Crew Dragon Launch Escape Demonstration



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    SpaceX is targeting Sunday, January 19 for an in-flight test of Crew Dragon’s launch escape capabilities from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This test, which does not have NASA astronauts onboard the spacecraft, is intended to demonstrate Crew Dragon’s ability to reliably carry crew to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency on ascent.
    The six-hour test window opens at 8:00 a.m. EST, or 13:00 UTC. A backup opportunity with the same six-hour launch window opening at 8:00 a.m. EST, or 13:00 UTC, is available on Monday, January 20.
    Current weather data suggests our best opportunity for the launch escape test will be towards the end of the four-hour window, but we will continue to provide updates as new data becomes available.

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    2. Hood man Gaming

      We need to send some of this water into space then we will have more land on earth.....there is no need to move to another planet

    3. Suntours & travel PhnomPenh

      @SpaceX 1. why you not make super power jet engine fly to space? 2. And make super electric jet engine with solar panel for discovery mars or around the solar system. Hope you got my idea. Thank you

    4. •lowkey fn•

      i swear on my mom that i will subscribe to this guy well you swore now do it

    5. Aiden jans Gaming

      23:30 OK GOOD

    6. Cow Boys

      Space X is trying, but this won't be safe for at least another 20 years.

    7. Rohit Chauhan

      Can anybody please explain what is that blast at 19:34

    8. George Deane

      B1046: Aight, ima head out

    9. Lusijar Plo

      Fajnie by było gdyby umieścić statek w statku ...tak by powłoka tego pierwszego uchroniła od promieniowania .......a może drukarka 3D do drukowania w kosmosie pomieszczeń dla jej kolonizacji :)...............It would be nice if you put the ship in a ship ... so that the shell of the first one would protect from radiation ....... maybe a 3D printer for printing in space of rooms for its colonization :)

    10. Kakha Khmelidze

      That was insanely epic and phenomenal.

    11. Carlos Christopher Cuervo

      Gamma-Ray-Burst probably destroyed Mars turning it Red.. Nu-Wa's ark probably true story "And the Stars Shifted".. Perfect Sphere-Alien-Nano-Drones probably are flying around to collect data.. Earth is Heart rearranged, Mars is Wars with the M upside down, and A-I in odd letters spell out ACE G.I. like in the military!!! Mars-upials (Sail Up) -rearranged- Apes have One Finger for each planet Mercury, Venus, Earth, and then their home planet Mars!!! lol.. less gravity makes it -more- likely to take to the trees for monkeys. Aliens probably moved us here to develop tech so we can be approved into Space one Day!! Of Course Earth's non-contamination space laws keep us safe from being enslaved from Aliens from Space, lol.. Probably anyways ;) BTW: Occupy Mars/Space Force Rocks man!!!

    12. FiguraCinque

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    13. Rise Above Mediocrity

      was expecting an ad to pop up, did find one????? oh wait this Elon Musk yt channel

    14. Mahesh Rathod

      No one wants to see the crew dragon landing only the boosters IMAO

    15. NarDawg

      I've never been a company fan boy but SpaceX has totally changed that. Also fuck Boeing

    16. NarDawg

      Elon musk needs a statue on mars

    17. Franz Schmitt

      where is the video from the exploded rocket?

    18. David Ramirez

      So what if the fast radio bursts were like messages. Like a type of morse code meant to travel beyond the means of reach. A letter, words typed on a different paper; a medium meant to be read. What if we could imagine the FRB being like a letter being mailed. But what if the physical letter takes too long to reach its desination. What if a FRB is like mailing a letter, only open and able to be read so long as you know the language. Then you could communicate with out ever meeting, if ever possible. (Damn foo, even through worm holes and time and shit??)

    19. Ajijola Moruf

      I still don't know what they are doing here. Somebody should please explain to me

    20. John Marin

      Elon Musk.... People found your DRAGON hatch.... Clean after yah self. Love yah

    21. But It Was Me, DIO!

      Damn, Falcon 9 was about on par with the Soyuz with its reliability, sad to see it go like that. at least it went out in a bang!

    22. Olivier kaspar

      Dommage for the Falcon

    23. Obi-wan Kenobi

      RIP ozone layer tho...

      1. V3yk

        that rocket isn't doing a thing to the ozone layer the earth is a lot more bigger than you think

    24. Yancy Cliff

      Awesome videos people, keep up the awesome work people, you're welcome people!

    25. Perdido Mx

      When do we get to see the footage of this test from inside the crew dragon?

    26. yoshi gamer66

      Hey did you here some guy found one of the door and two parachute just floating

    27. zorro456

      Yeah. He IS Tony Stark.

    28. eu sueu

      spacex will go wrong, or the rocket will explode and kill all the crew, or it will not get off the ground you are putting money in nothing

      1. farrad edmund

        so are you just talking out of your ass

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    31. Aiden jans Gaming

      i can see all 8:35

    32. lino SM

      Vi os satélites de vocês aqui no Brasil, dia inesquecível. Parabéns pelas pessoas que são e se tornaram com muito estudo e ajuda dos anteriores.

    33. Rolf Saitoti

      Being a KSP engineer, Rocket-scientist, and the head of the VaB as well as the research team - I can tell you right away that the Design on the Capsule is state of the Art! Major Kudos to the Team behind this!!

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    37. james corvett

      Great test! This sort of proves if you have enough money to throw at a problem, ANYTHING is possible.

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      This is a big deal

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    41. Marian235

      Go SpaceX, God bless America!!! Mars landing soon :) Love from Poland

    42. Ben Cochran

      The cgi and acting was phenomenal! 😢👏

      1. Ben Cochran

        Boomers believe in this stuff, idiot.

      2. Wojtek Sykurski

        Ok Boomer...

      3. Cpt Katt


    43. 阿紫乔峰


    44. 阿紫乔峰

      I think it's crazy. It's the proudest thing for us. We should applaud them. It's a great feat

    45. Scott Cox

      I miss the shuttle Why not a stainless shuttle Lol

      1. Wojtek Sykurski

        SpaceX currently works on Starship (aka BFR): which is in fact stainless shuttle ;)

    46. Abdimahad Ahmed


    47. Ahmed Adam

      fuck u

    48. Jason Houghton

      19:36 What was that? the rocket blew up? one of the stages blew up? arent they supposed to be reusable?

      1. Wojtek Sykurski

        They are reusable (at least first stage). In this test SX wanted to check the worst case scenario, which required Ist stage destruction.

    49. Dudio

      Listening to this with no image makes you think "I didn't know Norm MacDonald works at SpaceX.."

    50. Inhale clan -INHL

      did she say "semper-fi aim high" after launch

    51. bt6joso

      19:43 - "falcon 9 maybe breaking up"

    52. Randy C

      SpaceX is EVERYTHING! people are nothing thoughts created from a bi polar mindset. Hollywood Undead- Empire

    53. Jarrett Tindle

      what is elon trying to escape?

    54. Breezy Mods

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    55. 海狸先生

      Elon Musk really does propaganda and advertising, and now media around the world are helping him broadcast ads for free.

    56. Dennis Burbank

      Smh The tail of the rocket doesn't effect any surrounding exhaust ???? @1806 watch the rocket tail .. LMAO FAIL NASA !!!!!!!!

    57. Sports Science

      17:30 your welcome

      1. Sports Science


    58. Vega LLC

      why don't they show how the astronauts get it?

      1. Dan Severns

        The beginning of this animation shows how it will be done.

    59. Muhammad Nawaz

      I'm teaching about space and internet to a small kids living in a small mountainous village of Pakistan.

      1. Sunny

        Muhammad Nawaz please don’t teach English

    60. Mircea Dunka

      Congrats! This was a huge accomplishment!