Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs with Shane Dawson



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    “Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs” is new style I wanted to try where I can mix conspiracies with real life situations that keep me up at night. I also wanted to focus on one per episode so I could go more in depth. I hope you enjoy “Warning Signs” and if you want me to make more let me know!
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    1. ShaneGlossin

      Hey guys!! I hope you enjoy this new spin on the conspiracy videos! Obviously my normal conspiracy videos arent going anywhere and Ill do more in the future. This was just something a little different and I was too nervous to put it on my main channel so I decided to put it here haha Let me know if you like this style and I'll make more of them :))

      1. Castiel Novak

        This is awesome!

      2. Penna Traeshon

        last ✌🏼😚

      3. XxjaysonicxX

        500th comment please make more

      4. Jessica Walsh

        Love it!! It would fit perfectly on your main channel. Great job!! ❤ can't wait to see more!!

      5. Alfredosolanocastro

        ShaneGlossin lets go Shane!! Let’s go baby!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Mandy Salamon

      Thank you Shane that keeps in mind in my futures look through rbnb place to rent and I’m looking forward to ask them to make sure there’s no hidden cameras you the best ☺️☺️☺️

    3. Aiyah

      They tried the whole "it's broken" thing on jollibee- only lasted 2 weeks 'til they finally decided to sell

    4. Daban asaad Daban

      full grown adults crying over broken ice machine. what a time to be alive

    5. Blue Eyed Belle

      I’M WATCHING THIS AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>AM WHY AM I DOING THIS

    6. Kathelyn Hinostroza

      In Paterson New Jersey the ice cream machines always work well at least were lucky

    7. I want Taco Bell


    8. Brianna Cain

      I worked at a McDonald’s for almost a year when i was 16 lol and most of the time the machine had to clean itself and it could take hours for it to do that but i don’t doubt at all that people are too lazy to refill the machine and stuff

    9. DINO_MIKE

      I get my flurry’s all the time from my local mcdonalds

    10. Teenage Chan

      Did Shane just discover a murder lol

    11. killerBubbles 779

      The McDonalds thing is kinda true

      1. killerBubbles 779

        I’ve worked at 2 for a year and 8 months total and it’s only really didn’t work once and it’s not that it didn’t work it ran out of ice cream base.

    12. Agust D Softy

      I swear...Shane...BE CAREFUL

    13. All Might

      I’m scared

    14. Blade

      “Pa Pa ra pa pa, *FIX THE BITCH* “ 🤣

    15. Jolie Peralta

      I knew that there are camera's practically everywhere but OMG, I just didn't think about it in this way and THIS much.

    16. Ashlee Connors


    17. Julie Hall

      “Right now you’re watching this video in the comfort of own home right?” AHHHH SHIIIIII you got there❗️🤣

    18. Lauren Murray

      I work in kfc and our krushem machine has been broken for months. Its not because we're lazy. It's because head office doesn't give a fuck and theres no money in the budget to buy a new machine. Please don't get angry at fast food workers when it isn't in their power

    19. MACV'S MUSIC

      Shane you should have your own Netflix show! ❤️

    20. Lily Adams

      the smoke detectors in my opinion are the worst.. cuz first off it would be a fake smoke detector so if there were a fire and you were asleep, you are fucked cuz the smoke detector doesn’t detect smoke.

    21. panda :P

      okay im actually genuinely scared and scarred for life now.

    22. Emely Hernandez Sanchez

      now I'm scared to go to public bathrooms...

    23. 97blinks

      Yesterday: 42k subs Today: 3.4m subs Yesterday: $2,000 raised Today: $20,374

    24. Monkey With No Feelings

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> me after a break up

    25. Monkey With No Feelings

      i went to my local local mcdonalds and i said, "all i want from you.. **licks lips** are ya desserts" *me*

    26. Stephy_ Bby89

      Wendys freeze is better anyways

    27. Hardcore Punk

      Cause McDonald’s ice cream not actually ice cream I work there and conform that

    28. xXGacha _vidoesXx

      ew i was born 2008 so i will always know How old that murder was actually im chilling with that

    29. Willabe Mazur

      So there was no Aaron that died? I'm kinda confused

    30. Moce

      Woman: *crying hysterically* WHYYY IS THE ICE CREAM MACHINE BROKEN?!?!!! Walmart: You could always just buy ice cream from u- Woman: *crying hysterically* ITS SO HOT OUTSIDE WHYY IS THE ICE CREAM MACHINE BROKEN?!?!?!?! Walmart: Well, you cou- Woman: *crying hysterically* ITS THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY WHYYYY??!?!!

    31. Chaotic Demons

      SHOWER HEADS oh no thats so creepy

    32. Olivia

      Currently moving my shit around....

    33. Pippa Rothermel


    34. Carolina Dias

      I'm throwing away all my technology after this.

    35. Sketchalater

      Ok...Grown adults should NOT be crying/complaining that much about ice cream! What the heck? Kids crying is expected, but grown 18+ idiots should not. Be creative and get some other ice beverage.

    36. Bonnie Kilpack

      He’s definitely on an FBI watchlist now with his purchase history

    37. T series sucks

      Do a conspiracy video on Denver airport

    38. Kaeden

      My local McDonald's always gives me ice cream

    39. roxanne lol

      "this is like pretty little liars" i love her even more now

    40. Esther Key

      I work at McDonalds and I cant confirm for every location. But most of the time when we deny Ice cream its because it locks up, gets to hot, or goes through a cleaning cycle and it can take DAYS. Sometimes it actually stops working and someone has to take the entire machine apart. At least where I am.


      Wait so people saw me naked humping my dresser when I was 10 oh geez

    42. Samantha Ginocchio

      Nah now I’m scared bc I stayed in an air bnb after prom with my boyfriend and I thought I saw something in the dark on the wall so I turned the light on and it was a hole in the wall right above the bed and it looked normal so I ignored it NOW IM SCARED WHAT IF IT WASNT

    43. Katyaaa Aquamarine

      OKKK it's 2020 , i need my Shane Dawson merch

    44. delaney c

      Me before watching this video: * walks in and out hotel rooms doing my usual on vacations Me after watching this video: * checks every single crevasse in the room

    45. Danielle Gonzalez

      Morgan is so pretty.

    46. Lily Street

      I love how Shane makes scary situations into funny situations.

    47. Mia Lxndra

      I always see a light in the vent that is in my room

    48. Tuits Hilos al Aire tweets

      Guess who's not dating strangers at hotel rooms any fucking more??????

    49. GES

      The ice cream machine takes 4 hours to clean. Please just talk to a past employee.



    51. Samantha Ginocchio

      The McDonald’s near me has the ice cream machine working 😗😗

    52. Elaina Cameron

      That lady was literally crying over ice cream

    53. Jordan Smiley

      Conspiracy on why McDonald’s in United States are so shitty compared to ones internationally.

    54. Buryme_in_blackkk

      *Well I’m definitely going to be paranoid for the rest of my life*

    55. jessica manzanal

      i was planning on going to an airbnb with my boyfriend now im not so sure😳😬

    56. jessica manzanal

      i was planning on going to an airbnb with my boyfriend for after prom now im not so sure😳😬

    57. Gacha Sakura c;

      Omg their Ice cream. I WAS CRYING! So so so sad. 😱💕😭

    58. Laisse-moi tranquille

      Why doesn’t shane have an Iphone 11 isn’t he rich?

    59. Kayla Devil


    60. Ashley

      i have never been told the ice cream machine is broken at mcdonalds 😂

    61. Jessica Lynn

      I’m sorry..I saw Indianapolis? *gotta goooo*

    62. Leg

      this sum watchdogs shit

    63. Lizzy Giroux

      If you’ve ever worked at a McDonald’s you’d know why that bitch always “broken” lol

    64. RJ Alpacaparka

      hehehe i cant afford nest cams or vacations

    65. Anukis 704

      I like his old conspiracy theories they were much better than these ones.

    66. ashenlife

      2 minutes into this video I’m laughing so hard because my first job was McDonalds and it is NOT a conspiracy those machines made my life HELL working there! They would literally have to have someone come fix the damn thing every other day!! They literally broke down constantly and customers would be SOO pissed thinking we were just lazy (it’s not even complicated AT ALL like literally pull a lever) so I had to actively try to make the machine work in front of them and I’d give away smoothies (separate machine) to make them believe me and leave somewhat happy 😭🤣

    67. animal cuteness yass

      When I was born someone died in that year I'm shook also ice cream thing doesn't happen in des Moines

    68. just some guy with an evil mustache

      Do conspiracies about corona

    69. Maggatrix

      I mean just take ice cream off the fuckin menu if you aren't gonna actually serve it

    70. Draiden SmokeXx

      i love this conspiracy videos where he adds the scary part to it like those videos

    71. Anadeli Martínez

      It’s true Mc Donald’s don’t ever have ice cream because it’s to complicated to make it the ice cream. I use to work there and there was one time that a costumer came in and asked for ice cream cone and we did have some but after the costumer left the manager said to just say we don’t have any for the day

    72. Mary Boyer

      ba da ba ba baaa fix the bitch

    73. Princesss shx_nie

      I feel like if u want ice cream u should go to an ICE CREAM place yea it can be annoying but McDonald's does not specialize in icecream if McDonald's said their fryer for the fries is broken for months then it would be a different story (they got the best fries don't @ me)but honestly jus go to a different place 🤷🏽‍♀️

    74. Trinity Fisher

      I live in Texas and McDonald’s Ice cream machine has only been broken once or twice 🤔

    75. Cheandre Damerell

      Omg! I thought the ice cream machine is always broken in South Africa only...

    76. LeafyCherries

      Ba da bap-ba daaaa~ *fix the bitch*

    77. Camilla Alyssa

      In my room eating lunch terrified

    78. KitKatYee235

      I used to work at McDonald’s. The reason the ice cream machine is always broken is because they have to disassemble it every night just to clean it. When they reassemble it, they sometimes do it wrong and break it.

    79. Caza Laza

      I don’t really care if I’m getting recorded it’s the person who has to watch me

    80. Brianna M

      Badabababa... *fix the bitch*