Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)



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    John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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    1. Daniel Mariscal

      Other contact-less sports include: drone racing, battlebots, hatchet throwing, golf, league of legends

    2. Curtis Corse

      You rock, John. I love that you do stuff like this!

    3. Lord Mortarius

      The Overwatch League and esports in general is thriving and is something that more people should get into honestly.

    4. Peter O'Toole

      Just watched waco and I keep seeing young John as David Koresh. Idk why but I do

    5. ShockD

      Why does John look like CGI?

    6. Gexmex

      Make sport players play a e-league by playing their own characters in sport games!

    7. Red Pete

      This shit is boring.

    8. Kenny B

      Man I spat out my coffee when they did that close up on the marbles with the F-1 sounds

    9. Quỳnh Anh Bùi

      I think now until this point, there should be a proper Adam Driver fanbase with John Oliver on the lead that makes the little Johnny boy's wish come true. The name of the fanbase, you guess it, Backseater.

    10. MomsBiscuits

      You guys never cease to amaze me. Ima go watch some marbles now

    11. Chuck Norris

      you kinda realize how not funny he is without the pumped in laughter

      1. Rohit Rajagopal

        To each his own.. He is pretty damn funny to me..

    12. Sijtze Roar

      you know without corona there was always another risk, and he was telling the truth about corona virus. young people have a way lower risk to get corona, and the younger people have a way better way to beat the virus. the younger you are the easier it it for you to beat the virus. uually only people who are old or already have a diminished way to fight virusses. are the ones dying from corona but then again. those people could also die from a flue

    13. Sijtze Roar

      also you now ollver? yuo are domplaining that baseball players arent perfect ? really ?

    14. Sijtze Roar

      heh i think watching sorts is dull ! who cares about a team i dont play in ? im happy they are stopped.gaming online for the win !

    15. coffeeavenger

      Now that I’ve watched all 16 events of ML2019, I have to agree with John about the Oceanics. Thanks, John!

    16. Thomas Gehrling

      @John Oliver @LastWeekTonight Just want to thank you all for your continued efforts to help us plebs know about critical things in a delightful manner.

    17. exactinmidget92

      So glad soccer is back but watching Bayern rape in silence is no fun.

    18. handyhippie65

      john does so much for so many people. he entertains, informs and educates his viewers. he also donates many thousands of dollars to worthy causes, from the marble run, to purchasing, and then forgiving, the medical debt of people he doesn't know, and will never meet. that makes him a hero in my book.

    19. Horen zien En niet zwijgen

      Corona is a hoax its a simple fluw that we have every year!!! Fact

    20. Mikeall714

      Nobody mentioned World Chase Tag? The perfect sport for social distancing...? Ok.... Maybe just me... MAYBE JUST ME

    21. Adolf Trump

      okay first of all,gamers rise up,tv using our memes,games and slapping chapinships to make way for content,its time the internet strikes back with our own dmca copyright strikes,someone tell the slapping guy satanist how to make a hell lot of bank during this time and make it up for how badly he was disgraced by that last slap that k.o'd him...wakanda forever...secondly,funniest thing is the way these comedy news shoes are coping,like the unfunniest one yet a lil late with lilly singh finishing up on season 1 and waiting to do season 2 late cos how even she realized how bad her comedy is when there is no one tobe paid to laugh at whatever the studio producers tell em to laugh at or clapter for,john olivers show being as such that normally idsmirk a bit when the audience would laugh due to social influence and herd mentality but now im just trying to figutr out which sentence is a joke and wondering why there is such a lack of jokes even though i suppose there are alot,the thing capturing this zeitgeist is jimmy falon and how he is breaking without a crowd present,ususally he would laugh for even his guests and now when theres no one to laugh when directed by producers or when he would laugh he tells the joke and between forcing a laugh and realizing halfway through how unfunny the jokes are the look of exisstensial dread on his face tells us how he seems to be recalling all of his jokes in the past and wondering,man,was i always this unfunny?trump 2020 i sleep with my sister only cos our president has told us not to leave our homes and we have to preserve the ethno cultural race of ours which is at the brink of extinction due to liberals and the chemicals from the clouds making the frogs gay and also cos she needs company and i do too since i can not in these hardtimes meet my boy to bounce on his dick for hours while researching 9/11 and the cultural marxists and no,bouncing on your boys dick isnt gay google erik holfstadd and you'll find out.once this corona joke is over and it has gotten rid of all the colored people and the lgbtjokers we will come out n top and not need those fema camps anymore and we will come for yur tables,chairs and cameras and the studio you sit in to start our own 24/7 non stop college comedy interviewing drunk girls on the street trying to get them to answer dirty questions or kiss me maybe even come home to join me and my sister.get your confederate flags ready boys,general lee is coming and he is coming hard,cant call me racist if theres no other race fuckin libtards!wooooohwheee

      1. Yip Plurijn

        Ok.. I think this is literally the most incoherent thing I have ever read. If you where trying to say something you have failed miserably.

    22. Rodney McKay

      五 毛 are terrible.

    23. Fabian

      Where are my German fellas?

    24. Patrick Chole

      Okay I’m legit worried for Adam Driver.

    25. Valkyreon

      The real question is: Will there be a MARBLE Cinematic Universe?

    26. Corina Guerra

      Love the sponsorship!!! Lol funny & so kind hearted!!! Thank u for inspiring!!!

    27. M1SF0RTUNE

      I’m surprised E-sports wasn’t brought up as a way of filling the gap. It might not be football but it’s got plenty of action, skill, and thrills and best of all, it can be played and enjoyed safely from home. Check out the Rainbow Six Siege or League of Legends events for some examples, lots to check out there!

    28. Sol Stice

      Fuck sport business. Sorry. Fuck the food industry. Sorry again. Bread and games for the masses.

    29. h h

      SORRY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN USA IS FULL OF STUPID PEOPLE WHO CANT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS this is possibly why manufacturing left the USA.. assembly lines require someone to have the ability to follow orders. AMERICANS CANT DO THAT! just let the TRUMP BASE DIE OUT.. Democrats are richer so they can just stay home and not go out and let the virus spread throughout the TRUMP BASE and 40% of them will die out.. that will then give Dems better voting numbers

    30. Chris Brown & Magic the Cat

      I LOVE JOHN OLIVER... but in a prison rape kind of way. What the fuck is wrong with me? That does it..... I'm going back on my meds.

    31. h h

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="303">5:03</a> HOW BROKE IS THIS MILLIONAIRE BASKETBALL PLAYER THAT HE DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKING BASKETBALL COURT or atleast hoop in his HOUSE!! FAIL!!

    32. Daniel Torres

      I just realized he was in a rick and Morty episode

    33. Logan Nguyen

      The marbles made my nipples hard

    34. Kwame Weekes

      you are a legend

    35. Babel wabel

      Hometown is mentioned in a show no one I know over here has ever heard of, but still yeah! *Greetings from Augsburg* people (families) over here actually see it as a slap in the face, that they start sports and Biergarten while schools an daycare are still closed...

    36. Akshay Bhagwat

      This is very true! I’m happy that at least German football (soccer) has started their games again. With no fans of course

    37. Oon Ee Ng

      Hey John, maybe time for a new episode on censorship. NOsel deletes comments with the words 五 and 毛 together =)

    38. OppressiveStraightWhiteMaleChristian

      Oh man, this show without the background laughter is as bad as The Big Bang Theory without a laugh track. I can't imagine being in 2020 and still thinking you are anti-establishment, while watching Viacom talking heads.

    39. Lisa Kazmier

      I live for these Adam Driver comments. I hope he's not too upset by 'em. Still...Shatter my knees you fuckable redwood!

    40. Roman Cabrera

      Midnight Wisps!

    41. WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

      John Oliver discusses mental masturbation. How anyone can listen to this moron for more than 3 seconds is beyond belief! *_Hey John, GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE!_*

      1. Path Evermore


    42. Hampus W

      I've been watching marble lympics for some time now and this made me go nuts! GO OOOOOOOOOORANGERS!!!!!!!!

    43. The Trainmobile

      E-Sports E-Sports E-Sports E-Sports

    44. The Trainmobile

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> John is a masochist, and a sadist

    45. Ryan Cooley

      This guy is a feminine little nerd

    46. bcvbb hyui

      He’s really funny.

    47. Morbot Trooper4

      That marble league, i just cant believe something like that exist

    48. Vaguely Vegan

      thank you john for introducing me to marble racing.

    49. DatAlphaLion

      No new episode this week.... *sadness noises*

      1. Kenny Cirilo Mejia

        DatAlphaLion for real

    50. aquaillusiongirl

      John you forgot to mention Nascar is back!

    51. Saghi Saghian

      Wow! Bravo! Wise, wise sponsorship! :))))

    52. Curtis Hatten

      bay n.b.c. gear the sick ass crimanl gov. owner wont us dead look it up wake up open your mind safe your life!!!!!

    53. dan lowe

      Has someone already made the Lord Farquaad meme comment? I’m going to assume someone has but say it anyway. “Some of you may die … but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

    54. grant henry panganiban

      Dang the shade coming towards the Oceanics gotta hurt

    55. CrystalKids

      I love this man! John is a treasure... and a blessing to marble racers everywhere

    56. elkor101


    57. James Lescott

      "oh fuck yes" The marbles

    58. Victoria Forrer

      Spit balling here, being on a carrier keeps you contained with only the pass of supplies by the merchant marine. Yes, sometimes you miss important events. But, if done with care a bubble system can work

    59. Bharadwaj Kamesh

      Fuck yeah! That trailer has me HYPED!

    60. Them Ustar Dprin Ce

      Just quick-scrolling through the comments and thinking everyone is talking about Jenna Marbles...

    61. Leonardo Kuwer Saenz Artioli

      You magnificent beast !!! Great content.

    62. Commando303X

      I appreciate this is one of those rare episodes of this program in which a topic is discussed without the engineering of heroes and villains.

    63. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1252">20:52</a> coolest universe perspective. it's like every marble is its own universe!

    64. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1218">20:18</a> I say we gotta sponsor the marbles for life! Otherwise we'll have lost our marbles for sure!

    65. forisma


    66. MrHistory 808

      We got him! We got him! *The show hit 8 million subscribers*

    67. The Smokologist

      I literally had to stop this video because I was laughing so hard I could not see. Only minutes in.

    68. Hayrunnisa Yılmaz

      Şu an cezanizi çekiyorsunuz

    69. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1010">16:50</a> if sports didn't come back, I'd be fine with it. I admire the Olympics, but the other sports are just entertainment. Let's get in e-sports going if people really want entertainment - Marble runs - cool!

    70. Pronto

      Trump's self-awareness finally kicks in when he realizes during a pandemic press conference that he just told voters that he has been watching rerun baseball games on TV instead of DOING HIS FUCKING JOB. You know, the job he said Obama never did, because he was too busy playing golf.

    71. No No

      When you question grown men slapping each other harder than you can hit a person with a Prius yet you forget about all the dry humping in wrestling and mma....

    72. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> I have to admit - these are some of the coolest home workout videos I've seen yet!

    73. hawaiisunfun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> I think it's good that they're finding ways, because if there are more outbreaks in the future, they're ready

    74. Aqeel Aliani

      Ok that's it. That Adam Driver bit is now so overused, lame and annoying that I can't take the writers of this show as serious comedians. This show is still a good news show but as a far as comedy goes, it's not just going downhill, it has already reached the trough. I just have to unsubscribe at this point!

    75. VK B

      IPL is also suspended.😅

    76. Neuro Weaver

      The absence of a laugh-track made obvious how unfunny this politically biased show is.

    77. Fëanor

      HBO: GoT ended and we're probably fucked John Oliver: You fecking waht!?

    78. Alonso Diaz

      John is the Hostus with the Mostus

    79. Zach Briggs

      Goddammit, you know what you did

    80. Elena Pic

      OMG That was beautiful!