Lift?

      I like the battle between East vs West

    36. Ronan Tilley

      Okay phone games can get the f*** out of here

    37. Adam Eckstein

      Damn. Didn't know Joe Biden guest stared in this video

    38. Paul Martin

      Sony getting defeated by Samsung was a great touch.

    39. Meatball sub Dinner

      Nintendo: how the turn tables

    40. Night Flare

      All of the consoles are good so stop Fighting

      1. redfox2500

        Microsoft is trash

    41. Bradybravo7

      Now the part with the last of us just hurts rip ps4s best franchise

    42. MarcusHDUniverse


    43. ReaperRider

      If you ever wondered where is the PC gaming in all this all They are watching from abovr as GOD

    44. Joshua Shorthair

      I use to own a ps2

    45. XRB_0222

      Xbox sucks.

    46. Salty Saladz

      Oh no the mobile games will destroy us with their ads every time you breathe!

    47. Avdhut

      But Samsung didn't know is that another i phone is waiting behind

    48. Robert Papenhausen

      Is this racist? lol

    49. YourRivalNemesis

      What was the best Xbox console?

    50. Chase Jenks

      I wonder if these videos will ever acknowledge that PlayStation is no longer a Japanese company. The Main HQ was moved to California and the company has been overcome by SJWs and is slowly being hollowed out.

    51. Shonny Powless

      What da Fuck

    52. Maria Faelden

      Mobile games versus laptop or computer games

    53. Evan Gastelum

      Team PS4

    54. Enerjak

      Where the hell is Nintendo in all this?

      1. Framerate Reel

        wii u during those days

    55. Cayson Pryor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> dam you got me messed up Also where pc at and I guess Nintendo but they suck @$$

    56. Zachary Tan

      Meanwhile the scuttle ship Nintendo switch is blasting everyone with nukes

    57. Roz Delaney

      No not uncharted

    58. Jason Carrasquillo

      Years later, console gaming got even stronger. Mobile gaming still has lots of catching up to do. Finally, two great shooters. RPGs are plenty but still garbage and tons of other crap that isn't even worth installing because of all the bloat & spyware from the toxic Oriental community. Not to mention, mobile gaming just isn't safe, period.

    59. anon _012

      What are the sea shells a reference too?

    60. Unknown

      I believe in console equality

    61. Quinton Brown

      XbOx iS bEtTeR THaN pS bTw

    62. Doom Slayer

      Ahem 5 gens play station 5

    63. Pierre Deceased

      Ok the end of the video with the old man is very disturbing I'm going to have nightmares now 🤯🚷😳😱🤮

    64. IsaiahLetsPlay

      Playstation do we engage the round eyes sir lol

    65. Sir Wolfy

      i love titanfall

    66. Sevkips Memestar

      Nintendo = the savages of gaming Sony play station = civilized warrior Windows X Box = greedy eoropian Mobile gaming = Weaklings of evil

    67. bigbig

      Ps1 have analog Wait that is illegal

    68. Comrade Cockatoo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> I have to deal with that issue EVERY time my friends come over like holy fuck

    69. 숨을못쉬는감자

      진짜 욱일기 쳐 그린 꼬라지 봐라 한심하다 뭣도모르고 저딴걸 쳐그리다니

    70. Argwin

      back before the ocean of good content tried up...

    71. The road to Area 51


      1. Joseph Balini joesteri

        That seashell were kind of valuable

      2. Emiliano Rabadán

        I felt bad for that dude

    72. Elijah Uchiha

      Yeah but wheres the soulja boi

    73. X_slaney_X

      The ending of the video is a good homage to Joe biden 😂😂

    74. Miles Edgington

      I’m surprised the PlayStations aren’t using saw-cleavers

    75. Mr. Brothy Bear

      so thats how the kinect died out

    76. Mr. Red

      The new Xbox looks like a fridge

    77. Amado Hernandez

      >:v part2?

    78. Matnsmith Smith


    79. The lankreuzer P.2000 train


    80. juan del pueblo

      has he always say lame!?