Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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    1. Dr Phil

      I hope this turkey neck turd gets covid19.

    2. judith robinson


    3. S G

      Twice in 20 years here we had a single point of failure in the massive apparatus meant to keep the country secure. Its 9/11 all over again. US intelligence repeatedly warned Bush that Al Qaeda was poised to attack US. It was in his daily security briefing. Yet he ignored it. A massive overhaul of post 9/11 security apparatus let to creation of Department of Homeland Security and centralized 17 agencies under it. Yet it continued and to-date continues to have a fatal flow. A single point of failure at the very top. Allowing a President to ignore warnings. Now we have trillions in economic damage, countless deaths imminent and untold suffering. Why bother spending $750 billion in defense and another $300 billions on homeland security CIA, department of energy (nuclear weapons). Why build our 21st and 22nd aircraft carrier? Who is doing threat assessments that continue to be focused on fighting hot wars. I want my taxpayer money back. That money was wasted and didn't keep us secure.

    4. Charming nowhere to hide

      “That’s just nature baby.” 💀💀💀💀

    5. tish and mark backs

      love the liverpool bit (which wasn't a 'bit' per se)

    6. Alie joe

      I've been watching your show for a long ass time but I want you to know I prefer you as Ian Douglass

    7. Nasty Ameri

      American love freedom and should never sacrifice their freedom at all. AMERICAN GO OUT AND DONT STAY HOME.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Salvadore Mazza or Salvatore Mazza, was a noted microbiologist who like many doctors wasn't heeded about how disease spread among poor people by the fascist Argentin

    8. claudewilks

      Mr. Oliver, I very much like your show and the way you analize public topics and so on. I never comment on anything online, it is just not my thing. This time I can not help myself. You, you had to say LFC is your favorite Football team! LPMQLP (search it in spanisch), I don't like you anymore, I love you now. Keep yourself sano and animado. We're going to need good people if this really goes sideways. Muchos saludos from Campo Pajoso, Bolivia, (the Center of the World ;-) ). Claus

    9. T_ miche_

      Oh the end of this episode hurt my heart😔


      God bless you john, thank you stay safe as well it honestly brought tears to my eyes seeing this

    11. Takeru Xs

      To get a better understanding about what is at stake here, not just in your own city and country but worldwide, and what you can do to slow down covid19 kindly watch the following youtube video If you find the video helpful to get a better understanding about how covid19 works and what you as a person can do about it, kindly share this video with your family and friends. Thank you.

    12. Faris Abuain

      The US has done a shit job of flattening the curve; over 280,000 cases (most in the world) and growing at a VERY fast rate in VERY little time. I’m no expert, but that seems like a recipe for disaster.

    13. Degenation

      Y’all voted for him hehe

    14. Michel Pelletier

      Everyone who needs care, can get it... Correction: Everyone who needs care and can afford it, can get it.

    15. Selene Ravenmoon

      I liked the episode but the end made me tear up.

    16. FrostyEmber

      He’s so cringe already it’s so much worse without the laugh track. Boomer humour.

    17. Nordikaventurier

      John, you are clearly the BEST there EVER was at doing this kind of thing. A lot were awesome ! Jon Stewart was the king there for a moment. Turns out if he was the king, you're the almighty god (and I'm an ATHEIST O.o). Thank you

    18. Razenoid15

      I have a bad habit of going out to wander in stores but to help stop myself i have ordered better parts for my gaming computer and a ps4 and a psvr just to keep myself and my family entertained at home to help prevent the spread since i am the only one in my family not at risk of dying from covid-19

    19. Simon Laliberte

      "I don't know; I just work here" - Donald Trump, president 😂

    20. Dark Glass

      BREAKING NEWS: Citizens all over the country died from holding their breath. What these deaths have in common is that all who died are all named Heraldo.

    21. Dovah Girlie

      Despite your channel always delaying videos by two whole weeks to Canadians, thanks for the informative update, John!

    22. PretzelDude

      The last 10-15 seconds of this video gave me the one true laugh I've had since all this shit started going down. Thank you good sir.

    23. Bullettube

      Salvadore Mazza or Salvatore Mazza, was a noted microbiologist who like many doctors wasn't heeded about how disease spread among poor people by the fascist Argentine government. So hearing that Trump ignored advice from medical experts should come as no surprise to many.

    24. Vincent Zhang

      This is my favourite episode so far. It is so touching and passes positive messages. Hold strong there, and we'll get over this.

    25. Dingle Berry

      The ending lmaooo

    26. Colton Williams

      Hi so @HBO this is an important video and should be subtitled. Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks need reassurance too!

    27. Demonic musician

      Take a lesson from us Canucks. Walk around with a hockey stick, and if someone gets within swinging range, hit them, then apologize, eh?

    28. Renovation Specialists

      This guys a dickhead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Clive Coy

      Not a Hamster John, it is a Gerbil.

    30. Kocheko Adversidad

      would be good to tell histories of people who didnt respect the quarentine and things went terrible wrong. i tell you a couple of names i.e. roberto dutra , Carmela Hontou, Miguel Ángel Paz, Fernando Riccomi,

    31. Madeline Bonavita

      John Oliver hits different without the laughing in the background

    32. Killgore _Trout

      Take care John et al. Looking forward to the next installment. Great job as always.

    33. Um Yes

      I would just like to point out that Trump broke all friendship with Canada and we now hate the USA even more. By the way, we have been faking liking you guys. We all think you are a bunch of inbred morons with low IQs. Banning 3M from selling masks to Canada is unthinkable and a crime against humanity.

    34. Justin Kwong

      Wow! A whole episode!

    35. ON

      Those 9.2k dislikes are Canadians

    36. Ap0Kal1ps3

      Thanks, John Oliver. I spent my 30 seconds swearing at you. Not because it's your fault all this is happening, but because it's cathartic to be angry at someone instead of ineffable events.

    37. Undercover Hat

      As of April 3, 2020, the USA has reported 275,048 total cases of COVID-19, with 7,067 deaths (these numbers are somewhat reliable, as testing is still mostly unavailable, and reporting may not be accurate). Current estimates offer a range of deaths from 100,000 to 200,00. This is not going to get better any time soon.

    38. Cuthbert Bracegirdle

      How anyone can take cheap shots at hockey when baseball exists in it's current form is beyond me. Go fuck yourself Oliver.

    39. So what

      From an international perspective, the so called leaders of the free world tried to buy exclusive rights to a possible vaccine and are stealing resources acquired by other nations while China are sending us staff and resources. The world is taking note, this pandemic is the end of the American empire over the world. We just hope you don’t do something stupid with your nuclear weapons before hitting rock bottom.

    40. Ralph sears

      John, it ‘s not a bad thing that Trump shakes everyone’s hands! Take one for the team America!

    41. William Schlass

      Look at the TDS. Its like a zoo! :)

    42. Pantomime52

      where did Coronavirus 3 go? lots of ink about it in the media, but it got pulled from your collection?

    43. Solomon Réal


    44. ihamed10

      This at same time funnier and cringer with out audiences

    45. Nathan Grange

      OMG. Why do white house reporters keep doing that? They must be aware that trump has difficulty understanding even simple short sentences, so why do they keep asking such long convoluted questions? O_o

    46. Wild1BillS

      Is this one of the Same left wing Morons that claimed there was nothing to worry about ?

      1. Lupus1444

        No, but are you a right wing Trump idiot one? We need toworry about Idiocracy of Trump! And I'm not even a left Winger...Or you McCarty see communists everywhere...?! He's just a comedian with a message...; too harsh to get it for you!

    47. bofooit gojo

      address feels like an emergency broadcast for the last of humanity.

    48. Kirk Dillabaugh

      Pretend you are a British parent and everyone else in the world is your child. Awesome.

    49. sda chik

      She might b a scary is that?

    50. Darren Ramphal

      Atleast put in a laugh track to treat this crippling loneliness

      1. bofooit gojo

        "The buck doesn't stop with me, it's not my fault." I paraphrased, obviously, but I wanted to cut through the crap, that's basically what Trump's saying. And John's signing off wa

    51. MusicMine

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1317">21:57</a> I see what you did there, John

    52. Abelardo Solo

      Nasty president.

    53. Johnny Shields

      Ebola is 50 times as deadly and 5 times as infectious, MERS is 35 times as deadly and 6 times as infectious, Tuberculosis is 15 times as deadly and 4 times as infectious, SARS-1 is 10 times as deadly and 4 times as infectious. The only reason we have lockdown is not because SARS-2 is dangerous, it's because china lied and we could stop them from bringing it west. Our system is built for prevention not containment.

    54. uninvincibleete

      Watching this two weeks after the fact (when it becomes available in other countries) is so eerie. It's like the part in a video game where you find a recording of media/scientists warning of impending doom in a destroyed, abandoned town.

    55. pinchesalvaje

      This man and his show is a treasure for us all.

    56. Saunexs

      Like it better without the audience.

    57. Mushroom Men


    58. Rodya Raskolnikov

      While hearing some of these jokes I raised my head to the sky and guffawed to the heavens.

    59. Frederico Mariño

      Great bit Oliverpool!

    60. Chris van Egmond

      Trumps "not responsible" answer is so terrible. That kind of stuff (together with the myriad of other bullshit) should really cost him a possible re-election. Loved the Liverpool bit!

    61. Deadnitez N.Z.

      Bet you ain't got jokes about our NewZealand leader now! Stay safe Americans LOCKDOWN STAY HOME!

    62. Kenneth Kirkland

      Ah FUCK OFF OF COARSE HE TESTED POSITIVE AFTER HE DID THAT BECAUSE HE IS MAKING THE Goverments and the health orglook dumb so they put possitive on his test to try and make him look bad and wrong . So fuck off with all this coronavirus bull shit talk

    63. Anti-Roaches Movement

      dear corona, please please take trump and the rest of the scums with you!!!

    64. shikha soumya

      Narendra Modi is the TRUMP of INDIA....

    65. hunterjohn1999

      Wow, these jokes are really falling flat without a laugh track, and people say The Big Bang Theory is bad for that...

    66. Kelly Stephenson

      "The buck doesn't stop with me, it's not my fault." I paraphrased, obviously, but I wanted to cut through the crap, that's basically what Trump's saying. And John's signing off was quite heartfelt and touching. ❤ Take care everyone.

    67. Roses & Prog

      WE KNOW, WE KNOW, you sound and act as if you were thinking about going in politics John, we ALL know EXACTLY what have to do to help prevent the spread of the disease, WE ARE BEING TOLD AT LEAST 100 TIMES A DAY are you serious John? Are you really talking to us John?

    68. Cedric Chen

      john oliver didn't mention China somehow XD

    69. Roy

      America is so lucky for having John Oliver

    70. вl тяαsн

      I keep expecting audience laughter and then I hear nothing. It's weird.

    71. Ricardo Machado

      Tough audience, eh?

    72. John Arrano

      Love ya John!! Always watch your show and how cool your love of football is. Solid words man lots of love from Vancouver Canada!

    73. The Werewolf

      My 30s is me complaining that the treatment for a pinched nerve in my neck that's crippling my arm and hand leaving me in intense pain, making it hard for me to sleep leaving me chronically exhausted and interfering with my ability to work has been postponed indefinitely. I could end up permanently disabled if I have to wait too long. But yeah, your sports team has to cancel. #Firstworldproblems

    74. Cliff Nzombato

      I love Oliver just as I love Oliver the movie or the show, you know, the dog especially

    75. Connor Rideout

      Let the set laugh!

    76. Nolan Kuffner

      Hold up a minute, while I clear the air for Rudy Gobert. BEFORE the presser (which was done more than 2 days before Rudy's test results), all players were told not to touch the microphones because the media could spread Covid-19 to the players. What Rudy did, by touching the microphones, wasn't an act of defiance but a show of trust and solidarity with the media. After Trump's multiple attacks on journalists DURING Covid-19 pressers, it was a breath of fresh air for a celebrity to stand up for and actually respect journalists, something I'd like to think a comedian could appreciate.

    77. sven carlson

    78. nhljuan

    79. Animesh Deshmukh

      Why does this feel like a part from Mock The Week Johnny boi?!

    80. Animesh Deshmukh

      Me tula shodhnare John ani tula hya jagache navin scam sangnare.