Coronavirus and the Apple impact

CNBC Television

CNBC Television

27 k ganger44

    CNBC's Josh Lipton on Apple's guidance and the coronavirus impact. With CNBC's Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian Kelly, Karen Finerman and Guy Adami.
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    1. Jin-Roh

      What happened to Melissa Lee?

    2. Robert Percevil

      The greedy Apple company. good I hope their executives go over to China and get the virus that’s what they get for using cheap labor. I’m not buying anything from China anymore.

    3. Becky Coty

      How does that saying go don't put all your eggs in one basket. Well you shouldn't put all of your industry in one country specially that aren't your own.

    4. girlygamer

      Hold on to your money... They are begging people to jump into apple stock... because apple needs your money for their investors... Chargeless for your phone that lasts about a year before it slows down and the screen breaks too easy...These businessmen telling everyone not to worry about the virus that is will not last long. Dont give medical advice and beg for our money to invest in the stocks.

    5. Anthony Lapuma

      Who cares apple make so much money and shouldn’t be in China hope they go broke

    6. Stephen Novak

      Coronavirus and Apple,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well I wish Apple was made in the U.S.A.

    7. jeff ashton

      No,no ,no, dont sell bear....... hahaha get out of apple while you can. These people are clown's

    8. SLCTD

      kek, blood on the streets is just a matter of time.

    9. Jerry Carnes

      No mention of the fed injecting billions into the stock market?

    10. Jay Dub

      I’m so glad I came across this video I was so worried about Apple and how it related to a deadly virus.

    11. Umbrella Corporation

      All these people thinking that COVID-19 will only be a temporary thing. Hahaha

    12. Football Dreamer

      If I need airpods, I buy Alibaba's for 9$. If I need an Iphone I buy Iphone 8 for half of the newest Iphone's price.

    13. Football Dreamer

      Why VISA never dips?

    14. urban rewilding

      Wow, the social priority train has really left the tracks. No one will die if they don’t get the new iphone. Best part of this piece, the man talking about needs versus wants. Where have our lives gone to be so wrapped around a phone, while a life or death pandemic is brewing. Yes smart phones create convenience but this has really pushed or lives out of balance. We need a reset of our priorities.

    15. J P

      Guys, we know the company supply chain is impacted all of 1st quarter and maybe 2nd quarter also. China cities are not opening yet. You should not be bullish here.

    16. EL DEL 3HUNNA

      Very crazy how he said Temporary this is a crazy epidemic. The stock market is going to crash sooner or later.

    17. maillaarni

      Yea, people are dying. There's no vaccine. Virus is spreading. But let's worry about Apple. Priorities, people!

    18. Philip Bell

      Such BS, keep buying that dip morons

    19. Michelle Tapia

      Apple and Samsung could count the dead if they wanted to by inactive accounts. Information like that I’m sure is worth something!

      1. dusty4009

        Great idea!

    20. natalialeon56

      Call on Jesus Christ to Be saved now Be for it too late.... Give your life too God.,.

    21. Magras Creation

      fed printing money won't save apple..

    22. Nicholas Newcomer

      Most of you down below don’t know what the hell you are talking about! Please keep your pie holes shut!

    23. crystal mage24

      Think I'll start investing in silver now

    24. Maikell

      Ignore Q1 wow... now I heard everything

    25. Banonie Batute

      Think. People in China has not been working for a month now. Medicine bills pilling up with no to limited income. Even if the virus ends next week do you think upgrading to an apple 5G is on top of their list for this year?

    26. Ben Coles

      This just shows how disconnected the financial sector is from the real world. The stock market these days is more like a casino than a bell-weather for market fundamentals. This is not going to end well.

    27. Juan Granados

      You guys are forgetting one thing!! The numbers we are officially getting are not true. Your argument would be valid if production comes back at full force. If they don’t. And they won’t, then what?? Right!! So other countries will benefit. Let’s be in front of that!! China will not recover to its 100%.

    28. delight1960

      Their not even taking temps at Air ports to see if anyone is sick

    29. mick 58kc

      non of these are just short term losses. this is a whole year event. China makes everything. China is out of business. this will be on trump and other Western leaders to react and immediately remake western factories immediately. like how ww2 switched on a dime to military production.

      1. Rizzo Repulsive

        there's no way we could do that these days...we are not the same country we were 80 years ago.

    30. Dug by a Pug

      This virus is going to create a global financial collapse eventually, everything is about to change

    31. Jewell Frankie

      Maybe Apple should have invested in America instead of selling out to China.

    32. Antonina MacNeish

      I really can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for Apple.

    33. DesertRat45

      Massive slow down in slave labor for a thousand dollar electronic leash.

      1. Gabriel Ramuglia

        make it into a haiku

      2. Raoul Duke

        nice poetry

    34. John Mulcahy

      2000 dead, nearly 80,000 infected, cant see this ending anytime soon!

      1. Umbrella Corporation

        Them saying this is a temporary thing is funny. They are in denial.

      2. Andy

        John Mulcahy Those numbers are from the lying CCP. Try 10-16 times that and you’re in the ballpark.

    35. Michelle Clark

      Why does Apple 🍎 refuse to open plants in the USA 🇺🇸🌎🌎!??

      1. Excalibur John Deere

        You make sense

      2. Michelle Clark

        Excalibur John Deere The wrong people owning and the wrong people being hired: both, in various combinations. A reckoning is needed.

      3. Excalibur John Deere

        Americans use lawyers to try and steal everything possible from people who give them jobs. Pretending to be hurt pretending to have an accident you would run away .to.I was sued myself

      4. DJS Squibbs

        simply because no quote unquote American would work for the wages they're willing to pay why wouldn't they open a factory somewhere else.

    36. Peter Tahoe

      Notice the disclaimer at the end now. Yeah, because you are pushing the MOST OVERVALUED market in history and you know it

      1. Gabriel Ramuglia

        @Peter Tahoe PE ratio. Mind you, my statement is a little like saying the spanish flu wasn't serious because the black plague was worse. I do think the market is overvalued due to bubble fed policy.

      2. Peter Tahoe

        @Gabriel Ramuglia by what metric?

      3. Gabriel Ramuglia

        market in 2000 was more overvalued.

      4. DJS Squibbs

        this could be true

    37. Emah Edabus

      Not worth worrying about...who would need apple if all is dead. What greed. You can't buy life or health.

    38. Taylor Harty

      Imagine having a panel tell you fundamentals don’t matter, we’re just blowing up a bubble, and as long as you keep buying we’re moving up. No mention of who’s gonna be able to get out when it finally pops though.

      1. Gabriel Ramuglia

        I got out a month ago so I'm happy : P

    39. Peter Tahoe

      Guy is the only one with the balls to call the BS. You can tell the other clowns are getting the order in the earpiece, "Don't talk the market down". Every index is 25% overvalued. AAPL over 300 is laughable, 5G is hopium to the bottom line right now

    40. John Doe

      You guys, and girls? Girls want to be called guys. Crazy mixed up manipulated society we live in.

      1. John Doe

        @DJS Squibbs solid logic.👍

      2. DJS Squibbs

        We need to stop calling each other things. Whether it's sexual definition or a National, religious or otherwise the whole trap here is that we keep calling each other names and arguing about it when we should be thinking our about ourselves as humans.


      CNBC You guys need to find a job like producing stuff , lip service does not work anymore like printing money

    42. Jarron Jackson

      Obviously it's because of the repo's.... Stop acting like you dont know why stocks are barely down. Fed pumped 88 billion today.

      1. Chrisco Coalminer

        How do u know the fed pumped in 88 billion? I'm not being facetious, I just want to know where to out this info

    43. Think Money

      Corona Virus = Noise