COVID-19: How Aviation is Fighting for Survival

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    1. razorfoundation

      You show everyone's faces but not yours?.....

    2. mill101

      Greta Thunberg's wet dream. Bankrupt airlines.

    3. ed s

      Ah modern Air travel, inexpensive travel bringing the wonders of world to your doorstep, everything is just hours away including every disease you can imagine...

    4. PennsylvaniaEAS2006

      This guy sounds like half as interesting

    5. Kevin Neilson

      Yeah, America ain't handling this too well.... US is out of control in terms of Covid-19 cases compared to the rest of the world in terms of overall cases and exponential growth of new cases. Aviation will recover, but how far will it have to fall first. It isn't a fault of the system, but unfortunately it has to the take the hardest loss.

    6. Alex H


    7. Alex H

      "How my step dad who is a flight pilot is fighting for survivial" 😭

    8. MCM

      Those of you cackling with glee at the airline industry damage (because you think these airlines are "bad") , are you really so stupid not to realize that their pain will inevitably be passed on to you? If you didn't like what they used to do when everything was going great for them, do you really think they will give you more and treat you better when they are struggling for survival? My goodness, people, use your brains.

    9. Craig Martyn

      Never mind, he addresses it at the end.

    10. Craig Martyn

      Are any airlines able to use this as a time to stock up on cheap fuel now for the near future?

    11. Tehc Studios

      This wouldnt have happened if they werent buying back their own stock to please their shareholders

    12. Boston Strong

      Why do I keep getting unsubscribed from your channel. Damn NOsel.

    13. AviaTent YT

      The airlines should think like this: Loosing money by trying to earn more (Continue hosting flights where they can even if not many people are boarding) Or Stop earning money but not loosing any (By shutting down for some time before Covid’s status is better then resuming)

    14. Hakan Denizhan

      Where is turkish airlines?

    15. Terrence Rodriguez

      wʜʏɂ WHYʔ

    16. Something Something Something

      Let it be remembered that the WHO advised against travel bans from China when the world was trying to stop the spread of this.

      1. Alex H

        WHO is corrupt, and that is a FACT I even noticed that one of their videos the snake on the logo was a GOLDEN DOLLAR SIGN

    17. hebneh

      Yes, true, aviation is being trashed by this disaster. But just as badly affected are hotels. And car rental companies. And everything is being trashed economically, in fact.

      1. Alex H


    18. Shock G

      Many airlines kept flying inviting the virus

    19. yvrelna

      Once we get to the other end, I think we'll continue flying. Familar airline names would probably be no more, but new ones will pop up. Airport checks though, likely will be very different. Not only you'll get all the TSA security checks, you'll likely also have to go through biosecurity checkpoints, I think maybe at least temperature checks will be more common and likely going to be standard procedure. Rapid swabs are likely going to be happening as well once we had them around. The silver lining to this, is that aircraft seatnigs may become less dense, though that would of course come with higher ticket prices.

    20. Lazlow Rave

      This channel is best for aviation information.

    21. R Bastin

      Well it started in 2019, in December, the reason think it stated in march is because when it first popped up in China, The Chinese communist government try to cover it up for 2 mouths

      1. - Cloaqxed -

        Everybody knows it started in 2019, dude. It’s literally in the name of the virus. March is just when it’s getting bad for much of the world, including America

      2. Alex H

        True they did try to cover it up and now they are doing who knows what to the people who are witnesses.

    22. Journal Wright

      Airlines will still be okay. They'll just be more mergers.

    23. Nasa John

      if you are reading this, Once day you will be successful

    24. MFR C

      Please reinstall world2020.exe. This one has a virus.

    25. Filippo 13

      Covid was brought to Europe by a german man, and then it went to Italy, so Europe wasn’t infected because the virus passed from Italy to other countries.

    26. Austin Gross

      CNBC= Wendover Production

    27. Aubrey Adams

      Not all airliners will benefit from the lower fuel prices because many hedge the price expecting it will rise, but now these will still be buying it at that the higher contracted price.

    28. Nemarda

      My hometown airport in Hamburg, Germany sees about 10 flights (each in and out) a day. That is just about 5% of the normal daily traffic.

    29. David Curry

      The assassination of extroverted lifestyle by the novel coronavirus

    30. UP& NER

      covid test at check in...easy.If you have travel...if you dont..have a nice flight🙏🏻

    31. Schmetterling ::

      Leave it to Wendover to make a video about planes during a plague 😂 jk jk

    32. Raildriver

      So does that mean that Berlin Brandenburg Airport is going to get delayed further again?

    33. Poki Player

      If we lose our jobs can we get part time job?

    34. Robert Colquhoun

      It’s funny how airlines turn records profits but yet need bailouts for being out of work for a month 🤔

    35. nvkulk

      honestly who cares if most of the legacy carriers go under. Horrible service, horrible food, etc...

      1. MCM

        You are cackling with glee at the airline industry damage (because you think these airlines are "bad") , but are you really so stupid not to realize that their pain will inevitably be passed on to you? If you didn't like what they used to do when everything was going great for them, do you really think they will give you more and treat you better when they are struggling for survival? My goodness, use your brain.

    36. M Z

      Serious question - how do CEO’s of airlines travel? Do they have private jets or do they just fly first class?

      1. Alex H

        They fly with wings😂

    37. M Z

      2021: “ let me tell you about a time when we used to have big flying machines called airplanes. Everyone has forgotten them so we need a little history lesson brought to you by wendover productions.”

      1. Alex H

        Also when oil runs out planes will be gone.

    38. Anh Ngo

      Guys, has anyone thought about wendover production's voice sound kind of exactly like HAI?

    39. Rick C.

      Nice video, but How EXACTLY is aviation fighting for survival?

    40. The Skeptical Skeptic

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Wendover productions: PLANESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    41. Kyle Brown

      To be honest I really hope these major airlines fail and go bankrupt, allowing for new inovative airlines to fill their place. The Monopoly on air travel is obscene and needs to be fixed at least in America.

    42. Freak80MC

      I just hope once we pick up the pieces from this pandemic, we actually realize just how fragile this whole modern world and its systems are, and try to put in failsafes so everything can't just immediately shit itself instantly when new threats arise. We were unprepared, we're paying the price for that, but hopefully, especially since humans are so reactionary, it leads to a better world that is more resistant to unknown's, then the world we came from.

    43. Nightstalker314

      But the Twitter-Checkmarks say the CEOs just want more money!

    44. Ran Kavik

      Clean air happened in March 2020

    45. รักษ์ PhithakThai

      Thank you God to send Covid19 for us for save our world environment .Stop global warming by Covid19 .Thank you God to stop Bad behavior from human on now.

    46. p l

      Bend over productions

    47. fixfoxy

      Climate Change is much more important than this ...

    48. mark clark

      Boo-hoo for airlines. Maybe they should have saved some money for a rainy day instead of buying back their own stocks for a decade. CEOs get paid in stock though, so gotta pump up that price! Liquidate the airlines, let them go bankrupt, and then new owners can operate them properly and without debt. That would result in lower prices and better service. Of course that won't happen. All the corporations will have a field day with the Fed handing out virtually infinite dollars, which they print out of thin air.

    49. onkar mane

      This isn’t much of an issue! It’s not like they are going bankrupt they just have to give a month’s salary to their workers for free and they won’t make any profits for a month! It’s not much to live

    50. Teflon Smile


    51. Teflon Smile


    52. Teflon Smile

      Cry me a river.... BILLIONS in profits spent on stock buy backs, less than 4% of profits were saved by the airlines..... DO NOT BAILOUT THE AVIATION INDUSTRY ⚖🇺🇸

    53. Tretch

      Man my family is lucky... my dad is a aerospace engineer and he used to work for commercial airline companies like Boeing and Gulfstream. Just a couple years ago he transition to a government owned aviation company that builds military jets. So far he hasn’t lost any hours and his company is completely safe cuz it serves the government, while Boeing is cutting hours and laying people off

    54. Kasen Ratliff

      You and Half as Interesting should do a collab and both do face reveals

    55. Trixler293

      This mess has left me without a job for at least the next 90 days

    56. centozo

      March, 2020. Whether you're watching this now or far in the future, that date will forever remain in people's minds as when the century's first pandemic emerged... Right after the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic and the ongoing AIDS pandemic which has been a pandemic since the 1980s as well as the peripheral antibiotic resistance pandemic.

      1. Alex H

        China needs to be desttoyed at this point what are they doing to our planet!

    57. GTOger

      Another well thought, well produced video. Nice work, Sam.

    58. 要钱不要命

      China Taiwan

    59. Daniel L

      I can't agree that when this is all over and the industry recovers that there will be a big change in the way we do air travel. ...other than maybe having different names on the planes. The 9/11 attack showed a flaw in the industry itself a lack of security. I cannot see a flaw in the industry here other than a lack of personal hygiene in airports. Having hand sanitizer stations everywhere may and I hope will become common like hospitals. After 9/11 Airports changed how they were designed, I don't see the same extremes here. More sanitizer stations aren't a big deal.

      1. Alex H

        I just hope humans will get wiped out soon

    60. Rudolf Hitler

      Xi jin ping is a great smart leader, his brave heroic action saved china from virus, this world so proud of china and xi, let china rules this world!! They are Just the best!!

    61. Nidhal25

      China should pay everyone compensations for allowing the wet markets to exist, cover up the numbers, silence critics speaking out about the virus and for their negligence about the whole thing.

    62. Will James

      We need to go the herd immunity route .....or this will really fuck us up by October

    63. kurt lindner

      1. This didn't show up in my Subcriptions when uploaded. 2. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> AA: We have to avoid the locations with a high infection rate. -Miami

    64. Motty Bensusan

      I have a authentic question which I would really appreciate if you answer. I get that when 9.11 took place aviation never returned to normal, because people still have that fear of terror and there Is always a possibility of it returning. However, if or when the coronavirus is illuminated from the world, humans don't have that fear of it returning spotaniously, due to he fact it's given international warning. So please answer this as I would really be intrueged genuinely.

    65. Isaac Choi

      RIP flybe

    66. Yami0to0hikari

      Disagree with the drop in oil prices helping airlines. Most airlines hedge their oil prices which means this drop does not actually reduce cost as they are obligated to buy oil at a certain agreed upon price before this crisis begins.

    67. Blockchain Reaction

      China must pay for all the damage they caused.

    68. Jacko Chan

      how does rescue flight works?

    69. Zhenqi Yang

      QF and VA did not cancel their entire domestic fleet. Get the fact not the exaggeration.

    70. L0ngB0ard99

      Let them fail. Bring on the hyper tubes.

      1. L0ngB0ard99

        Maybe I'm a dumbass.

    71. Veni Vidi Amavi

      *also what I felt/saw coming, the change in college. Most universities were going under, and just too expensive. Corona changed the campus experience to online basically overnight, crazy but some major educational changes were coming to the university experience sooner or later. I just didn't expect it to all happen so soon.*

    72. Veni Vidi Amavi

      *I'll be honest, I work for an airline and it's not their first rodeo. 9/11 was bad as well, and airlines and aviation are always hit hardest because it's just so expensive to keep the whole operation running. It's sad, but not unexpected that something had to stop the travel craze. Travel has become so common, so cheap, and tourism was ruining some a way, this gives the world some breathing space. It allows us to stop and think and enjoy life more and not take travel for granted, the ability to fly and see family and hug people. Anyways, great video. Delta even has the motto "nobody better connects the world", and I hope the day they can do that comes again soon, and for American, United, and all the others too*

    73. Tyler Johnson

      Why are all the highest comments some attempt at a witty third person dialogue? Lmao

    74. Lisa Brown

      Aviation is the reason this became a global pandemic in a matter of weeks. We need to seriously rethink intercontinental air travel.

    75. Vladislav Todorov

      you should rename your channel to FLYOVER

    76. Franklin D Roosevelt•75 years ago

      Then usa was badly infected, so they cancelled flights to them

    77. Sirch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> what about H1N1?

    78. Brandon B

      Thanks so much for voicing over Trump speaking. Music to my ears.

    79. Troll King

      aviation is reason 1 for the rapid spread, - fuck aviation, PEOPLE ARE DYING.

    80. Seyed Mohammad Najafi

      Wrong, flights to Iran were not cancelled!