Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson



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    1. shane

      PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

      1. Mobil3 Play3r

        Got it to 500

      2. Diana Aguayza

        Yas Shane periodtt 🤍‼️.

      3. Angel Gonzalez


      4. chicken boss36


      5. Steviebear


    2. Kiki Buh 83

      This is the longest do not do drugs commercial I’ve ever seen

    3. the great papyrus

      i just noticed go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1311">21:51</a> is that Coyote Peterson???

    4. Helena Cruickshank

      One time my friend and I were talking about ballerinas and we got 5 adds for it. Then I started taking about pets for an experiment and I got a bunch of adds for a shelter

    5. ? T a f i e ¿

      I am going to shop more smartly when I go to the supermarket.

    6. Celine Wiggen

      Am I the only one who realized the intro sounds like a part in Korn- Dead bodies everywhere?

    7. celi uwu

      suicide might be the best choice because it seems that no one cares anymore

    8. Aaron

      *Shane:* *_Makes Conspiracy Theories about iPhones._* *Me:* *_Chuckles in Samsung._*

    9. Aaron

      *When NOsel gets boring, and you watch all of Shane Dawson’s Conspiracies Theory videos in 2020.*

      1. skaffL _06

        Ikr. This is my 5th time watching this 1 hour 40 minutes long video. Im hoping he uploads one quick about corona

    10. Michelle Kohut

      The cartoon one gave me shivers

    11. Fofa Strong

      But Shane... no one ever confirmed that humpty dumpty was an actual egg...

    12. i dont know ?

      Shane: Apple is recording everything Me: * smirks in Samsung *

    13. Kayla Brown

      i noticed the live photo thing when live photos first came out. its really scary when you think about it.


      Who else started laughing when they talked about STANLEY THE GIRAFFE

    15. vanessadafattomatoe

      Shane can make me believe im a tomato 🍅


      dawg the scary music don’t help at all and idk wtf ur talkin about

    17. komaeda.

      Just saw shane saying "Buy my merch" in the middle of the Marketing Subliminal Messages for a split second.

    18. Sara Lopez

      If you look at the ceo of Abercrombie and Fitch and listen to HIM talking about good looking people...

    19. Morgan Bieber

      This freaked me out NGL

    20. Ashley Ochoa

      Wash the only person who cried as a kid when spongebob stabbed himself and when squidward was depressed

    21. Christopher_ Curtis

      as an Australian, I know how sad the fires would've been. I was in the area when the Yarloop fires were there in 2016 and I witnessed a huge bushfire from the Australian fires last year in 2019.

    22. The Llama

      All those Netflix movies I watched and I’m only a kid but don’t worry I basically know everything towards sex,cussing,suicide,rape,murder,so on and so forth. I’ve seen 13 reasons why, Don’t fuck with cats, Bird box, a lot of horror movies basically anything that has to do with cussing and murder I watch,all the kids in my grade cuss a lot even me, the reason why I cuss is that I have terrible anger issues and i joke a lot and I’m dirty minded, sorry for wasting your time who ever is reading this I just wanted to make my point/statement (sorry for the terrible English I’m German)

    23. The Llama

      Shane come back!!!! We miss you!!! We need more of you!! 😫😫😫😫

    24. Vanessa Robinson

      did anyone else get chills at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3428">57:08</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3440">57:20</a> or just me 😅

    25. Tsunami Babyyy

      You need to make a conspiracy theory on coronavirus

    26. gastlucife

      I’m only here thanks to LaurenZSide, but I’m so happy I found this video. And... I’m not going to be the same after learning all this. I didn’t grow up on cartoons, or board games. I didn’t grow up on electronics either- I was surrounded by chores and books, and art supplies. That’s weird coming from someone who was born in the early 21st century, I know but... My family grew up on these things (not the electronics obviously), I don’t understand at all how I never realized suicide was mentioned in childhood TV shows I personally enjoy, and I’m just now learning all this-I’m just now REALIZING it. I’m starting to drift my love away from Disney more then I was before. Hell, I might fuck around and ask my dad to get rid of my electronics, all of them. I’m willing to give up communication just to be safe- The California fire really caught me off guard, I didn’t know anything about that fire. My dad didn’t even know about it and he’s from California, he always keeps up to date with the news. This has me shaking so bad, I was getting stressed but I kept watching, I kept learning. Luckily I just woke up an hour or so ago so It’s not like I’m going straight to bed after this- but still, it’s not something I’d personally prefer watching again. But I love Shane’s stuff don’t get me wrong, it’s just I get so freaked out and I start questioning humanity. You bet I literally stopped breathing when I heard about the immortality conversation, and just hearing them laugh about it made me realize so much. Sorry for my little ranting, please don’t reply to this. I just needed to get this off my chest

    27. Snipps

      I LOVE the conspiracy theory into Edit:*intro

    28. sky meme

      Thanks Shane for ruining my childhood

    29. Keira Gilbert!!!

      Well...I’m not sleeping mind is too busy thinking about all of this

    30. Wolfe Sanchez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> look at the phone camera did anyone else see a purple flashing light?

    31. Faith Rodriguez

      Ok but why you gotta put that Momo image? 😰

    32. Andrea Negrete

      To be honest my friend she watch some of the tv shows for kids with the suicide and now she is 11 and she it cutting herself and has depression, anxiety, and sducidal thoughts and i'm the person that has to help her/him through this I am the one who has to keep her from cutting herself its just a lot to handle. If anyone has any idea to help please reply. 😓😣

    33. Andrea Negrete

      did you guys see the poison the knife the bomb and the thing you use to hang yourself in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2318">38:38</a> with daisy duck

    34. Keira Gilbert!!!

      When Shane showed the fire part and all the houses that were destroyed I literally started crying 😭

    35. Jasmine Powell

      april 2020 anyone?

    36. Wpaaotm

      And that’s why the microwave isn’t in my kitchen but my wash room

    37. Andria Karshner

      The cartoon suicides are chilling. Omg!

    38. The_Grim _Gamer

      This is a petition for Shane Dawson to be the star of a x files reboot

    39. Loraine Riggs

      Did anyone else notice at about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2763">46:03</a> how he used a scene from rediculous 6 when Taylor Lautners character was hung 😂

    40. Shiloh is leaving

      The tana part got me dead

    41. Grace

      i put my phone up to my ear and heard a static noise for about 3 seconds then it stopped but i said before i did that that i was going to do it so now i'm like did that hear me say that so it stopped

    42. Loraine Riggs

      When he said he put his face where it’s never been before I was like. Ok? Then he said NOsel rewind and I about died 🤣😂

    43. Alexandria Oliver

      It’s like salt in the wound that is rain a couple days after the fire like Where was u at? Also the cartoon one is fucked up Like I didn’t watch a lot of cartoons growing up like still That shit I messed up

    44. Jocelyn Flores

      my teacher hasn't made our zoom class, got bored, and now I'm watching Shane Dawson

    45. Dark killer 3

      It weird my shop has the. Bakery at the back and has not changed in years

    46. Moira McCabe

      How is the CEO of Hollister determining whether people are attractive or not?! Has he taken a look in the mirror? He's so fucking ugly! 😂 It's so messed up how people can be so obviously cruel and racist to people who they don't even know just cause of their race, weight and looks 😡😔

    47. Madison Watts Edwards

      ok but there was a scene in good luck charlie where she was trying to get a job like holster where they just stand around and they said she has to be pretty and have a good tan

    48. ItsAlyssa UwU

      never thought a honey add by Shane was the scariest of all

    49. Puffy Wolf

      thats crazy man

    50. L0vely Kp0p

      coming back to watch this video bc i NOW know abt kpop- why the heck did they put their faces on bts?!

    51. Lemonade

      I actually watched all of this and it kept me entertained for the enter hour, 44 minutes and 44 seconds. Also it had 44 2 times in the time.

    52. freya5033

      video aside can we all appreciate the amazing editing that has gone into this, i thought i’d re-watch this video and i’m 5 minutes in and i’ve already noticed how much time and effort has gone into the editing of this video, remarkable

    53. Maulik R

      great you even made honey scary

    54. Klimzo

      Shane: i was litteraly following that fire 24 / 7 since the beginning. Also Shane: i was litteraly following corona 24 / 7 since the beginning.

    55. Aadhyaan

      How can the CEO go around talking about good-looking when he looks like a cardboard box

    56. Araceli Mota


    57. Isabelle Veail

      Thing is when I am at school my maths teacher will be reading out the register and Siri just goes off it freaks us all out

    58. Isabelle Veail

      I hear static even when I’m just watching this video and it’s so loud (when I paused it) I’m honestly creeped out now btw I love your videos

    59. SeekAdventureForever

      Does anyone know what the song is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>:46??? I’ve been looking for it forever!

    60. Andrew Llamas

      Cardi B: CORONA VIRUS CORONA VIRUS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:50

    61. Gianna Knight

      I love you Shane ur the best :)

    62. RainbowRyan

      please turn down the music a little in further video's, it's too loud to properly hear you talk outside and on the phone.

    63. Artic dog

      Me: *listening to iPhone conspiracy's when all my friends have one* "WOW IM SOOO GLAD I DONT HAVE ONE" Also me: *chilling with all android devices*

    64. Lilly Smartz

      bruh, my dumbass watching at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a> am

    65. mOnstA x fEvEr

      me at 7 years old: watching happy three friends

      1. FweeJee

        mOnstA x fEvEr what’s that

    66. I Purple You

      watch us all download ZEPETO

    67. Callie Nicole

      Shane is the only person who can make a honey add scary

    68. orangeangelwings

      now i feel like it’s a compliment that an abercrombie and fitch worker actually helped my fat fuck self

    69. Touheed Kashif

      If ryland believes it, u can bet your ass it's real 💁

    70. Cosmic Bees

      Is any one questioning why when he was talking about insurance he chose to show barbie dolls

    71. Hot Potato

      i knew the live photon did that but i didnt know it recorded sound i dont have an iphone but my grandma does and i feel like im on it more than her so if it collects info about one of us its propbably abot me soo

    72. Kushi

      Who’s watching this after watching kuwtk and seeing what happened to the Kardashian-Jenner’s during the fires

    73. Aaliyah V

      waiting for Shane to make a video of the virus !..

    74. lia michael

      i forgot about momo 😭 now i’m gonna have nightmares

    75. Drea Barkal

      Am I the only one who didn’t know Shane had a brother? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1297">21:37</a>

    76. XxMusicLoverxX X

      Oh Shane do u know if their is anything on keyboard cause sometimes I press the little button let's you speaks and type or smthn idk

    77. XxMusicLoverxX X


    78. cookiesandmilk_

      One time I was at the fair with another family along with mine and on the way home we had found out a house in an area near people I knows houses and my city and it was the scariest thing ever because this nice beautiful house got burned down and now if you look at it it’s just ruins

    79. Pelican

      Anybody else picture some old grandpa getting revenge on his neighbors before evac with a lighter and a full gas can?

    80. Dark Angel

      Scary to think that sponge bob was my favourite show as a child and now I have suicide thoughts weekly and have depression 🤔